QuizUp Updated Through Google Play, Now Compatible with ART

While in the beta for QuizUp, many of the testers were surprised that when attempting to use QuizUp with Android Runtime (ART), the app would immediately crash. The developers stated there was an incompatibility with the two, and that they would work hard to bring ART support to the app as soon as possible.

While ART is still an experimental feature, found in the Developer options under the settings menu on Kit Kat devices, QuizUp received an update this week on Google Play to support the experimental runtime for everyone who currently uses it.  (more…)

QuizUp Taking Signups for Private Android Beta, Public Launch Hopefully Within a Week

Fond of a good quiz against a fellow human to test your brain power? Find yourself strangely knowledgable about a certain topic like Tech or Aquatic Animals? If so, then you may have heard about an application currently available on iOS called QuizUp. I have talked about the app before on The Droid Life Show, as it has been my favorite app to play since Tiny Wings (also on iOS) and Granny Smith.  (more…)