Quick Look: Portenzo Nexus 7 Cases – Alano, BookCase, and HardBack

Portenzo Nexus 7 Case

Portenzo cases have been some of our favorites for a couple of years now, because who doesn’t easily fall in love hand-made, high-quality bookcase style cases for tablets such as the Nexus 7? We took a look at their N7 offerings last year, but as you would expect, the company is back with models that fit the newest 2013 tablet from Google. They were kind enough to send over review samples of their Alano (high-end leather case), BookCase (traditional bookcase style), and HardBack (minimal bookcase style) options for us to show off.  (more…)

Portenzo is Offering 10% Off New Nexus 7 Cases With This Coupon

portenzo alano nexus 7

I would imagine that if you picked up a new Nexus 7 over the last few days, that you are in the market for a new case. Since the design of the device has changed, you probably already figured out that the case from your old Nexus 7 is not going to work with the 2013 model. And since we told you not to buy the flimsy, rubber mess that is the official Travel Cover, we figured we should probably give you another quality option to replace it. In the past, we have been huge fans of Portenzo’s bookcases, even if they carry prices on the higher end of the case spectrum. But with a 10% off promo running until tomorrow night at midnight, this is your chance to jump into one for cheaper than usual.  (more…)

Quick Look: Portenzo BookCase for Google Nexus 10

Port 2 Header

Since the release of Portenzo’s custom bookcases for the Nexus 7 tablet (review here), we have been major fans. Made from high quality materials, Portenzo cases are pretty much the definition of what I look for when I think about protecting or covering up my tablets. Once we heard they were beginning production of bookcases for the Nexus 10, we knew we would be picking one up.  (more…)

Quick Look: DODOcase Hardcover, Classic and Solid for the Nexus 7

DODOcase Nexus 7

Earlier in the week, we took a look at the new Durable Wallet for the Galaxy S3 and Nexus 4 from DODOcase (Nexus 7 too, but it’s not new), two sleeve options from the San Francisco based case maker. Today, we’re looking at more traditional bookcase style cases for the Nexus 7 from DODOcase, both of which are similar to hand-made cases by Portenzo and Treegloo that we have already reviewed. This is the Hardcover, Classic and Solid.  (more…)

Quick Look: DODOcase Durable Sleeve for the Nexus 4, Galaxy S3 and Nexus 7

DODOcase Durable Nexus 7 Nexus 4

As you know after seeing our continued coverage of cases from the likes of Portenzo and Treegloo, we’re big fans of products that are hand-made in the U.S. The latest to enter our radar is none other than DODOcase, a company based out of San Francisco that has been around for some time in the Apple case game. Over the last year or so, they decided to enter the Android realm as well, and have produced some of the finest sustainable cases around.

This afternoon, we’re taking a look at their new Durable sleeve for the Nexus 4 and Galaxy S3, along with the matching Durable for the Nexus 7. They are very much like the classic smartphone pouch that has been around for years, however, very few can match the quality and design.  (more…)

Portenzo Now Offering Hand-made Alano and BookCase Nexus 10 Cases

portenzo nexus 10

Portenzo, makers of fine hand-made tablet cases, is now selling their Alano and BookCase varieties for the Nexus 10. We’ve taken a look at both the Alano, which is made from a single sheet of leather, and the BookCase, which is exactly as the name suggests. Our looks may have been for the Nexus 7, but the the Nexus 10 cases have the same options and are made with the same high-quality materials.  (more…)

Quick Look: Portenzo Custom BookCase for Nexus 7

Portenzo hit us up a couple of weeks ago to see if we were interested in checking out the Nexus 7 BookCase that they had created. At first, we hesitated because typically, we see readers who care more for softer feels and portability in a case, but then we learned that these are custom, hand made in the U.S. with incredibly high quality materials and had to give them a try. We also know that they are popular in the uber-competitive iPad case business. So here we are, with 2 custom Nexus 7 BookCases from Portenzo.  (more…)