PayPal Shows Off Benefits of Using Biometric Authentication on Samsung Galaxy S5

Thanks to the fingerprint scanner found in the Galaxy S5, users can now work with PayPal to purchase goods online and in person, without the need of lengthy usernames and passwords or pulling out that credit card. According to a recent survey taken by PayPal and the National Cyber Security Alliance, 53% of Americans are ready to ditch passwords in exchange for something a bit more futuristic.  (more…)

PayPal Receives UI Makeover With Version 4.0

PayPal for Android receive a massive UI overhaul today when it was bumped up to version 4.0. Sending payments, receiving cash from friends, and shopping on-the-go never looked so pretty. You can see that the designers followed parts of the newest Android design and theme guidelines, but went with an orange tint in favor of the ICS blue. Overall, it looks a heck of a lot better than it did in version 3.0, is easier to navigate through, and should make managing your online funds a breeze.

Besides the stylish new look, they also added in these features:

  • View your total, available, and pending PayPal balances
  • Take a picture of your credit or debit card to easily add it to your account
  • Find local merchants who are using our new PayPal Here service
  • Enhanced support for Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Bug fixes

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PayPal Looking to Battle Square With “Here” Mobile Payment System

PayPal is looking to be the biggest online payment system out there but one area they were beat to the punch was mobile payments. Square was very successful with their card-reader dongle but PayPal has come back swinging with their new service which is dubbed “Here.”

Instead of the square card reader that Square is known for, PayPal is offering a triangle to distinguish their new program. They are also offering a 2.7% flat rate for merchants who use this service to combat the 2.75% that Square offers. PayPal also has the name recognition and the support that comes with being around for so long. The application only is available for iOS right now but PayPal suggests getting ready because the Android version will be here before you know it. We are hearing April for a release schedule. If you are looking to make use of this service head to the sign-up page here.

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PayPal Receives UI Upgrade, Widget For Making NFC Payments


A new version of the PayPal app on Android is available for everyone to download in the market this very minute. You will find a completely revamped UI that makes navigation much easier, improved support for tablets, a Send Money redesign, and more. Upgrades haven’t been just cosmetic though, as a brand new NFC payment widget is also available for the phones with the required NFC chip. Just plug in the amount you want, and tap phones with a friend to receive your payment. Simplicity at its finest. Well, at least simple bill paying by your broke a** couch surfing buddy, that is.

As an avid user of the PayPal app, I can tell you first hand that this update is a serious jump from the version before it. I cannot wait until the entire DL team has a Galaxy Nexus, so that I can rob Kellex of all that he owns at the pool table.

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Paypal Payments Finally Coming To The Android Market?

Yesterday the new Android Market (3.3.11) hit the web with some new features, the most interesting being hidden deep inside the APK – Paypal integration. An AndroidGuys reader by the name of Victor looked into the APK file and stumbled across numerous references to Paypal.

The rumor of Paypal integration has come up time after time again, however it has never gone live. Users have waited for the day that they could finally buy apps using Paypal. Are we close, or could this be yet another let down? (more…)

PayPal Introduces NFC Phone-to-Phone Payment System on Android, Available “Late This Summer”

No one should be surprised that PayPal has entered the NFC payment arena, especially after seeing the unveiling of Google Wallet back in May.  For PayPal to continue to grow and expand into the mobile space, this was essentially the next move that had to be made.  And today at MobileBeat2011 in San Fran, they demoed a phone-to-phone NFC payment system (available “late this summer”) using two Samsung Nexus S devices.   Through their new Android widget, a user can simply request an amount of money, touch their phone to another NFC-enabled device with PayPal and accept payment.  Simple.   (more…)