Google Play Handing Out Free Copies of “Elf” in Standard Definition

Head on over to Google Play to pick up a free copy of Will Ferrel’s Christmas movie, Elf. Would be nice if Google decided to give away a new movie each day until Christmas, but we shall see what happens. And for those of you that care, only the standard definition is available for free.

Go grab it by following the link below!

Play Link

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Creator of PushBullet Releases Filmgrain, a Movie Recommendation App Driven by Twitter


I wouldn’t necessarily say that finding out which movies in theaters are popular with fans and critics is a difficult task, but the makers of one of our favorite apps (PushBullet) have decided they want to make it easier and based off of  Tweets. In a new app released to the Play store over the weekend called Filmgain, users can see trending current and upcoming movies all based on their buzz throughout Twitter.  (more…)

Google Movies & TV and Sound Search Updated in Google Play


It’s Google apps update day! We already discussed the changes to be seen in Translate and Google Maps, so up next we have Sound Search and the Movies & TV application. Unfortunately, the Sound Search app has no changelog and after a quick use of it, I can’t seem to find any changes. It still acts the same and looks the same. So let’s move on.

As for the Google Play Movies & TV app, this one has a very solid update. If you are using the application on a tablet, you can now pause movies and get Google Now-like information cards pulled up on the actors, songs in the film, and a lot more. It’s a very cool way of getting even more information about your favorite films while you watch.  (more…)

Google Play Turns 1, Celebrates With a Bunch of Gifts for You

happy birthday

Google Play is celebrating its first birthday today (or maybe tomorrow), so that can only mean one thing – deals, deals and more deals. In a newly launched landing page created for the occasion, you’ll find discounts on hotels, gift cards, new playable characters in games, free music, movies and TV shows. We’re seeing some Kung Fu Panda and Breaking Bad action, along with music from The Velvet Underground.

It’s hard to imagine that Google Play has been around for a full year already. It seems like just yesterday that we were discussing whether or not this change from “Android Market” to “Google Play” was a good or bad thing. Most of you said, “Meh, I’ll deal with it.” Clearly, we all survived.

Go get some.

Play Link

Here are All of the New Google Now Cards: Real Estate, Fandango Movie Passes, and Rotten Tomatoes Scores

google now android

In today’s Google Search update that was just released, we are seeing a major update in terms of Google Now cards. The update introduced real estate cards in a variety of forms, Fandango movie pass support, and Rotten Tomatoes scores in movie listings. We have examples of all of the new cards for you below, something we try to do with each update.  (more…)

Google Play Inks Deal With 20th Century Fox, Offers Prometheus 3 Weeks Ahead of DVD Release

The movies and TV lineup for Google Play received a bump in the right direction this morning when Google announced that they would start selling/renting 600 titles from Twentieth Century Fox. TV shows like Family Guy, Glee, and Modern Family all make the cut along with movies like Black Swan, X-Men and Ice Age. Oh, and remember Prometheus? To help kickstart this new deal, you will be able to buy Prometheus 3 weeks ahead of its Blu-ray, DVD and video-on-demand release.

+1 to that news. Time to put the Nexus Q to work.

Via:  Google

Google Pushes Out Updates for Nexus Q, YouTube, and Play Movies & TV App

Today, Google pushed out updated versions of the Nexus Q, YouTube, and Play Movies & TV applications. For the Q app, it now supports Android devices running 2.3.3+ which should make Gingerbread owners a bit happier once they receive their Nexus Q in the mail. As for the YouTube app, it has now spread Nexus Q support for Android 4.0 devices and earlier, as well as as allowing earlier versions of Android to use the app as a remote to play videos on other devices. Lastly, the Play Movies & TV app has been beefed up with faster downloads and a playback fix which plagued a few LG devices.

Go grab the updates in Google Play and enjoy your content to the fullest extent.

Nexus Q | YouTube | Movies & TV

Cheers Bob!