NVIDIA Brings the Kepler Architecture to Mobile, Desktop Power for Phones and Tablets


This morning, NVIDIA released a ton of info regarding their current plans to bring the Kepler GPU to mobile devices. The addition of the Kepler GPU for the company’s next-gen mobile processor was announced back at GDC in March, but the details on what Kepler can do for a phone or tablet were still heavily under wraps. According to NVIDIA, the introduction of the Kepler GPU to mobile devices will be as big of a step as the GeForce GPU was for desktops 14 years ago.  (more…)

NVIDIA CEO Shows Off Battlefield 3 on New Kepler Mobile Hardware


Speaking at last week’s company investor day, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, gave attendees a treat for the eyes. If you know NVIDIA, you know about their love for roadmaps and teasing future (and I stress future) products. Last week, Jen-Hsun gave everyone a peak at a project called, Kepler Mobile. With the Kepler Mobile chip, mobile devices will be able to rival the processing power of today’s computers, allowing gamers to play top titles such as Battlefield 3 on a tablet. (more…)