Global Android Activations Hit 500 Million on the Eve of the New iPhone

Hours before Apple’s Tim Cook will take the stage to announce the new iPhone and a handful of other products, Google’s Hugo Barra took to Google+ to announce that Android activations have now topped the 500 million mark globally. Last week, Eric Schmidt announced that the number had reached 480 million, but in a world dominated by our favorite open sourced mobile operating system, it only took another 6 days to reach one heck of a milestone.

It seems like just yesterday we were talking about a couple of hundred thousand activations per day and the first 100 million. So much for all of those predictions over the years suggesting that Android’s reign wouldn’t last. It appears to me that we are only getting started.

Daily Android activations are still hovering around 1.3 million. The Jelly Bean statue has also returned.

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Does Anything About Tomorrow’s iPhone 5 Event Interest You?

When iOS 6 was announced, we ran a post called “Which iOS 6 Features From Android Will Reinvent Smartphones This Morning?” The responses were hilarious, but since this is hardware, we can’t really go down that road again. Instead, we thought we would simply ask, “Does anything about the iPhone 5 announcement interest you?”

Are you going to chuckle when Apple calls a 4″ display the “sweet spot”? What if the iPhone 5 really is nothing more than a longer iPhone 4S with an oddly two-toned backside? Any chance they reinvent the widget so that they “just work”? How many faked stats will we see on stage? How bad are you going to feel for iPhone accessory junkies that are going to have to re-buy every overpriced dock and speaker that they invested in over the last 5 years because of a new dock connector? Is a nano-SIM actually worth a mention during a press event?

In all seriousness, I am actually interested to see what they do with LTE. Will Apple debut a new battery or processor combo that will give an LTE phone longer than normal battery life? How good will this new 4″ display be? NFC or no NFC? Care or don’t care? Let us know.

Sprint to Light Up Additional 100 4G LTE Markets in Coming Months, Just in Time for New iPhone

Today, Sprint has announced that in the coming months, they will launch an additional 100 4G LTE markets. What perfect timing for everyone. There’s nothing like an upcoming 4G LTE capable iPhone announcement to help kick a carrier into high gear on the rollout of its fledgling 4G LTE service. Thinking of staying far removed from shared data, but need LTE? Sprint wants you to know that they will eventually cover you, if you live in the southeast and midwest parts of the country.

The huge list of cities below are the areas that Sprint is currently working on. Still no Portland, OR. (more…)

Tuesday Poll: September Tech Announcement You are Most Excited About?

We are only 4 days into September and a number of the biggest tech companies in the world have announced press events where they are expected to announce their latest game changing products. Motorola is up tomorrow to finally unveil the RAZR HD and RAZR M, followed by Nokia and their first Windows 8 phones. Then Amazon will take the stage Thursday to show off the new Kindle Fire. Next week, Apple will drop the iPhone 5, with HTC showing off their new goodies on September 19. It should be the most exciting month of the year for tech enthusiasts. We get new Android, Apple, Amazon, and Windows products all at the same time. If you had been saving up for your next gadget buy, you are about to be overwhelmed with choices.

Which are you most looking forward to? Moto’s first HD phone on Verizon? HTC potentially announcing a 1080p phone? The new Kindle Fire that will go head-to-head with the Nexus 7? Or maybe Apple’s new i*hone?

September Announcement Your are Most Excited About?

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Verizon Reportedly Blocks Vacations in September Because of iPhone 5 Launch, Poor Motorola

According to TechCrunch, Verizon has blocked employees from taking vacations between September 21 and September 30 because the next iPhone will launch during that time. Their source didn’t specifically mention that the iPhone was indeed launching on the 21st, but since everyone is expecting Apple to announce the phone on September 12, a launch of a week later matches up to previous releases.  (more…)