Android Friends, Be Kind to All of the New iPhone 5 Users Tomorrow – They May be Lost and in Need of a Maps App

Android friends and family, tomorrow is a big day. It’s time to start preparing. In case you didn’t realize it yet, September 21 is the day that millions of new phone owners across the globe will have trouble finding their way to work, to the nearest gas station, to their lunch or dinner reservation, and as you can see in the picture above, surviving through take-off at their local airport. Tomorrow, is iPhone 5 launch day. 

This Full Page Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5 Ad is Hilarious in so Many Ways

If you missed this full page newspaper ad that Samsung posted this weekend, then let me quickly catch you up. As you can see, it takes a quick cheap shot at Apple with the “genius” line before moving on to a list of specs and features that are created to make it look like the new iPhone 5 doesn’t even compare to the Galaxy S3. Tech blogs from across the world saw this ad over the weekend and completely freaked out, saying it was biased and so far from the truth because iPhone features were left out, and blah blah, blah blah.  (more…)

iPhone 5 on Verizon Can’t do Simultaneous Voice and Data, Something Android Phones Have No Problem With

Just a heads up for those of you thinking about jumping ship and picking up the next iPhone. According to a Verizon spokesperson, the new iPhone 5 cannot do simultaneous voice and data, something all LTE Android phones seem to have no problem with. We aren’t exactly sure why it can’t, but it certainly doesn’t make this new single 3G+LTE chip of Apple’s seem all that magical any longer.  (more…)

Chart: iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S3 vs. One X vs. RAZR HD

Apple is wrapping up their iPhone 5 announcement as I type this, but so that you can see how this new phone of theirs stacks up to the top dogs in Android, I thought a chart would be a good way to display it. As you can see, Android devices have been doing what the iPhone 5 introduced today, for months now. But truthfully, Android devices have moved in a completely separate direction and the iPhone is driving down its own path. Android phones are big, the iPhone remains smaller. Android enthusiasts care a lot about specs and seem to want OEMs to push the envelope, while Apple is more into fine tuning and making incremental updates. Comparing them is sort of silly, but that’s what we do in the tech world. And while a chart only tells one side of the story, the paper side, it’s still worth a look. (more…)

Live Chat – Apple’s iPhone 5 Event

Look, we fully understand that we aren’t an iPhone or Apple site, but the iPhone 5 is the only story in tech today. Every other company is probably using it as a holiday of sorts because they would be foolish to try and announce something that would compete with this moment. So since they are the competitor and we like to see what kinds of silly things they claim to invent, we thought we would run a live chat. No, not a live blog since we aren’t there or covering as press, but a “chat” because we like to hang out with the DL community and talk about hot topics.

Let’s keep it clean, yet fun. Join us below.   (more…)

Global Android Activations Hit 500 Million on the Eve of the New iPhone

Hours before Apple’s Tim Cook will take the stage to announce the new iPhone and a handful of other products, Google’s Hugo Barra took to Google+ to announce that Android activations have now topped the 500 million mark globally. Last week, Eric Schmidt announced that the number had reached 480 million, but in a world dominated by our favorite open sourced mobile operating system, it only took another 6 days to reach one heck of a milestone.

It seems like just yesterday we were talking about a couple of hundred thousand activations per day and the first 100 million. So much for all of those predictions over the years suggesting that Android’s reign wouldn’t last. It appears to me that we are only getting started.

Daily Android activations are still hovering around 1.3 million. The Jelly Bean statue has also returned.

Via:  Google+