Nexus 4’s Glass Back, the Worst Idea Since the Last Phone With a Glass Back

The LG Nexus 4, Google’s newest Nexus device, such a thing of beauty, isn’t it? That brilliant 4.7″ display on the front, the Crystal Reflection pattern tucked under a piece of glass on the back, those cascading edges, and that soft touch plastic housing, all make up for one of the more interesting smartphone designs of the last couple of years. Unfortunately, for those that purchased one or plan to purchase one, you may have to cover it up with a bumper or case, as it may also be one of the most fragile smartphones ever made.  (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S3 Tops iPhone in Q3 for Best Selling Smartphone in the World

According to research firm Strategy Analytics, the iPhone is no longer the best selling smartphone in the world. During Q3 of this year, the Samsung Galaxy S3 topped the iPhone 4S to take the crown. Having sold 18 million units in Q3, the Galaxy S3 held a 10.7% share of the entire smartphone market, while the iPhone 4S held 9.7%, moving 16.2 million units.

Now, keep in mind that the iPhone 5 didn’t have the entire quarter to tally numbers, so Q4 could be drastically different. Still, this is a pretty big feat for Samsung, since Apple has owned this title for years. There truly are only two major players in the smartphone industry these days.


Via:  The Next Web | Business Wire

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LG Nexus Takes on the iPhone 5 in Latest Picture Leak

The LG Nexus went from being the best kept secret in tech to being the worst in a matter of days. At one point a few weeks ago, this phone was nothing more than a rumor that most sites were afraid to touch. Today, it has been leaked in more photoshoots than I can even keep track of. Take last night’s appearance for example, a comparison photo shoot with the new iPhone 5 in as clear a set of pictures as you will find anywhere. You don’t see photos this clean unless you have the phone in hand, something the Onliner has had the honor of.  (more…)

“When Do You Think We’ll be Able to do That Thing?” Asks iSheep in Latest Samsung Spots

YouTube Preview Image

Oh Samsung, such a clever bunch. After releasing a full 90 second spot that pokes fun at Apple fans waiting in line for the iPhone 5, they return today with two shorter spots. They cover topics from the longer commercial, only this time they take some extra jabs, like by having a mom confirm with her Galaxy S3 owning son that “this is the line for apps” as if that’s all the iPhone is good for.

Another girl watches NFC sharing in action and then wonders when iPhone owners wil be “able to do that thing?” Not for a while I’m afraid, dear iPhone owners. Maybe next year.  (more…)

Report: Half of Verizon’s Phone Activations are Android, Feature Phones Crushing Windows Phone and Blackberry

A recent survey conducted by CIRP, asked consumers who activated smartphones from June through August which type of phone they used and from what carrier. The operating system breakdown looked something like this:  48% Android, 28% iPhone, 17% feature phone, 4% Blackberry, and 1% Windows Phone. The shocking number there is that of feature phones, which is more than triple Windows Phone and Blackberry share combined. Yikes. I’m actually hoping that Windows Phone starts to catch on, as the operating system is a joy to use. It’s also good for competitive and driving innovation.  (more…)

Android Friends, Be Kind to All of the New iPhone 5 Users Tomorrow – They May be Lost and in Need of a Maps App

Android friends and family, tomorrow is a big day. It’s time to start preparing. In case you didn’t realize it yet, September 21 is the day that millions of new phone owners across the globe will have trouble finding their way to work, to the nearest gas station, to their lunch or dinner reservation, and as you can see in the picture above, surviving through take-off at their local airport. Tomorrow, is iPhone 5 launch day. 

This Full Page Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5 Ad is Hilarious in so Many Ways

If you missed this full page newspaper ad that Samsung posted this weekend, then let me quickly catch you up. As you can see, it takes a quick cheap shot at Apple with the “genius” line before moving on to a list of specs and features that are created to make it look like the new iPhone 5 doesn’t even compare to the Galaxy S3. Tech blogs from across the world saw this ad over the weekend and completely freaked out, saying it was biased and so far from the truth because iPhone features were left out, and blah blah, blah blah.  (more…)