Huawei Watch 2 Review

There’s no denying, I was a big fan of the original Huawei Watch. It was classy, stylish, and most importantly for me, it looked like a real watch. Enter the Huawei Watch 2. This year, things have changed. With this device, Huawei has its eye on the fitness folk, almost as if there aren’t a million other companies trying to do the same. Did they nail it? Let’s find out. (more…)

Huawei CEO, Who Just Released a New Smartwatch, Isn’t a Fan of Smartwatches

I don’t know if Huawei is already bracing for its so-far-poorly reviewed Huawei Watch 2 to be a massive failure or if their current rotating CEO Eric Xu Zhijun just doesn’t give a damn, but the exec didn’t exactly have great things to say this morning about smartwatches in general. During the Global Analyst Summit in Shenzhen, Zhijun told attendees that he is “always confused as to what smartwatches are for.”   (more…)