Verizon Disabled Paypal Fingerprint Payment Support on the Galaxy S5, Google Wallet Works Though

What’s that? You thought Download Booster was the only feature that a U.S. carrier would remove from the brand new Samsung Galaxy S5? Silly, you. I’d imagine Download Booster is only the first of many. After spending only a few minutes with the Verizon variant of the GS5, we have already discovered that Big Red has pulled Paypal payments authorized with your fingerprint, another of the major features promoted by Samsung for their 2014 flagship. It was also announced this morning by Paypal. (more…)

LG G2 on AT&T Receiving Update to Fix Google Wallet Tap & Pay Issues

For whatever reason, the Kit Kat update for the LG G2 on AT&T left out Android 4.4’s Tap & Pay settings menu, even though the device should have no problem using Host Card Emulation to make mobile payments. There are work-arounds, for sure, but most involve sideloading hacked Google Wallet apks or flashing a custom ROM. For those who were expecting the functionality out of the gate, life has been a bit frustrating.

Things are changing today, thanks to an update that AT&T is pushing to the G2. The changelog is minimal, but does say specifically that it involves “updates to Google+ and Google Wallet.” At least one reader has already confirmed that Tap & Pay is now working. (more…)

Google Wallet Tap & Pay Will No Longer Work After April 14 for Non Kit Kat Devices

Just a quick heads-up to those of you still using Google Wallet, but own a device that doesn’t have Kit Kat (Android 4.4+). Google is going to kill off Tap & Pay functionality come April 14 for anything below Android 4.4. In other words, you will only be able to store loyalty cards and offers, send money to friends, view orders, and use the physical Google Wallet card to make purchases. OK, that’s most functionality, just not the Tap & Pay portion.

They began sending emails out last night to notify users who meet the 4.3 and below criteria and have also updated their Wallet support pages(more…)

Visa and MasterCard Go All in on Host Card Emulation and Mobile Payments

When Google introduced Host Card Emulation (HCE) with Kit Kat back in November, some of us looked at the move as them flipping the bird to Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, along with their Isis Mobile Wallet application. For over a year, companies like Verizon refused to allow Google Wallet to work on their phones, denying that it had anything to do with their investment in Isis and everything to do with the app trying to access a phone’s Secure Element (SE). With HCE and Kit Kat, that need to access a Secure Element was removed, meaning there was no longer a way for mobile payment services to be blocked. HCE quickly became the future of mobile payments, something MasterCard and Visa are now fully behind.  (more…)

Google Wallet Update Incoming, Loyalty Card Scanning and Notifications in Tow

I wish I could say I used Google Wallet to pay for stuff regularly, but because my encounters with NFC payment terminals are infrequent at best, I have to rely on plastic cards way more than I’d prefer.  I have, however, relied on the app’s loyalty card storage a couple of times, but entering the information by hand was such a chore. Thankfully, Google is about to make things a little easier by incorporating a new scanning feature into the Google Wallet application.

Google Wallet Update Adds Support for Wallet Card, Lets You Add New Cards by Taking Their Picture

google wallet new Screenshot_2013-11-21-13-40-51

Yesterday, we first spotted signs of the arrival of a physical Google Wallet card, even providing you instructions on how to order you own a few hours before Google made it official. This morning, they pushed out a Google Wallet app update (build 2.0-R141-v14) to support those cards that we all ordered, making it easy to spend your Wallet cash balance in the more traditional sense without your phone or app. The update also makes it easy to add new credit cards by scanning them with your camera. You could argue that this is the best part of the update, as there is nothing more tedious than manually typing in credit card info.

We’d imagine that this update also brings Tap & pay powers to Kit Kat devices, but most of you had that thanks to the Nexus 5 Google Wallet .apk(more…)

Google Wallet Card is Official, Wallet Users Can Sign Up Now for Physical Cards

A few months back, rumors of a physical Google Wallet card surfaced, suggesting that Google would give you a credit/debit card that could access your Google Wallet balance and be used for purchasing goods. We waited and waited, expecting it to show up at some point as a single card you could use in your wallet since Google Wallet the NFC mobile payment service had yet to take off. For whatever reason, it never did arrive – well, until this morning. One of our readers was prompted with an option to order one, which led us into digging a bit more to see if the service was really live. Turns out it is. We’ve already ordered ours.