Deals: Unlocked Galaxy S4 for $350, G2 Mini for $250 on eBay

In the mood for a smartphone deal? We have two today, both of which seem like steals.

The first is for an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4. Sure, the phone is more than a year old, but at $350 without a contract, you are talking Moto X territory. Many would argue that the Galaxy S4 is still one hell of a phone, even with the Galaxy S5 now available. In fact, I would argue that the phone feels much better in hand. It also has a beautiful Full HD Super AMOLED display and one of the best cameras ever put into a mobile device.

This is the unlocked international variant, so it should work just fine on AT&T’s HSPA here in the US; LTE compatibility may be a toss-up. You can buy it in white, black, purple, or blue – the device is brand new.

If you want something even cheaper, take a look at the LG G2 Mini. At $249, you are looking at a device with a 4.7-inch display (qHD), quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor, and 8MP camera. This phone is not a flagship, but if you need a smartphone on the cheap, until you can grab a flagship, this wouldn’t be a bad option. Most phones these days run $200 on-contract, so $249 has got to be tempting.

eBay Links:  Galaxy S4 Unlocked ($349) | LG G2 Mini ($249)

LG G2 Mini (LS885) Headed to Sprint, Still a Disappointing Device

The G2 Mini (LS885) from LG is headed to Sprint, so sayeth @evleaks. The device was made official back in February, and at the time, no US plans were announced. As of right now, there are still no official dates, but Evan is usually spot on with his information.

The G2 Mini, which we wished was more of a G2 Compact (featuring high end specs in a smaller package), isn’t the device many G2 fans would have hoped for.  (more…)

LG G2 Mini is Official and Officially Low-end

Last night, during episode 50 of the DL Show, LG officially announced the G2 Mini. The press release confirms yesterday’s report that the phone isn’t anything to write home about, thanks to a collection of low-to-mid-range specs. It’s clear that this is aimed at emerging markets, rather than as a top-tier phone packed into a compact body, like the Moto X or Xperia Z1 Compact.  (more…)

LG G2 Mini to Reportedly Launch Overseas in March, Won’t Feature Any Specs to Write Home About

LG began to tease the G2 Mini earlier this month, but that’s as far as they got – just teasing. There were no confirmed specs or release dates, so the industry only had speculation to work with. Today, reported specs are being confirmed by overseas sources, with LG apparently revealing that the device will launch overseas in March. (more…)

LG Teases the G2 Mini Ahead of Its MWC Unveiling

The LG G2 MINI is now official, thanks to a teasing of the device through LG’s Facebook page. The note says to “experience the MINI” on February 24 at Mobile World Congress (MWC). So yeah, that’s happening and will no longer be any sort of surprise. Well, we had an idea that the phone was coming after seeing a Bluetooth SIG filing, but this takes any guessing out of the name.

What about specs? The flagship G2 launched as a phone with some of the highest and most impressive specs any mobile phone had ever seen. But with phones labeled “Mini,” we tend to see low or mid-range devices that can be purchased on the cheap or in emerging markets. Rumors surrounding this G2 MINI suggest that it may have a qHD display. Let’s hope not. We would much rather LG go Sony’s route with the Z1 Compact, a smaller device that still rocks out with high-end specs (our hands-on).  (more…)