Evernote, Chrome Beta, Falcon Pro, and DashClock All Receive Updates

app updates

The day was filled with app updates for some of our favorite apps, with the biggest probably coming from Evernote. The popular note-taking app received its “most requested feature of all time,” Reminders. Users can finally add reminders to notes, set alarms, and pin notes to the top of note lists, so that their lives can either feel complete or on the verge of becoming complete at all times. The Evernote update also improved copy and paste, corrected photo orders, improved shortcuts, and improved Japanese support.  (more…)

Beta Program Goes Live for Falcon Pro (Update)


Who doesn’t love a good beta every now and then? If you have purchased Falcon Pro, the third party Twitter app that we have discussed time and time again, then you will now be able to join a recently launched beta program to help improve the application. In the beta program, which is hosted on Google+, there is a feature request list, a section for bugs and also a general discussion area.  (more…)

Falcon Pro Updated With New Font, Action Bar Placement Settings and More

falcon pro

Today, Falcon Pro got a nice update to version 1.9. Inside, you will find a brand new font (although it’s still Roboto-based), position holding for lists, and the awesome option to set the action bar on the bottom of the display. Along with the new features, there were some bugs that needed squashing, including the one where the DashClock extension wasn’t refreshing. Consider it now squashed. (more…)

Falcon Pro Receives Update, New Starred Features and Plenty of Improvements

falcon pro

Everyone’s favorite 3rd party Twitter app, Falcon Pro is receiving a bump up to version 1.8 today, bringing a healthy list of new features and improvements. Most of the bigger additions are for starred Twitter profiles, allowing users to receive notifications every time they create a tweet.

In addition, translations are now available in various languages, image loading speeds have been improved and a ton more. For the full changelog, check below.  (more…)

Falcon Pro Update Resets Twitter ID Tokens, Hopes to Free Up A Few More Spots


One of the best and most loved Twitter applications, Falcon Pro, has recently hit the 100,000 user mark that Twitter is enforcing on third-party applications. The developer has pleaded with Twitter to lift the limit and got a  response of “no.” He has been trying to work around the problem within the past week. With the update rolling out today, a band-aid has been applied to the problem, but not a fix.  (more…)

Falcon Pro Twitter Client Reaches 100K Token Limit

falcon pro

Back in August, Twitter decided that third party clients that replicate its core features (home timeline, direct messages, etc.) were not necessarily great for business going forward. As a business that has a mega-value yet can’t seem to figure out that whole profitability thing, they decided that maybe apps that were being used in place of their official were part of the problem. As such, they set a 100,000 limit for the number of tokens (sort of like an individual user) that can be allotted to 3rd party apps. Unfortunately for upstarts like our beloved Falcon Pro, that limit can be reached quite easily. In fact, last night, Falcon Pro hit their 100K token limit and can no longer add new users.  (more…)