EvolveSMS Partners With PushBullet, Lets You Respond to Texts From Your Computer

Pushbullet is capable of many things, but one feature the app has been sorely missing is the ability to reply to text messages from PC. Financial and technical limitations may prevent the Pushbullet team from adding the functionality themselves, but thanks to a partnership with EvolveSMS, the folks at Pushbullet have come up with a pretty good stopgap.  (more…)

EvolveSMS is the Third-Party SMS App You’ve Been Waiting For

There’s no doubt about it, the Messaging app on Android isn’t great. Though Google’s integrative vision of Hangouts may make the app’s lack of functionality a moot point, the company has a long way to go before SMS is as manipulable and beautiful as it is on some third-party applications. A great example?  EvolveSMS, the successor to Sliding Messaging.

From an interface perspective, EvolveSMS is exactly what you’d expect from the creators of Talon: nearly flawless. Using Android 4.4 KitKat’s transparent nav bar feature to great effect, the UI evokes Google apps in its tasteful use of sliding drawer, Gaussian blur, and animation.  (more…)

Talon is a New Twitter App for Android From the Makers of Sliding Messaging, Available Today For $1.99

After Carbon and Falcon Pro have both unfortunately reached (or are nearing) their token limit for new users, developers haven’t yet given up on creating a Twitter client for the masses. The latest, called Talon, comes from developer Luke Klinker, of Klinker Apps. If you can recall, Luke and his brother, Jacob, were the creators of Sliding Messaging, an app we have featured a time or two.

Talon is a beautiful, simple Twitter client I instantly became a fan of during its early beta days. It features all of the great features of any old Twitter client, yet combines them with a Google+-like, sleek interface along with useful add-ons such as “Talon Pull,” an ongoing notifications showing the amount of unread Tweets in your timeline and more.  (more…)