Transformer Prime GPS Dongles Begin Arriving at Doorsteps

Transformer Prime owners who have registered with Asus to receive a free GPS dongle are beginning to see the packages arrive at their doorsteps today. The dongle itself has been reported to fix the GPS locating issues that have plagued the Prime tablet, but some would say that the added accessory is quite the eye sore.

Prime owners, have you received your dongle yet?

Cheers Jared!

Transformer Prime GPS Dongle Pictured, Invites to Order One Sent Out

The Asus Transformer Prime, by all accounts, is still the best Android tablet on the market (our review). It boasts a quad-core processor, amazing screen, great build materials, the top tablet camera around, and docking abilities that would make any tech device jealous. Unfortunately for some that wish to use it as a massive navigation system, Asus chose to spend as little time as possible making the GPS work correctly. After multiple attempts to fix it via software update, they decided that the only way to make it truly functional was through the addition of a GPS dongle.

With an acknowledgement of said dongle by Asus, we have been sitting here waiting for news of a release. Well, this morning, invites to request a dongle were sent out to Prime owners in an offer that expires on July 31st. Along with those invites, a set of leaked pictures made their way onto the web, giving us an idea as to how hideous your Prime will be with this thing attached. Yep, I said hideous.  (more…)