Moto X With MotoMaker Now Available for $350 Off Contract (Updated)

Update:  It’s pretty obvious that Motorola’s site isn’t currently able to handle the amount of traffic that has flooded upon it for this deal. Should the site come back up and the deal be in place, we’ll update this post. Hang with us!

Update 2 (6:49AM):  Motorola’s support account on Twitter had this to say – “Lots of traffic; promo not started yet. Wait to order until you see promo in cart. Watch  for updates!” and “As posted above, it has not started yet. We need to get the site up first. Wait until you see the promo in your cart to order.”

Update 3 (6:58AM):  And now the official Motorola account has posted this – “Our website is down due to traffic & we’re working quickly to restore it. Watch here for updates & for when our Cyber Monday deal starts.”

Update 4 (8:17AM):  New word in from Motorola – “We’re currently restoring online services. Some may have site-access, but Cyber Monday deal prices won’t begin until all systems are a go.”

Update 5 (8:44AM):  Moto X Developer Edition (GSM) and (CDMA) models are now available for $399! [GSM Link] [CDMA Link]

Update 6 (11:38AM):  Shortly after going live, the Developer Editions both sold out. And then now they have come back. We’re not exactly sure even Motorola knows what’s going on at this point. Feel free to try the links in Update 5, just to make sure. If you were waiting for MotoMaker orders, we think they may still be coming. Try to sit tight through this 6-hour wait.

Update 7 (11:55AM):  Yep, the Developer Editions are back again, according to official word from Motorola. And Motomaker is still apparently on the way, if you can believe that. Here are the direct DE links – [GSM Link] [CDMA Link]

Update 8 (6:20PM):  Well, Motorola has issued a new statement with a potential new schedule. If they are not up and running by 6:30PM Pacific, they are moving the deal to Wednesday, December 4, with a second sale happening on Monday, December 9.

Update 9 (11:00PM):  Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside has apologized for today’s debacle. They will indeed open up two more sale days – December 4 (this Wednesday) and December 9 (next Monday). Details here.


Motorola’s discount on the full retail price of the Moto X – what may be the best Cyber Monday deal of them all – is now live (at least it’s supposed to be, but their site is struggling at the moment). Announced last week, we were told to expect to see a $150 discount from off-contract pricing on Moto X models through MotoMaker and Developer Editions. For those keeping track of current Moto X pricing, that puts custom made MotoMaker models with 16GB at just $349 without a contract. Should you go 32GB of storage, you’ll be paying $399.  (more…)

Motorola Updates Developer Edition Program: Will Re-instate Warranties and Post Factory Images

Motorola is trying its best to win you over, “you” being the tinkerer that you are. Having deployed a Developer Edition program for many of their devices recently, there were a couple of items that owners of participating devices requested to see changed; one being a way to keep warranties intact, and another would be to see factory software images to help return phones back to their out-of-the-box state. Motorola is addressing both of these issues starting today.

Samsung Registration Page Outs Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Developer Edition?

verizon note 3 back

A reader of ours was cruising through Samsung’s product registry site recently to input his brand new Galaxy Note 3 and noticed a listing that should grab the attention of the tinkerers in the building. Listed along with the black and white Galaxy Note 3 variants for Big Red was another listing for a Developer Edition with a “Coming Soon!” note attached. We had yet to hear of Samsung’s plans for a developer edition of the new Note 3, but in the past have seen them release phones with unlockable bootloaders sold at full retail prices. Devices like the Note 2 and Galaxy S4 both came in Developer Editions(more…)

Verizon Moto X Developer Edition Now Back in Stock!

moto x developer edition verizon1

The Moto X Developer Edition that works on Verizon’s network, is now back in stock through Motorola’s online shop. The device still runs $649.99, but that of course gets you an unlockable bootloader, 32GB of storage, and the snazzy two-tone black and white paint job. The first time the VZW variant went live, we saw it sell out within a couple of hours. If you have been waiting for new stock to arrive, now is your chance. Go jump on it.

And if you haven’t yet, be sure to check out our first look of the device in the wild, thanks to a reader.

GSM version is available as well.

Via:  Moto X DE (Verizon) | Moto X DE (GSM)

Cheers Steve and Matt!

HTC One Developer and Unlocked U.S. Editions Receiving Android 4.3 Update

htc one 4.3 update

HTC told announcement a couple of days ago that we should see an Android 4.3 update for the HTC One Developer Edition before the end of the week. That update is now rolling out to both the Developer Edition and Unlocked variant of the phone here in the U.S. as build 3.22.1540.1. As you can see in the image above, my unlocked version is a part of the rollout.  (more…)