Send in Your ROM Submissions for Tomorrow’s Custom ROM Friday


We have an absolute blast going through your personal ROM submissions, so let’s keep it going. Over the past two weeks, we have asked you to provide a link to your favorite ROM that you would like us to feature on the site during Custom ROM Friday. It’s a great way for developers to finally receive some much-deserved recognition for all of that hard work they put into making our devices better, plus it gives other users out there a chance to try out a ROM they might not have heard about.

Here is an example of what we are looking for:

Hey DL brosefs, check out this Custom ROM for the “insert device name here.” You can see details about it at “insert link to forum/thread here” and it’s totally sweet because “insert various reasons why you need to share this ROM with the world here.”

Tomorrow, we will go over any submissions and write up a few to share with everyone.

Taking ROM Submissions for Custom ROM Friday!


With the number of devices ever growing, it’s hard for us to keep track of the individual ROM’s and hacks for each phone. At this rate, it’s simply impossible. Back when we all had the OG DROID, life was good. But now, it appears to be time to outsource this task to you, the community. To make sure we are giving you the best the developers have to offer, we are asking that you submit your favorite ROM’s for us to write up on our Custom ROM Fridays(more…)