Rockmelt App Released for Android, an Internet Browser and BlinkFeed Had a Baby


There used to be a web browser I enjoyed before I became heavily involved with Chrome. It was constantly in the beta stage, but it brought Facebook and browsing together, making life easier for someone like myself that was constantly plugged into what my friends were doing. It’s called Rockmelt and it most certainly still exists, the only difference is that now there is an Android app.  (more…)

Next Browser From GO Launcher Development Team, Features Custom Speed Dial and Extensions

Next Broswer

The GO Launcher development team is at it again, bringing yet another application to Google Play. This time, it’s Next Browser, a browser that could compete with Google’s Chrome and the stock browser application found on most Android devices. The GO Launcher team are the ones responsible for the very popular GO Launcher, as well as GO Locker, a popular 3rd party option for lockscreen lovers, so you have to have some faith that they know what folks would want in a browser.  (more…)

Chrome Beta for Android Updated, Brings Google Translate and Bandwidth Management Settings

Chrome Beta Chrome Beta

Today, Google’s Chrome Beta for Android received a most impressive update through the Play store. Included is the addition of Google Translate, allowing users to instantly translate full webpages to their native tongue, as well as options for controlling and limiting bandwidth consumption through the browser’s settings.  (more…)

Opera Browser Beta for Android Now Up in Google Play

Opera Browser

This morning, you can download the brand new browser from Opera. Don’t worry, Opera Mini is still there, but this is the complete package based on a webkit rendering engine. It currently has a beta tag alongside, but so far, it seems to be packed with great features. With Opera, thanks to their server process, you will load pages quicker than other browsers and it also allows your to save music, videos, and other content thanks to their download manager.  (more…)

Newly Redesigned Firefox for Android Tablets Released

Firefox users, it’s time to upgrade your Android tablet version to the latest and greatest that is now available on the Google Play store. According to the Firefox team, all of the “dramatic improvements” that made the phone experience so delightful, are now available on this new tablet build. Everything should be noticeably quicker, including page load times, panning, zooming, and web app performance.

Anyone using Firefox as their daily Android browser? If so, sell me on why.

Play Link

Dolphin Browser HD 5 BETA Released to Public

Remember we told you about the Private Beta Dolphin had? Now’s your chance to pick up the newest and freshest in Android internet browsing. Dolphin has just produced a Public Beta of Version 5 which includes some nifty Innovative UI Changes, Speed Dial Style New Tab, Powerful Bookmarks Sidebar, Subfolder Supported, a Faster Browsing Experience and more Stable Performance.

Feel free to download and let us know what you think. Could possibly be time for another “Browser Poll”?  Is there anything you think all these companies are missing from a mobile browser? Let us know.

Direct Download

Source: Dolphin Browser Blog

New Firefox for Android is Fastest Version Yet, Now Offers Over 200+ Add-ons

Firefox for Android received a shiny new update today that might actually be worth your time.  According to its makers, this is the fastest version yet and crushes the stock Android browser in every single speed test.  It also supports Firefox Sync, the Awesome screen, and includes over 200 add-ons just like the desktop version.  I’m actually really liking this latest build, but the fact that it still lacks Flash support is killing me.

Fancy new video walk-through after the break.   (more…)