Video: Angry Birds Space Preview from SXSW

We know everyone here has been dying to see what Angry Birds Space is going to be like. </sarcasm> Over the weekend, Samsung and Rovio had the newest AB on display at SXSW for the press to get their hands on it. Down below, you will see them shoot through a couple levels and we get a good sense that this version of the game is going to be a bit more difficult. Does it still look awesome? Is it still the same old played out Angry Birds?  (more…)

Samsung is Unveiling Angry Birds Space Tomorrow, Not an 11.6-inch Retina Display Tablet

So this silly rumor that Samsung was going to announce a Galaxy Tab 11.6 tomorrow at SXSW in Texas with a higher resolution display than the iPad gained traction this morning for who knows what reason. Why would they choose SXSW over say, Mobile World Congress? Your guess is as good as mine. As you can tell, we have been avoiding it like the plague.

Anyways, Samsung pinged our inbox earlier in the week to announce that they actually do have something special planned for March 9, but it’s at their blogger lounge – not exactly the spot for a major tablet announcement, is it? Well, they sent out an update moments ago to provide further details on the event. It’s for Angry Birds Space. Yep, they have teamed up with Rovio to launch the game and have it playable at SXSW on the Galaxy Note.

Unless another secret event is planned that we have yet to hear about, I’d say the 11.6″ retina Sammie tablet is not happening.

Oh, and who predicted this would be the announcement some 2 days ago?  This guy did.

Video: Galactic Gameplay Preview of Angry Birds Space With the Help of a Real Astronaut


When the word got out that the next Angry Birds was to take place in space, the first question many wondered was how Rovio intended on dealing with the lack of gravity in the aforementioned environment. Well, it looks like Rovio had to call on NASA itself and get some help. Since even astronauts get bored on the International Space Station, they had no problems obliging and decided to give everyone a quick lesson on trajectories and the weightless place they live in.

Angry Birds might be getting a bit old and played out, but this is actually sort of a fresh take on the idea and I think it could be a bit of fun. It looks to be a lot more challenging than previous versions and should keep folks busy for a while. Anyone here excited for the new version?

Via: Tech Crunch