Tuesday Poll: Reaction to the Google Play Rebranding of the Android Market?

With a big renaming campaign taking place today from Google, there have been a lot of people who have voiced their opinions over the new Google Play name. Google’s move for a name change is still being dissected and analyzed for meaning, but we know that Google must have a good reason behind it. Was it a strategic move against competitors or was it to satisfy the media industries (read: music industry disappointment) that have invested a ton of money into making their content sell? Let us know what you think of the new name down below and if it was a good move by Google.

Do you like the renaming of the Android Market to Google Play?

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Google Ups Android Market App File Size Limits to 4GB, Gives You Until App Fully Downloads Before Starting Refund Period

For a couple of years now, especially when downloading big 3D games, users have had to download an app or host file of sorts from the market and then take extra time to download the actual content of the game  through that host app which can be upwards of 1-2GB. The problem from a consumer perspective, was that the 15-minute refund window for apps started once this initial app was downloaded. But by the time you finished downloading the rest of the meaningful content (that 1-2GB) that would allow you to use the app, your window might have expired. So should you decide that the app was a waste of money, you would simply be out of luck and unable to get a refund if your download didn’t finish fast enough for you to test the app.

As of today, that changes completely. The Android team announced that developers now have the option of uploading two “expansion” files of up to 2GB in size each (4GB total for the math majors in the building). This essentially means that developers won’t have to host their apps outside of the market for you to download. This also means that your refund window will not start until these expansion files have finished downloading. Cool, right?

The standard file limit size remains at 50MB.

If you are a developer and need more dirty details on this, hit up the source link below.

Via:  Google Developers

Chrome Extension Lets You Download Android App Apks Directly From the Market to Your Desktop


When developer redphx sent over his latest creation last night – a Chrome extension that would allow you to download .apk files directly from the Android Market to your desktop – we had two immediate thoughts. The first, “Wow, this is actually really cool and could be useful down the road.” The second was, “While it’s cool and all, how frowned upon by Google and developers is this going to be?” And the reason I asked myself that second question is because pulling an installed .apk file from your phone isn’t normally the simplest procedure (and probably for a few good reasons).  (more…)

Google’s Android Market Hits The 400K Apps Milestone

Over the course of this long holiday season, the Android Market reached 400,000+ applications.  A mighty impressive number considering its lifespan is that of only 3 years.  Thanks to Distimo, there has been plenty of research into the growth of the Android Market and they have made a wonderful chart tracking the rate at which the Market has grown over the last year.  According to their research, a huge factor in the Market’s growth and success, is the large amount of free applications which reaches a whopping 68%.  That is a lot of  free apps.  (more…)

Android Market Hosting Music Blowout Sale: Half a Million Albums for $4.99, Over 10 Million Tracks for 49 Cents

If you have yet to frequent the Music section in the Android Market, now would probably be a good time to start. A “blowout sale” is underway that will get you into a half a million different albums for $5 each or 10 million different tracks for just 49 cents. Not a bad way for Google to push this new venture.

Market Links:  Promo Page of Singles | Top Albums

Download: New Android Market Version 3.4.4


The newest version up the Android Market has popped up thanks to a long time friend of the site, bringing you all up to version 3.4.4. There aren’t a lot of new features from what we can tell, but you will see a new option to “Auto-add widgets.” It’s still unclear exactly what that means though. We downloaded an app that most definitely has widgets included and were not prompted to load them nor did it auto-load them. (Could be just the renamed Auto-add apps box, as has been suggested in the comments) Speed improvements are also supposed to be noticeable.

Download:  Market.apk

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[Infographic] A Closer Look at Android’s 10 Billion App Downloads

All week, we have been celebrating the 10 billion app milestone that the Android Market achieved. 10 cent apps anyone? Yes, please.

If you were dying to find out more info on those 10 billion app downloads though, then the Android Developers team has you covered with one massive infographic. Stats that you will find include the most popular time to download apps, which countries download the most, which categories are the hottest, how many miles have been navigated on Google Maps, and how many cans have been knocked down playing Can Knockdown. Fun facts.

Full infographic after the break.   (more…)