These Awesome Wooden Android Minis Will be Sold at SDCC, Online Later This Year

There have been countless Android mini collectibles released over the years, but they were all made of the same plastic material. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the past minis, but this year, we are getting something very special. Produced by the one and only Andrew Bell, in partnership with Ken Como, a limited set of real-wood Android minis will be available for purchase to attendees of the San Diego Comic Con. Seriously, these minis are hot.  (more…)

Dead Zebra Details the Android Holiday “Bingle Bear” Collectible

Dead Zebra, the producer of the Android mini collectibles, announced its plan for the holiday season this year, and that plan is Bingle Bear. Bingle Bear is a red, elf-like bear creature of sorts, who appears to be an employee or possible owner of the Bingle Workshop. The mythology behind this creature is currently unclear, but he’s here to spread holiday cheer and that is all that matters right now.  (more…)

Use Android Pay at Jamba Juice and Get Free Android Collectibles

Want a free Android collectible? Stop by your local Jamba Juice in the near future, pay for a drink with Android Pay, and you may walk out with one. The juicery is running a promotion for the free minis as long as supplies last, so you may want to hurry.

All you have to do is pay with Android Pay and then ask the cashier if they have any free Android collectibles for you. Pretty easy right?  (more…)

Top DL Deals of April: Nexus 5 for $199, 18000mAh Power Packs, Bluetooth Buds for $29

With the month wrapping up, we thought we would take a minute to feature some of the top deals of the month that were best sellers on the DL Deals store. In other words, these were the deals we told you about that you actually flocked to.

The deals include a couple of battery packs, an unlimited lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited, mystery Android collectibles boxes, Bluetooth ear buds, and a steal on the Nexus 5 through FreedomPop.

If you missed out on any of these the first time around, now is your chance to get in before they are gone.  (more…)

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Series 5 Android Collectibles (Updated: Available Now!)

Update 8:12AM:  Individual blind boxes are now available for $9 a piece or you can quick add 16 to a cart for a full box ($140). Looks like they meant 11AM EST, not 11PM.

Tomorrow, February 5, at 11PM EST (8PM PST), the Series 5 Android collectibles set from Dead Zebra will go on sale through their online shop. We don’t yet know the price of a full box set, but individual blind boxes will run $9 a piece.  (more…)

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