Android 4.3 Update Now Available for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Galaxy S4 Active owners can now celebrate, as their devices have received the head nod from AT&T to begin updating to Android 4.3. It’s taken a while, but updates are always better late than never. Am I right, HTC One X and One X+ owners? Then again, don’t feel too bad, since the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 are still waiting to hear about Android 4.4. Ah, fragmentation, it’s a beautiful thing. Anyways, back to the topic at hand.  (more…)

NVIDIA’s Tegra NOTE 7 Tablet Sees Android 4.3 Update, Includes New Stylus and Camera Enhancements

NVIDIA’s ultra-affordable 7-inch tablet, the Tegra NOTE 7, received its first “significant” update since launch this morning. The update jumps the device up to Android 4.3, but that’s minor compared to what NVIDIA did to enhance the camera and the tablet’s stylus support. For those not familiar with NVIDIA’s update tactics, just know that you should probably expect updates like this on the regular. When the SHIELD launch earlier this year, NVIDIA told us that their goal was to update that device quite frequently, something I would imagine they will try to do with the $199 NOTE as well.  (more…)

Verizon Galaxy Note 2 Update to Android 4.3 Available Via Upgrade Assistant as Build VRUEMJ9 (Updated)

Owners of the Galaxy Note 2 on Verizon, prepare yourselves for an Android 4.3 update. According to a number of readers, the update is now available through Verizon’s computer-based Upgrade Assistant as build VRUEMJ9. It will undoubtedly be available over-the-air at some point, but this is your option for now.

We are still awaiting official details and will update this post as we have them.

Update:  The details are now in. We have everything you need to know below.

Update 2:  The OTA update is now live as well for many.  (more…)

HTC One Android 4.3 Update for Verizon Now Rolling Out

Yesterday, we posted up that Verizon approved an update to Android 4.3 for the HTC One, and this morning, it appears that folks are receiving it. Besides updating the device to Android 4.3, the changelog states that there are a few bug fixes thrown in, plus Verizon added in a few bloatware apps. Users can now also add their own music to Video Highlights in the Gallery, so that’s good.  (more…)

HTC One Android 4.3 Update for Verizon Approved, Here is the Changelog

The HTC One on Verizon is ready to receive its Android 4.3 update this week. Tipped to have been approved by HTC’s executive director of product management, Verizon has now posted the support documents, making everything official and giving us all of the details surrounding this update, which as been finalized as build 2.10.605.1.

In terms of new stuff after the update, users will see the ability to add their own tracks to Highlights videos. And that’s pretty much it. The rest is bug fixes for charging with a Mophie Juicepack, correction of faint ringing noise with earpieces, and the option to play purchased ringtones.  Oh, Verizon also took a moment to add more bloatware to the phone.

With approval by Verizon, I’d imagine we will see the update begin to rollout as early as today, with an extended rollout happening throughout the week.

Let us know if you see it! (more…)

Android Distribution Numbers for December: Jelly Bean Strong at 54.5%, Kit Kat on Only 1.1% of Devices

This evening, Google posted up the official Android distribution numbers. Last month, Jelly Bean creeped past the 50% mark, and this month, it seems that it hasn’t slowed down yet, now on 54.5% of devices up from 52.1%. As for the newest version of Android, Kit Kat (Android 4.4), it appears that it is currently on only 1.1% of devices, a somewhat dismal number, but there’s plenty of time for that number to grow. (more…)

AT&T Galaxy S4 Update to Android 4.3 Ready Again as Build I337UCUEMK2

Shortly after beginning to push the Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S4 on AT&T as build 1337UCUEMJ9, issues arose causing the rollout to be stopped. Parties involved reportedly confirmed that there were issues and that they were investigating them, though no new timeline for a rollout was given. According to an update to AT&T’s Galaxy S4 support page, today is the day that 4.3 will resume, only this time as build I337UCUEMK2.  (more…)