Action Launcher 3 Gets Big Update – Smartsize Icons, Quickedit With Icon Pack Suggestions, More

Action Launcher 3, the third party launcher best enjoyed after watching Crocodile Dundee, received a major update today with not only “boatloads” of bug fixes, but a bunch of new features as well. In the update, Chris Lacy and his accent are introducing a Quickedit menu for icons from the home screen, Smartsize for icon resizing, image […]

LinkedIn App Get Much-Needed Overhaul on Android

Last night, LinkedIn revealed its new apps for Android and iOS that are “more intuitive, smarter and dramatically simplifies your LinkedIn experience.” In other words, they are modern apps that will hopefully negate Android developers from taking to their Google Play reviews with things like, “Hire some better Android developers.” So what’s new? Lots of stuff, actually. 

Google Intros AMP Project, Aims to Dramatically Increase Speed of the Mobile Web

This morning, Google announced a partnership with publishers and technology companies to build a faster mobile web experience for everyone. Named the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, or AMP for short, Google states that the goal of AMP is quite simple – dramatically improve the performance of the mobile web. Using AMP HTML, an open framework built on existing […]

You Can Now Translate Languages Inside of Apps Thanks to Google Translate Update

Thanks to an update for Google Translate, users running Android 6.0 Marshmallow can now translate text from within applications. Previously, all translations would need to be done from within the dedicated Translate app, but now, apps that often feature languages other than English, such as LinkedIn and WhatsApp, can now be translated seamlessly. 

Hootsuite Receives Large Update, Brings Material Design and Instant Sync With Desktop Client

A large update is rolling out to users of Hootsuite, bringing a fancy new look on top of newly incorporated features. The developers of Hootsuite have worked in Material Design, allowing for a more “consistent and unified Android experience for users.” In addition, Material Design makes the app quicker to navigate and easier to use, […]