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Smart Reply Available in Gmail for Android and iOS

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Inbox has featured Smart Reply since late 2015, but earlier this week at Google I/O, Google announced that this same feature is rolling out to Gmail on Android and iOS devices. 

With Smart Reply, Gmail will skim your incoming emails, then prompt you with a prewritten message that should align with something you’d send as a reply. They are not canned responses, but a more contextual option if your hands aren’t free to type out an entire message.

Google states this feature is rolling out now to Android devices in English first, then Spanish in the coming weeks. Go get some!

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Via: Google
  • FknTwizted

    its becoming self aware!

  • I don’t get why Google works so hard on these. I don’t want to talk to automated responses or really send them to people. I think I’ve used Inbox’s suggestions maybe two or three times in two years. I could have used it more, sure, but they didn’t feel quite right—maybe I’m just picky.

  • alex

    The original example they gave was not a good example of this feature. In the email: “Do you prefer to meet Monday or Tuesday?”

    The smart replies: 1) Let’s do Monday. 2) Monday works for me. 2) Either day works for me.

    What happened to Tuesday? lol

    See https://blog.google/products/gmail/save-time-with-smart-reply-in-gmail/

    • Big EZ

      Maybe they already had something scheduled for Tuesday in their Google calendar?

  • Suicide_Note

    I think I’ve used this feature once since it was launched in Inbox. Good to see it available in Gmail for those who’ve wanted it, but don’t like using Inbox.

    • sinfoman

      I use it all the time (at least to get my email started; I often have to add more to the stock). My question then is “what does Inbox have left? Grouping?

      • Patriciackim

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      • Gumption24

        I have tried Inbox twice, and other than it looking sharp, I see no value.

      • Suicide_Note

        Nicer interface.