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LG Watch Sport Cancelled at Verizon

lg watch sport verizon

Within the past few days, those who had pre-ordered the LG Watch Sport from Verizon received cancellation emails. That seemed odd, obviously, since the watch has been available for months, so we reached out to both Verizon and LG to see what was going on. 

We have yet to hear back from LG, but Verizon flat out told us that the LG Watch Sport has been cancelled. In other words, they are no longer carrying the LTE-equipped Android Wear 2.0 device. We’ve checked all over their site and it does indeed appear to be completely wiped from any sales pages. Also, LG has removed the Verizon variant (LG W280V) from their own store as well and now only lists the AT&T model (LG W280A). You can view the cached page here.

In an attempt to make up for the cancellations after all this time, Verizon is offering customers $100 off other connected watches.

Again, we have yet to hear back from LG, but should we, we’ll let you know. For now, if you wanted the LG Watch Sport, AT&T is your only choice, unless the Google Store ever gets additional stock in.

  • Jason Tom

    Where is this supposed $100 discount on a new device at? I got the “your order is cancelled, go buy our other crap” email but it says nothing of a discount on another device.

  • jmich

    Verizon could only put 53 bloatware apps on it and was like “we’re out”.

  • tu3218

    Okay Verizon, release the gear S3 then! If they cancel that, I will 100% leave Verizon! This is getting ridiculous.

  • Jerry Huster

    What was the actual difference between the AT&T and Verizon variants that would cause a tech issue like this?

    • Marc Zeldes


    • Justin Martin

      There is no difference, I have one that I got from AT&T, and I have it running on Verizon with no issues. They are all unlocked.

      • Jerry Huster

        I thought the Verizon version was maybe supposed to have CDMA or specific LTE bands?

        • Justin Martin

          Yeah, the AT&T version is supposed to be locked too, but it’s not

        • FelisLachesis

          The Verizon version had bands that the Google Store version didn’t. I bought the Google version to use on Verizon, and it was very inconsistent. Some days I’d get calls and texts, some days I got nothing.

  • steadymobb


  • Futbolrunner

    I wonder if they’re going to pull the plug on the Verizon Samsung Gear S3.

  • Orlando aka Pixel XL

    This watch has been the worst decision I have made in a while, I bought it on launch day and the thing had bad battery life, like 2-3 hrs. I sent back the watch and they “fixed it”, same IMEI! I jumped into the pool forgetting I had it on, but thinking that it was IP-68, I’ll be fine and two hours later…won’t turn on… I will be seeking a return if anything else happens…three months into ownership and already two returns…

    • Andre

      wait, did you swim with it for 2 hours or you took it off right away, but it still wouldn’t turn on after 2 hours?

      • Orlando aka Pixel XL

        The 2 hour battery life was out of the box, I got like 2-3 hours brand new out of the box…I kept my watch on in the pool because after I jumped in and got it wet, I got on a pizza float (cool float), and layed on it…it was barely exposed.

        • Andre

          ah gotcha. Yeah that sucks, it should handle that just fine. I wore my LG watch R while paddleboarding (dropped into the water here and there) for about an hour without issue before. Unfortunate, was eyeing this watch for a bit. Not anymore.

    • glimmerman76

      yeah I get 24 to 36 hours out of my LG Sport watch. Had it since launch day. Then again I dont use att numbersync which will kill a battery in no time.

  • Andrew Criswell

    I purchased one from the Google Store and had to return it about 13 days later. Not only was it having charging anomalies where the watch would charge all night then show depleted two hours into the day but the LTE never worked right. Sometimes calls would go straight to VM that should have hit the watch and sometimes I would have zero data connection when my phone had full signal of LTE data. The fitness functions we’re worthless as the heart rate monitor never registered correctly and the steps were way out of sync. If Google ever wants to do better in the wearables market, I think they need to find a new vendor to build from the ground up ala Chromebook Pixel or Pixel C.

    • James

      Me too. I was lucky enough to snag one when (miraculously) it was back in stock on the Google Store. I returned it a few days later. The fit was heavey and uncomfortable. Functions like heart rate and data connection had problems. Battery life was terrible.

      I really wanted a Pixel watch. One it was clear that wasn’t coming, this seemed like the next best thing. I really wanted to like the device, but couldn’t get there. I realize more of the blame probably belongs to LG, but these types of issues continue to make Google look bad in selling hardware.

      • rohiggidy

        its an LG watch bro

  • Randy Gindy

    I wonder if they were having a stock problem and decided to cancel on Verizon.

  • Justin Martin

    I bought a LG Watch Sport from AT&T, took the SIM card out of my VZW tablet, dropped into my watch, and everything is working perfectly. I haven’t tried to get it dropped down to a $5 watch account yet.

    • RavnosCC

      Worked perfectly, as in, you can leave you cell phone at home and make calls via your cell phone’s phone number when you’re in another state? (from the watch only)

      • Justin Martin


        • RavnosCC

          How do you get a tablet, data only account to be allowed to make voice calls on VZW? Did you need to wrangle with VZW CS or are you on a certain plan that allows for tablets to make voice calls somehow?

          • Justin Martin

            The Tablets, and watches use HD Voice. That all works over LTE, but like I said, I’m still paying the $10 a month vs the $5 a month that a watch is supposed to be. Not sure what kind of grief they will give me when I try to do that.

          • RavnosCC

            So the tablet you had already “mirrored” your cellphone’s telephone number when making HD calls? and SMS was seamless too? The reason I’m asking, is I’m about to just go do this, lol. Also, does this mean, pardon my ignorance, that the watch cannot make calls if it only has 3G (CDMA) or is it an LTE only device?

          • Justin Martin

            From what I can tell it’s LATE only

          • Marc Zeldes

            Doubtful, a tablet with LTE has it’s own SIM, and own “Phone number” set for data only ….

          • Justin Martin

            Yes, and so does the watch.

  • Verizon Wear24 released LG Watch Sport cancelled hmmmmm…

    • Randy Gindy

      They were both announced sometime ago. I doubt they have anything to do with each other.

      • Please let my unsubstantiated conspiracy theory flourish. Thank you lol

      • ckeegan

        Look at all the headlines on the tech blogs from that press release. They all go a little something like: “Verizon announces its LG Sport watch rival, the LTE and NFC-enabled Wear24” and “Verizon’s big-battery Wear24 smartwatch with Android 2.0 takes on LG’s Style and Sport…” and “Verizon Might Have Introduced the Best Android Wear 2.0 Watch Today | Droid Life”.

        You don’t think LG was a little pissed that Verizon piggybacked on their launch announcement?

        • Randy Gindy

          Considering every manufacturer does this I doubt it. They seem to have stock problems.

          • ckeegan

            But we aren’t talking about another manufacturer. We are talking about a retailer surprising everyone by announcing their own competing product in the same press release where they were announcing another product they would also be carrying, and at a lower price! That definitely does not happen all the time!

  • Ryan N

    They couldn’t have it competing with the Wear24. Oh, look! They’ll give you$100 towards it now.


  • RavnosCC

    Looks like a pretty flopped release from all 3 parties, Google, LG, and VZW. 🙁

    • PeacedOut

      Should have just made the huawei the flagship 2.0 watch…

      • TheDrunkenClam

        Not that ugly monstrosity they just released.

        • Brian Himes

          It’s a decent looking sports watch but that style isn’t for everyone.

          • PeacedOut

            Agree – I feel the Huawei looks 10x better than the LG Sport. The right blend between professional and sporty for me. No way I could ever wear the LG Sport in my work meetings.

        • IAM BLKJ3ZUS

          The Huawei watch 2 classic is far from ugly imo

    • hkklife

      The end of Android Wear is nigh, folks. Between yesterday’s Asus news and this tidbit, I think it is officially safe to stick a fork in it, at least as far as the big mobile manufacturers are concerned. I expect it to stick around a bit longer from the more expensive watch brands (Casio, Fossil, Tag Heuer etc)

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      • ckeegan

        I would be willing to bet money that this is a big middle finger to Verizon for announcing their own cheaper Wear24 watch in the same press release!

  • PeacedOut

    Wouldn’t be surprised if this happens elsewhere. Seems like LG can’t get this watch to market. Curious as to what the problem is (e.g., supplier issues?)

    • hkklife

      Remember, LG had major issues with the urbane 2nd edition LTE being recalled right before Christmas 2015.

  • It has been “sold out” at the Google page as well for quite a while.

    • Yep, for as long as I can remember it has said “Join waitlist.”