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DEAL: Buy Google Home From Newegg, Get a Free TP-LINK Smart Plug ($30 Value)

google home tplink deal

I figured Easter weekend would bring better deals, but so far the line-up is looking pretty weak. Still, this deal on a Google Home that includes a free TP-LINK HS100 smart plug outlet is solid. Basically, you pay $129 for the Google Home and get the smart plug for free ($30 value0). 

You guys know how Google Home works (our review), but with a smart plug like this TP-LINK HS100 unit that has WiFi, you can control items plugged into an outlet by voice (or app). If you have yet to get into home automation or smart stuff, this is a good way to start. Home is fun by itself, but it becomes much more powerful when you can tell it to take over your house.

This particular TP-LINK HS100 plug has auto-off timers too, plus you can set schedules for it to work (ex: you are out of town and want to appear as if you are home). Pretty cool little plug.

Newegg Link

  • John Lewis

    I have a z wave bulb that doesn’t work with either echo or a home.

  • Philippe DePass


    • Bettymtuttle

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  • Adam Pitts

    The combo deal is no longer available it seems

  • Dredgar

    This would be a good deal except they don’t work with Google home. I have two of the HS100s and they won’t work with Home. Heck only recently did the WeMo plugs get home support. Definitely miss my Alexa. I like Homes Google functions but I miss Echo just working with everything.

    Back to the deal. It is dumb to get a free smart plug with a Google home when the two aren’t compatible.

    • BobButtons

      Use a dot in addition in the meantime. Still good to have if you order stuff from Amazon.

  • Jack Smith

    Great deal! We now have several Google Homes (GH) and they frequently amaze me. What gets me the most is the human aspect. We have had an Echo since it launched and it is very much a computer. You memorize commands and use them. The GH you just talk like a human. But what really amuses me is the human touches.

    Started asking GH something and said “I forgot” and she’s saids “no worries happens to me all the time”. But then another time I say “nevermind” and she saids “yes, let’s move forward”. It is amazing and assume it learned how to do this by Google crawling the web all these years for their search engine.