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DEAL: T-Mobile Selling Gear VR for Only $50

If you still haven’t picked up a Gear VR for your compatible Samsung device, T-Mobile is offering the SM-R323 model for just $50, down from its usual price of $100.

While T-Mobile does not directly list it as the SM-R323 model, it does specify USB Type-C, meaning this is the same model that launched alongside the Galaxy Note 7. Versus previous iterations, it has the Type-C port plus adapters, an improved trackpad and field of view, plus changes to the cover and body to reduce glare.

Do note, this headset does not include a motion controller, which was announced only last month during MWC.

Have at it, VR fans.

T-Mobile Link

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  • Droid 1967

    anyone try this with a 6P? Let me know if you do.

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  • Jason Frisbee

    From the purchase page:

    Gear VR, Top Band, Back Band, Case Cover, USB Type-C Adapter, USB Type-C Device Holder, mUSB Device Holder < should this not indicate it would work for both S7 and S8 variants?

    • Daistaar

      No. While the port is rumored Type-C for the S8 and S8+, the dimensions are not confirmed and the smaller variant, while rumored to have a larger screen than the S7 edge may end up being larger than the a Note 7.

      Basically, don’t take the common port to mean it will work with this years flagships as we may know screen size but not dimensions.

      • Jason Frisbee

        I was questioning if it was compatible with the S7Edge, as it listed Type-C. Just came back from the store with one (and is compatible) but yes I agree with your statement regarding the S8.