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Here’s the Huawei P10 Again Ahead of MWC Unveiling

huawei p9

It was only just yesterday when we caught our first potential glimpse at the upcoming Huawei P10, but already, we’re getting more images. Today, @evleaks posted up another look at the device, showing off the colors we can expect the P10 to launch in.

As shown in the below photo, the P10 may launch in three unique colors: Blue, Gold, and Green. While we have seen gold and blue phones before, green is a color not often used. It’s not even a very dark green, either. It’s more like a Lime Green if anything. Is it okay if I’m turned off by this?

In these images, we also see the front-facing fingerprint reader, matching up nicely with the renders we saw yesterday. On the backside, we also spot the dual rear-facing cameras, a staple of pretty much all new Huawei devices.

Take a look for yourself, then let us know, are you interested in the P10?

Via: @evleaks
  • Varun Dhall

    They should get rid of those black bezels with white front.

  • I really like the green color, but man, I would just be slapping this in a case anyway. This, or any phone for that matter. Hopefully there is a translucent case option for those who are in the same boat as me (but I’m assuming this will only work on GSM and not CDMA networks so it won’t even matter for me lol).

  • Danmheadache
  • Craig Eggleton

    Soooo…can a company come out with a phone that has very little bezzle, water resistant, 2 day battery life, rear fingerprint scanner, vanilla android, etc? Just seems like everyone keeps introducing phones that are so close but missing one feature. Head scratcher!

    • Craig Eggleton

      Oh and competitively priced 🙂

      • matt

        and rear finger print scanner please, no home button for me!

  • Matthew Baluski


    • Chris

      Most likely not. None of their other phones (except the Nexus 6P) that I know of support CDMA.

  • atc-tech

    Did you guys see the prices on these? WOW! There’s a Phone Arena article (http://www.phonearena.com/news/Huawei-P10-and-P10-Plus-specs-and-pricing-appear-on-leaked-document_id90724) that puts these at $726 or $828!!!!??? for the Plus model. Does this phone REALLY compete in that price range? With the Pixel plus… (I mean “XL”), iPhone 7 plus, and Galaxy S8 plus (or whatever) coming in at that price, with potentially better specs, do they REALLY believe we’re buying this at over $700 or even over $800? REALLY!?

    • Hansin Dogan

      I also thought so, until I owned a P9. Previously used S7 edge and iPhone 6s. Huawei is making better phones than Apple and Samsung. World is discovering it slowly.

      • atc-tech

        Ah yes… I kinda played devil’s advocate. I believe they are good devices, just as good as those others. I also don’t believe the pixel or the iPhone are worth $800 – $900 or even $750. So, I think these are overpriced, but not because they’re not good.

        OTHER people are going to believe that they’re not that good though… And that’s a failure for Huawei. You can’t compete with the leviathans with a same priced phone. In the real world, there are two phones, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. If it isn’t one of those two, it better be cheap…

  • 1solo

    Love that blue .

  • Daishi


  • Cakefish

    See Google, that’s how you make a blue phone. I also like the green one, it’s different in this world where every phone is either black/white/silver/gold/pink.

  • stabone

    Every single time I see a Huawei phone, all I see if the NBC logo.

    • Untchbl06

      Haha same

    • Paul

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    • discopunkk
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      • stabone

        The more you Huawei.

  • exvirgo

    Should have been pink or rose gold over green.

    • Josh Oberg

      Nah green is a good color and popular nice change of pace.

    • Cakefish


  • Supraman21

    Can someone explain to my why I keep seeing so much news about this phone everywhere? One: Its Huawei Two: There is nothing special about this phone.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Huawei is the most active OEM in the Android space currently, they’re making a heavy push into the US, and the P10 is their flagship.

      And they’re the #3 smartphone manufacturer in the world.

      • Supraman21

        Still a big meh

        • Ivo Shandor

          ha, person answers your question and gives you a list of legitimate reasons and you’re just like “no, I’m just going to adhere to my preconceived opinion that I want to believe anyways”. SMH

          • Supraman21

            Well I didn’t mean it like that. It was more like still, this phone isn’t anything special so despite the other comments I dont see how everyone cares to mention it. I wasnt trying to be a dick.

      • I didn’t know they were the third largest until I saw that list the other day with Apple and Samsung ahead. I mean LG, HTC, Sony, Blackberry, etc – all of these were pretty big manufacturers at one point, if not still are, yet here is Huawei in 3rd. I’m not surprised, I’m still happy with my 6P.

    • Ilya Kolodiychik

      Huawei made the Nexus 6P which I absolutely love. So much that no new phone coming out is even remotely tickling my fancy to ditch the 6P. For the first time in the history of my cell phone use, I didn’t upgrade within 12 months and might go a full 2 years or so before I do. It’s that good.

      • This is the same boat for me. If I could get an S7 for some ridiculous price, sure. But as far as full MSRP, there is nothing out there worth getting right now.

  • santy83

    Blue has black front while other 2 has white front. Why cant they simply match the colors on front and back .

    • Josh Oberg

      I don’t mind the black front I think white fronts are terrible but I would like to see the full color phone

      • santy83

        Agreed . Black is decent . Pixel could have been a better looking phone in spite of the bezels if they matched the colors .

  • steadymobb


  • calculatorwatch

    Compared to the P9 in the title photo, they really are making it uglier.

  • Tyler Durden

    Damn thought you were reporting on the iPhone at first

    • ctk4949

      Why this is NOT a crapple website!! lol

      • Tyler Durden

        They use apple products 🙂

  • Guest

    Ugh Verizon limitations. I try to not even get excited about other devices…cough cough OnePlus

    • MJ

      You should go with a carrier that doesn’t limit your phone choices.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Just switch to a GSM carrier. Either ATT or T-Mobile will have your covered.