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Leaked Photos Detail Codenamed ‘Ocean Note’ from HTC

htc 10

Photos reportedly detailing HTC’s Ocean Note smartphone are making the rounds, just two days ahead of the company’s U event. The photos aren’t the highest quality, but do paint a solid picture of what we should expect, and the codename has been confirmed in past leaks, as well as by LlabTooFeR, one of the more solid HTC intel sources. 

Looking over the photos, we see quite a large device, featuring a secondary display (LG V20 fans rejoice!), pill-shaped fingerprint reader along with capacitive buttons on the bottom of the frontside, as well as single rear-facing camera that comes with quite the hump.

The device also appears to sport USB Type-C, a textured power button, and single downward-facing speaker.


For right now, we don’t have any solid details for the Ocean Note, but it is rumored to feature a 6″ QHD display, Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB RAM, and 64GB internal storage. Also note, there is a lot of different intel on specs, with a few rumors claiming the Ocean Note features dual rear-facing cameras. If this pictured device is in fact the Ocean Note, we’re not seeing any dual cameras.

With all that being said, we still don’t know exactly what HTC is presenting on January 12 at the U event. Will we see all the phones that have been rumored? Just one? Seriously, your best guess is as good as ours, and frankly, we like it that way. We miss the days where things were a surprise, but if you enjoy leaks, don’t worry, the internet still has a couple of days to ruin everything.

Via: @yoyoshooter [2]
  • chris_johns

    Woo Sense! i miss that (never owned an HTC, but still miss it)

  • C Shwizzel

    Epic fail HTC 🙁
    Do they even read the DL comments section?! This is not at all what we wanted from them!

  • B!

    At the end of the day, whether this is a rumor or production, is still an HTC so….


  • mcdonsco

    Watch it be a freakin’ LCD screen again.

    • LionStone

      I’m sure they’d love to put more amoled panels, except when Samsung pulls shady production tactics makes it kind of hard. Even more so now with Apple also gobbling up all the orders, they’ll be crumbs left for the smaller companies.

  • s0uth

    HTC 11 please….

  • M3D1T8R

    Same old bs. 2017 and I’m still asking for ff speakers, wireless charging, waterproofing, and big battery.

    Oh AND now many new phones (like this) are simply DOA with no headphone jack.

    This better at least have a 5 Ah battery to compete with the Zenfone 3 Zoom and Huawei Mate 9, otherwise there’s absolutely nothing redeeming here.

  • Me

    Back fingerprint scanner? So FFS? Cause if so, this looks like it could be a beast.

  • Orion

    Wtf? This is the best HTC could do…..In 2017? Next…

  • jshep23

    That’s an old version of Sense. Sense 7.0 …I don’t know if this is real

  • RiceCake

    If everyone hates the missing headphone jack then do what I’m going to do and vote with my $ and business. Simple as that instead of complaining stick with your device another year plain and simple. The industry will tank and maybe they will figure out why.

  • Jessica Durden

    I want this bad 0_0

  • disastrousrainbow

    That’s a pink ass looking screen. Yuck.

  • steadymobb

    So this time they’re copying LG and Samsung AND Apple? Nice, the trifecta.

    • illregal

      What’s apple like from these pictures??

      • steadymobb

        HTC has been copying apple for a while. The lack of headphone jack is just another one

  • Kevin

    Why does every new phone these days have a big chin? Moto x 2013 & even 2014 with front facing speakers had it right…Pixel, Nexus 5x/6p, HTC,Moto all huge. Samsung GS7…not bad.

  • ChrisI

    ‘Ocean Note’?
    Samsung lawsuit already brewing.

    Does HTC ever do anything original?

    • illregal

      Well.. Lets see, they pioneered the aluminum smartphones that everyone makes today. Including the antenna lines.
      They had the first phone with a screen over 4″
      They had the first 4g wimax, and lte phone.
      They had stereo speakers
      They had dual cameras
      They had ois in front facing camera
      First to use less megapixels, and larger pixels that everyone now does for lowlight.
      They were also doing waterproof, and wireless charging before samsung.
      I could go on and on..
      What has anyone else done?

      • ChrisI

        Apple invented the rectangle shape!

      • steadymobb

        Wait – what recent HTC flagship has wireless charging and is waterproof??? Genuine question.

        • illregal

          It’s a few years old at this point, but the droid dna/ j butterfly.

  • mikewilson1021


  • TheDrunkenClam

    Is it running Sense?
    Yeah, not interested.

  • The Doctor

    If there’s no IPXX rating, I don’t care.

    • Same with SMS fallback.

  • Howard Stern ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    ooooh boy. bezels. samsung design language. lg ideas hawked. where is the innovation? I know you can only recreate the rectangle so many times….but you cant even try to be different?

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    ….. I don’t get it… Ticker display? Yawn. They didn’t even try with this design. . . . where is the M11?

  • Pan Szym

    HTC V30 😛

    • MichaelFranz

      HTC V30 Note*

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        HTC V30 Note 7s am i doing this right?

        • marcusmarcus2

          HTC V30 Note 7s Plus

          • Pan Szym

            HTC V30 Note 7S Core Prime Camera Edition LTE+

    • Me

      HTC V+3T Note

  • Tyler Durden
  • rebretz000
    • Jeremy Turnley

      Well yeah – why clone the best selling android phones of 2016, when they could be original and make another failure?

      • Because they fail anyway at cloning. Let’s not forget the overly hyped HTC One A9 they released.

        • LionStone

          Cloning? You guys look too deep into this stuff, I just see it as the A9 by HTC. When I show it to complete Apple folks, they know it’s an Android and they also know it’s not an iphone.

    • MikeKorby

      With the size of the camera hump, I would say it’s more of an S6 clone.

  • Shadowstare

    Cool Story, looks nice.
    Where’s the M11?

    • Can they even afford to make it?

      • glimmerman76

        with all the google pixels there selling I am sure they can

        • Tyler Durden

          “All the good pixels they’re selling”
          Hm. Hm. Hm.

        • Not according to their quarterly financials, though. I seriously want to know how much they are making of the Pixel, IF they are making anything at all.

        • Jeremy Turnley

          That’s assuming the Pixel is actually selling well. We only know it’s popular among enthusiasts. I have not seen any numbers showing it’s doing well with average consumers.

      • Shadowstare

        I would hope so. The M has been their flagship for the a decade. If they can afford to make all these other phones, they better be able to make the M11. Only time will tell.

  • Danmheadache

    So HTC, not only having front fingerprint scanner wasn’t enough, made the back also look like Galaxy.

    • And I swear, if this has the “Note” branding in the end and there’s no stylus, they have completely lost it.

    • Miguel

      It’s that you Note 7?

    • Android_Bankruptcies_2017

      HTC is desperate, it’s obvious.
      This Frankenstein screams DOA.

    • billy routh

      The front is the best placement for the fingerprint scanner.

      • Brandon Sobotta


  • Jeremy Turnley

    I will say this much, that blue color is gorgeous. Not enough to make me go back to HTC anytime soon, but still.

  • Such courage. I seriously want to know HTC’s excuse for removing the headphone jack.

    • Neel

      They got some courage

    • Jeremy Turnley

      Apparently that’s just going to happen this year. Now that the USB-C audio spec if official, everyone is going to go that way for their flagships.

      • It makes buying headphones tedious. The HTC Bolt included headphones don’t even work with other USB-C devices. :S

      • BobButtons

        Pretty dumb considering providing a USB-C audio spec doesn’t mean a headphone jack isn’t an option as well. Bluetooth and wired headphones existed quite nicely together.

    • T4rd

      It could be on top.like the 10’s was.

      Sad to see HTC regress from the M7, M8, and M9 designs. I loved my M8 and would have got a 10 if they hadn’t dropped the front facing speakers and IR blaster. I replaced it with a 6P since it still had the speakers, but I still miss the IR blaster every day.

      • The M8 is still my favorite HTC phone to date. The 10 was great, but the M8 was fun, sturdy, reliable. ONLY if it had a better dual camera, it would’ve been almost perfect.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          M7 > M8

          • Meh, hated the purple tint the camera produced after a few months.

        • T4rd

          Camera is my lowest priority in a phone, so it was literally the perfect phone for me. I would probably still be using it if I hadn’t switched carriers and needed a new phone when I got my 6P. I almost got a M9 instead, but the Nexus appeal was too much to resist at the time.

    • Jpx

      I hate the direction these companies are going with. I love my wired headphones, they are just superior to my bluetooth headsets. That being said I would convert to usb type C if they had 2 ports instead of one. That way I can still charge my phone while listening to music

      • Thing is, good wireless headphones are not cheap. At least you can find decent wired headphones for less than $40. :S

    • cdm283813

      USB-C is the headphone jack. Just that you can’t charge at the same time. /s

    • michael arazan

      Because they paid Billions to have the Right to Likeness to an iPhone and they plan on using it up.