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Tuesday Poll: Does Your Smartphone Need a Headphone Jack?

moto z review

Here’s a simple Yes or No question for you. Does your smartphone need a headphone jack? With news surfacing that Samsung may soon be ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of USB Type-C and all that courage bullsh*t, it’s time we discover just how important the headphone jack is.

For me personally, I use the headphone jack on my phone daily, so long as the phone I’m currently using features one. I have used the LeEco Pro 3 and Moto Z, so I’m used to having to go the Bluetooth and adapter route, but it isn’t all that great. Given this experience, I’m leaning towards “Yes” for headphone jacks.

What do you think? Yay or nay for the headphone jack?

Does your smartphone need a headphone jack?

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  • slug_munchies

    Spent 3 days in the hospital last week. One pair of headphones that I could plug into the wired (huge) controller thingy for their “stretch-o-vision” TV, or into my phone to watch Netflix. Would have been a pain to keep both the phone an headset charged separately.

  • doode

    Get rid of it. I’ve been a solid Bluetooth user since 2012. Only ever keep a wired headset around for emergencies. This year I upgraded that to USB C noise cancelling earbuds. For wired buds I’ll never go back to 3.5 mm again.

  • BoFiS

    Not only would I never buy a phone (or tablet, or laptop, or anything that plays music) without a headphone jack, I also would not recommend a device without one to anyone I know. I give tech advice to most of my family and friends, and will talk anyone out of buying something if it lacks a headphone jack. Though equally, lack of removable memory is also a deal breaker imo

  • Dave Amburn

    Haven’t used a headphone jack in about 3 years. Wouldn’t miss it at all

  • James Fry

    Most of my headphones are bluetooth. If my headphone jack disappeared I’d adapt pretty painlessly.

  • Do I use my headphone jack often? No. Do I want my headphone jack? Yes.

  • dunning-kruger

    I just pulled a 14 year old pair of cans out of storage and they plug into anything I would want to use them with.

    I’m not going to say that it will be impossible to do that with some USB-C/bluetooth phones 14 years from now but given the way these things work I can easily imagine it not being compatible with bluetooth 18 and USB-C v2.2 or whatever we’re using then.

  • WalkerNA

    When I’m filling in for a band at a gig it’s quite valuable to be able to plug my phone into my in-ear system to listen to new songs and my bass together to quickly figure out the chords. The headphone jack is used for more than just headphones!

  • OligarchyAmbulance

    I don’t even know if the headphone jack works on my last two phones, since I’ve literally never plugged headphones into them. That said, I don’t see a valid reason to remove it in any devices that have come out so far.

  • geocab

    I had 4 Note 2’s and I’m on my third Note 4 and on each one my headphone jack stopped working. So I voted no because Samsung would put a cheap ass one in anyway.

  • Defenestratus

    Haven’t used wired headphones since my Treo 700 first supported A2DP.

    Wires are anathema and need to be abolished. Before google STUPIDLY got rid of wireless charging, I never plugged any thing into my phone. It was the future and it was wonderful. Too bad Google isn’t forward-thinking anymore.

  • Vikinglifeguard

    I am not about to go buy 2 pairs of wireless headphones (1 for workout, 1 for all other use) just for a phone. That’s even more things to charge constantly.

  • ToxMarz

    I use predominantly Bluetooth headphones, but they eventually break or get lost and need to be able to use some (cheap) plug in headphones until I get the Bluetooth ones replaced.

  • Gytole

    It’s about to be 2017. Use bluetooth.

    (My car stereo doesn’t have bluetooth so I use my aux port.) Buy a bluetooth Adapter they’re inexspensive.

    (My car stereo doesn’t have bluetooth or an aux port.) Remove your 8trac stereo and replace it with a bluetooth only sterep. You can get one for $40 and they’re AWESOME.

    (My bluetooth headphones only last 5 hours.)
    Get a better one. Mine cost $50 and they last 20+ hours. I charge them once a week and use them DAILY. And they have Aptx CSR. 50 bucks. Aptx. 20+ hour battery life. Affordable.

    Mixcder Ghost…if anyone was interested or the person who would like to go blast the no name for having amazing headphones they’ve never used becausd they sit in front of a screen alone pulling it to telletubbies and posting argumentative comments.

    You know who you are…
    And you’re the same person who uses conventional oil and pays someone to do it. Why? Because your brain don’t work and you let someone else work for you. While you eat mcdonalds. Because you’re stupid and use aux cords.

  • Rimtu Kahn

    Need the headphone jack. But if ditching it for the inconvenience of one port for all saves me 50% of the cost of the device then I’ll be okay without it. I see not having a headphone jack as an inconvenience, not because I plug in my phone to headphone all the time. It has more to do with other things I have in my life e.g. A car without Bluetooth connectivity but a headphone audio input, my trusted old stereo that can take audio in, and my treadmill speakers that can take audio input but not equipped with Bluetooth. Occasionally I would plug a headphone into my phone also, but I have a few Bluetooth ones that I use when I go out for a walk or run.

    So would my life be over without a headphone jack on my phone? Hardly. But having the headphone jack directly on the phone is definitely more convenient than not having it or having to use a dongle.

  • MasterSoup

    Do I need one? No. Does having one save me from needing a splitter or a Y cable so I can plug in headphones and charge my phone simultaneously when I’m stuck at a doctors office, airport, or watching porn? Absolutely.

  • Toniabbarrientes

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  • If you remove the headphone jack and create space for something else (bigger battery/speaker/camera sensor) then I like that. If we can use USB C and have a headphone jack dongle then I like that too. But honestly…everything is wireless…including my earbuds so I don’t use the headphone jack. I don’t need one and people that are mad about this possibility are being a little silly. It’s time to grow and sometimes change isn’t comfortable. We are creatures of progression. Imagine thinking Mercedes was stupid to eliminate tape decks for CD players. Why should a company stay stagnant because you like your headphone jack. It’s time to throw the blanky away.

    • AAAA

      Stupid analogy. When cassette tapes were eliminated, the replacements (CDs/MP3s) doesn’t need to keep a charge.

  • Executor

    I haven’t missed having a headphone jack on my Moto Z at all, since I just leave the adapter attached to my earbuds all the time.

  • Jeff “BIG RED”

    I think I would be beyond angry if Android manufacturers pulled an apple on us. Have several hundred dollars worth of corded headphones that I’ve spent money on. That would be a paperweight if the 3mm jack disappeared.

  • Absolutely. If it doesn’t have one, it should at least come with 2 Type C ports.

  • Gussy2000

    First of all, to date, Samsung phones have some of the worst audio of any smartphone so no need to waste good wired headphones on a Galaxy device. Secondly, for ME personally, when I do use my Galaxy S7E for music, I pair it to either a BT speaker, my BT earbuds or my car. I was never all that put out with Apple ditching the 3.5mm jack for the same reasons.

  • kevinc

    once the quality of bluetooth/wireless is equal to hardwired, then i’ll be interested.

  • Natty Bee

    I use my headphone jack regularly. I do have Bluetooth headphones, burning consistently dissatisfied with them, whereas I am quite happy with my wired headphones. In fact, I have several pair…I have a pair that stays at work, a pair that stays in my jacket, etc etc

  • Patrick Smithopolis

    I use Bluetooth headphones but I carry an auxiliary cord just in case they die on me.

  • Droid Ronin

    Aside from being able to charge and listen to music at the same time, I still find the headphone jack very useful. In fact, I have a Tasker task set up to open Spotify and start playing tunes as soon as I connect anything to the headphone jack; been using it daily and love it.

  • sonoferis

    I love my bluetooth headphones for music. But until the bluetooth spec is better at syncing the audio during video playback, yes, my smartphone does need a headphone jack.

  • TC Infantino

    I am all for having options, so I don’t like that OEMs are doing away with the 3.5 headphone jack. That being said, I have a Moto Z Force without a jack, and it hasn’t affected me because I have been using Bluetooth headphones for a few years now.

  • tnt

    Since OEMs are already able to water “proof” and dust “proof” with a headphone jack, there’s only one possible consumer benefit from this, and that’s additional space. But even that’s a stretch, pun intended. A missing headphone jack is not going to free up enough space to allow enough of an increase in battery size to have a significant improvement to battery life. A small improvement in battery life, maybe… but that’s a big trade-off.

    There’s simply no technological advance that comes from having that extra space. As another user noted below, this is the definition of change for the sake of change.

  • Orion

    No headphone jack…..no purchase. Simple as that.

  • cromo8

    Definitely ready to move to wireless. And all people should. But too many people holding on to the headphone jack for no real purpose.

  • Wolf0491

    While I don’t personally use one. If two phones were next to each other and one had Jack and one didn’t same price and specs I would go with the one with the jack.

  • Daniel Lujan

    Just give us 2 USB C ports. Problem solved 🙂

  • Mr Mofo

    No – But definitely wired audio, just via USB-c

  • Charles Rogers

    They can take my headphone jack when they replace it with something better. I know the price will be higher either way so give me something cool or just give me what I expect.

  • Sporttster

    I use my phone in my car for music. It does not have BT. Many don’t still. It does have a audio jack input. So I need to charge and use the jack at the same time. Can’t do that without a audio jack input. And who the heck wants to haul around some stupid dongle all the time?? It’s ignorant. Hell yeah, we need the audio jack!

  • Mike McGuire

    BT all the way….works at the gym and in my car.

  • I don’t really see a reason to remove it yet. I think USB C is the future, but the dongle adapter really isn’t that useful. Why can’t there be a short adapter? They need to provide everyone a lot of the USB C to 3.5 mm for it to happen.

    The bigger problem is that this isn’t like a charging protocol like Micro USB or even USB. Audio jacks are about as legacy as you can be and predate cell phone technology by decades. A LOT of people have put tons of money into their audio equipment. The 3.5 mm jack has existed since the 60s: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phone_connector_(audio)#Modern_connectors

    There are standards for these types of things and ITU-T (the ITU’s standardization arm) works to make things universal.

  • cfischer69

    Hell yes.

  • romma

    Yes. All about the choice.

  • headphones matter

    yes i need it because my $10 headphones sound fine to me. $10 blue tooth headphones probably sound like garbage


  • Me

    I have an ip7 now, & yes it’s a pain in the ass

  • Godzilla

    I could have sworn new BT standards were just as good as a physical jack but maybe im wrong. I personally couldnt care less about a jack.

  • $am$ung

    i just don’t see a reason to remove it other than to get people to buy more stuff

  • dblock

    I’ve switched over to all Bluetooth myself at this point, haven’t used the heaphone jack on my Nexus 6P once since I got it over a year ago, I think. Will not be missed by me, but I can understand why others don’t want to lose the headphone jack.

  • sithishs

    Change for the sake of change is *not* progress. People seem to be conflating the two. There isn’t a reason to remove the 3.5 mm jack because it’s still so widely used today. You’re basically saying, “ok, electric vehicles exist, now we can remove fuel caps from ALL cars.”

    • tnt

      Exactly. This isn’t some sort of revolutionary move. This is the definition of change for the sake of change.

  • danofiveo

    No, but my SHIELD Tablet does. The rich audio of certain games is too much for Bluetooth.

  • AJ

    I sometimes use my bluetooth headphones at the gym while I work out. Yesterday after lifting, I went into the boxing room to hit the heavy and speed bag. I had the room to myself, so I was going to plug my phone into the gym’s stereo system they have wired for that room. The stereo has a 3.5mm plug that I can insert into my phone so I can play music through the room’s speakers and not have to wear my bluetooth headphones while punching the bag.. However, my droid z that I purchased last week doesn’t have a 3.5mm insert. It has the USB Type-c insert. The adapter was at home still attached to my wired earbuds on my nightstand. Sometimes it’s the little things that prove to be a big inconvenience. Removing the headphone jack is one of them.

  • WK

    NOPE. I haven’t used the headphone jack on my phones since 2012 and I’ve gone through 5 phones since then. Ever since I purchased the Jaybird Bluebuds X when it first came out, I haven’t looked back since. Ok, actually I did two times exactly. First was when I had to RMA my Bluebuds and second was when my Bluebuds died last month and had to wait for the Jaybirds X2 to arrive.

    For me, the headphone jack is an obsolete tech. Its pretty much just accumulating dust at this point.

  • interstellarmind

    I say get rid of the jack. Bluetooth headphones are plenty available now, and, to my ear, sound just as quality as wired ones. Maybe the freed up space can result in more space for bigger batteries (I’ll take what I can get!!!).

  • Zach P30

    After getting a 7 Plus I realized it’s not as big of a deal as I thought it’d be but it does get inconvenient at times

    • tnt

      Ditto with my 7. I have to make a little extra effort to make sure I remember *my* headphones that have the dongle attached to them. But other than that, it’s not a huge deal. But the audio quality doesn’t take a hit with the lightning dongle. From what I’ve read, and then from ignorance, the usb-c adapter might not sound as good as a 3.5mm jack.

  • MichaelFranz

    No, mine doesn’t. Honestly just give a Y-Cable adapter that has a male usb-c for the device, a female 3.5 and a female usb-c until it’s widely adopted for headphones. People need to get over it. same thing happened for charging cables, apple did it, everyone else will. soon there will be 3rd party 3.5 to type-c adapters etc etc. Carry on

    the only downfall to bluetooth is for video viewing since the delay between bluetooth audio vs video stream is a PIA

  • PC_Tool

    The only point at which it would, in my opinion, be okay to remove the headphone jack would be if they began including multiple type-c ports.

  • Cliff Keene

    I feel like the majority of the ‘Yes’ is from people who talk on the phone a lot (needing clarity/privacy) or are self-proclaimed audiophiles. Me if I am honest the headphones that I got from my previous phones are sitting in a case nice and neat tucked from my field of vision. Then when I feel like listening to music (or something more private) I turn on either my Bluetooth over-ear/in-ear headphones and I’m good to go. Otherwise I don’t really see the need for that extra space…

    • Tim P

      I guess you don’t know or don’t listen to real music..

  • Grits n Gravy

    I can see in a few years we won’t need the jack, but Bluetooth headphones aren’t as good as wired ones. They need better latency, audio quality, and battery life. Nothing is worse than pressing a button and a few second lag for the sound effect to go through BT.

    Let’s not talk about stuff that isn’t headphone related but uses the port anyways.

  • KleenDroid

    I want to have a headphone jack just in case. But I use wireless headphones.

  • AJ

    LOL! I knew it was a matter of time before this poll came out. 🙂

  • Tomek G

    I have headphones laying around everywhere and somebody always has a set (even if it is just $10 one).
    So much easier to connect aux-in in friends car than pairing with HIS/HER radio.
    With USB-C I kind of see the NEED if device is too thin to use regular USB (ie Tablets), but no reason why laptop shouldn’t have at least ONE!

  • Arty McBert

    Without a doubt. It shouldn’t even be a question. It’s the main reason why I chose the Moto Z Play over the superior Moto Z Force.

    • Jon hill

      I have the Z Play also. The only time I use the jack is for my car, as I still got an old school setup through my tape player (06 max). I have been too lazy to replace the deck in the car. I use bluetooth all the time and its only getting better. I don’t give a crap about a jack b/c next phone I get will have Bluetooth 5 and that is a big upgrade from current spec.

  • instrument

    Its no big deal if the phone has wireless charging.

    But the iphones implementation is horrible.

  • T4rd

    There’s not many times or situations where I’d need a headphone jack, but the few times I do, it is pretty crucial and I don’t want to have to remember a friggin adapter. So yes, it is a requirement. There’s no justification to remove it in my mind either.

  • mark555055d

    At the moment, yes. However, give me a free usb-c to 3.5mm headphone adapter in the box and i do not care.

  • booked

    Whats the reasoning behind removing the port? what benefit does this have?

    • Bourne, Jason C.


    • BobButtons

      To the consumer? Zero. All the arguments for it are things you can do with devices that have the port so they’re not benefits. The only benefits are for the companies. It allows them more control over digital media since there’s no analog output. It also benefits them selling unnecessary adapters for 3.5mm-to-USBC and for those that want to charge and listen at the same time.

      • Jon hill

        NO, how about space. Space is a big reason why the S7 blew up.

        • Charles Rogers

          I haven’t heard of many S7’s blowing up. Note 7’s yeah.

    • mark555055d

      perhaps simplifying the waterpoofing cause? Just a guess, i am probably incorrect. 🙂

  • sgtguthrie

    Not trying to worry about charging headphones. Besides, I wouldn’t want Samsung batteries blowing up my ear drums.

  • Thomas

    What it needs is a Mic/Headphone jack. Unless I am doing something wrong, my mic that does work on the Ipad does not work on the Z with adapter. So much for mic-ing up for Facebook Live.

  • Ralph Basile

    I use Bluetooth all the time in my car, in rental cars, even with wireless headphones. But there are plenty of times when Bluetooth, for whatever reason, is not an option. Being able to plug in a 3.5mm jack is very handy. I always keep one with me. Takes up no room in my backpack. Available when I need. I also have plenty of cheap, wired earphones around and do use those from time to time.

  • GregDubya

    I’ll still buy the S8 even if they kill the jack, though.

    • Jon hill

      Of course you will. Unlike the Iphone, S8 will have Bluetooth 5.

    • Jessica Durden

      me too brother

  • Orlando aka Pixel XL

    Bluetooth for me

  • Suicide_Note

    Headphone jack is unnecessary to me with Bluetooth, though i understand why others just can’t let go.

  • lsh99

    Is it that hard to use an adapter?

    • BobButtons

      No but countless people charge and listen simultaneously such as in the car with an aux cord & navigation using battery.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Buy something that I don’t need because they’re removing something for no good reason? No thanks.

      • lsh99

        No good reason or just not a reason you like?

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          There is no good reason. What reason is there? Apple removed it and still has puny batteries. There are 4000MAH batteries in phones that are just as thin.

  • Bluetooth fam.

    Usb C headphones

    I raaaaarely charge and listen so it’s not that big a deal

    • Johny Bravo

      I do it all the time, so screw you?

  • Eric Whitaker

    I use my headphone jack everyday. Bluetooth audio is trash, and charging constantly is annoying

  • Jesse Blacklock

    The only thing i think is “courageous” is not taking a poll like this before ditching something

  • JSo

    Nope. Bluetooth all the things.

  • CosmicMJ

    I’ve said it many times before.

    The headphone jack DOES need to die. But it has to be done the right way.

    First, the OEMs need to include some USB-C earbuds with the phones.

    Second, since charging while listening is often necessary, they need to either include a multi-port USB-C dongle or, preferably, most USB-C cables (whether power, audio, etc) should have daisy-chaining built in.

  • mcdonsco

    I use my headphone jack maybe once or twice a year, so, no.

  • broken42

    As nice as BT headphones have gotten, they still have a slight quality downgrade over a good pair of wired headphones. I have both a pair of wired and wireless headphones, wireless are the go to when I’m out and about but not having a fallback when the headphones eventually die is really annoying.

  • Toby

    For me it’s not a problem. I’ve never ever used the USB port at the same time as I’ve used the headphone jack, so as long as an adapter was included in the package, I would be fine with it. Though if it comprises the audio quality in a serious way, I would rather wait until the technology was more developed. But I guess someone has to be the firstmover 🙂

  • Ryan N

    This is like gentrification of mobile phone owners.

    All the bluetooth only phones move in and all of the sudden wire dependent owners are put out on the street.

  • Michael Graef

    OEMs need to realize there are use cases beyond headphones. Credit card readers, pro audio input/output applications, etc.

    • sinfoman

      SQUARE should be throwing a FIT right now.

      • Steve Wright

        Or Square will make a few buck selling new devices.

        • sinfoman

          Certainly eventually, but the business model they serve is the small business person who barely had enough margin to afford their reader in the first place. I’m not saying USB-C isn’t coming- I just HATE when manufacturers (Apple, possibly Samsung) say “OK, it’s time. Sucks to be you.”

        • mcdonsco

          Yup, so they likely are happy about it, increased revenue and all they need to do is swap the physical I/O of the existing devices in the new versions.

      • Bourne, Jason C.

        Not really, they probably got started on new designs and adapters as soon as rumors started floating.

    • They can just use usb c

    • Detonation

      Dunno about Moto, but Apple knew exactly what they were doing. 3.5mm jack = open standard, Lightning Port = proprietary. They’re aware of the use cases beyond headphones and can now make more money off lightning licensing.

  • TypoCorrecto

    “Wireless and USB Type C are the future” is not a reason to remove the headphone jack. I have yet to hear a sensible reason.

    • BobButtons

      Yeah, they’ve yet to tout a benefit to its removal. Wireless & USB-C are the future? Great. You can already do that AND have a headphone jack. Wonder why they’re doing squat to explain what people benefit from dropping it. What we gain is them closing analog loopholes so they can obtain even greater control over digital media.

      • Toniabbarrientes

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      • dunning-kruger

        Don’t forget planned obsolescence. TRS is basically 100 year old tech and still isn’t obsolete. USB-C will be lucky to last half that. USB-C will come and go and we will still be using TRS.

    • demarcmj

      Agree. I did vote “No” because I really don’t NEED the headphone jack… but I’d still prefer it if given the choice. The arguments for removing it seem pretty flimsy at the moment. Like for example… more space for the battery? Sure, whatever. I’d rather have the headphone jack than 50mAh on the battery.

    • CosmicMJ

      Um, I can name a few reasons off the top of my head

      1. Having a standardized port for all cables, whether for power, display, audio, data transfer, or otherwise would drastically simplify the technology industry and accessories in general
      2. Removing the 3.5mm jack would free up space in the device for other hardware or larger batteries
      3. Removing the 3.5mm jack would make it easier to make phones waterproof and generally much sturdier

      And believe it or not, there are other reasons as well…

      • Brandon

        Then you run into the “I need to carry around a dongle if I want to use wired headphones and charge my phone at the same time” it’s just something else to carry around and possibly lose, also from what I’ve read a lot of truly wireless earbuds kinda suck in sound quality and battery life.

      • Mark

        You are missing the entire point of connectivity as well. What about all speakers that connect through 3.5mm such as YOUR CAR, home speakers, etc… And yes bluetooth can work in many brand new cars but most people don’t have that and it has its problems too.

        • CosmicMJ

          There are easy solutions to that…

      • TypoCorrecto

        1. Not yet. Not enough demand or accessories for that at the moment to justify removing it.

        2. No, the jack is normally coupled next to other, non-battery hardware.

        3. Phones are already waterproof with the jack in place.

        Keep the the headphone jack.

        • CosmicMJ

          1. Believe me, it’ll get adopted very quickly if the 3.5mm jack is dropped by Apple (already done), Samsung (doing for next gen) and Google. The rest of the industry would follow in a heartbeat if those 3 do it.

          2. Yeah, and it could be decoupled to create extra space… O_o

          3. Yeah, that’s why I said “easier” and also mentioned that they’d be more sturdy without the extra port


          • TypoCorrecto


  • teknologikl

    Sorry my car/truck doesn’t have bluetooth and i use the headphone jack for the Aux cord. I don’t use actual headphones with it though.

    • sinfoman

      Ditto. Is my next car going to have a USB-C plug? Doubtful (at least for the next 5 years or so).

      • broken42

        Your next car, assuming it’s new, will most likely have a USB-A plug. USB-C to USB-A cables exist.

        That being said, I’d still much rather have a headphone jack and not on a new phone.

    • JSo

      My old car didn’t either. But I bought a little bluetooth adapter that connected to the AUX port and it was so much better than having my phone tethered to the stereo.

      • Amen.

      • cripser

        Did the same on my old car, and I rigged up a wireless charger in the dash cubby. My phone is free of all cables in the car.

      • PC_Tool

        “bought a little bluetooth adapter”

        I love how people don’t see this as a negative. /s

        • JSo

          It took away the need to have my phone physically connected to my stereo. It’s definitely a positive.

          • PC_Tool

            Ah. Not having to plug in > audio quality.

            Got it. Haven’t damaged my hearing to the point that’s acceptable to me quite yet. (Give me a few more years…)

          • marcusmarcus2

            you don’t have to damage your hearing to think it is acceptable. It’s a matter of personal preference. Do I hear a difference between my wired headphones and my bluetooth? Yes. Is the wireless unacceptable to me? No, still sounds good. If you have a more picky ear, that is fine, you just have to deal with less convenient physical wire and possibly higher costs if normal headphones don’t meet your required audio quality needs.

          • JSo

            Honestly, the adapter I used sounded louder than using the AUX port and the quality was good. So yeah, still a positive for me.

          • PC_Tool

            “sounded louder”

            …um. Okay.

          • marcusmarcus2

            He never said it was better than audio quality, just that not having to plug in a phone is a pro in and of itself.
            Audio quality varies from person to person with each person having different sensitivity to sound and personal opinions on what is acceptable quality.

        • marcusmarcus2

          Either way has its own negatives.

          Using an audio cable to connect to car stereo
          Pro: cheap / Con: phone physically tethered to car

          Using Bluetooth adapter
          Pro: wireless / Con: more expensive

          • PC_Tool

            audio cable pro: Audio quality.

            BT adapters bypass the onboard DAC. If you bought your phone due to the audio quality, piping it through BT throws it all out the window.

            For example, if someone bought an HTC 10 or V20 for the onboard DACs and then piped it through BT….it would make the reason they bought those devices useless. Those DACs only activate via Aux.

          • marcusmarcus2

            Bluetooth Adapter pro: acceptable audio quality
            *this varies from person to person, but most normal consumers would probably find this quality acceptable.

            You might count it as a con if it is even the slightest bit lower quality, but as long as it sounds good to me then I count it as a pro. To each their own.

          • Johnathan Downer

            this is my reason for not wanting a bluetooth adaptor for music when in my car, or for earbuds. cable is so much better quality. BT makes it sound like i’m listening to it through a wall. BT is great for phone calls but terrible for everything else.

          • marcusmarcus2

            Sounds like you have tried bad BT earbud/adapter. I got a cheap (less than $15) BT earbuds and I can clearly hear a difference in quality but not “through a wall” quality. It still sounds good. My wired headphones sounds very good. I am willing to trade “very” as long as the “good” part stays. If my BT earbuds gave a bad through the wall quality, I would return them.

          • Johnathan Downer

            I have the LG Tone 730


            as far as i know these should have been good quality, not best, but not bad either. but every BT headset i’ve ever used has this issue

          • marcusmarcus2

            I’ve tried a pair of LG Tone earbuds. They sound good. Maybe you have bad luck with BT, extra sensitive hearing, or possible bad bluetooth on your phone. Through the wall sound is definitely not normal.

          • PC_Tool

            Some people can just hear that wall better, apparently.

          • marcusmarcus2

            Haha, apparantley. Hearing that wall is certainly a con. Glad it is not a con I have.

      • Francisco Peña

        yes, but you still have to have it plugged into the DC charger port too.

        I want one, as I have two DC ports, one next to the AUX port in my arm rest, but I also enjoy that all I have to do is connect the cable now, and not worry about any other thing.

        • JSo

          You don’t have to charge anything unless the battery is dying. The adapter I had went days before notifying me of a low battery. Then I would usually just charge it at home or work. I had a Smartbean Bluetooth adapter and it was pretty nice. I also had my phone to automatically start playing music when connected to it so all I had to do when I got in the car was turn on the Bluetooth adapter and music would start in my car.

    • Usb C to aux

      No biggy

      • BobButtons

        Except for those who use navigation as well and therefore like to be plugged into power.

        • Bluetooth audio. Bluetooth aux adapter plugged in.
          Usb C powering phone

          Easy and way less cords

          • BobButtons

            Way less cords? You have the power cord which is the same either way, and you’re just swapping the other cord for the adapter, which will also need its own charging. Don’t see much of a step up. Also, you could do everything you just said with a device that has an aux port so no one still has yet to point out a benefit to dropping it. They’re basically saying “It’s okay to limit options since one option is becoming more popular.” Unless someone can name a single benefit to limiting those options it’s dumb to do it especially when there are a lot of people that still use the one being removed.

          • You just said u plug in aux and charging cable in ur old phone

            Simply keep the charge cable and use Bluetooth adaptor. One less cord…

          • BobButtons

            Solar panel for that adapter or have they released some energy cell I haven’t heard of? Also, how is swapping a cord for an adapter a benefit? At best it’s an even swap and I already own the cord.

          • JSo

            Those adapters last days on battery. You don’t need to charge them while you use it unless it’s dying.

          • BobButtons

            Arguments for getting around not having a headphone jack isn’t an argument for dropping it. Everything people are saying can be done without one can also be done with one so no one has still yet mentioned a single benefit to dropping it. You like bluetooth & usb-c? Great. There are phones that have those AND a headphone jack. People should stop explaining unnecessary work-arounds and start mentioning benefits to actually getting rid of it.

          • JSo

            And people shouldn’t be making this that big of a deal when there will be other ways to accomplish the same thing. USB type C port should support headphones. There is still Bluetooth. People just aren’t wanting to adapt to new ways of doing stuff.

          • BobButtons

            The problem is no one’s offering any benefits to making them switch. When floppy was dropped, no one used it anymore and getting rid of it saved on cost & weight of computers. That’s not the case here. Countless people still use it and the new options are there for those who want them. Dropping an option to push people over with no stated benefit to doing it is just change for changes sake to get people to purchase adapters and replacements. Nobody has stated a single benefit to dropping the headphone jack. Explaining workarounds or complaining about people not wanting to move with the times still are not arguments for dropping it. At best they’re arguments for using the new options, not abandoning the old when so many still use it.

          • BooBee

            I’m not sure if I read if Apple mentioned this or a tech blog I follow but the theory was without the headphone jack it was one less port for water to enter making the phone more water resistant. Again, I can’t recall or show evidence that Apple said this since I can’t locate the source I read that on. So if removing the jack did in fact help resist water there is your benefit. Also, Samsung is strongly rumored to follow with the S8.

          • Hunter Hubers

            I remember seeing something like that, however that is crap. Samsung’s Note 7 and their S7 Edge have a higher water resistance rating and still have a headphone jack.

          • BooBee

            I agree! I wanted to share the details to the so-called “benefit” apple suggested for removing the jack.

          • MicroNix

            I had the longest run-on sentence as to why Apple would have done the removal but then I saw in the next post you had an iPhone and couldn’t bring myself to post it anymore.

          • BooBee

            LOL! I had Android since 2007 and switched to an iPhone 5 in 2013. I thought I loved my Android devices but Apple stuff is pretty damn amazing but I’m also a simple person so I guess “amazing” is subjective to individual needs. I’ve had the iPhone 6S and now have the 7.

          • JSo

            This is still a new practice for OEMs. They could still be coming up with new benefits themselves. Just looking at it from one way, it could be, why have two ports that can put out audio when you can have one and use the extra space for something else.

          • defcon888

            I agree….I think people will adapt if there isn’t a headphone jack on their phones. My LG V20 uses a Type C usb plug and it took all of 1 day to get use to it…..now I can’t think of using anything else…in fact, when I turned in my Note 7, I specifically went with the V20 because of the 5.7″ screen and the USB. I don’t use the headphone jack all that much, but it is nice to have it there. “When” is no longer a necessity for a smartphone, I won’t be happy or sad..I will just move on to whatever we have to use.

          • BooBee

            Agreed! I have the Tao Tronics bluetooth adapter and I freaking love that device. It stays charge for a full week with about an hour use per day. I can charge up via my USB or just take it inside (which I prefer) to fully charge it. When I got my iPhone 7 I didn’t think the missing head phone jack was a big deal until I needed to charge my phone for navigation AND I wanted to listen to music. With the bluetooth adapter my dashboard is even neater with less wires.

            Tao Tronics adapter: http://www.taotronics.com/taotronics-br05.html

          • uh sure that too, just saying its not life or death if headphone jack leaves. just adapt

            Nathaniel Patel
            Howard University College of Medicine, M.D., 2020
            University of Maryland, College Park, B.S., 2015
            (410) 701-0080

          • Charles Rogers

            Buy more things to keep current usage scenario, is not an upgrade.

          • Keg Man

            Bluetooth audio adapters require power. So you actually add a charger

          • This is very true but luckily most charging adapters have 2 slots. Mine has usb C for my 6p and regular usb for my Bluetooth adaptor

          • Person Dude

            The OP said he doesn’t have bluetooth in his vehicle, idiot.

          • Gytole

            I just bought my Taotronics Aptx adapter for this. Works amazing. 30 bucks amazon.

      • Just a bit outside

        Where are you buying this

    • PC_Tool

      I wouldn’t use BT in my car/at home anyway. Most BT audio is horrible compared to the onboard DAC of any recent flagship device.

      Run my V20 through that cheap-ass BT dongle Nathan links below? Yeah, no thanks. I’ll stick to Aux.

    • michael arazan

      My Dad’s didn’t either, just bought him a Bluetooth stereo last Christmas and he loves it, with his Moto x 2013 , everything he does now is completely wireless, should try it out. Got him a Sony touch screen Bluetooth on sale for Christmas last year for $100.

  • gabe1989

    i would love the option for one but I am willing to make the jump to bluetooth headphones if sound quality isn’t noticeably different. charging headphones does sound like a pain though.

    • Charles Rogers

      Depends on the Bluetooth headphones but, Bluetooth audio generally isn’t impressive I would say “passable”.

  • Living the bluetooth life. Yes sound quality is lower but if you think yourself an audiophile because you are listening to FLAC files on your device, no. Just. No.

  • TheRunner024

    Yes, there’s absolutely no reason to remove it…

    • perfectalpha

      There is actually. Hear me out before you Blast me (and I know you have a lot of likes). I am not saying the jack doesn’t have value, but it is a tremendous failure point on the phone just like a charging port. I have had a device in the past (and I also worked at tech support for mobile devices in a previous life) that failed and wouldn’t go back to speaker and would only work on headphones. Complete hardware failure.

      By eliminating that port, you eliminate a potential failure point. I’m not saying this is an epidemic, it’s not. Considering most headphones sold are wired, it’s a huge inconvenience to have dongles…but I think this helps overall hardware integrity.

      With that in mind if you’re not a fan, vote with your dollars. I’m comfortable not having the jack personally.

      • Jarl

        it’s the charging ports that fail on phones, cable gets plugged in and out a lot more, if you add headphones functionality it will only get worse

        • perfectalpha

          They will remove the charging port next. Book it.

          • coh303

            Wireless all of the things!

          • Jarl

            lol, sure, when they figure out how to wirelessly charge all those metal phones 🙂

      • Charles Rogers

        You worked there and never had a phone that had Bluetooth die?

        • perfectalpha

          They died too, but in many cases you can reset a phone and Bluetooth will work normally again (pending something didn’t break inside). On the other hand, if a headset jack dies it’s a done deal. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason for it breaking either.

          I think that is the reason why. It’s a failure point and in Apple’s case opens up their ability to sell more Beats headphones. So minimize device replacements and sell more headphones is a sound business strategy to me.

          • MicroNix

            So the headphone jack dies. Oh well, then I guess I have to go wireless or get a new phone. I’ve seen charging ports go bad, get loose, etc. just as often. The only phones I had a headphone jack die or go wonky on anyway is Motorola.

      • Puck85

        that’s a fine point. I am genuinely curious how often a phone’s failure is due to the headphone jack though. my guess is it is a very small problem though.

        and if eliminating failure points is the motivation, then i think there are better places to start. like with batteries. even when batteries aren’t blowing up, the move to unremovable batteries does nothing but shorten the practical-use lifespan of most phones.

        my thing is I don’t trust that their motives are good. i think they want to add and subtract features every year, in an effort to make a stagnant product category appear more innovative.

      • chris debacker

        people started using headphone jacks in the late 1800’s and now kn 2016 (over 200 years later) they decide its a failure and u people actually believe it. lmao. but lets just pretend it is. i mean i can always use my bluetooth headphones with a 6 hour lifespan. what happens if i cant get to a charger within 6 hours? i have no problem with improving technology. especially something thats over 200 years old. but maybe before they remove the only reliable way of using headphones they should first improve the lifespan of the headset batteries to longer than 6 hours so i dont have to charge them every night.

        • Daistaar

          Ummm…. Late 1800’s into 2016 is just over a hundred years… 1899 to 1999 is 100 years. Just saying…

          • chris debacker

            I fixed the minor error since it was bothering you enough to point it out. That way you can focus on what i actually said instead of the minor errors.

          • Daistaar

            Thank you. Now, to re-read…

      • Good post but one correction. Bluetooth headphone sales surpassed wired headphones 6-9 months ago.

        This is about going to where the puck is going and leaving the tech laggards scratching their heads going… but. But. But. I still want to use my US Robotics 1200 baud modem.

        • perfectalpha

          It’s the perfect storm.

        • defcon888

          I have 3 sets of wired earbuds (got the free B&O when I got my LG V20). I also have a Jam Beats wireless headphones and I use those the most because I use those when I workout and jog. They might not be the best ones out there, but got them on sale for $25 and they sound amazing for what service they provide. The earbuds are what I use when I am at home and want some alone time to just chill and watch a movie.

          I think wired headphone jacks are on their way out, but not for a few more years.

        • jonny25

          That is just plain wrong. Bluetooth headphone REVENUES surpassed wired headphones. You will find the vast majority of people have wired headphones. ($10 vs $200)

  • Tim Glaraton

    Until someone gives me a better solution, yes

  • morteum

    Until bluetooth headphones are great and usb-C is ubiquitous and standardized I want the option at least. Don’t put the cart before the horse.

  • Jdib

    I love my Moto Z Force but really miss my headphone jack!

  • Rafy286

    That’s a stern YES. Have invested too much into quality sets.

    • Jon hill

      and everyone will need to invest in a new phone and ear buds when Bluetooth 5 comes out. S8 will have the new hardware for Bluetooth 5.

  • If it was removed in favor of something clearly better, I’d be fine with it. We don’t want thinner phones, so to say it allows them to make them thinner is a stupid reason. Not having a headphone jack is fine for many people 99% of the time, but it’s that 1% when you need to use it you’ll wish you had a phone that had one.

    • Bourne, Jason C.

      Like when that Bluetooth headset runs out of power unexpectedly…