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T-Mobile ONE Isn’t Really an Unlimited Dream Plan

tmobile one unlimited john legere

You may be still reading through the fine print on T-Mobile’s new ONE unlimited plan because there is plenty of fine print and drawbacks to try and wrap your brains around. T-Mobile is billing this as the end of data plans, but for real unlimited users who want HD or better video and data available for tethering, or sign-up for service as an individual, this might not be a great choice.

If you saw our initial write-up on T-Mobile ONE, hopefully you tracked down the section where we pointed out four critical sticking points. If not, we’re about to dive into each right here to give you an idea as to why each could be a deal breaker. 

1. Unlimited data really means a 26GB cap with throttling afterwards

Like the Simple Choice unlimited plan that T-Mobile has available right now (but will go away on September 6 when ONE arrives), T-Mobile is saying that should you use 26GB worth of data in a billing cycle, they may need to throttle you until that billing cycle ends. In other words, it’s only unlimited high-speed data to a point, but because you are a heavy user and may hurt the experience of others at “specific times and places that may experience high network demand or congestion,” you may be de-prioritized here and there.

This isn’t an always-on throttle at 26GB, but it can be a throttle, especially if you are in highly congested areas often. There is no way around this, unfortunately, so if you were hoping for a truly always-unlimited data plan, T-Mobile doesn’t have one for you.

2. Video is always throttled to 480p unless you pay extra

You know how BingeOn is T-Mobile’s service that throttles your mobile video to 480p (DVD quality), but does let you watch an unlimited amount of it? That feature is included at all times with T-Mobile ONE. However, keep in mind that you can’t turn it off like you can with Simple Choice plans. That means that you won’t see higher than 480p video at any time, well, unless you want to pay T-Mobile extra. To get HD or higher video (up to 4K) with T-Mobile ONE, you will have to pay an extra $25 per month per line.

That cost right there jumps the plan on a single line from $70 to $95 per month, which is the current price of the Simple Choice unlimited plan, except the current Simple Choice plan also includes 14GB worth of high-speed tethering, which ONE does not.

3. Tethering is always 2G speeds unless you pay extra

T-Mobile ONE includes unlimited tethering, but only at 2G speeds. Tethering at 2G speeds isn’t ever going to be worth the effort. At 2G speeds, I doubt you’ll be able to load a modern day web page in anything short of five minutes. So, if you want tethering at high speeds on T-Mobile ONE, you’ll have to pay an extra $15. That extra $15 only gets you 5GB of high-speed data, though. If you use up 5GB, you’ll have to pay another $15 for another 5GB.

As I just mentioned above, the current Simple Choice unlimited plan includes high-speed tethering with 14GB of data. To get 14GB of high-speed tethered data on T-Mobile ONE, you would have to pay another $45 per month on top of the $70 base plan price.

4. At $70, the price of entry to T-Mobile isn’t that cheap for individuals

T-Mobile ONE isn’t that cheap if you sign-up as an individual because the starting price is $75 (or $70 with auto pay) and it’ll soon be your only choice if you switch to T-Mobile or decide later on down the road as a current customer that you want a new plan. T-Mobile said during a conference call this morning that the majority of their customers show up as families and so the cheaper per-line cost isn’t a bad price. But again, if you don’t roll with a big crew and sign-up for service individually, a $70 starting price is your only choice, even if you don’t need unlimited data.

Consider this also – maybe you don’t want 480p video all of the time. What if you want to watch video in HD on your HD screen? You won’t be able to do that on T-Mobile ONE for less than $95 per month. Right now, though, you could sign-up for a Simple Choice 6GB plan for $65 per month and opt-out of BingeOn at no cost and then manage your data accordingly.


So here’s the deal with T-Mobile ONE. It’s not a bad value for families who don’t need to tether and who don’t care about watching 720p, 1080p, or 4K video. With that said, if you like HD or better video, need to tether, are an individual, or basically, a power unlimited user, this plan probably isn’t going to be that great for you. If you have been interested in switching to T-Mobile for real unlimited benefits or are a current customer who needs a different plan, you may want to switch before September 6 before your only choice is T-Mobile ONE.

  • Alex Kudryk

    T-Mobile ONE includes unlimited tethering, but only at 2G speeds. Tethering at 2G speeds isn’t ever going to be worth the effort. At 2G speeds, I doubt you’ll be able to load a modern day web page in anything short of five minutes. So, if you want tethering at high speeds on T-Mobile ONE, you’ll have to pay an extra $15. That extra $15 only gets you 5GB of high-speed data, though. If you use up 5GB, you’ll have to pay another $15 for another 5GB.

    As I just mentioned above, the current Simple Choice unlimited plan includes high-speed tethering with 14GB of data. To get 14GB of high-speed tethered data on T-Mobile ONE, you would have to pay another $45 per month on top of the $70 base plan price.

    The previous blurb is innacurate:

    T-Mobile One includes tethering at Max 3G speeds.

    $25 a month to add One+ gets you unlimited talk/text/data and:

    Unlimited 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot Service
    Unlimited data in 140+ global destinations at twice the speed
    Unlimited HD video day passes for free

    I agree with the author that this plan is not great for individuals, but neither was Simple Choice. They come out to be the same cost in the long run.

    Source: T-Mobile One offer page

  • Joel A. Christophel

    Is that 26GB per line or total?

  • Ross Johnson

    My focus is on the first 26gb (I rarley use all my hotspot’s 18gb/month anyway).
    With that clarified:

    (Agree with DominiMMIV’s post on another site), except re ‘cripple tethering’. 1=1, 0=0, a Byte is a Byte (i.e. Data is Data), if I am allowed up to 26gb of data per month at full speed (before throttle kicks in) then it MAKES no difference to the carrier what my DATA type (1 or 0) or post reception direction is! None whatsoever!!!

    There is no justification/logic (within the physics of our universe) for the carrier service to define my data type/choices for that first 26gb! If I want to tether it to use all, or if I want full HD video (i.e. without it being captured and translated [or however their ‘censoring’ plan works, yes, if you alter my data you are censoring, BTW if Netflix or other sources encrypt, how will T-Mobile re-code content]), I must be able to receive all of that first 26gb of DATA BYTES exactly as I request and expect them without any alteration/interference by the carrier; and also without carrier interference or concern about my routing of data via the registered device (i.e. phone, tablet, hot spot). It is still just ‘DATA’, 26gb; the carrier service’s responsibly is between the data source and my data endpoint (a legally registered/used device), not beyond! The carrier service has no compelling need/right/policing duty to dictate my data direction once my registered device receives it (i.e. use/view on the device, store on microSD on that device, pass through that device to any other device for use or storage, it is still a device specific contracted delivery service for 26gb of DATA (i.e. BYTES, a long series of 1’s and 0’s, THAT IS ALL IT IS to the carrier service).

    Once the carrier service has legally delivered (and charged) for a BYTE their job is done! It has been this way since the beginning of data transmission (Morse code ham radio, 300baud 1980’s modems, semaphore, yelling across a valley, etc.)!
    (If not broadcasting), Carriers are simply “a metering point A to Point B data delivery service”, when they try to control beyond this they are becoming desperately greedy (see last millennia’s historical ATT breakup). Even hints at financial woes.

    A conversation that would never take place; “Houston this is Tranquility Base, I must report to you that we have routed your incoming signal from the Lunar Lander to the Lunar Rover, therefore at your end, you will need to add more equipment and hire more staff and alter your content to make this work better for us”. NOPE never happened, once Houston’s signal is confirmed to have reached point B they are done … sorry Houston did not know how much it would hurt you for us to tether our data to the Rover.

    T-Mobile is taking the care out of carrier by trying to cleverly stick a very tiny foot in the “door of taking something that has never been theirs to take” (introducing narrow restrictions yet claiming …)

    A BYTE is a BYTE and 26gb is 26gb. If/when I pay a carrier for first 26gb unthrottled per month, then I expect them to deliver exactly that.
    Anything else is cheating, land grabbing, robber baron, resource raping, corporate greed/arrogance, I got mine now I’m going to control yours!

    BTW, I would like to know how T-Mobile (or any carrier service) would/should/could even be aware of tethering/routing/storing post data reception?

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Meh until it starts affecting me im staying put on my 2 for 100…..then take my 3 lines to cricket

  • Leo Cheng

    I will never want this so called unlimited plan. Useless. Not sure how this impact my current basic simple one plan with several gb of data, but most importantly no throttle of speed on video and tethering!

  • SarcasmSavesLives

    They might have figured they’ve converted all the young people they could already. Now it’s time to get all the old people who don’t watch HD streams or even know how to configure their hotspot. The only mistake they made was making it the only choice. Also, CFA One… T-MOBILE One… XBOX One, do marketing teams actually think this sounds or looks good? It doesn’t.

  • Kevna

    Does anyone know what the new plan will cost for a tmobile hotspot? I currently pay $50 a month for 10gb with binge on .

    • Tojen1981

      I have the 6gb/$35 plan with unlimited binge-on. Haven’t checked out the new plans but I’m happy with it.

  • David Square

    I will never give up my 2 lines of unlimited everything + 7GB Hotspot for $100 + $5 Unlimited International Calling for ALL lines. Best plan ever!

  • Trysta

    Does anyone know the best way to contact T-mobile with a strongly worded response about how terrible this change is? I’ve been a T-mobile customer for the entire time I’ve paid my own phone bill and I’ve always been really happy to support their business because they were making good changes for the whole industry.

    But this is just sneaky anti-consumer crap that reeks of carrier tricks.

    I don’t need unlimited data. I need full speed tethering with the data that I am already paying for. This was one of the best things about T-mobile’s plans. If I can find a better deal with another carrier I’m ready to switch.

    But in the meantime if anyone knows a good way for customers to provide feedback (that is most likely to be effective) please let me know. Thanks!

    • ultravisitor

      You can complain all you want to T-Mobile, but so long as you’re giving them your money, none of your complaints will matter to them.

      If you want to be effective, then vote with your wallet.

    • Tanner Robertson

      Email John Legere, generally either he or his executive response team will respond within three days. It truly is the best way to get a message across. Last time I messaged them was when the outage happened. Afterward, we threw some Liam Neeson references and sad jokes at each-other and I walked away with a discounted rate plan on two galaxy S6s (November 2015) and an entire bill comp’ed.

  • el oso borracho

    Huh. My base plan is $100 for 2 phones with unlimited txt/talk/LTE data, 7GB of LTE tethering on each, 5GB 4G LTE data in canada and mexico (unlimited 2G/3G) on each. Then I have 2 additional tablets with sims, $10 each for 5GB/month. Maybe I got in at the right time? Switched from Verizon last July.

  • UniBroW

    I honestly don’t get all the complaining, the tethering is the only thing that really bothers me

  • Sporttster

    You would ‘think’ that with competition comes pricing favorable to consumers, but what we’re actually seeing is more a pricing collusion on the part of these companies to INCREASE prices, not decrease them. Pretty ridiculous….who can outdo the other and get more out of our pockets….

  • calvin35

    I agent in to a T-Mobile store yesterday and their cheapest 6gb plan would have cost me a little over $120 a month including the monthly charge for the note 7! That’s ridiculous! It’s more than I’m paying for completely unlimited on Sprint.

  • [A]dri[A]n

    I’ve been waiting for this day. The day when all these gimmicks just kinda blow up in their face.

  • MrSmiley1

    This could all be a coincidence but I had an issue with my phone suddenly streaming in 4G the other night on Tmo. Jumped online to make sure I hadn’t gone over my 10 GB limit and I hadn’t. I have over 13 GB from my carryover too. My network usage was just over 7GB for the month but I had a total of 26.1 GB due to binge on qualified apps.

    I called customer service and they told me my line had been re-prioritized due to my constant heavy usage. This is the most I have ever used streaming on my phone (I have been streaming the Olympics at work). I barely touch 12 GB total including binge on. When I said this he changed his story to it was a network issue due to heavy usage in my area. He said he was going to reset my phone line and that I need to restart my phone. As soon as he said he would reset my phone line i watched it lose all signal for 10 seconds then come back with 4GLTE even though I never restarted it.

    I wonder if they were already applying these new line settings even though I have the old plan. I see this as a potential problem.

  • Jay Ward

    He has a strangely arranged head/face.

  • defcon888

    If you are using more than 26GB of data per month, you really need to start rethinking your life choices. I have the 10GB plan and I very rarely hit 4GB/month.

    • TC Infantino

      So, just because you don’t use a lot of data, others who do use a lot are in the wrong? Narrow minded much?

    • fooepi

      Some people need it for work.

  • #2 The upscale is just a preference, no fault of T-Mobile. They are still giving you unlimited data and video. #3 again, 2G should is enough for a quick hotspot session. Again this is a personal choice and no fault of T-Mobile if you require higher 3G or 4g. The only point that is valid is #1 which again, for 97℅ of users, 26GB is plenty. Again, no fault on T-Mobile of you need more then that, and if you exceed, its not like you get cut off, so yes it’s still unlimited. Individual price might be high, but you forgot that it includes binge on which saves you money in the long run and could be a cheaper plan compared to other carriers

  • Katie Pollard

    Yeah I’ll be hanging on to my $70.00/month Simple Choice (Unlimited talk+text) with Unlimited 4G data. It also includes 5 GB of tethering. Not giving up this plan.

  • tnt

    So basically it’s Uncarrier 12: The “Re-carrierization” of T-Mobile.

    This is silly and makes Verizon and AT&T’s recent changes look better as they don’t have all the crazy restrictions on their data buckets.

  • p0k3y

    What good is unlimited data when you can’t watch all the HD Porn that you want? 😉

    T-Mobile has always sucked except for international travel, that’s assuming you are cool with 2G data. But since Google Project FI offers 4G data when traveling overseas, I will never bother with T-Mob again. At home, I am happy with my free RingPlus plan that gives me 6GB LTE data to watch all the HD videos every month. Why pay $70 (or anything)?

  • DanWazz

    This plan sucks and T-Mobile should feel ashamed for putting this out there. They just better not try to change current plans of their customers. If they try to force me onto this, I’ll be taking my business elsewhere.

  • schoat333

    Another gimmic, and this time it’s a rip off. Glad I left T-Mobile for project fi. They claim to be innovating, but they are really just polishing the turd.

  • Me

    I’ll stick with my cricket 10 for $55 or just use T Mo prepaid 10 for $60. Wish I had more access to wifi; I’d be a Fi customer right now.

  • VAVAMk_2

    This is awful. Like Verizon pricing only with a crappier network.

    • 21187

      Not really. Verizon charges $70 for 4GB.

      • ultravisitor

        Uh, not quite. Verizon charges $70 for 8GB plus adds an additional 2GB for every line on the plan.

        • 21187

          Yeah you forgot about the device access charge. A single line is $50 for 4GB + $20 device access = $70.

  • S. Ali

    This “article” reads like someone in Verizon marketing sent DL some talking points. Shameful really. How come no articles about Sprint launching the exact same plan tomorrow? Didn’t get that memo from Verizon yet?

  • SpectralRaiden

    Damn this plan really adds up. So $25 just to view HD video and at least $30 for substantial tethering? So upwards to $125 in total!?!? W.T.F.

  • Murphy’s Magnet

    This really is a crap plan for unlimited single users. Hopefully T-Mobile will see the backlash and make some adjustments.

    Not too bad as a family plan for the average family though. If Binge On is included with this (don’t see anything either way) then the average user couldn’t hit 26 GB even if they tried.

    • Nunyur_Biznezz

      No they won’t free ride is over. reality has finally hit.

  • So let me get this straight. T-Mobile bashes Verizon for charging a $5 “safety mode” fee for some users, claiming they don’t charge BS fees. Now they have a $20 convenience fee to upgrade your phone, AND they have a $15 hotspot fee, $25 HD video fee, and a $5 fee if you don’t setup auto pay?

  • Frankiie

    lol wtf does this dude has on his mind? and whothehell would get this plan?

  • rebretz000

    I was getting ready to move to T-Mobile from AT&T. I guess that ain’t happening now.

    • Hiran

      How is Verizon in your area

      • MrOrange645

        Just stop.

    • Eric Jennings

      hurry up before the plans become effective. Lock in the current promo.

    • DanSan

      Since I’ve moved to T-Mobile ive seen the costs of 2 unlimited plan lines jump from $100 to $120, now $140…. so yea, do it now before you cant. Lucky I locked my price in at the $100 when i could

      • rebretz000

        Unfortunately I can’t move until I can convince my mom to get her own AT&T account. I made the mistake of adding her to my account so she could get an iPhone and iPad.
        Android devices were too complicated for her and now she’s my brother and nephews problem.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I don’t mind a cap at 26GB… But that 480p video? Nah. I mean what’s the point of BingeOn if you have 26GB of high speed? They just don’t mesh if you’re already paying that much.

  • John

    Hehehe Legere is out of ideas. Reshuffling the same chairs then charge more for it doesnt make it new or enticing.

  • Francis Lovato

    Step 1: Be cool and get all of Verizon and ATT customers to switch to us. Step 2: Become Verizon and ATT Step 3: Lose all the customers because our network sucks. Bold choice Cotton lets see how it plays out for them.

  • cromo8

    Sorry T-Mobile. You lost me. I will continue to keep my $100 Unlimited All for 2 lines. 14GB of tethering. You make any changes to that and ill be on ATT within a day.

    • DanSan

      such a good deal. i gladly gave up my verizon unlimited plan for it when i switched.

    • New_Guy


  • mcdonsco

    I’d rather stick with cricket unlimited for $65 a month where tethering is just dependant on your phones rom and or ability to run foxfi or root/edit build.prop.

    Only problem I have with cricket is MMS, just NEVER seems to work unless I’m NOT connected to wifi. Their speeds, even for tethering are fine, yes even with the 8mb cap. Unfortunately that’s becoming a huge issue gor me with clients as in the last year or so I’ve begun getting TONS of MMS messages from clients that I need to be able to receive/send.

    If it wasn’t for that problem I would just stay with cricket.

  • Are you guys actually complaining again? You guys at Droid Life do that a lot. Even if you’re currently paying for unlimited, you can reduce your plan cost and still get 26GB of high speed data. Either way, people that don’t have unlimited data right now are getting a huge increase in their high speed data cap.

    • patt

      Reduce? that’s if you gonna live with 480p and do not “use” auto-pay or get charged extra 5$/per line because “you didn’t use” auto pay.

      • If you’re paying for unlimited right now, reduce your plan cost and you’re still getting up to 26GB of high speed data. I’m sorry, but if you’re using more than 26GB of data per month, you’re most likely torrenting which is ridiculous to be doing on your phone let alone on the go in the first place. My point is, if you’re currently paying for unlimited, reduce your plans cost and you will still get 26GB of high speed, which is WAY more than what they offer now for their current plans. I currently pay for 6GB of high speed data, guess what? My plan is about to jump to 26GB of high speed data for the same price, this is a HUGE plus for me and the majority of users. Data plans are ridiculous, and needs to be unlimited with caps. Thats the inevitable future of the industry whether you like or not. We all saw it coming.

        • Francisco Peña

          but then where now you get faster hotspot, with the new plan you get 2G speeds.
          you can’t go over 480p video unless you pay extra….

          For some people, it will be great, for others, not so.

          • JSo

            As you say, it will be great for some and not for others. Everyone is acting like it’s just bad all around.

          • Its not, its just bad for enthusist that want unlimited everything with no caps. Sorry people but thats never going to happen.

          • This is 2016, free wifi is everywhere…

          • JSo

            Especially if you have Comcast as well. I’ve been finding those xfinity hotspots everywhere.

          • Let’s not go there, thats so low of Comcast to leach off of other people’s routers and data to broadcast hotspots to other Xfinity users in the area. There have been many times where my data would be super slow, and I jump to the Xfinity wifi broadcasted by my own f’in router and its blazing. I hate comcast! They have such a monopoly, it’s a joke.

          • JSo

            From what I read, it doesn’t effect the normal wifi usage. It’s it’s own separate thing. Again, that’s what I read.

          • Its Comcast trying to defend themselves. I spoke with a friend that works for comcast as an installer and he told me that it allocates data from everyone’s routers to feed other users. The fact that your router is broadcasting another wifi network and others are using it slows down the wifi router speeds, which in turn affects my speeds.

        • patt

          Why would i need to torrent when I have this at home? -> http://www.speedtest.net/result/5562398112.png what I actually do is stream a lot of music everyday and watch sports (soccer aka football) mainly. My costs wont reduce by going to “T-Mobile 1” I have the select choice plan which is 90$ for 2 lines and 120$ for 3 lines w/5GB hotspot.

    • The old cost was $95 per month. The new cost is $70 if you use auto-pay. Most users liked unlimited because they could watch as much HD video as they want, so now that raises it to $95/mo. Want to tether? Before you got 14GB included, now it’s nothing usable, so add in $15/mo for 5GB. You are paying more, for less.

      • Like I said, this is a huge plus for majority of users, not for enthusiast that want unlimited everything with no caps and limitations. Caps and limitations will never go away, they have to manage the balance somehow.
        HD Video, use WiFi…..Tethering has always been an issue with most carriers because of abusive use.

        • Francisco Peña

          yes, because wifi is available everywhere!!! /s


    What I was hoping for was an extension of the high speed lte data in Europe scheduled to end 01 September. Apparently no word on that so one would have to assume that as of -01 September, that is kaput. Too bad. It was a great plan and probably brought them some new customers who travel to Europe. As for me, I’m not changing my Simple Choice plan.

  • icase

    Why do these companies need to keep coming out with more ‘plans’? This seems simple. Unlimited Talk/Text included in all for $30. Data should either be 2GB, 4GB or Unlimited for $10/mo, $20/mo, $40/mo respectively. If you’re on the 2GB and go over 2GB, you automatically get charged the extra $10 to goto the 4GB tier. If you go over 4GB you get dinged the $20 to move up to the Unlimited tier. Maybe…. MAYBE after something like 15 or 20GB you can throttle them down something like 1Mbit.

    Its that simple, really.

    • Sporttster

      The first company with that plan gets my business, plain and simple….not playing these stupid plan games anymore. Don’t have time for it….

  • jak_341

    Yeesh. At least Verizon is upfront with their overpricing.

  • A few things to point out. 1) How many of us are on WiFi most of the day, so 480p streaming means nothing. And the couple of time you watch a video while streaming it’s not the worst thing in the world. 2) 26GB of data a month is a lot. It’s literally only the top 3% of the T-Mobile user-base, so it’s not a problem for most people. 3) Limiting tethering speeds is a strange decision. I’d so much rather a data cap on tethering. 4) For families who really don’t care about the extras, this is actually a pretty good deal.

    • JSo

      I thought the same just because of my use. The only videos I may watch off of WiFi are short YouTube videos. I don’t stream movies or tv shows on my phone so low quality off of WiFi wouldn’t matter all that much. I never get close to 26GB of data in a month. And I barely tether. But the people that may not like this are people that stream movies on the go or use a hotspot a lot. I have the old $70 Unlimited plan but I think I could even live with this new one.

      • Daniel Thomas

        I stream movies almost daily off wifi using data at the gym while on the treadmill, and never come close to 26GB of data. Actually, i’ve never come close to using 20GB. I can understand people being upset with a plan that is called “Unlimited” not really being unlimited, but the 26GB cap only would affect 3% of the users.

        • JSo

          But it still is unlimited. You just get throttled after 26GB. I don’t know if that’s throttled to 3G or 2G though. 3G can still handle some stuff.

    • Joey Funk

      Remember, the 26gb “cap” is just tower deprioritization. Only for the time you are connected to a congested tower, you will get slower speeds, not 2g or anything but just slower than everyone else. And when you move away from that tower or the site is no longer congested, your speeds go back up.

  • Daniel Thomas

    Point 2: Video is always throttled to 480p unless you pay extra

    This is the case anyways for most Android phones. Netflix only streams in 1080P on a handful of devices. The majority of people watch Netflix on their Android Phone or Tablet in 480P and don’t even notice.

  • PizzleWizzle

    Suggestions for someone looking for a new carrier as an individual? I NEED unlimited data and don’t want to break the bank

    • DeAnna Sowder

      I am in the same boat. My family is (most likely) going to be leaving VZW and I’m grandfathered in on their unlimited plan. I was thinking T-Mobile, but now I’m not so sure.

      • MrOrange645

        Do it now before September 6. You may be able to still get the 4 lines for $150.

        • ZT

          That deal is gone.

    • Nunyur_Biznezz

      There is not carrier that does that. Perhaps you get that now

    • Sporttster

      I will not use a plan without real unlimited, period. Done with stupid carrier games. When Verizon starts screwing me with their unlimited, I’m out. Going back to a dumb phone and they can fight it out for the remaining lemmings willing to play their stupid azzed games…..

    • Gavriel Ostrow

      metro pcs

  • bobb

    Another BS T-Mobile plan

  • Cory S

    I’m calling it. Today is the day T-Mobile officially stopped being cool.

    • Yup. Before, it was $95/mo for unlimited data with no Binge On crap, plus LTE tethering. Now if you want that, you pay $110/mo AND you get half the tethering data as before.

      • mcdonsco

        Less than actually. Was 14gb, now 5gb.

        I wonder, if I go onto their current unlimited plan, the MUCH BETTER ONE, will I be grandfathered in and not subject to this new shltty plan?

        • My problem with being on a grandfathered plan with T-Mobile, is they keep a lot of new features off them. Old plans didn’t get the new international data without paying for it, they didn’t get data stash, etc. I’m thinking the current $95 plan will lose out on some other add ons down the road, if they matter.

          • mcdonsco

            Well with this if T-Mobile wants to remain the “uncarrier” they will see the pitchforks we in the mobile tech blogosphere are bringing out and back pedal on this.

          • Francisco Peña

            old unlimited didn’t need data stash.

          • I’m talking about old plans in general.

      • Mike Toreno

        You are right, but I feel that the 480p is fine – I threw BingeOn video up to my 60-inch TV and it looked great. I was about to say I hardly use tethering at all, but no, when I’m traveling in the USA, that’s what I use. And if you have more lines, the pricing gets better.

        You are still right though – it restricts consumers’ choices while promoting it like it’s some great thing.

    • Hiran

      What do you mean will you quit T-Mobile?

    • I guess I don’t need to be a fanboi anymore. 🙁

      My family and co-workers will be thrilled.

    • vdefender

      I was raging this morning first thing when I rolled out of bed and heard about this. This is SO not cool.

    • Sporttster

      The ‘UNcarrier’ has officially removed the ‘UN’ and have given us the UNdeal plan….

    • dcdttu

      As much as I love T-Mobile, I agree. After Binge-On’s debauchery, I guess we should have expected this. 🙁

  • TS50

    I’m on the Unlimited 2/$120 plan. Looks like I’ll be in that one for a while. Just how they continue to let you add lines at your current plan price. I used to work for TMo. Gotta say, after hearing about this, I think it kinda sucks.

    • The 2/$120 was one of the best promotions they ever had. I unfortunately just had to come off of it when I needed to add a couple more lines.

      • TS50

        The plan I’m on had add a lines for $30. Not bad for an unlimited line. TMo usually let’s you keep those prices. Fingers crossed. I will need to add a line or two on the next year.

      • cromo8

        2 for $100 was even better

        • TS50

          Yea, when that was going I was still working there and we only had one plan choice. I wish I could have gotten on that one before I lost my discount.

          • cromo8

            I was actually working at T-Mo at the time as well. I knew I was a couple months from leaving, so made the switch a bit early. So glad I did now.

        • Francisco Peña

          yeah, I’m pissed at my wife for not agreeing to switch to TMo sooner. Managed to convince her when it was the 2/10GB/$100. Although now I downgraded to 2/6GB/$70.

          • Hiran

            How is Verizon in your area

      • Ruby

        You could have stayed on that plan and add the other lines. I have my first two lines unlimited with 14 gigs of tethering and my other two lines has unlimited talk and text with 6 gigs of data that rolls over. First two lines at 120.00 plus 60.00 for the other two lines.

  • SilentPatriot

    Unlimited Dumb is all Legere seems to be able to pull out of his ass.

  • JSo

    So they basically took the $70 unlimited plan from the past (which I signed up for and currently have) and just limited it?

    • projectmisha

      and are forcing everyone (new at least) to get it

  • socarwolverine

    I posted this on the other article, gonna put it here too. We’ve been letting T-Mo slide and brand itself as “The UnCarrier” when they’ve simply been taking longer to do some of the same things the big boys are doing. Limited “Unlimited” Plans, nickle and diming, they’re slowly turning into just another Carrier.:

    I’m not trying to be an ATT/VZW apologist here, but it really seems like a lot of people here are defending T-Mo’s questionable plan decisions when they spent months (even years) bashing on ATT/VZW for also enacting questionable plan decisions. ATT/VZW puts a cap on something it’s them being greedy, but if T-Mo does it, it’s for the quality of the network and to alleviate congestion… People gotta start admitting to themselves that the wireless company *they* use isn’t any less money hungry than the competitors.

    • T-Mobile started out right with some meaningful changes, but I would tend to agree with you. In recent months or year+, it’s been some questionable stuff like today’s announcement.

      • Today being the most.

      • socarwolverine

        Yeah, they took the goodwill they built up, turned it into an effective marketing gimmick/nickname, and then proceeded to do the same anti-consumer moves that we’d rip the other big carriers for.

      • PC_Tool

        Yep. Seems the Uncarrier “shine” has finally worn off and it turns out they are what they’ve railed against for so long.

        I admit it was good while it lasted though.

      • JasonWhite

        But…. I get a free Frosty every Tuesday!!!!! ^_^

    • patt

      John Legere deleted my tweet when I did little complaining about these changes. Whoops! https://s3.postimg.org/47fralq37/tweet.png

    • Lman146

      It’s simple, they couldn’t sustain all of the early “cool” changes financially.

    • TypoCorrecto

      “I’m not trying to be an ATT/VZW apologist here, but it really seems like a lot of people here are defending T-Mo’s questionable plan decisions when they spent months (even years) bashing on ATT/VZW for also enacting questionable plan decisions.”

      Wasn’t there a recent poll on DL that showed more than half of the readers are VZW customers? Kind of feels like you’re whining but I get what you’re saying.
      I do agree, the “UNCARRIER” initiative did get off to a hot start, but recently it seems to be sputtering.

      Sidenote, everytime I see Legere this scene always comes to mind.

      • socarwolverine

        I guess if you want to take it as whining then that’s fine. I was merely trying to point out what I saw in the announcement post that some here seem to move the goalposts depending on the name of the company making the changes.

    • tnt

      Yes, exactly. T-Mobile has been riding the uncarrier marketing wave b/c their first few uncarrier announcements were actually market-significant. Since then it’s been mostly gimicks and them trying to subtly work their way back to a reality they can afford and their network can handle.

  • landale

    These plans make for a great marketing announcement but in reality they are worse for a lot of people, especially the many people who don’t care about unlimited or care more about mobile hotspot then unlimited data. I have a feeling they are going to have to make some adjustments to these pretty quickly after release if not before. I mean $15 to add 5GB of tethering? That’s insane.

  • Check out Sprints new crappy plan announced today
    too. Limited music streaming, limited gaming, no tethering.

  • rahlquist

    2g data, piss off business users. Check. Rediculous toll for occasional HD video watchers, Check. After record growth, look who is getting greedy…

    • UKTK8

      What’s really ridiculous is that you don’t know how to spell ridiculous…

      • Eric

        That extra $25 per month per line for HD playback has rahlquist seeing red

      • no name


    • mcdonsco

      It’s no surprise really. They had low truly unlimited data prices just a few years ago, but as their network grew and began to really compete against verizon and at&t their prices for that grew too. It was only a year or so ago I could have gotten their truly unlimited data plan for $70/month. But, their coverage, at that time, sucked.

      I’m hoping their coverage maps are accurate as they seem to have skyrocketed in coverage lately…giving them another shot with the Note 7, figure, 40 days to unlock, may as well try T-Mobile again and see since I know I can go back to cricket unlimited for $65/month if needed.

      • The coverage maps are true. Believe me, I’ve done a lot of digging myself. Lots of tower upgrades last year and they’re building new towers everywhere this year. From what I’ve gathered. They now have the fastest lte as far as the US goes, but Verizon still wins in most overall coverage.

      • Hiran

        how about Verizon coverage

        • mcdonsco

          When I ditched verizon (which I was on for close to a decade) and went with cricket just over a year ago, I added a hotspot to my mom’s verizon account that I pay her for, for those times when verizon coverage was better.

          I have yet to find a need for the hotspot and will likely stop paying for it soon.

          Every time I’ve found my coverage on cricket (so, at&t) to not be good and turned the hotspot on, guess what? The hotspots signal was no good either.

          I have yet to see any significant difference in coverage for at&t ( thus, my cricket service) and verizon.

          • Hiran

            What is a hotspot? Will you switch back to Verizon

          • mcdonsco

            A) You’re kidding right? B) When hell freezes over.

          • MrOrange645

            Ignore him. He’s a troll

      • TylerChappell

        The irony is that their network is hardly at all competitive with Verizon’s when you read between the lines. T-Mobile is happy to use OpenSignal to make the bold claim that they have the fastest LTE. But it’s literally by less than half a megabit. 16.3Mbps vs 15.9 for Verizon. 0.4 is completely negligible and basically unnoticeable to enthusiasts, let alone your average brain-dead tech-illiterate consumer.
        But guess what? T-Mobile’s network is dealing with a whopping 100 MILLION less customers than Verizon. So if anything, it only makes their LTE incredibly pathetic and underperforming by comparison. Just imagine if it were T-Mobile with the 130+ million customers. Their LTE would crumble into embarrassment.

  • Brian Ward

    VPN is your friend, if you want to steam higher quality video. Also, given that Cricket is $65 with a cap around 23GB, with no tether but the SIM can be put in most any device, it’s a competitive offer.

    • projectmisha

      I was thinking this. Will they really be able to compress every video stream? I know they had to get the app/companies like netflix on board to even be able to do this at first. Maybe they got all the big boys and don’t care about small streaming services?

    • Suicide_Note

      I’ve routinely used 30GB+ on the Cricket unlimited plan and never been throttled. Ever.

      • Brian Ward

        That’s good to hear! I was on T-Mobile’s $95/month Unlimited and the data became unusable after about 23GB. There would be spurts of data, and then it would stop. About enough to pull down 2 webpages.

      • helpitcrashedagain

        What are you guys doing to use 30Gb/month?? Is it your only/primary internet link?

        • TheCudder

          I would think there’s no other way to use 30GB a month on a mobile device without using it as a WiFi hotspot

          • Murphy’s Magnet

            Porn can be VERY addictive.

          • Francisco Peña

            make sure you have a smaller phone so you can use it one handed… 😉

          • Murphy’s Magnet

            Isn’t that what selfie sticks are for?

          • Francisco Peña

            yu can stream HD movies. if each movie is over 1GB, then yeah….

        • Suicide_Note

          I have great home internet, but i stream music during the day while I’m working outdoors. That accounts for the bulk of my data use, as you can see.


    • moew

      Cricket does not cap you at 23GB. I am consistently in the 30-40GB/mo range on that plan.

  • Defenestratus

    Who can stand 480p video anymore?

    • Daniel Thomas

      Most phones with HD screens do not stream in 1080P anyways. I doubt you can even notice on such a small screen, Unless you have one of these phones, your netflix only is streamed in 480P


      • moew

        That’s a statement about one Application. Most phones with HD screens have apps that can stream in 1080P. <– that's a better statement 🙂

        Regardless of that I must opine: [email protected]

      • icase

        What about Youtube, or Hulu, or Crackle, or Vimeo or … anything other than NetFlix?

        • moew

          Netflix does HD on phones and tablets, see my edited comment here.

          • Nunyur_Biznezz

            I have an LG G4 and Netflix streams at 1750 Mbps whether I’m using mobile or my 60 Mbps wi-fi connection.

          • moew

            That phone is explicitly not on the Netflix list.

            I will add that having an almost TWO GIGABITS PER SECOND bandwidth must be awesome!

      • There is a clear and very noticeable difference between 480p and 1080p on a phone.