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HTC’s Next Flagship Apparently Dubbed “HTC 10,” and Here are a Bunch of Pictures of It

htc 10 pictures

You know how HTC has been teasing their next flagship device on Twitter with a hashtag of #powerof10? I think it’s fair to say that most of us thought that was pointing to the name of the phone being “One M10,” after HTC spent three years going M7, M8, and M9. As it turns out, HTC may drop the “One M” moniker and go with a much simpler “HTC 10,” according to both @onleaks and @evleaks.

HTC dropping the “One M” naming scheme is probably a good idea. For one, it never did really catch on the same way Samsung’s “Galaxy S” naming series has. It always felt like HTC didn’t know what to do to distinguish One phones from one year to the next and so they just tossed the codename for each onto the back-end, sometimes with parenthesis and sometimes without. And second, the “One M” series certainly hasn’t been any sort of success, so now is probably a good time to abandon it. 

Alright, so with name potentially out of the way, let’s talk about what the phone looks like. The image at the top of this post arrives courtesy of @evleaks, who seems to be having a friendly “who can reveal more” battle going on at the moment with @onleaks over the HTC 10. The images are official press renders, showing all angles of the phone from front to back, side, and top to bottom. There are no surprises now in terms of the HTC 10’s appearance.

Does it actually look like an iPhone 6, now that it has been fully revealed? I actually don’t really think so. It looks like a new version of their long-standing One M series, only with a home button/fingerprint reader and massive double chamfer. It’s clean, sort of industrial, and not bad looking at all. We aren’t talking ground-breaking new design, but it could be a winner, assuming HTC can figure out how to put a camera in a phone.

Thanks to the image above and the three below (these are from @onleaks), we also now know that the phone will come in silver or black, contain capacitive back and app switcher buttons on each side of the physical home button, a bottom-facing speaker, and USB Type-C port.

htc 10 pictures htc 10 pictures htc 10 pictures

According to @onleaks, a “prototype” of the phone has a 5.15-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 820 processor with Adreno 530 GPU, 4GB RAM, 12MP camera, and USB Type-C port (pictured). As you can tell from the images, BoomSound (dual front speakers) is gone and Sense may have a slightly newer design.

Well, then. What are we thinking about this phone now?

Via:  @evleaks [2] | @onleaks [2]
  • M3D1T8R

    Dang. If only that stupid fingerprint home button was replaced with a bottom speaker to match the top one, and this had on screen buttons, this could have been perfect. And it needs a good sized battery finally, like 3.2Ah+. HTC always seem to correct some problems (like getting rid of the logo bar this time), but then screw up something else that they already had right in the process. Sad. I still may get this if the battery is good and the sound quality is good despite the apparent loss of front speakers, and if it can be bootloader unlocked on Verizon, but dang. Once again they get so close and then make some crucial screw up.

  • Looks good, but now that S7 and G5 got so much attention, everyone forgot about HTC. And they don’t have great marketing to fix that now.

    • LionStone

      Incorrect and quite the assumption.

  • Michelle Regan

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  • ronniejr

    If it don’t have boom sound , I probably won’t buy it. The true front facing speakers that sound terrific are a huge selling point imo, my m9 sounds better than any body else’s phone I know. It’s not the loudest, just the clearest. It’s looking like a cheaper mid-range device an not a premium flagship that HTC is so good at. Come on HTC, this can’t be the Savior flagship y’all need.

  • Jeremy Buro


  • Jamal Harvey

    That black color won’t win any awards that for sure but an ok effort from HTC part now let’s see what it can do

  • Taglogical

    Good looking phone all around. HTC logo bar is gone, hooray! The front is minimalist and balanced. I don’t dislike the larger forehead/chin areas as it allows you to hold it between thumb & forefinger in landscape w/o blocking the display. Shape appears similar to Moto X so I assume it will be comfortable in hand. I dig the perimeter chamfer on the back which should also stiffen it up.

  • steadymobb

    I don’t like the fingerprint scanner on this phone. It’s indented and not an actual button. Just feels kinda weird. Personal opinion though.

  • redeu3

    the front just resembles not iphone 6 but iphone 3/3GS or even Galaxy S2, I feel somewhat disappointed with the design of it… again…

  • Biga173rd

    Stick a fork in HTC their done. What a horrible attempt on trying to stay alive in the mobile business.

  • stang6790

    I actually like the looks of it, but they really need to step up their game in the camera department. Also it probably won’t have wireless charging since it is metal and that is pretty much a deal breaker for me.

  • capncoad

    ew it’s part of the headphone jack on top club. YUCK!

  • J.O

    I don’t know what you guys are going on about. The design doesn’t look bad to me. Yes! Front facing speakers are gone…I’d be more interested in the 3.5mm jack. I’ve held back on the M8 and M9. I’m guessing this would replace my M7.

  • Boomdizzle

    Truthfully it doesn’t look too bad. I also am probably in the very small minority that doesn’t like on screen buttons, so I kind of like the idea of the capacitive buttons TBH and I actually like the finger print button on the front like the Galaxy phones. It’s pretty convenient to not have to pick up the phone to unlock it with a finger. I still am quietly pulling for HTC after having 4 of their phones and really enjoying all of them. I do worry about the speakers though, I loved boomsound and the front facing speakers on my N6.

    • Ziplepingouin

      The space is there anyway, so better use it… My M7 have them (the capacitive buttons), and they’re great!

  • Karthos

    Honestly, I think they’d get less flack about the bottom bezel if they had centered the home button.

  • PoisonApple31

    Removed the HTC logo and kept the black bar? Oh, that’s right we won’t notice it now that the HTC logo is gone? I have no interest in HTC whatsoever.

  • ConCal

    Let’s see… No front facing speaker, physical buttons, and big top/bottom bezels.
    I’ll pass.

  • Indianajonze

    well ordinarily i have no interest in htc’s “flagship” devices at all, but considering the hot rumor is that this is going to be the basis for the next nexus, i must chime in. for god’s sake google, just NO! nexus 6p established 2 things that should be baseline going forward: 1. fingerprint sensor should be on the back and 2. curved backs are not optimal. combine this with a physical home button and capacitive navigation and you have what will likely be the first nexus device i skip if the rumors are true…

  • Optimus Primal

    The silver one looks beautiful but I’m still not interested.

  • gabe1989

    fingerprint scanner should have been on the back to save boomsound and reduce bezels. the back is nice but the front is fugly.

  • Adam W

    Come on….galaxy-esque capacitive/physical home buttons!? So Samsung keeps the physical home button because Apple does it. And now it looks like HTC is doing it to be like Samsung because they think that is “what the people want”?

    I thought HTC just claimed they listened hard to the masses when trying to design this phone? Most everyone here complains about Samsung’s use of the physical buttons so it doesn’t look like HTC really listened at all. They saw that their competition is successful and doing it this way so they are doing it too….that’s not thinking outside of the box.

    If they killed the physical/capacitive keys, they either could have enlarged the screen to take up that space (since they apparently killed boom sound) or put a front facing speaker there (w/boom sound) and placed the fingerprint reader on the back. That could have been a true winner.

    Looks like they also took a play from Samsung and may have killed the IR blaster. Unless that’s what is under the flash on the back instead of laser autofocus. If that is an IR blaster on the back then +1 in my book because it is the most logical place for it on a phone. Having it up top is ridiculous but it’s better than not having it at all.

    I usually don’t comment like this on here but I was really rooting for HTC on this one since they are hurting but a bit disappointed after their latest claims.

  • Orion

    And this is their “hero” phone? So what’s their “villain” phone?

  • Ajmcnicol

    I love it…finally a FORWARD fingerprint sensor on a non samsung phone. i hate them in the back.

  • Under the bridge downtown


  • James Keleman

    It almost looks like stock Android from the status icons

  • seattle tech

    Is today officially bash HTC day?

    • KOBALT

      No, that’s every day.

  • droidbeat

    I like that the USB-C is confirmed.

  • We will miss you boomsound! Someone said. If HTC would have kept it, got rid of the black bar, and drunk bezels them boom!!! Put a good camera with that and its a hit. HTC didn’t have much left to do after the M7 and 8. Hmmmm what do they do after that? They don’t fix their problems and drop stuff they got praised for. Ehhh oh well I’ll talk with my wallet by passing on HTC yet again and telling all the non tech people I know pass too.

  • ThisGeekKnows

    dual speaker boomsound is still there, top and bottom speaker, but the bottom is on the bottom; saw a demo; sounds great like previous M7,M8,M9!

    • seattle tech

      I have a volume mod which allows a samsung phone to play sound out of the earpiece. It works really well. It appears to be the same setup

      • ThisGeekKnows

        cool, but not the same. if you look at the innards of previous htc One models, they’ve actually designed speaker boxes for the sound quality along with their boomsound audio algorithms.

      • Ziplepingouin

        I suppose the earpiece would be more powerful if it is a native feature.

  • kirko77

    The bezel is too thin /s

  • disastrousrainbow

    This has officially put my Samsung S7 plans on hold. If HTC can finally give us a great camera and all-day battery, this may be my next. I love that it looks super hand-friendly and I’ve always been a fan of how fast HTC’s phones are (like the M8 which is still a snappy phone to this day) and HTC’s update commitments.

    Slightly bummed about the loss of stereo speakers but other than that things are looking good.

    • Same boat. S7 is currently in the lead to win the My Next Phone award, but if this camera is stellar and the UX is not horrible, we may have a new winner.

    • T3R0

      Same, my M8 with marshmallow update still flys! If HTC can get the camera right this time, I’ll definitely get one!

    • ThisGeekKnows

      stereo speakers still there, just one of them is not front facing, but still sounds great! if folks just look at it, they might not get it, and will have to read the specs to realize the dual speakers are still there.

  • baranmod

    HTC ONE M8 had the best design for sure. But the worst camera too. Why not use the old design and put a good camera in it and upgrade some other specs? Dissapointed by HTC…

    • kirko77

      IMO M7 is the best design

  • Why is everyone on the hate bandwagon? I think it looks better than the G5/S7/S7e, and i’ve never owned an HTC device. Looking forward to final build and reviews. If this thing has a dope camera as rumored, it might be a contender.

    • Me

      I could do w/ out the budget looking capacitive buttons.

      • true. but blurrycam. =)

      • steadymobb

        I’ve played with the phone on a test unit – The capacitive buttons are there but there was definitely no HTC logo on the front which I like. There’s really just nothing spectacular about the design or the phone/software in general. If you’re an HTC fan, maybe you’ll be interested but it won’t convert anyone unless they like the iPhone look.

    • TriguyRN

      It’s something about Droid Life. AP and AC aren’t nearly this bad.

  • deskjob

    At first glance, I am not thrilled, especially the front.

    -I love how now there’s NO brand marking anywhere front!
    -side bezels are awesomely thin
    -capacitive buttons!
    -true HTC One M series evolution, esp back

    -the home button reminds me of Galaxy series. I know it’s a carry over from A9, but still.
    -empty bezel above home and capacitive buttons. Looks awkward – why couldn’t they move up the buttons?
    -which brings me to… no front facing stereo speakers 🙁 The empty space above and below the screen suggests they could’ve added it in, a la X9 style.

    -camera. ’nuff said
    -battery performance
    -Snapdragon 820 – so far, SD820 looks to be a winner

    TL;DR: would be that much better if boomsound remained. Another head scratching decision by HTC… but I suppose if it’s between that and good camera, I’ll take the camera. But it’s closer than you’d think :-/

  • Dane Carpenter

    At least they have the back button on the left side like how it is supposed to be.

    • deskjob


  • DanWazz

    This actually looks pretty good. The black front and different back color is nice, ala Nexus style.

  • Shadowstare

    If the M11 follows this design language, it will be a worthy successor to my M9.

  • CabbageHeadCat.

    Looks pretty good. Bezels have decreased. They made a very good use of the bottom chin. Chamfer edge, on a large scale. Fantastic curve. Liking it. Boomsound is no big loss, my headphones and any speaker sounds better. And if that curve gives it a phenomenal battery, even better.

  • Shadowstare

    Anybody else think this phone in black looks a lot like the Droid DNA? Which is not a bad thing.

  • Me

    Would prefer if the capacitive buttons were just lines like 1+ but other than that it’s looking pretty good. My interest is once again peaked.

  • person

    Okay, they have my attention. The chamfer is a bit much but flanking the finger print reader with capacitive keys was a good move.

  • Jérôme Besnard

    I hope Motorola (and Google) does not decide for the moto X what HTC did for the One and that is to get rid of the dual front stereo speakers. I love that feature on the N6X.

  • reyalP

    Definitely looks better than the Samsung galaxy s7. The real question is can they improve the rest of the phone?

  • tay

    I’m pretty sure the One M7 and One M8 performed pretty well for HTC.
    It gave the company atleast small profits. How any android manufacturers except Samsung made a profit at that time?


    The HTC One Zero?? This is fugly! On the plus said, there’s no more HTC black bar

  • Ata Rahimi

    You guys are hilarious. All of your comments are cheap. Go buy Samsung and LG. Stop complaining about something you are not educated about. You don’t like it then GTFO.

  • Allen254

    Haha that’s to bad I was switching to HTC this year not anymore. no boom sound no switch idiots , whos bright idea was it to get rid of boom sound lmfao horrible some one should be fired lol back to Samsung

    • LionStone

      hah! who’s the idiot now? Looks like you’ll be stuck with Sammy while some of us will be enjoying BoomSound on the power of 10! It pays to just have patience and not listen to some of these bloggers because they clearly don’t always know whats going on.

  • Vishal Khedkar

    That’s too much of chamfer… :/

  • Chris Hannan

    The back, sides, top, and bottom all look nice. The front though…

    What’s up with the front facing bubble camera? And the home button with the capacitive nav buttons look awful.

  • Dave S.

    How is HTC still a thing that exists?

  • Adil Tajgeer

    so if boomsound and the front facing speakers are gone, why the hell is the black bar still there?!

    • Apparently, BoomSound the software is still there, but the front speakers are obviously gone.

      • Adil Tajgeer

        I just can’t wait to hear why the black bar is there now that their old excuses no longer exist.

        If boomtown has been basically turned into an eq setting, then it shouldn’t need to take up any room under the screen, right?

        • Ziplepingouin

          Boom sound will be ear piece+bottom speaker

          • Adil Tajgeer

            that could be interesting

          • Shadowstare

            OnLeaks said this? I saw the pic of Boomsound on the software, but I don’t see where he says how it will work on his TL.

          • Ziplepingouin

            Well he doesn’t say it, but on the pic it’s written speakers in plural, and that’s the only way they can do it…

          • Shadowstare

            interesting. My impression is that BoomSound would be a EQ setting like it was on the DNA with ‘Beats’.

          • Ziplepingouin

            Yeah maybe you’re right, indeed just speculations for now… But really I don’t mind the loss of the stereo speakers…

  • Shadowstare

    To all of you mourning the loss of the BoomSound and Front Facing Speakers. If the M10 had those features, would you have bought this phone. Based on the way 90% of you trash the the M9 and the A9, I highly doubt it.

    • EarlyMon

      Based on how happy I am with my M8, definitely.

      Now – forget it. Front facing stereo speakers or GTFO.

      • Shadowstare

        Good Luck with your Moto or Nexus. Sidenote, do you have Marshmellow on the M8 Yet? I just got on the M9 and its freaking incredible.

        • EarlyMon

          I do have Marshmallow on my M8 – I agree, it’s pretty fabulous. 😀

          Bad Boyz ROM, M8 hk/Boomsound/JBL mod, ViPER4Android ftw!

          It’s as nimble as, or, more so than the day I got it and still looks and sounds great.

          I don’t think the Nexus compares in sound and not sure that I completely trust Lenovorola yet so not sure I have much in the way of options.

          The other day I got 15 hours on, 3.5 hours SOT with wifi on and a terrible cell signal and it only cost me 50% battery – and I’ve been using my phone hard for going on two years. If I have to, I’ll just keep it and replace the battery when it physically dies – no where is it written I must have the latest and greatest. And if I must have something, I’ll just go for an M9 before they’re gone, that would be an upgrade for me without a loss (other than the dual camera, I don’t use it a lot but I do like it very much).

          Or just wait until another maker comes to their senses and offers something I like as much. :p

    • Keith Schwerin

      I honestly liked HTC hardware and design, i just wish their UI was better and they had better cameras. Hardware wise I’ve wanted an HTC for a while.

      • Shadowstare

        You wish the UI was better? wow. I LOVE the UI. Its up there with stock android for me.

        • Aventador115

          I personally prefer theirs over stock android. For me, UI, audio quality and build quality are the three places where htc delivers consistently. Even if they remove the boomsound speakers (due to all the hate with this large bezel nonsense), U can bet that they will give it an awesome 3.5mm jack like in the One a9. So thats a win for me

    • it me

      Trashing the A9 and trashing the M9 are two very different things.

      • Shadowstare

        hate is hate. no matter how you try and slice or dice it.

  • CoolSilver

    WHAT? No Gaudy HTC logo on the front? Still hate the button layout though

    • Adil Tajgeer

      don’t worry, they heard people didn’t like the htc black bar, so they removed the HTC (but left the black bar)

  • keemba

    Well, I guess everyone can stop complaining about the black bar…

    • EarlyMon

      Yeah. Because it’s bigger now.

  • Daistaar

    No comments on being a Galaxy Ripoff instead of an iPhone Clone? I thought that’s what we all did with HTC. /s

    This actually looks quite good and it looks like they are n track to deliver a stellar device this year. Glad they got rid of the banner bar on the bottom as well as reduced the forehead and chin that held the BoomSound speakers. Sorry they lost the speakers but my thought it no one wants to hear your music. Get headphones when out or a speaker for when you need it. The whole train doesn’t care that you like Rick Ross!

    Get off my lawn!!!

    • TC Infantino

      Except for when you want to show someone a video.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    “5.15-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 820 processor with Adreno 530 GPU, 4GB RAM, 12MP camera, and USB Type-C port (pictured).”

    I’m game. Anyone else down?

    • Tyler Durden

      Watch it have a small battery

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        I don’t think so. I think they’ve learned from that mistake (Yea I know hard to believe). . .

        • Tyler Durden

          I haven’t read anything about the battery and I’m sure theyd list it next to the beefy specs.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Have my eyes open for that. Part of the reason I want the Edge7 is the big asss battery

          • Ismail Akram

            Same here half of reason of s7 edge is that battery.

      • Weber

        It’s not how big it is, it’s how you use it.

      • Ismail Akram

        How much battery it have? I suppose 3000mah

        • Me


    • Miguel

      I like the design, it seems they’re moving in the right direction (some ways).
      They remove boom sound but I don’t get why the had to add a home (hardware) button and capacitive buttons, it’s like they haven’t decided which direction to go.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Yea you’re right. Looks like they figured “hey if we’re going to use a figerprint scanner, might as well toss some buttons in there” . . . I’m not a fan. But it’s not a deal breaker.

    • Michael

      I’m still very skeptical about the camera. Last years model boasted a 20 MP camera and the photos were still less than stellar compared to the G4 and S6 phones. Until HTC figures out a way to improve their cameras to the point where they are considered best overall they will be an afterthought to the public and the fans of this site.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Well we know Mps don’t count in that way. But word is that it’s the Nexus 6p sensor. So unless they screw it up with their camera processing software… Should be fine.

        • Duffman

          6P camera with OIS 😉 I think my 6P takes some pretty nice photos. OIS would just help it that much more!

    • PoisonApple31

      5.15 inches is not enough to satisfy me.

  • RyanPosey

    I’m sad they took the speakers off the front. As a M8 owner this has been one of my favorite features.

    • Ziplepingouin

      Apparently they still have Boom Sound, the ear piece on top and the speaker on the bottom will work together as stereo speakers.

      • Ziplepingouin

        see latest leak by @OnLeaks

  • Tim Massing

    Physical buttons? I’m out.

  • hkklife

    Looks a tad thick, no Qi most likely (Droid DNA had it and it was so ahead of its time), still worried about the camera quality & battery capacity.

  • jnt

    It looks like a cross between the M7/M8/M9 and A9. That seems appropriate?

  • tylerc23

    Boom Sound is not gone. It’s there still. You’ll see

    And I actually love how this looks and in my opinion kills the G5 and the S7

    • pol


      • Ziplepingouin

        Ear piece & bottom speaker will work together as Boom Sound, see latest leak by @OnLeaks

        • pol

          Good to hear

  • Shadowstare

    Here we go.

  • pol

    Could be worse.

    • jimt


      • One M9

        • KOBALT

          1 EM NINE

      • pol

        They could have used the same stale design they’ve had for the past 3 years. They also could’ve made it an iPhone clone like the One A9.

  • John Kitchen

    As long as the camera is up to snuff, this will be my next phone. I’ve always loved my HTCs.

  • Todd Nguyen

    Just give me a DROID DNA version with removable memory and non-rear facing speaker and all is forgiven!

  • Ascension into Darkness

    Looks ugly.

  • Dustin Casper

    Guess I’ll be selling my 6P…unless the only way to unlock this phone is with a Java card…

  • Rashad

    Maybe they will release it on Tuesday, April 19th. One can only hope.

  • Power button in the middle with volume above it…smdh…gonna be accidentally turning off the screen all the time. Whenever I hand my N6 over to show somebody something they turn the screen off this is gonna be even worse.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Strangely enough for someone like me that doesn’t like Front Facing Buttons… I DO PREFER a fingerprint scanner on the Front. Having a 6p (And once having an iPhone 6 and an S6) It’ infinitely makes more sense on the front…

    Either way, It’s always about the software for me though, and I can’t wait to see what New Sense UI has to bring.

    • Josh LaCelle

      I agree! I have the Nexus 6P. Hands down best fingerprint reader ever! But… I miss the front fingerprint reader on my Note 5.

  • No on-screen buttons? Wtf HTC?

    • Me

      Yeah the capacitive buttons look ehhh

  • Mahmood Ali

    – Hardware buttons
    – 3.5mm jack in top of the phone
    – So thick
    – No BoomSound

  • Mark

    come on with the capacitive and hardware buttons….

  • HTC had 2 things going: Boomsound and the idea that 2k displays weren’t necessary so battery life would be better. With both of those gone it looks like a mashup of the Nexus 6, Galaxy, M9, and 6P but without their own identity.

  • Synacks

    Lol they kept the bezels and just removed HTC…. I wonder which of their design team members has such a hard on for huge bezels.

  • Alan Paone

    it doesn’t even look that bad but they put the headphone jack back in the objectively wrong place 🙁

    • Alan Paone

      dammit i just noticed the capacitive buttons this is just :(‘s all over

      • dante

        Samsung Galaxy s4, s5, s6, s7 also have capacitive buttons?

        • Alan Paone

          yes and that’s very bad. I liked htc because they didn’t have those stupid buttons

        • Alan Paone

          and those phones are awful

  • Mark Snider

    Looks like an all aluminum og moto x, especially that top view

  • Tommy Fleenor

    You are losing the one thing that keep loyal HTC customers coming back and that is BoomSound. BIG, BIG mistake.

    • Ziplepingouin

      I got a One M7, and boom sound is indeed quite good, but I happen to use the speakers not as often I thought I would… So yeah, it’s not a big deal for me…

    • LionStone

      I’ve had 4 HTC devices and not one of those had Dual Front speakers with the most recent the A9, so you are incorrect. You are also incorrect that the 10 is losing BoomSound.

  • Brad Allred

    No front facing speakers is a deal breaker for me. Capacitive buttons??? Why???

    • Todd Nguyen

      Agreed with regards to the front speakers, but I actually prefer Capacitive buttons. On screen buttons take up precious real estate to me, which makes the phone taller than it needs to be. I’m not sure why there’s so much hype for on screen buttons, but that’s just me.

      • Droid22

        How does it make it taller with on screen buttons?

        • Todd Nguyen

          Let’s use the Droid DNA and One M8 as examples for comparison, since the DNA has capacitive buttons and One M8 has on-screen buttons. The DNA has the back, home, and recent apps buttons all on the bottom bezel of the phone. The bezel is always there, along with the buttons. The screen itself has no buttons, therefore none of the screan real estate has to be dedicated to the on-screen buttons.

          On the other hand, the One M8 also has that bezel at the bottom where it says “HTC”, just above the speakers. The bezel is also always there, but the buttons are on-screen. So the screen has to be slightly taller in order to accomodate the on-screen buttons. If they just used the “HTC” as the home button with the back and recent apps button flanking the sides of “HTC” on the bezel, the screen could just be used as a display. Since there are on-screen buttons above the bezel, the screen has to be a little taller to accommodate the on-screen buttons.

          That’s the way I see it.

          • Droid22

            On my Nexus 6P when watching a video
            the on-screen buttons disappear and the screen gets bigger.

          • Todd Nguyen

            But just imagine if you didn’t have the on-screen buttons. The screen would always be bigger, vs only getting bigger on occasions where the buttons had to disappear. I’m just saying, if you have blank space in the bezel, you might as well use the bezel to have the capacitive buttons.

          • Droid22

            My Nexus has a huge bezel on the bottom cuz of front facing speakers. Is it worth the trade off, I think so.

          • Todd Nguyen

            I don’t mind the bezel if the space is used well, considering the speaker is right in the middle. If the speaker wasn’t there and a home button was there instead, I’d like the capacitive back and recent apps buttons to flank the home button. In your case, I do think the on-screen buttons make more sense.

    • Droid22

      Probably because they put a home button with a fingerprint scanner on the front.

      • The previous version in China had the button on the front and split the lower speaker to make room for it

        • Droid22

          Is that the one where the speaker grill was offset?

  • Mudokon83

    If I’m on Verizon with my LG G3, and come this fall I want to snag something new, I feel like there arent really any good options. Don’t want touchwiz, don’t want a phone bigger than 5.1 and need microSD.

    I feel like Droid Turbo 2 would be the only close option….

    • PoisonApple31

      Go back to 2012 – I’m sure you’ll find something there.

      • Mudokon83

        it would be so much easier if Samsung didnt have touchwiz. Just imagine it. Would be so easy every year “samsung is #1 again! great ram use! stock android!”

  • MichaelFranz

    I hope that curved back makes room for a nice big battery. That would be a nice save for HTC…..maybe??

  • Octotron

    Looks like an S7, 6S, and G5 had a weird gang bang baby.

  • TS

    This looks nice. HTC may have my business again. I’m done with Samsung. They can keep their lack of timely updates.

    • Ziplepingouin

      Agree here… And Sense is so much better than touch wiz…

  • Jeff

    Also, Verizon M8 getting Marshmallow on Monday 3/7! via @moversi on Twitter

    • Todd Nguyen

      Finally! My M8 has been acting very weird the last couple of weeks, as if it knows somethings coming. Battery’s draining, things are sluggish, camera has the “Jesus” glow. I’m doing a full reset for sure!

      • Jeff

        I had that phone for awhile. Solid phone, but I switched it out for a Nexus. My wife is rocking the M8 now so I’ll get a chance to experience the update and Sense 7 (at last).

        • Todd Nguyen

          My M8 is a work phone, so I’d have to buy a new phone outright to swap out the sim. If I had the dough to spend, I’d get the Moto X Pure Edition.

    • BOB Dudek

      One can only be hoping..

      M8.. Is too good to give up. Boom and front speakers just too valuable to some.

      • Jeff

        Yes, the speakers were/are unmatched. I thoroughly enjoyed cranking it up…

  • schoat333

    looks much better than the past few devices, but the bezels are still too big. I’d like see them bump up the size of the phone, and remove some of those bezels.

  • The Doctor
  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Looks really nice. I hate chamfered edges though (even on my 6p)..

    “Does it actually look like an iPhone 6, now that it has been fully revealed? I actually don’t really think so.” – HA! . . .I think #TEAMHTC finally won this battle against Kellen. Lol. He thinks we’re right…. 🙂

  • mmajeski06

    Boomsound was like the one standout feature of HTC Phones. So if course they get rid of it. I still have a One M8 Windows I use on WiFi only to listen to podcasts while cooking or cleaning since the sound volume / quality is better than my Nexus 5X or iPad.

    • Octotron

      So much this. Loosing the boom sound setup really pushed me away from their phones. I actually really liked the One M8. People are a bit too hard on HTC, but their hardware as of late has been less than inspiring.

  • coldcc
    • daJudge805

      This gif gives me a nerd boner for the return of the show. Move faster calendar!! Hope Cersei kills that biatch.

      • it me

        *misogyny boner


  • CHRIS42060

    I feel bad for this phone. It is like the John Kasich of flagship devices……. Not a horrible choice but not going to get any attention.

    • Tyler Durden

      Yeah the dude who is a total disaster on foreign policy. I mean he just suggested an invasion of Syria/Iraq/Libya.

      • Steve Wright

        Please… let’s not go here. The rest of the internet can go all hyper partisan about politics from every possible angle. Let’s just stay on topic; going all hyper partisan about smart phones from every possible angle.

        • Tyler Durden

          I mean he suggested it so I’m responding. Glad he’s not winning like all the rest of the GOP candidates so nothing to argue about 🙂

          • Steve Wright

            I know, I should have replied to him directly. My bad.

        • picdip

          In that case, I’d say that this phone is more like Trump’s tiny dick.

          • reyalP

            I think you’re in the wrong discussion. This is Droid Life not Fetish Life. We talk about phones here.

          • picdip

            I’m just saying, I’ve seen both and touched both, it’s basically the same thing. I felt like this was on topic, my mistake.

          • reyalP

            I guess you could say you’ve held a billion dollars in one hand!

          • michael arazan

            Sad thing is Trumps dick will get more interest than this phone

          • it me

            already did

    • TypoCorrecto

      The perfect analogy…

      • Michelle Regan

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    • The front is just… Sad! Back is awesome. Front, like every single phone out there!

    • joe23521

      If Trump ends up as the nominee, I might be forced to cross over and buy an iPhone (vote for Hillary). I just threw up all over myself.

      • Turb0wned

        I would never vote for the murderer.


    I think the screen size will appeal to a lot of folks. Wonder about battery size.

  • Larry Simpson

    Just say no to HTC sense

  • MichaelFranz

    I will say sense does look toned down. But removing boomsound in favor of a home button fingerprint sensor hurts. Moving it to the back to keep boomsound might of made this a more desirable device. We shall see…

  • Tyler Durden

    And WTF with that font in the first picture!?

    • Be Together. Not the Same!

      You guys are over critical, i have an s7 edge on the way, but I think this looks like a nice phone, they just need to prove it can perform.

      • Tyler Durden

        lol over critical. We’re allowed to be when they cost $700+.

        • eriklee

          Yup, I hate it when people make comments like “you’re are going to slap a case on it anyway” and “if you really want good pictures, buy a DSLR.” Cheap Android phones now offer great experiences. If I’m paying flagship money, I want all the bells and whistles.

    • Adil Tajgeer

      haha i cringe and a die a little inside when i see the cursive type fonts being used on phones.

    • T3R0

      The font is user-customizable and that certainly isn’t stock.

  • Be Together. Not the Same!

    Looks nice, if I was into HTC, I would likely go for that assuming they can put a decent camera in there, if Huawei can, why can’t they?

  • Tyler Durden
    • Suicide_Note

      Not sure if that’s from Better Call Saul or Breaking Bad, but either way, Mike is such a bad-ass.

      • Tyler Durden
        • morteum

          That scene is so great.

        • Orion

          Haha always loved this scene.

      • AvalancheRyder

        ***Spoiler Alert*** I must have watched way too much Breaking Bad. I knew immediately that this is from Season 5, Episode 7 (Say My Name, 5:46 in). It’s Mike’s reaction to Walt telling Declan he’s the man who killed Gus Fring.

        • Curtis Bond

          I love how Mike pretty much hated Walt’s guts at that point in the show. He could barely hide his disdain for the man in even the tiniest interactions.

    • RIP_HTC

      + DAT CHAMFER (on the back)

      • Luis Collazo



        ROTFLMFAO! That’s just great 👍

      • LionStone

        I’m sure you made one for all the other OEMs right? If HTC does use it for the 10 at least it’s only 3 small subdued letters like on the A9, you can barely see it. Unlike the big fat SAMSUNG plastered across the top of their S7 and on the back, surprised they didn’t stick one on the side also, hah!

  • Josh LaCelle

    Nothing here I would want over the S7 edge.

    • Jared Denman

      Nothing here would want a s7 either. Garbage

      • Josh LaCelle

        You are obviously a fanboy

        • Jared Denman

          Not really. I prefer my nexus 6p. Stock or GTFO

          • Josh LaCelle

            6P is great. But the S7 has quite a few features that the Nexus 6P doesn’t offer. Stock android is nice but gets boring.

    • Ziplepingouin

      Well we could say it other way around… Other than personal design and size preferences, they have basically the same specs.

      • Josh LaCelle

        Camera and battery won’t be nearly as good as the S7 I am sure.

        • LionStone

          riiight, we believe you lol.

  • Suicide_Note

    It gives me a Nexus 6 vibe based on the shape and curves.

    The rear is quite attractive, but the front is gross. The home button and capacitive keys seem like such relics. No dual front-facing speakers is a big minus, as is ditching those in favor of a single bottom firing speaker.

    Poor HTC. They’re just flailing about, hoping something works.

    • moew

      Assman based on that statement!

      This thing looks uberfail when tapping on a flat surface, like something really technical like a table or a complicated structure like a desk. #htcfail

  • Manor

    No BoomSound=No buy

  • Josh LaCelle

    Removing boom sound was a mistake!

    • Stephen

      Josh, I couldn’t agree more! I have all 3 versions of the “One m” series and that was aspect I loved about the phones. I always thought it was a feature the rest of the industry failed at. Front facing speakers are the best.

    • calculatorwatch

      I dunno, the reason that most people here didn’t like the past couple versions was because of those huge top and bottom bezels. I think it was smart for them to shrink those bezels. Boomsound is a cool feature, but I don’t know that it’s worth taking up all that extra space. Hopefully if HTC’s market position improves one day, they will be able to release a Boomsound version of their flagship alongside the regular version like Samsung does with their Edge phones.

      • CabbageHeadCat.

        Maybe they can sell a case that has boomsound for those people.

        • I’ll be waiting in that “lineup”

      • What extra space Mann, I’ve had ones, I don’t feel that way, maybe of ypu come from lg, yes, but that space is well used not wasted, pple like you, because of you we lost boomSound, yes because of YOU! BOOOO

        • calculatorwatch

          Haha, you’re right but there’s a lot of people out there like me. HTC is trying to run a business, so do you make it slightly more appealing to 100% of people by shrinking the bezels, or way more appealing to 10% of people who use Boomsound every day? Like I said, it’s a cool feature, but the past 3 One models have proven that it’s way too niche to sell a flagship phone.

          • EarlyMon

            I’m sorry but you’re wrong. Although unscientific, this poll shows thousands of respondents saying that they prefer front facing speakers – to the tune of 53% preferring them and 19% saying they’re a must-have. I think that’s a little more accurate than your 10% guess my friend.


            It’s not as niche a feature as you think, and the bezel is still there – see my comment above about that.

            Bezel – still not shrunk – in fact it’s larger – and lower speaker chamber gone instead.

          • MicroNix

            These Android forums, as anyone can figure out, are NOT representative of the public. In real life, people aren’t out in public using boom speakers. You can say you do all day long, but anyone in the normal world is playing their music through earbuds or other attached gear. At work? Earbuds. Jogging? Earbuds. On public transportation? Earbuds. In your vehicle? BT or corded to car stereo. At home? If one is alone, boom sound. If one has a family? Earbuds. Sorry, but calculatorwatch has a more accurate representation of reality than the forum poll on a tech site.

          • EarlyMon

            Well thank you for coming on a tech site and telling me that opinions on a tech site are meaningless.

            I’ll be sure to put your opinion in the same category you suggest.

      • EarlyMon

        That’s the web myth, look at the actual teardowns.

        The bezels had ZERO to do with Boomsound – that lower black bezel was hiding the screen connector. HTC marketing tweeted otherwise on the theory that people would forgive them or something, I don’t know.

        But if you’ve ever been inside any of the One M versions, you’d know that Boomsound had zero to do with the bezels.

        This phone has the same huge lower bezel – now added buttons but it didn’t go away – because screen connector.

        So instead of making the bezel useful like this to the outside and keeping the lower speaker chamber, they simply removed the lower speaker chamber.

        Idiots. Freaking absolute, total, and complete idiots.

        • calculatorwatch

          That’s always been a pretty dumb argument. Every phone has a screen connector, HTC simply couldn’t blend theirs in with the rest of the bezels because they are filled with speakers. Keep the screen connector and get rid of the speaker part and you have really small bezels again. The reason the lower bezel on this phone is still large is due to the fingerprint sensor, which I would argue is a much bigger selling point than Boomsound could be these days.

          • EarlyMon

            You may be right about the fingerprint sensor being a huge selling point. I have one on one of my phones and don’t use it a lot, so again, that’s anecdotal.

            Whether it’s a valid argument or not, the fact remains, the connector drove the bezel. Prior to that display sandwich, HTCs had reliability and return issues over the screen – dust creeping in, light bleeds – and the connector being loose or wrong. The new design solved all that. Others do it differently, but that’s what they had.

            As for your statement – “Every phone has a screen connector, HTC simply couldn’t blend theirs in with the rest of the bezels because they are filled with speakers” – I seriously don’t know what that sentence means, so that’s on me. Feel free to clarify.

            If you’re saying that the screen connector couldn’t be hidden because of the speakers, again – you’re talking without looking carefully at a teardown as I suggested.

            Look at the black space on the 10 above the buttons and below the screen –


            So – fingerprint sensor could have gone on the back where it’s more convenient – buttons could go on screen where they belong – and what would have been left?

            1. **The same big lower bezel you think is gone now.**

            2. Space for the lower Boomsound speaker.

            They accomplished nothing other than to convince people like you that the big bezel is gone when in fact, it’s bigger.

          • calculatorwatch

            Ha, sorry, I’ll explain. Most phones you don’t notice the screen connector because it’s hidden with the rest of the bezel (Samsung, for instance, usually puts theirs on top). HTC couldn’t do that because of the speakers so they had to add the black bar, just like they had to add it to this phone because of the fingerprint sensor. The difference of course is that the capacitive buttons increase the usable screen area which makes up for about a centimeter of bezel.

          • EarlyMon

            Fair enough. 🙂

      • Skyler Wallace

        The Moto X Pure and Nexus 6P have just fine bezels with front-facing speakers. I don’t know what their problem is, maybe because they have a front home button? They can just put their fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone. The Nexus users really seem to enjoy that placement, me included.

        • Adil Tajgeer

          the 6p has kind of huge bezels. the nexus 6 had a much better bezel to screen ratio and still had front facing speakers.

          • PoisonApple31

            You nailed it…

        • ronniejr

          It’s not just about placement, it’s about the space it takes for the sized speaker with enclosure they use. If you want loud non directional limited frequency sound , that’s perfectly OK. I use mine for listening to flac files at a higher quality level with less distortion and maybe volume. But that’s what I enjoy, along with others that enjoy quality sound. Whatever the case may be, I do look forward to hearing the new ones. Maybe they will team with Bose this time like talked about in the past.

    • HTC knows their phones aren’t selling, and for some reason they think it’s because of Boom sound, so they remove it…

      • Idiots!!!! So not itttt

      • Latex beats nudity

        I think they thought not to invest anymore on that, and wtf is that design, HTC should be ashamed of themselves ruining the grand phone M7.

      • michael arazan

        Boom sound became an industry standard for some, so let’s remove it.

        What’s next reduce screens back to 720, or better yet 430

      • LionStone

        Quite the assumption that you know what HTC is thinking. Well, they never removed BoomSound for one thing, which is still on the A9 and the 10 looks like will be using dual speakers as well. People in this very thread 20 days ago were saying as much but I guess a bunch of you guys would rather try and make jokes. Looks like the joke is on all of you 😉

        • They haven’t announced it yet, you know as little as I do about it until then

          • LionStone

            Oh we both are pretty sure at this point it’s going to happen. Folks here explained exactly what the pic HTC tweeted about. You will hear it.

    • Daniel Thomas

      According to OnLeaks…it still has BoomSound. But not the dual speakers. https://twitter.com/OnLeaks/status/705783207191552000

      • T3R0

        I do see the word “speakers” with a “s”. A typo or it actually has dual speakers (just not completely front-firing)?

      • ThisGeekKnows

        Correct Daniel, boomsound still there! Still has dual speakers, but the bottom one has openings on the bottom, but the demo I heard sounded like it was still coming from the front! probably the speaker box design and algorithms, I suspect.

        • deskjob

          Demo? How did you manage that, inquiring minds want to know 🙂 Was it as good or better than the m8/m9 speakers from what you heard?

        • ronniejr

          Boomsound is front firing stereo drivers. Not corner, side or back firing. It’s not going to be worth a damn without the true front stereo speakers. I would put money that’s not final design .

          • LionStone

            Well you are wrong about BoomSound…hope you didn’t bet anyone because you will lose your money.

          • ronniejr

            No I’m not wrong. Do your research. That was the whole purpose of the boomsound trademark. There are several phones with front firing speakers, which none have a dedicated two channel amplifier with two actual drivers. Facing the front. Not edge or back or next to each other.. so what am I wrong about.. and if your talking about my opinionated statement then you just look like a Dumbass. An opinion about something not sounding right is just that. An opinion. And I have reasons for that opinion as well. They happen to come from experience from other phones with stereo sound, which were side/edge fired. And while holding the phone listing to audio, your hands obstruct the sound depending on hand placement. But that’s neither here nor there. Go find another person to accuse of being wrong when your intelligence cannot back a work you say.

          • LionStone

            Yes you are incorrect about BoomSound. It is NOT meant just for “front firing stereo drivers”. The A9 does not have dual front speakers, but yet it does have BoomSound. It’s okay man, lots of people get it wrong.

          • ronniejr

            OMG, really, are you really sticking with that statement. OK Dumbass. it does not have boomsound. It is not advertised as boomsound. Tell me where u read this. Before you open your mouth again and I really make you look stupid. Go Read … try starting at HTC’s site.

          • LionStone

            There you go, see, I knew you weren’t that thick…”the A9 has boomsound through the headphones…”

          • ronniejr

            That’s not the same as boomsound speakers. Which is what the whole discussion was all about.. if you read even deeper, you notice HTC does not advertise boomsound on that phone.. but every other metal series phone in the group. The phone pictured above is probably an update to the A9. Of course I’m not going to get it right away anyway, my m9 still has a few years in it, Unless the next one is literally perfect with the perfect camera.

    • Latex beats nudity

      RIP HTC, goodbye !!

    • tylerc23

      BoomSound is still in there…DL is wrong

    • ZacharyTol

      No one actually uses their phone for “booming sound”. Might be a cool feature, but I’d prefer investment going towards a better camera or battery.

    • LionStone

      haha, ooops! Your comment is a mistake lol!

  • bembaki

    Dem bezels

    • Stephen Brown

      just like the s7