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This Google Maps Video Shows Android Without an App Drawer and People are Freaking Out (Updated)

android no app drawer

UPDATE 2/29: Google reached out to confirm to us our initial thoughts, that this Google Maps video is an inaccurate (read: bad mock-up as we suggested below) version of their UI and that this is not a hint or preview of what’s to come, as has been rumored over the previous couple of weeks.

Yesterday, Google posted a tweet through the Google Maps Twitter account that has Android enthusiasts going a big nuts, all because the video included shows a Nexus 6P without an app drawer. Seriously, lots of people are freaking out because this phone doesn’t have an app drawer. I don’t know that I’m ready to freak out just yet without knowing the full story, but it is worth talking about.

First of all, here is the tweet that’s to blame for this weekend’s fun. 

If you blink during the first 2 seconds, you’ll miss it. See it? If not, just look at the image at the top of this post.

Why are people making a big deal of this? For a couple of reasons. First, it has been rumored off and on for a couple of months that the next version of Android may not have an app drawer. Assuming this video isn’t just a bad mock-up that wasn’t meant to confuse the world, yet is, then we could be looking into the future here.

Second, Android has had an app drawer since day one, so potentially killing it off in favor of Apple’s really shitty app jukebox approach where all of your installed apps get spammed onto home screens, is a big deal. It would be terrible, if I’m being honest. The app drawer has always provided a form of organization that was used to easily jump into specific apps. In fact, the app drawer that arrived around the time of Marshmallow, that included recently used apps at the top, search, vertical scrolling, and quick scrolling between letters is an awesome implementation of the app drawer.

Is that what we’re seeing here, a disappearance of the app drawer? Since we get to view a screen on a phone without an app drawer icon for all of 2 seconds, we really have no idea what the full story is here. But for fun, let’s say that this isn’t just a bad Google mock-up and is pointing to what’s to come. What we are seeing is the Google Now Launcher up and running with only icons in the home screen’s dock for phone, contacts, and camera. If you have used the GNL, you know that the app drawer icon can’t be moved or removed – it’s locked to the dock at all times.

Does that mean that an update is coming to the GNL and Android that will leave us Apple’s incredibly shitty app jukebox approach? We don’t know. If Google is killing the app drawer as we know it, hopefully, they have something else in store that will help you quickly get to the apps you need without just scrolling through pages of apps on your home screen or by forcing you into foldering it all up. Maybe the app experience will become contextual or based on favorites or most used or recently used. Maybe there will be a swipe-out panel of some sort.

There better be something, dammit. We are not iOS users.

google apps

It’s also worth noting that this home screen setup is showing a Google app icon with the word “Search” underneath it. I don’t know about your phone, but mine sure doesn’t say “Search” under the Google app, it says “Google.”

Consider the idea that this maybe isn’t pointing towards Android N at all and is just a preview of an update to the Google Now Launcher and Google app.

What do you think?

  • Armaan Modi


  • McStagger

    let’s just hope it uses a gesture like Nova Launcher.

  • James_75

    App Drawer Lives Matter

  • trevorsalienarms

    First world problems, amirite?

  • Hanson Eze

    Woow 😎 😎

    Let’s hope for a better devices for that N

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  • shamatuu

    Thank God . no app drawer is bad for Android.

  • Murphy’s Magnet

    Well, at least nobody freaked out over nothing.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Thank you!

  • First Google is said to be ditching the app drawer. What’s next? Icons with the same height and width restrictions?

  • VAVA Mk2

    What if we now access the app drawer via gestures on the home screen (or from any screen) a la Blackberry OS 10?

  • Bill3

    One of the reasons I hate my iPhone so much is that it is so disorganised. The app drawer is a must. It’s like Microsoft deciding to get rid of the ‘start’ button…how did that work out?

  • Larinx

    Does anyone use the GEL? Never saw the appeal of it tbh. I’ll stick with nova.

    That being said this is an extremely dumb idea if true, more dumb then removing silent mode that they did in kit kat.

  • Nixx

    Ha, it actually took me a minute to figure out what was “Missing”. I haven’t had an app drawer icon for so long I didn’t even realize. I use a Nova App Search action on the Home button. I find it much quicker than any app drawer and I don’t get distracted by apps and games that I would normally see every time I open the drawer.

    I trust google to come up with something better than an app drawer over cloning the iOS.

  • James S Kerekes

    I am pretty sure that i came across something a few weeks ago about being able to disable the app drawer in an upcoming OS for those that would want that sort of thing. Hopefully this is the case. I don’t like much on my home screens.

  • Timesalami

    A smart move on google’s part would be to have a setting to allow users to toggle the app drawer on and off. that way users transitioning from iOS would have an easier adjustment and then once adjusted could start using the traditional android style. And yes I know I’m inviting hate by saying this. but making android more appealing to iOS users could draw in those sitting on the fence when it comes to deciding which platform to use.

  • Andrexx

    I was recently issued an iPhone 6 as a work phone, and this is one of the things I detest. Fortunately, I’m installing the bare minimum to get by, as it will *only* be used for work tasks, but if my personal phone went this direction??? No way!

    I know Nova *changes* the app drawer, but dies it actually *make* it’s own? If so, then at least there will may be a way to keep it if Google goes completely goofy in the head.

  • shanev2

    I do NOT want all those icons on my home screens! Don’t do it, Google!

  • Beamish

    The app drawer might be masquerading as that Search icon.

    Hit it, see apps, scroll up to browse. Start typing and you get results from both Apps and Google Search.

    Now they have pushed general Search onto one more function rather than context specific as in Android M – apps only.

  • Droid Ronin

    nothing a custom launcher can’t fix

  • BruinGuy

    C’mon folks, don’t freak out. The ONLY phones that use the Google launcher are Nexus phones. Anyone using a Nexus phone will know how to install a launcher. Every other manufacturer uses their own launcher and they’ll be just fine.

  • Perhaps the new version of Now Launcher will allow users to remove the app drawer icon. Since I don’t often use the app drawer, I would be favor of this approach.

  • Daeshaun

    What if they make it like android auto?

  • Steven Santinelli

    I think its fine, as LONG as you can switch between the two. If you can’t then, well that’s just stupid. 🙂 I keep my 2 screens clean of just apps that matter all the time. If I need something different, I pop into the app drawer… Perfect.

    So yeah… Give us an option, that’s fine, but don’t take it away, or Hello Nova Launcher!

  • MikeKorby

    Perhaps swiping to the second or third dot brings up the app drawer? Instead of having a dedicated button for the drawer, maybe they have the drawer function as a panel in the new launcher?

  • Clancy3434

    gesture and/or search control for app drawer? god knows i get rid of the app drawer logo on Nova Launcher and switch it to a double tap gesture. perhaps google is doing something similar.

    one would think if they were ditching the app drawer there would be a whole lot more apps on that home screen.

  • Domenic Apice

    Why is no one talking about the fact that the Google Now Home screen appears to be gone too? The dot clearly shows that we are looking at the far left homescreen on that phone, which is the usually placement of the Google Now screen. I highly doubt google is getting rid of that, so let’s all calm down and assume this is a bad render.

    • japenharox

      They could’ve removed the swipe-right action, and keep the home screen on “tap home button and swipe up” action tho

  • japenharox

    So? Unless they’re going to ditch support for third-parties launchers, it’s not the end of the world.

  • I’ll be honest, since I installed Action Launcher on my Nexus, I removed the All Apps button. All I do is swype left to get the drawer out. I really don’t miss it. As long as Google doesn’t force me to put all Apps in the screens, I’ll be fine.

  • Shadowstare

    Anybody think the app drawer is there, but its not a button. Maybe its gesture controlled like a swipe up from the bottom. I’m praying Google isn’t stupid enough to take away the app drawer for real.

  • Ryan

    As long as some sort of functionality replaces it. I dont want my widgets sharing space with icons I barely use.

  • SuperJDB

    I’ve been using Sony’s launcher concept without an app drawer and must say it is fantastic!

    Android without the app drawer is nothing like iOS: iOS has no home screen, only an app drawer.

    Android without the app drawer still has a home screen with your favourite applications and widgets; but instead of having a separate list of all your apps, all your apps are now on the home screen (on a separate page by default) and you can organize them on your home screen as you please. It’s like the app drawer is the rightmost page of your homescreen but it only has the stuff you didn’t organize.

    Google’s alphabetically sorted app drawer looks very disorganized to me, and Samsung and others have launchers that allow you to organize the app drawer pretty much like the home screen. Having only one place to organize your apps just feels very natural to me. And otherwise don’t freak out, it will probably just be an option you can enable or not… just give it a try.

    • scastro87

      So, like iOS?

  • Jaime Morris

    I’m not sure why everyone is freaking out. The app drawer is basically just a smart folder that all of your icons are shovelled into. If you don’t like having your icons on the home page, just create a folder and put it on the dock where the app drawer icon normally goes.

  • stayflyer

    the apps all over the place is design is tacky and 1 thing i hate about the iphone.

  • Romeliarcook1

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  • Google posted a tweet through the Google Maps Twitter account that has Android enthusiasts going a big nuts, all because the video included shows a Nexus 6P without an app drawer.

  • Snowbo13

    Maybe it’s a gesture like double tap or two figure swipe up. Or a option for this to remove the app drawer button.

  • Almost everything else is emulating crApple, why not the insipid stacked apps pages?

  • duke69111

    Android getting rid of the app drawer is a horrible idea in my opinion.

  • Well, if this is a preview of Android N they are also ditching the swipe-left action for Google Now, since that screen with the icons has the first dot highlighted and we all know that the first screen with icons is always the second dot in GNL, with the first being the Google Now screen…

  • liquidamber5

    It’s one of the things that I hate most about iOS. If Android did away with it, it’d be hugely disappointing. I can only take solace in the idea that third party apps like Nova Launcher will not follow suit, and will offer app drawers as an option.

  • yeuri

    maybe you will be able to get into the app drawer from the fingerprint sensor after you have unlock the phone..

  • Sam

    I’d be happy to have Google Now moved to the notification drawer with notification integration and a pull out drawer for apps.

  • Mojor Izin

    I think google is just gonna adopt some features from nova. i’ve been running no appdrawer button + swipe up gesture for drawer since ICS in 2011. So I didn’t even notice anything strange in that screenshot until it was explained. The app drawer button is dead! long live the app drawer gesture!

  • Abdoulah Soulami

    WHY Google, WHY? Let’s hope they won’t mess up GNL…
    We’ll still have launchers though.

  • Jeff “BIG RED”


  • diggie

    Good. Get rid of app drawer. Can’t wait.

    With app drawer: 1. open app drawer 2. find icon 3. launch app
    Without app drawer: 1. find icon 2. launch app

    If you’re worried about apps getting cluttered, make another page out of sight, or even folders!

  • sholling

    The loss of the app drawer is a major reason why I chose to go with an S7 over a G5. I like using folders (especially LG’s implementation in the G4) but I don’t want to have to spend the first day new phone organizing my apps. I just want to get it up and running with my essential apps making it usable and then dot all the “I”s and cross all the “T”s with my other apps as time allows.

  • NorCalGuy

    What if its just a flick up gesture like u can do in nova launcher? I have hade mine like this for atleast 2 years…i also flick down to bring down the notification drawer, which is easier then going all the way to the top to bring it down.

    • LionStone

      Yep, exactly. First thing I do when I set up my device is get rid of the App drawer button and it set up with a double tap

  • Boogie79

    I haven’t had used an app drawer for years. I use gestures for everything.

  • trwb

    I hear they are getting rid of widgets next!

  • Hallic0Hicks

    Why would google update the app drawer be to the best version it’s ever been last year and just ditch it completely the following year? Doesn’t add up.

    • atc-tech


    • thePromoter

      They did that with the swipe up GN gesture

  • Tom S
  • JohnA

    I think that the app drawer maybe replaced by the Google Search. It already finds one’s apps anyway. Maybe some added functionality to that. I really don’t see Android having a similar system to IOS in Android N.

  • Person Dude

    Yawn. If Google had any sense at all, they would make an app drawer optional to turn on in the developer settings or something if they remove it. If not, no big deal, I have Nova Launcher to bail me out.

  • Osalt Osalt

    if they drop the App Drawer someone will have an App just for that that we can download. Dropping it from Google is just plain stupid.

  • Dani Cynamon

    There is no drawer on Android N – THIS IS CONFIRMED, not by google… but who cares… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycpI50C5chU

  • Fmt

    I think it could be optional.

  • WickedToby741

    Is it possible that the app drawer is now a home screen of sorts like Google Now? Maybe it’s now the right most panel. After all, it does scroll vertically now, so that would. Or maybe it’s built into the task manager so you don’t have to go home to launch apps.

  • YuCMi

    I’m fine with it, I don’t know why people are freaking out when there will always be other app launchers with app drawers. I’m sure Google will include a setting to go back too…

  • Peter Stover

    Long press home button and swipe up to access app drawer..?

  • google slowly becoming apple. im not a fan of minimalist designs.
    i wish they learn a thing or two from Android 6.0 release.. there are good stuff, but the UI
    is quite over-simplified. the new notification drop down isn’t nice (for me atleast).

    if this happens, i guess i just test it out first. re-rolled back to Lolipop or Kit-Kat.
    (not unless custom launchers can save it)

  • kirko77

    I think they may have thrown it out there to see people’s reaction…. maybe they want(ed) to go that way. And I don’t think it’s going well LOL

  • Mohd Aizzat

    You should try Asus ZenUI Launcher that have options to switch to no app drawer

  • Gary Radley

    The new LG G5 does not have an app draw. It is also happening to a few new phones due soon apparently. Look like the future.

    • This has been a trend for a while, actually — Chinese vendors like Huawei tend to do it often. And hate to say it, but it’s frequently because Apple does it (some custom Android UIs from major vendors are not-so-subtle nods to the iPhone).

      Having said all that: I wouldn’t put too much stock in this video unless you see other clips showing the same thing.

      • Duffman

        You sir, can quietly go back to Engadget that you’ve successfully run into the ground.

  • I wonder what google is up to
    Changes wont affect me till i get a new device
    I’ll read reviews and see how it goes

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    I don’t think they’re dumb enough to kill off the app drawer. I think this is either a GNL update or perhaps they are going to stat using a swipe-out panel of some kind, which I think is a good idea, being that it will free up screen real estate.

    • kirko77

      Free up what, one icon space?

  • Whats with the on screen keys having a black bar behind them? And the notification bar/shade at the top should remain transparent too. Please don’t go back to that terrible design Google

  • “There better be something, dammit. We are not iOS users.”

    Is this what constitutes tech journalism that is supposed to be taken seriously?

    • kirko77

      1. They aren’t journalists, they are boogers.
      2. What’s the big deal? This is an Android centric website

      • Boogers? lol

        And I think it’s immature reporting. It gets tiring listening to stuff like that. If you can’t report on something without bashing something else, I don’t know what else to say there.

        • kirko77

          Why are you here then? They have their opinions and have the right to say them.

          I personally don’t want a boring vanilla “report”

          • I’m because I can be. I like to read on everything about tech. And I like to point out poor journalism. You can be unbiased and mature about it. Not everyone knows this, though.

          • kirko77

            Lmao! So YOU “can” and they “can’t”. I get it now…. You just stroll around forums in boredom trying to be a ” journalist nazi” because you think that you are right and they are wrong.

            I never understood people like you

          • People like me, who want mature and unbiased reporting without the pre-teen crap? Maybe when you grow up you’ll begin to understand people like me.

          • kirko77

            Oh boy….. I am grown up.
            If you can’t grasp the difference between Android blog and Tech/Gadget website I can’t help you there.

          • Peter Stover

            Please don’t tell me you’re voting for Hitlery Clinton?

        • vzwuser76

          Good thing the Apple blogs don’t bash their competition.

  • CabbageHeadCat.

    If they ditched the app drawer it would suck so bad. That is what I hate misty about iOS, it is sooo messy.

    I think that it will swipe in from the left. Google Now is already a quick launch from the home button. Oh, wait, it isn’t anymore.

  • ConCal


  • tylerc23

    They made an oops and this is N

  • wjrandon

    The video was a motion graphics composite. Not a screenshot of a device. This amounts to a lot of nothing.

  • Saptarshi Paul Choudhury

    there are many people out there who dont like app drawer but that does not mean it is required to remove app drawer there are many 3rd party launchers there through which people can remove app drawer those who dont like it this is the power of android if Google really removes app drawer then there will be no difference between android and ios there’s no reason to copy ios


    Quick! everyone press the back button on the home screen of their android phones! What does it do? Nothing! I think Google just want to get rid of the omnipresent app drawer icon to give more discs to the android user and make the homescreen a big easier on the eye

  • Art Ramirez

    App drawer or no app drawer, doesn’t matter because Nova. Who cares.

  • sam

    I’m glad that this is such a big deal because it means the world must be getting more peaceful.

  • Marylnieves4

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  • yummy

    My girl she go a big nuts when I remove my app drawers, so I understand the backsplash.

  • I’d bet money that you’ll just drag the home button upward to launch the app tray. I’ve always felt like the home button and app button were a bit redundant anyway. It’d be good if they joined forces.

    • kirko77

      Good idea, that may be true… Now that GN has been stripped from there

  • master94

    I see the number of people downloading Nova launcher going through the roof. If Google does ditch the app drawer than what people said of Android copying Android actually becomes true. Hope its not.

  • Brian Burns

    If Google does decide to ditch the app drawer, hopefully there will be an option to enable it in settings. I can’t imagine Google would ditch it completely.

  • Tyler

    Eh I dont have an issue with it. It would help make android more accessible to more people. I for one wouldn’t use it in favor for Nova Launcher like i am now and I think that if you miss it you should be tech savvy enough to download a different one.

  • Allyn K C

    I’m willing to give Google credit for knowing what they are doing. My best guess is that they’ll have some sort of option available as a functional replacement for the app drawer.

    One option is to use a gesture to pull up the app drawer – so not going away, just changing how it would be accessed.

    Another option could be if they expand the functioning of folders. A scroll-able folder could easily replace most functions of the app drawer for me, if the right options are added to folders – I could even label the folder “App drawer”.

    • vzwuser76

      The folders are scrollable on MM, at least in the GNL.

  • Nova Launcher for the way! 🙋

  • jrod3737

    What do I think? I think that Android doesn’t force me to use the Google Now launcher, so this is much ado about meh.

  • DerpyDan

    If you don’t like the features of GNL, then use a different launcher. This is Android were talking about right?

  • steelew

    I wish they would stop changing random things, and just add the things everyone is asking for.

  • Maui

    First they give us iOS style notification banners and now this?! I HATE IT!

  • Dominick White

    I k ow a lot. Of people who use the app draw., like my wife who only has 4/5 apps on the home screen and the rest in the app draw, she likes it like that cause it keeps everything looking clean.

  • Michael Harrison

    Y’all are missing the important part here, they are doing it all with NO PROVIDER and NO DATA SIGNAL. Android N is obviously putting the entire web at once on your phone. 😉

    • Chris Hannan

      16YB phone confirmed?

  • Orion

    Google lost their damn minds if this is the route they’re going. No matter….Nova Launcher has done great for me and I will continue to use it.

    • Nunyur_Biznezz

      good for you. let those that think it’s a waste not have it and the rest of you have options anyway.

      • Orion

        Of course it’s good for me…that’s why I said it genius. And it’s good for you if you want a cluttered mess. You voice your opinion… I’ll voice mine. Thanks.

  • cdm283813

    One word; Nova.

  • Nunyur_Biznezz

    I always though the app drawer was redundant and also repetitive

    • Cody

      I’m in the opposite school of thought. I like that it helps unclutter my screens from apps I rarely use but still feel are worth keeping. A good example are icon packs.

  • Paul Hansen

    I wouldn’t mind a swipe up from the bottom app drawer.

  • senor_heisenberg

    Probably must a mockup since the Google Now page is no longer the left most page, but who knows.

    People need to learn to stop freaking out and complaining before things actually get confirmed.

  • Marcus Gonzales

    Step 1. Go to home screen
    Step 2. Press home button
    Step 3. App drawer
    Step 4. Profit

  • What about the potential of integrating it with the google search bar at the top of the screen – the search bar in the current iteration of the drawer is awfully similar.

    • krudl3rx

      Pretty hard to search for an app that you cannot remember the name of… and you just need to see the icon or name to jog your memory.

  • Joe

    App drawer, no app drawer. Meh.

  • steelew

    Since anyone (who knows what they’re doing) uses Nova launcher, I wonder why Google doesn’t just buy or emulate them. This has been a big mystery to me for quite some time. To most people, their launcher IS android. It IS the user experience in most cases. My wife couldn’t tell you where the settings menu is let alone what a launcher is but she knows when something has moved. If they get rid of the app drawer, they will just piss people off and for what?

  • Adam Barrett

    Sure glad Android is open and customizable, so I choose my home screen and app drawer independently from what the geeks at Google (or Apple) say is right.

    • YuCMi

      Nooo!! It’s the end of the wooorld!! Android is becoming IOS with this critical change in a replaceable launcher! /s

  • BoFiS

    Of course, most launchers besides the Google one allow you to move (or I guess remove) the app drawer icon in the dock…not sure why anyone would want to, but maybe just for a video to scare people?

  • alberteezy

    The only thing what I do hate when Google does changes is they don’t leave the old options. For example why remove swipe up to google now? Why not give me an option if I want to slide up or swipe left. Same if the app drawer ends up removed. Give me an option if I want it removed or not. This does worry me a bit since I think it’s the G5 that no longer has and app drawer and the Nextbit phone as well. ‘Be Together, Not The Same’

    • Orion

      Exactly! I’m just glad there’s Nova.

    • jonzey231

      I HATED that they got of of swipe up for Google Now. I literally just thought it was a bug during the preview images and then I finally started Googling it and was heart broken. That is one feature that I used very often.

    • Gjorgi Lazarovski

      Actually you are very wrong. You can get Google Now back on MM.

  • Daeshaun

    I think Google is going to make us type in the app. Like a website. Didn’t they say something like they want apps to run off the cloud? I’m willing to give it a shot.

  • Hoggles

    The G5 doesn’t have an app drawer. The S7 has an option to disable the app drawer.

    I don’t like where this is headed at all. First the flat look, with horrid pastel colors and a white background….and now this.

    Not good. I really hope Google listens to its users…but I fear Android N will not have an app drawer.

  • Maybe they will merge the home button with the app drawer button 😛

  • Patrick

    I don’t think they would remove it and I bet it is on a different page. Look at the dots on the bottom, I’m guessing the other 2 pages are Google Now and App Drawer.

  • fallsgable

    IF Android were to lose or ditch the App drawer concept…does that mean that Nova Launcher would lose it as well….or would Nova’s App drawer still exist because it is a 3rd party….I don’t use the app drawer button either….just double tap home screen with Nova’s gestures…

  • This is turning into the Start Menu debacle of Windows 8 lol. Except not nearly as serious IMO.

  • Dick Bailey

    The video, in conjunction with what we saw at MWC on the S7 & G5, certainly raises the question. Whether or not one uses the app drawer, seeing Android even consider copying Apple and Chinese UIs is disturbing.

  • John Matthews

    notice the lack of Google Now?

  • shelderman

    This has been rumored on N for a while now. DL is behind the times

  • wow it’s very clearly a render… People need to chill.

  • Me

    OMFG! What’s next, Apple music in the play store?! I didn’t buy an Android to run iOS. smfh this is unforgivable.

  • Ryan N
  • M C

    What if they repped, it? so that like google now, swipe right to get your app drawr, swipe right again to get to your gnow. or they just didnt need it in the video so cropped it out. I would be iterested in knowing of a potentially better way of getting to the app drawer. but would not like it if all my apps just suddenly cluttered my background. i like seeing my background not all my apps.

  • trigun123478

    Yesterday, Google posted a tweet through the Google Maps Twitter account that has Android enthusiasts going a big nuts, all because the video included.

    Anyone notice he said Big nuts instead of a bit nuts? Lol

    • Tony Spencer

  • Keith

    Looks like Kellex was browsing Reddit again.

  • Captain_Invisible

    I personally hate how cluttered the app drawer is. With the Google Now Launcher, I have no way to hide an icon, I have no use for, like the Google app (it just jumps to Google Now, which was just a swipe away on the home screen anyway), my country’s emergency call app (I just have it to report my GPS coordinates, if I made an emergency call), and a few other icons.

    The app drawer is a bad solution to a problem, that comes with Android’s openness. If Google were to solve the core problem, there would be no need for an app drawer. I don’t want all kinds of icons on my home screen iOS style, but I don’t want a cluttered app drawer either. If I wanted a grid of icons, I could just as well put all of them on my home screen.

    If Google has the solution to that problem, I would mind it getting rid of the app drawer.

    • Armaan Modi

      But with app drawer, all the icons are seperate from the homescreen.The homescreen contains widgets and the most important apps.

      • Captain_Invisible

        I don’t have apps on my phone, that I don’t regularly use, so I have about half of my apps on the ho.E screen. Several of the other apps are shortcuts to apps, that are only supposed to run in the background, and I therefore don’t need its icon. The app drawer is a half solution to a problem of an unorganized OS.

        • Rod

          What if I told you, you aren’t the only android user there is.

          • Captain_Invisible

            That doesn’t sound right.

        • Armaan Modi


  • Erik Tyler

    I think the rumors are true and there won’t be an app drawer in Android N, as the G5 doesn’t have one and the S7 has an option to not have one. They really seem to know something that we don’t… However, when the N preview comes out without an app drawer and everyone (rightfully) throws a fit, I guarantee Google will bring it back for the final release.

    • bleached

      Maybe it will be optional. App drawer toggle on/off.

  • Corey Foltman

    Maybe they made a shortcut swipe or double tap so you can have an additional dock app(for those on stock Google now launcher

  • Bas Keetelaar

    There will be an app drawer, it’s just a swipe-up

  • Thaddeus Brown

    Really….people are freaking out over this? With custom launchers and hell even gesture controls you’ll be able to make your pretty little Android do what ever it is you want it to do haha. I already don’t use a app drawer icon and just double tap the home screen to launch it.

    • alberteezy

      True, but the average consumer will not know that. Also, isn’t there a difference from not having the app drawer icon and not having the app drawer all together?

    • EP_2012

      You want to be the one teaching my wife how to install and use a custom launcher? Ain’t nobody go time for that!

      • JLV90

        your wife probably just uses the home screen anyways

    • Rod

      My grandfather won’t install a custom launcher.

      • BruinGuy

        Your grandfather uses a Nexus? Because no other mainstream phone uses the pure Google interface.

        • Motorola, Sony? I think there’s an option to turn off the App drawer on the S7 & the G5 doesn’t have one.

          • BruinGuy

            I think only the Moto X Pure Edition. Would your grampa be buying that? Most gramps will be buying a phone in a store, not online.

          • WalkerNA

            Did you forget about the Droid Turbo 2? It’s Motorola, available in the store, and pushed by the employees.

  • Tanuj Chokshi

    Nothing a little Nova Launcher can’t fix

    • Rod

      Wanna teach my grandmother to set up a custom launcher?

      • Dave

        Install launcher….done? Nova’s defaults is pretty standard.

  • raven myers

    If you swipe all the way to the right, more than the app drawer is 😉

  • Davros

    If I wanted my screens to look like a bowl of alphabet soup I would have bought an iphone. Surely they wouldn’t do that. I mean WTF? apple clones Android and Android clones apple? Why don’t they just switch offices and call it a day?

    • Armaan Modi


  • trixnkix637

    Meh. Ultimately.

  • Pakmann2k

    Look ma! No hands! I like a clean black home screen for my devices. I use Nova Launcher, swipe up for the app drawer and down for the notification bar. Double press home to toggle the notification bar on and off.

    Other than showing off, what’s my point? I’ll bet they just changed it to a gesture instead of a button. Just like the Google Now did.

    • Suicide_Note

      That’s my guess, too. Perhaps a swipe in from the left/right brings over the app drawer?

      • bad UX design if that were the case

      • steelew

        I haven’t had an iphone in a while, but isn’t that where apple keeps their app search (swiping from left to right)?

        • Tyler

          No if i understand him correctly he’s thinking a google now style area where all your apps are so left most would be all your apps instead of google now sort of deal. Which if that was the case that would be really smart, it keeps all your apps in one place but doesn’t hide it in a button that you may or may not click if you dont know.

          • steelew

            That is how apple does it. Or at least did it in iOS 4 or so. Siri, apps and search were to the left of the first home screen.

          • Tyler

            I was more thinking of moving the current app drawer to the left of the screen. If I remember correctly Apple’s implementation only showed whatever you searched or most recent not a complete list like the app drawer currently does. Not sure what is currently on the left side but I know your can pull down on the home screen to get a search bar now.

      • Clancy3434

        perhaps swipe left goes to google now, and swipe up brings the app drawer?

    • Armaan Modi

      yeah, what if only the icon is hidden….

    • Miles3

      Is that a weather app on your screen with Nova Launcher?

      • Tyler

        It’s the clock widget that I believe comes with the droid phones. I know my mom’s droid turbo has it. You can click on various areas to expand it as well.

  • DanWazz

    Dear God…. NoooooooooooOooOOoOOOOOOooooo!!!!!!!

  • Desertwhale

    As long as 3rd party launchers still have drawer I’ll be fine. Been using Nova since it came out.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    And why doesn’t the Google lady know to just tell me when the date of Google I/O is..? You’d think Google would allow her to know/answer specific things… About Google. Since We’re already annoyed at Google… Why not pile on?

  • GeekListTV

    Don’t see the big deal, just because it doesn’t have a app drawer doesn’t make if a “iOS Clone”. I can name 1000 things that even without a app drawer that Android does and has over iOS.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      That’s obviously not the point. We’re talking about ONE THIHG. The App Drawer. This isn’t about comparing to Apple… Just that it’ll be a stupid idea.

      • Ryan Johnson

        Why would it be a bad idea?

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Because having all icons on the hone screen quickly turns into a disaster. Have you ever seen an iPhone with 10+ screens? It’s an organizational mess.

  • Mordecaidrake

    I think if my phone doesn’t have an app drawer I’m done. If I wanted an ios clone, I’d just get an iPhone. I don’t know what Google been upto lately but I really don’t like where they’re headed.

    • You’re done with the whole OS if one app loses its app drawer? Just get a third party launcher, that’s why Android is great – choice.

  • The Doctor

    So if Google gets rid of the app drawer, what’s the point of using it then? I might as well keep my iPhone 6s Plus if I wanted a homescreen full of apps.

    • Paçaro

      You use Android EXCLUSIVELY because of the app drawer? There’s really no other reason you use it other than it having an app drawer?

      • The Doctor

        Yeah, one of the reasons. I love the app drawer. It keeps my apps away from the homescreen so it’s not cluttered.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Waiting for those “Just use a launcher” people, so that I can virtually punch them in the head.

    Anyway… This is stupid and not worth fussing over until we can officially yell at Google after I/O

    • Desertwhale

      What’s wrong with the “just use a launcher” people? It’s a legitimate solution.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        No. It’s an alternate option. I don’t want to have to use a launcher that I don’t care for… For basic features.

        • bleached

          Then use a launcher that you care for.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            I care for Google Launcher

        • Don’t be stubborn. Just try it. You might like it 😉

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Lol I’ve tried every launcher. Including the crazy 3D ones and even all the way back to Launcher Pro. I just like simplicity

          • That’s the thing though. It CAN be simple. You can set up the most minimal homescreen ever and just gesture all your basic needs if you want. You can make it look exactly like GNow launcher or as trippy as early Touchwiz circa 2011. Or are you referring to simplicity as a lack of initial/overall effort?

          • Rod

            Imagine your old dumb aunt finding out her “all apps screen” just vanished.

      • Seriously. Nova is better than anything stock Vanilla or otherwise. Period. So many options. They usually have options to make your homescreens look and feel like whatever the current implementation of Android is anyway (WITH added goddies). I just don’t get why people hate Nova or other launchers in general.

        • Rod

          Try having your grandmother download and set up a custom launcher.

        • Desertwhale

          It’s lazy people that don’t want to bother with experimentation.

      • Rod

        You think?

        What would your grandmother say about this change?

    • Pakmann2k

      Lol, I am a launcher guy but I am betting they are going gesture based instead of the button.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        That’s what I’m thinking.

  • My first reaction wasn’t that Google may emulate Apple, but that maybe the Google search bar may be used to access apps. Why do we need an app drawer icon?

    • Eric Butler

      I was going to say the same thing. The GNL lets you search for apps from any homescreen already. Removing the app draw altogether seems like the next natural step. It would take some getting used to but once you do, you realize how silly it was scrolling through a mile long list of apps

      • what if you don’t remember the name of an app but know it’s icon?

        • Eric Butler

          Trial and error? You only need a couple of letters to bring an app up in search

          • Rod

            Hmm.. Nope.

  • cadtek91

    I think that, it’ll just be that the app drawer icon is removable, like it is in Nova. But at the same time, there’s a toggle to turn off the app drawer. I do hope it’s a “opt-in” thing, and not turned off for everybody.

  • Mike Stout

    I totatly wouldn’t mind the app drawer becoming a widget if I could replace it with a fifth app there on the bottom… Would prefer it actually.

  • jdbarn

    A shortcut from one of the navigation buttons might be ok but the app drawer can’t leave!

  • Tyler Durden

    I remember when Android people were like “iOS doesn’t even have an app drawer stupid OS!”

    Hoping my S7 Edge ships early. Ordered it before those folks getting emails. Boo.

    • The Doctor

      I hope my S7 edge ships early as well. There’s people in Europe (Finland, in particular) that are already getting their new phones.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        BS…. seriously? That’s fast.

        • The Doctor

          I’m serious. Check out the S7 edge forum over on Android Central.

        • Tyler Durden

          Yeah and he uploaded an unboxing…

          In 360p

          • Mark2134

            I think you and I ordered at the same time on Tuesday. I don’t have any shipping info and none of the info is filled in yet on my T-Mobile track order page. :`(

        • patt

          yup my friend works for Samsung in Europe,Poland he showed me screenshots of his S7 Edge. Has Android 6.0.1 and February Android Patches.

    • mcdonsco

      I received my ship notification and tracking number from T-Mobile this morning, but they haven’t handed it off to ups yet.

      Anyone have any tricks to get T-Mobile to unlock a pre-ordered phone? I have no intention of using tmobile, cricket 20gb plan…anticipating a big fight with T-Mobile to get it done.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Damn it! I should have ordered already. I already have a Damn case.

      • Jose

        If it’s anything like my G4, it’ll come with an unlock app that becomes functional when the device is paid off. Don’t know anything about unlocking by any other method.

        • mcdonsco

          I paid full retail upfront for my note 5 and fought with various levels of T-Mobile support, management and executive level management for over a week before they finally agreed to unlock it.

      • The Doctor

        Seriously? I pre-ordered mine at 6:50 am central time on Tuesday from Verizon and haven’t heard a word about it yet.

      • patt

        You paid full price it should not matter. But why did you pre-order from T-Mobile? Verizon has it cheaper.

        • mcdonsco

          They didn’t when I did the same thing with a note 5…took a week of arguing with them and finally their corporate executive guys pushed it through (once I reached that level).

          As for Verizon, it’s Verizon. That’s why. CDMA vs GSM and their dumb ass branding.

          • patt

            I think it’s stupid for them to make it strict. You pay full price it’s not like they are losing money by allowing sim-unlock.

          • tlspatt

            Wait, does the S7 work on ALL the carriers (like Moto X)? Or am I misunderstanding? I’ll buy one today if I can swap between GSM and CDMA just by swapping the SIM card…but I thought that buying one from Samsung still meant I had to choose which radios/carrier I wanted?

          • patt

            It has more bands but def not universal like Moto X. I don’t know the exact specs sorry.

        • mcdonsco

          This is of course the other reason why. I’ll pay an extra $17 to not have it’s looks destroyed with that dumb ass Verizon logo (AND the “Galaxy S7” on it too, the other versions only have the one samsung logo).

    • alberteezy

      Just because its Google does not mean it will not get any bashing. If they ditch the app drawer all together for something that Apple does then I will think its stupid.

  • Jerry

    The soft keys are black and not transparent too what’s up with that

  • Adam Martinez

    Having an app drawer icon is a waste of space, for the longest time I’ve just had a Nova Launcher gesture to swipe up to open the app drawer.

    • TheFirstUniverseKing

      Same. I haven’t used an app drawer button in ages on Nova.

    • That doesn’t sound very intuitive to an end user.

      • abqnm

        It’s not. But it’s fantastic for anyone who wants to use it. The app drawer icon is still there by default so new users won’t be lost. It’s just an option. An extra icon slot in the dock is really nice.

    • Dobbie03

      I don’t use an app drawer button either. I have a few favourite apps on the home page and like you I use a swipe up to access the app drawer.

    • Joe

      Maybe Google’s going with edge gestures to open the drawer too. That’s what Nova launcher (as you’ve said), Ubuntu Touch and Sailfish OS do. Despite phablets being the norm nowadays, their screens are still relatively small compared to PCs.

    • EP_2012

      Having one icon is a waste of space, but having every single app you’ve installed on the homescreen isn’t? Gotcha.

      • Adam Martinez

        Where did I say anything about having every app on the homescreen? Reading comprehension, google it.

        • EP_2012

          The average consumer won’t be using swipe gestures in a 3rd party launcher. By default, app icons land on the homescreens, so it would clutter things up, just like in iOS.

          • Adam Martinez

            And I never said that they would, I was stating my use case as an example that losing an icon for the app drawer isn’t the end of the world as there are easy solutions. All Google needs to do is add an animation of the app drawer sliding up from the bottom of the screen and give a dialog when people upgrade to N or boot up a new phone with the new way of accessing the app drawer, although I still think it should just be an option to hide it. People can learn gestures, even average consumers, when the first iPhone came out I’m sure plenty of people complained about pinch to zoom and just wanted a magnifying glass icon instead. As for your second point, lots of people just leave those shortcuts on the homescreen anyway and use those instead of the app drawer, so it wouldn’t be any different from them. The sensible people will adapt.

          • EP_2012

            This actually reminds me of the start menu that Microsoft felt users didn’t need – until they did – and they were forced to add it back after quite a lot of ridicule. Google is trying to fix something that isn’t broken, and that pisses people off.

            You and I may not have a problem with it (I use Nova with swipe up for my apps, too), but I know this would bother many people who simply want new upgrades to work in a way they are use to.

    • Jam17

      I would like gestures in GNL and that’d be a great one but I don’t want them to get rid of it still because most users would be confused

    • Rod


      Imagine someone’s 70 year old mom finding out her “all apps page” is gone overnight.

      • Adam Martinez

        I’ve looked at my 65 year old mother and my 66 year old father-in-law’s homescreens and they were both complete messes of apps in whatever order they downloaded/uninstalled them, what would be different?

        • Michael Smith

          It is not just the elderly, take a look around at the phones of everyone else and you won’t find a lot of organization or customization.
          Most Android users don’t even know about launchers and their screens are a mess.

          • Tyler Lipshutz

            True, it reminds me of the web series “The website is down” where the user has his icons shaped like a penis and “didn’t know how to change it so he left it that way” until someone sorts by name and then hell breaks loose because “I can’t find my icon because it used to be by the shaft” lol

        • It’s your job to instruct them in proper use and organization of their devices.

    • Great Dude

      The problem here is that an app drawer won’t exist not even by swiping .
      Thank god for having launchers . Still I hope Google would still have the drawer.

    • Loi Huynh

      I also use Nova Launcher gesture but I have double tap on home screen for my app drawer.

    • Khiem

      Haha, I swipe down on mine.
      Started of using Apex, then moved over to Nova for over 5 years

    • MrSonicBoom

      I personally have the home button assigned to the app draw. I would love it if google went that route.

  • mcdonsco

    Please Google, don’t ditch the app drawer! That’s what I hate most about iOS, endless app icons across the home screens!

    • Captain_Invisible

      Those two things are not necessarily the same. IF Google ditches the app drawer, they could have a better way to organize your apps, than with an app drawer, where every single icon (even icons for keyboards…) is shoved in. If the OS gets smarter, and hides the stuff you have no use for, it would IMO be a better solution, if the implementation is done right.

      • DerpyDan

        That’s why I use Action Launcher over Google now launcher, that and getting rid of the omnipresent Google search bar.

        • Marylnieves4

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        • FreeLivin

          Good call, same launcher I’m using for th4e exact same reason. That said imo its stil la bad bad plan for Google to want/try to remove the drawer. Unless they have some new bright idea I won Android for a reason & now an iSuck.

      • sinnerofa10shun

        Amen. I tend to agree with you on this one.

    • New_Guy

      The Apple home screen is an eye-sore. I’m very OCD when it comes to my home screen and think I’d scream if I had to deal with 100 icons splayed over it.

      Dear God, do not let this happen….

      • diggie

        If it’s an eye sore, why not just move the icons you don’t want to see into another page, or folder?

        • B!

          Because that’s what iPhone users have to do. Android users don’t have to deal with that. Another solution would be why not just install Nova Launcher & have an ago drawer or just set up a scrollable dock?

          • diggie

            Nova is overrated. It’s for teens who have nothing better to do than play with their phones, and act like it’s some sort of canvas of self expression.

          • B!

            Same can be said about anything done on a phone other than talk, text or email.

          • MReprogle

            Being able to customize your phone’s icons, fonts, icon spacing/padding are just a few things that Nova Launcher does that show off how much better it is to even have the ability to customize your phone.

            Believe it or not, customizing your phone to look the way you want it to look is a form of self expression.

            Enjoy having one option to go. Sounds like you might be better off switching over to an Apple product..

          • KleenDroid

            Lol, what are you trying to do start a riot?

          • legaceez

            damn jelly much?

          • Larinx

            Lol ive heard some dumb things, this takes the cake though. While I always laugh heartily at the fandroids who think their phone is there savior, one of the great things about android is customization.

          • VAVA Mk2

            Well Apple offers shi t in terms of customization.

          • MKader17

            Pretty much the first app I download on a new phone.

            And I’m so non-expressive, I usually use the stock wallpaper.

          • Yossi Cohen

            Tell that to people with older phone models that don’t have 300 figaflops gpu in their device.
            NOVA launcher works great and smooth,60fps, on all phones and tablets, what definitely can’t be said about GNL.
            Nova is not for teens it’s just one if the most useful launcher out there! Sorting folders and choosing what is or isn’t inside a folder using a checklist is amazing and should be in all phone UIs also hiding apps from the app drawer is a must have on Android since there are tons of apps that decides to have a launcher icon for no reason…
            The cosmetics are there… Sure… But you don’t have to change them.

          • Light

            This. Battery life and performance suck on my phone with the default Google Now on it, I just use Nova without any customisation. It looks exactly the same, not a thing different, but it works better.

            I used to customise it a lot, but that’s in the past. You can tweak the cosmetics but it can become a time wasting procedure you don’t want to deal with, and it is simply unnecessary because even if you’re not doing it you’re relying on Google’s design language, which was designed by professionists, not “you”

          • Light

            Following this theory, Android itself is overrated, and it’s just for teens who have nothing better to tdo than play with their phones, set default apps, and have a ton of useless features no one cares about. Just get an iPhone.

            And what if your phone came with a launcher that is so slow and buggy it’s unusable?

            This is basically what you’re saying. Get an iPhone, trust me, you’re going to feel right at home.

            EDIT: I am an Android user

        • Juniors234

          Well tell that to iPhone users who have hundreds of apps installed all over the place. At some point, it becomes quite disturbing to see a gazillion icons in every folder and on every homepage of your iPhone. True, you might say “Well maybe iPhone users should quit installing so many apps!” but that is not quite the issue here. As far as i am concerned, Bob Brown is quite free to install 1000 apps if he so desires. The reason the app drawer idea works so well, is that it is a very effective and easy way for a user to reduce clutter to their homescreen. After all, what is the point of having a beautiful 1080p HD wallpaper when you cannot admire it because it is obscured by hundreds of folders and icons? Just saying IMHO. 🙂

          • diggie

            I don’t see how any of that is different for an android? Android puts an icon on the homescreen when installed by default. So, if an android user can clean up their homescreen, so can an ios user.

          • QuadKore

            Big difference there buddy. First of all, Nova allows you to turn off the “add newly installed app shortcuts to the homescreen” feature. I add mine manually.

            The other big difference is even if apps do get added to your home screen, on Android you can DELETE that icon from the home screen. On iOS, you CANNOT DELETE the icon, you can only move it to another page/screen, or hide it in a folder.

            So, no, an iOS user cannot clean up their homescreen.
            An Android user can clean up their homescreen.

            Learn facts before posting comments on the interwebz.

      • Romeliarcook1

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    • Ana

      Exactly. One of the things I hate about iOS too. Don’t do it, Google!

    • michael arazan

      For the First time ever, I’m hoping my phone doesn’t get Updated

    • creed

      With the ability to use third party launchers, the app drawer will never go away. I for one couldn’t care less either way.

    • Jan Lavicka

      Google’s arrogant Android development approach will destroy them. Now you even cannot restart a Nexus phone.
      Samsung/LG Android is 10 years before Google Android.
      Google Android Leader = arrogant under-educated iDi*t preferring iD*mb design over usability.

    • JeffColorado

      Who the hell cares? We can install launchers. Whatever they remove we can put back. I have not used the stock launcher in years anyway.