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Samsung Gear S2 Update Adds New Watch Face, Apps, Emoji in Keyboard, More

samsung gear s2 unboxing

An update is rolling out to the Samsung Gear S2 this week, one that weighs in at around 91MB. The update arrives as software version R720XXU2BPA4, includes new apps for World Clock, ESPN, and News Briefing, but also adds new Mendini watch faces, search function in Contacts, screen time out setting, unread indicator, emoji entering from within the keyboard, and an alert when Bluetooth has been disconnected.

If you own the Gear S2, feel free to open the Samsung Gear app to initiate the process. If you aren’t prompted right away, head into Settings>About Gear>Update Gear software and tap on Update now.

Not only will you receive the update for the watch, but you may see an update to the Gear app as well.

Go get ’em. 

gear s2 update

Cheers Saleh!
  • Pablo Arias Máiz

    Anyone has received it in their S2 Classic? Mine says there is no update and has an older firmware, but weirdly already has World clock, espn… Did I miss something?

  • Guest

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  • Bradley

    Anyone know if this applies to T-Mobile’s 3G version? If so, I haven’t received it yet, but would like to. Thanks for any help!

    • jboogie1289

      I’m on Vzw and haven’t received this one yet. Will check again in a few hours and over the weekend.

      • Datruthsince 89

        I’m on tmobile and haven’t received it either

  • pyro74boy .

    I almost bought this watch over the holidays but then after looking at it in the store I decided to pass on it. Then I looked at the second generation moto 360 and It was definitely between those two watches but passed both of them

    I would really appreciate input from owners of this watch as to how good or bad of a device they are.I understand that they are running two different operating systems. Is there a true advantage or disadvantage to having a Tizen watch?

    • Erik Tyler

      I have the Gear S2 Classic and it’s the best smartwatch I’ve ever had. I also think it’s the best looking watch and not ridiculously huge (I have a smaller wrist) – looks like an actual watch. I like the “dark theme” of the software and straight forward nature of it. If Apple made a round watch, it would be similar to this. It’s not as full-featured as Android Wear, but it nails all the basics without a flood of unnecessary features and bloat.

      • pyro74boy .

        Actually as well as the Apple watch has sold it’s not faring very well with its owners at least not the ones I’ve been talking to who Sid and keep in mind that I’m quoting them here and not me that they wish they would have saved their money as the Apple which was very disappointing and underperforming. It has also been proven that watches like the moto 360 have far superior battery performance versus the overrated Apple watch

        I’m glad to see that you’re enjoying your gear s2 and thank you for giving me your feedback.

        • Erik Tyler

          The battery life on the Classic has been excellent. I can easily get two days from it (I don’t use the “always on” setting). The only thing I like about the Apple Watch is its ability to make and receive calls. I’m surprised the Classic doesn’t, considering that Samsung had this on their older Gear line. A very minor complaint, though.

          • pyro74boy .

            I’m not sure what Samsung watch you have but I know that gear s2 can make and receive calls without the use of a smartphone. The Apple watch requires the use of the iPhone

          • Erik Tyler

            The regular Gear S2 and Classic can not make or receive calls (I have the Classic). ONLY the S2 3G version from carriers can, which I don’t have. I think the standard models should also have the functionality via bluetooth with the phone. A surprising omission by Samsung, unless it was deliberate to help sell more 3G models…

          • pyro74boy .

            Then we must be looking at two completely different models because the specific gear S2 that I was looking at in the T Mobile store was actually able to make and receive calls without the use of any smartphone handset and I know this for a fact because the salesperson was showing me how this feature Work and demonstrated to me and told me that they were actually able to make and receive calls just over to watch without being connected to any phone. This was also a huge benefit for the simple fact that with the Apple watch you are required to have the iPhone for it to work and from what I understand the Apple watch will not work without the iPhone or at least that’s the way it’s advertised

          • Erik Tyler

            That’s what I said. Only the 3G version can do that from carriers, which is the model you were looking at with T-Mobile, a CARRIER. The more common ones, sold at Best Buy, etc. are the Bluetooth models and have no phone functionality. There’s 3 versions of the Gear S2. The regular, the Classic and the 3G model at carriers.

          • jboogie1289

            I wanted the Classic at first but the bezel was to small for my liking and at the time BestBuy had it on sale (Bluetooth version) for $199 and I jumped all over that. Then I wouldn’t get any notifications with audible alerts. Did some digging and found out that the Bluetooth version didn’t come with a speaker built in. Quickly I returned it and went to Vzw and bought the 3G version out right and transferred my Gear S number to it.

    • jboogie1289

      Had the very 1st Gear and enjoyed the reactions from people about the camera and such. Went to the Gear S (some reactions there too, especially when I went to type messages on the full qwerty keyboard) and now the S2 Sport. I can say that it is worth the purchase. The Tizen software is optimized for this watch and there are more apps plus functionality for this device. At some point, hopefully not too far off, they will introduce Samsung Pay for it. I have the 3g version of the watch and couldn’t be happier with my purchase. That’s just my opinion on it.

    • Peemee

      I bought the S2 Classic and really liked it. I got rid of my Fitbit for it. I ended up returning the Classic and getting the sport model. I love it. It does not have as many apps as Android wear, but I don’t care about that. I use it simply for step tracking, notifications, heart rate monitor and a few others. I prefer it to Android Wear watches in every way