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This is Probably the LG G5 in a Dummy Box (Updated)

I know, right, what’s with the question mark? Do we know or do we not know? Honestly, it’s almost impossible to tell. So this is what we have and I’ll let you decide.

A source sent over the set of pictures you are seeing below, claiming that we are looking at an LG prototype. It could be the LG G5, which we are expecting to see at MWC in a month, or it could be something else. It’s obvious that we are looking at a “NOT FOR SALE” phone that has been placed in a dummy box to hide its identity as it goes through testing. There are no LG markers, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an LG phone. I say that because just over a month ago, a now “deleted” user on reddit, opened up a thread to say that he had an LG G5 in a dummy box, ran through a list of specs, and then peaced out without us ever hearing from him again. He also posted this picture

That small picture looks very close to the pictures we have below, plus he said that the phone has dual rear cameras of 16MP and 8MP. If you take a look at the picture of the backside that we have, you will also see a dual camera setup. Not only that, but the design here matches up very nicely to previous mock-ups done by CNET, who claims to have seen the actual device. According to that report, the back of the phone features a camera housing with this shape, along with a fingerprint reader just below it. An additional report by VentureBeat suggests that the G5 will have dual cameras as well.

Camera housing aside, the rest of these pictures match up to other previous reports on the G5, including that reddit thread. We are seeing a volume rocker taken from the back and moved to the left side, the SIM and SD card tray on the lower right side, and a USB Type-C port on the bottom next to a single speaker.

lg-g5-dummy-box-5-1 lg-g5-dummy-box-4-1

lg g5 dummy box-3

lg g5 dummy box-2

lg g5 dummy box

You tell me – is this the LG G5?

Update:  Based on additional information we have received, I believe this is the LG G5 in a dummy box that is meant to conceal its identity. Title has been tweaked to reflect this.

Update 2:  Not that we ever really get excited about the cases we see on Amazon, but some of the cases popping up for the LG G5 are matching up exactly to the images we have here. Here are two of them. You can see the top dual camera setup, along with the fingerprint reader and placement of volume buttons.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 7.41.18 AM Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 7.40.51 AM

Update 3:  ETnews has also reported this morning that they are expecting dual cameras in the LG G5.

  • KG

    The big thing that interests me, is does this have the magic slot / removable battery that was rumoured? If you look in the last picture above, above the usb-c slot is quite a think black line (Which would be the back of the phone). Does this show where the bottom would slide out ? There is also a smaller line where the glass meets the frame. Clicking through to the other case on amazon, one picture shows a cutout toward the bottom of the phone on the side. If you zoom in on that, it also shows the back part of the bottom of the phone does seem to look detachable? Is this just wishful thinking, can anyone else see what I mean ? Why would that cutout even be there? Not long to wait to find out for sure, but I hate waiting for surprises 🙂

  • Ryan Lee

    If the buttons are moved that’s a dealbreaker for me. Going back to Samsung

  • John

    I see a hint of S6 design elements in there

  • Kelly OBrien

    Why do some of the photos look like the device has been pried apart by a butter knife

  • Armaan Modi

    Is that a blackberry keyboard case?

  • Jim Cordell
  • Dominick White

    So, do you think it the lg g5 will come unlocked Like the nexus6p/nexus 5x?

    • Jack Bauer

      We can always hope, since we already know it’s possible for a LG phone.
      Hopefully more and more OEMs will go this direction now that carriers are “getting rid of contracts” for payment plans.

      • Dominick White

        If they do, I will have no problem buying the lg g5, if not I am more than likely just going to get the nexus 6p

  • habanoshunter

    Wow, no removable battery and no back buttons??? I hope this not the G5

  • Jeff Monroy

    Well I guess the LG V10 is that last LG phone I’ll own.
    I adored the back buttons from G2 to V10. It really made the phones stand out.
    Now it just looks generic with the volume buttons on the side.
    I won’t switch because that is the status quo.
    If I wanted an iPhone or Galaxy I would’ve bought one.

  • Jam17

    Unless they fix the atrocious software that plagues LG phones it doesn’t matter what the hardware looks like

  • MKader17

    Can anyone find that wallpaper image?!?!

    • habanoshunter

      It is the same wallpaper from the G4!

    • Gjorgi Lazarovski

      LG G4 stock wallpaper


    I really hope the 4000mah battery rumors are true 😉

  • Ajmcnicol

    Gonna buck the trend here and say GOOD…i hated the side buttons. Why i got the N6P vice the G4 after my g3

  • Heather M Stryker

    Looks like a freakin iPhone.

    • habanoshunter

      I know. Wtf

  • nexus lover

    I don’t think this is an lg phone. maybe htc. or Huawei or oneplus

    • habanoshunter

      I hope not

  • ClayRogers

    Yep, that is in indeed the LG G5. It matches the CAD data we have.


  • RiceCake

    Man, I would hate to have to carry that around like that to test it. People would think your crazy when you use it in public.

  • Seth Fiddle

    Have the G4 now. Thinking about the 6P or sticking with LG and going for the G5. Opinions?

    • callumshell1

      stick with the perfectly good phone you have now?

    • Duffman

      I have had a G4 since launch and a 6P for about a month now. I miss the in hand feeling for the G4 (size and curved back), but the software is miles, miles better on the 6P. The only reason I ditched my G4 is because of the BT bug that affects BT headphones while having an Android wear device connected.

  • stayflyer

    Man I loved the buttons on the back. I guess LG felt they needed to go back to a conventional look.

    • calvin35

      Many people did. Unfortunately for LG i think that the number of people not buying their phones because of the button placement outnumbered the amount of people who were buying them because of the button placement. Most of the people didn’t care either way, but why not try and maximize your sales if you’re LG?

  • geocab

    Why two cameras?

  • DaHitman

    The sides remind me of the S6

  • Greg

    This is not the LG G5.
    1-There are not buttons in the back
    2-there is no finger print scanner in the back.
    This seems to be an old phone

    • Marikel

      Are you just gonna ignore the big circle on the back where the fingerprint scanner is? And it’s been rumored that they were gonna get rid of the back buttons for a while now. Only the power button/fingerprint scanner are on the back now.

  • Steven Wilson

    The #lgg5 in a case

  • Lauraejackson

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  • Tyler Watkins

    No I need my buttons on the back! I’ve had the G3 and now G4 I can’t go back to side buttons

  • CabbageHeadCat.

    Wrong! It’s that Comet phone you love soo much. Lol

    • GJV


  • RXG9

    Why did they get rid of the back buttons. 🙁

    I love the back buttons on my G2.

  • Trevor

    The ring around the camera area sort of looks like the DL logo.

  • john

    Any phones other than iTrash and diarrhealaxy phones are good phones

  • Nexus

    2 rear camera’s wtf! Lg coming up with those stupid gimmicks cause there software and battery life is crap!

    • ThomasMoneyhon

      except its not a dual camera. Those ‘spots’ are the laser for focus camera and flash. Three spots three things as they have been for a while now.

  • Srikrishna V

    no audio jack?? supports usb type-c audio? lg beating apple to it?

    • ThomasMoneyhon

      since jellybean actually android has supported audio out of the charge/sync port. Port type being usb C has nothing to do with it. In fact now there are now single DIN car stereos with android audio reaching the market (finally!) (not auto, which would require double din touch screen) output through the port support. Digital audio transfer to the stereo so it sounds much better than bluetooth, AUX etc. Also supports track information too like bluetooth.

    • Will Wilkerson

      It’s on the top, you can see an indent on the case photos

  • bsexpress

    No buttons on the back:/

    • ThomasMoneyhon

      volume on the sides, fingerprint and power are a combined button on the back.

  • paul_cus

    I think that’s the G5.

  • Brett Nanney

    Why is the volume rocker on the side? That’s not like LG.

  • Mickey Jones

    Why does it look like somebody was trying to pry it open with an oyster shucker?

  • The Doctor

    Meh. It seems doubtful that LG would totally change the design language of the G series.


    That moment when they try the aluminum design and phone sales flop

  • Jprime

    Looks generic

  • Katie Pollard

    I’ll never touch LG again after putting up with that mess of a phone known as the G4. Terrible radios,too much added bloat in the UI, and lag all over. Loving my Sony Xperia Z5. Just wish Sony would get their act together in the US.

    • Iz3man

      I agree with the lg hate.. My g4 is sitting in a box waiting for me to have the time to throw it on ebay..

      Now my wife’s z3 is also garbage.. Texts and calls don’t even try to get to her if she is on wifi and has an lte signal.. Work around was shoot it in the knee and lock it to hspa+

      • ThomasMoneyhon

        you know carrier could be the root of a lot of those issues. Ive got friends on tmo with an old LG and a z3 and both get txts late. Its the crappy network that people love to love. You simply get what you pay for. Legere would rather throttle youtube and give you unlimited pandora than get txts to work right.

        • habanoshunter

          Yes, call your carrier

  • Shawn Spring

    Bummed (if true) about the design language change. I loved my G2 and G3….and really like the wife’s G4. If not for the Nexus 6P, I’d own one of those or the V10 for sure. Buttons on the back just – make – sense.

    • alberteezy

      Yeah buttons on back should have been kept. For my Taste just need a bit smaller screen size like 5.1” w/ front facing speakers.

    • ChrisI

      I must be in the minority with my V10, hate the rear buttons.

      • SA_NYC

        I didn’t hate them, but overall found the back buttons more finicky than plain old siders. Was one of the reason I didn’t continue on from G3 to G4. (Although battery life was a bigger reason, followed by skin and dim screen.) So I’d welcome them on the sides. I have to say though, that for me the same applies to the fingerprint scanner — it was workable on the back of my 6p, but I really prefer the front placement, and it was a relief went I sold the 6p and went back to a front-print phone. Guess we’re in the minority here.

        • Iz3man

          How was the 6p overall??

          I’m thinking it might be my next toy.

          The only thing on the g4 I liked was the leather back cover.. And being in construction, it stayed off and in the box, only to come out when I was going someplace “fancy” ( work boots not required events are now my fancy events)

          • SA_NYC

            The 6p was pretty nice, but I found it too large. I used to be a big-phone guy (loved my Note 2) but the 6p is bigger, and less rugged. I have a baby now so am often doing things one-handed, and it just wasn’t working for me and it was difficult to use with a single hand, and it’s slippery so I kept dropping it. Plus the metal dents really easily. After a couple of good drops I sold it. I think for the right person it’s a great phone. But if you’re in construction, I’m not sure I’d recommend it, unless you were willing to put it in a case, which I wasn’t. Oh, and the battery life was just good, not great.

          • Iz3man

            Thanks for that. Yeah cases are a must for all my phones. I also have kids (5 and 1.5). You get stupid good at one handed anything.

            Battery on my Note 4 (with tekhd rom) gets me 3 days with a sot of 4 hours. So it’s hard to beat. I know he’s got a note 5 rom, but the lack of sd and removable batter took that off the shopping block before it was launched.

            I guess I’m going to be stuck with my old faithful note 4( old lol its not even 2 yet. 🙁 )

      • Iz3man

        You’re not, I hate hate hate the buttons on my g4…

        I find when I switch to my Note 4 I just end up smudging the damned camera trying to turn the friggin thing on..

        Hate the rear buttons..

      • calvin35

        I don’t think you are. I just think that the vast majority of people that don’t like the buttons on the back don’t buy LG phones. I think LG is finally figuring that out.

  • catfanatic1979

    I love the G3 with its on/off button and volume rocker on the back. I would be mad as hell if they switched from that. I can stick a case on it without it hindering my ability to use those buttons.

  • WhoaManWtF

    It is pretty funny how many pry marks are on that case from people trying to get it off and take a picture at a press event.

    • ThomasMoneyhon

      or that they rush putting that dummy case together and melt it shut around the phone with maybe a soldering iron or similar tool? Doubtful the employee would try to pry it open and turn that back in. Could be their ass.

  • Orion

    I guess the dummies can’t read or figure out its a dummy case.

  • Anonymous

    No ticker screem?
    It looks like it doesnt have

    • Unless we just can’t see it…not sure.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah i guess soo….would love it if it had ticker

  • simo el

    did anybody notice that it has usb type-c and weird duo camera setup ? everything else looks like the previous leaks

  • bose301s

    I’ll be sad if they moved the buttons from the back to the sides, that was one of the big things setting LG phones apart and I quite liked it.

    • duke69111

      Yea, I’m with you on that. They are actually quite helpful being on the back.

      • Harys Viewty

        Sadly it seems hard to put there with slim design plus dual camera

        • fixer

          Yeah… they could just nix that dual camera right now. Problem solved.

          • ThomasMoneyhon

            except its not a dual camera. Those ‘spots’ are the laser for focus camera and flash. Three spots three things as they have been for a while now.

          • RiceCake

            And the circle on the back is for the fingerprint reader, much like on the Nexus devices. So if it turns on the phone the same then you can get away with mvoing power button since the physical button will hardly be used.

    • hoodieNation

      No kidding. I love the buttons on the back of the phone.

    • DanWazz

      Might get jumbled back there if they put a decent sized fingerprint sensor in the back. Besides, I’ve notice my fiance’s camera gets smudged a lot because of the buttons back there.

      • OF

        Yea as much as I like the rear buttons on my G2 I find that I end up always touching up the camera.

    • ClayRogers

      Power button is still on the back of the phone. It’s a power button fingerprint reader combo.

    • habanoshunter

      Another iPhone clone. Bummed to see this change too

  • Shellyman 8K

    MWC 2016 needs to hurry up.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Sooooo are we just going to ignore the fact that the camera housing looks like the Droid Life logo?

    • Tyler Durden

      Can’t be unseen now. That’s funny.

    • LG finally learned good design?

      • So, good design means another iPhone clone?

        • It was a joke about the design of the DL logo being good…and them using a similar design to that…WHOOSH OVER THE HEAD. 😐

          • Considering how everyone praises everything that looks like an iPhone now….

          • guest

            Who pi$$ed in your cheerios this morning?

          • Harys Viewty

            It looks like lg Prada. Before first iPhone even came

          • trob6969

            Yeah, none of the online ‘tech’ reviewers ever want to speak on the fact that Apple flat-out stole LG’s physical AND UI design for the first iPhone from the LG Prada.

          • Marshall

            You know why though. It’s the usual story, Apple sold more, who the hell is LG, blah blah blah, etc.

          • KRS

            That’s because its ok for Apple . Apple has stolen so much but apple fans think that is fine.

          • CabbageHeadCat.

            That was a nice phone.

          • Debrajmitchel1

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          • Lauraejackson

            3❝my neighbor’s mate is getting 98$. HOURLY on the internet❞….

            A few days ago new McLaren F1 subsequent after earning 18,512$,,,this was my previous month’s paycheck ,and-a little over, 17k$ Last month ..3-5 h/r of work a day ..with extra open doors & weekly. paychecks.. it’s realy the easiest work I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months ago and now making over 87$, p/h.Learn More right Here
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          • Marcus Aurelius

            …considering you chose to ignore what the original post was about and interject with your own misinformed, troll of a comment.

          • …considering I replied to a comment and not directly to the article. Who’s trolling, troll?

            Gotta love the anonymity of the internet, right?

          • Marcus Aurelius

            By post I meant the original comment posted, figured that should be obvious in the context. Also, clarifying this still doesn’t help your case, as the original “comment” was about the design of the dummy box looking like the droid life logo. This comment thread had nothing to do with the actual design of the phone, until you brought it up.

          • Adam Davidson

            Except for the HTC A9. It’s almost identical to an iPhone, and is FAR from praised.

        • aegislash

          Seriously? The device is encased in a dummy box, you can’t even see the design. I’m quite impressed with your x-ray vision if you can already see the full design.

        • habanoshunter

          Looks like it. Im a little disappointed

      • Nano

        But! But!! They stole the Droid-Life logo! No one is mad? Only mad they stole the iPhone look? We should go to LG and talk about this stealing of the Droid-Life logo haha. Whoever, decided that was a good idea needs a few rounds of beers on DL.

        • Mpaz15

          The logo is imprinted on the picture lol. It’s not actually part of the picture.

          • Mark Mann

            look at the camera area…that’s what they’re talking about…not the watermark

          • Mpaz15

            lol yea I realize that now

    • Kev

      I’ve got to find where they sell that case!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I’m pretty sure we’re more intrigued by you posting on a Saturday morning.

    • ❤❤❤

    • Tanuj Chokshi

      every time I visit droid-life on weekends just to see that “don’t miss these android stores” headline, i whisper curses to myself

  • Eric

    Bottom firing speaker. Seems legit

    • Picaso86

      They should frontal… ugh

      • Iz3man

        Only thing htc did right

        • ThomasMoneyhon

          They also donated design to Johnny Ive who is fresh out of design chops. HTC should have also designed a battery case so he could crib that too instead of making that awful thing Tim Cook allowed to be sold. Thats the difference with Jobs. Ugly wouldn’t make it out the door.

    • XvierX

      Also no headphone jack on bottom. Egh

      • Iz3man

        Who needs headphone jack anyway.. Bluetooth everything.. I’m loving my Bluetooth earbuds.

        • editorinchimp

          People that actually care about quality.

          • Iz3man

            Go buy a good quality set of Bluetooth head phones.

            It’s just a data signal.

      • Yiannis Demetriou

        The headphones jack will be on top! Also I have some cool info for you. It will also have the ESS DAC and amplifier like the V10. So it will have audiophile quality!

  • Jack Bauer

    No curvature?

    • Harys Viewty

      2.5D curved glass with curved side bezel like k series

  • Tyler Durden

    It does look quite a bit like that eyewitness render.

    • Was sort of my thought. Tough to really tell with no markings for LG. I don’t have another reason to believe it’s from LG, but can’t say heh.

      • Ryan N

        Also seems like there’s premium materials at previously mentioned.

  • Jam17

    Ah so they went with the plastic casing option built-in this year… /s

  • jdbarn

    Looks like an iphone. Big old bezel. Ugh

    • Jam17

      Bezel (at least on the bottom) may have been necessary with the removable battery being accessible from the modular bottom section

    • TypoCorrecto

      What makes you think it has big bezels? The dummy box is pretty thick. Looks like it will have slim bezels.

      • jdbarn

        Top and bottom bezel seem large.

        • Harys Viewty

          The top, side and thickness is so minimal in fact. Look again

  • Tyler Durden

    No headphone jack? If its on the top..

    • Guessing it’s up top.

      • Tyler Durden

        The worst place it could be

        • Pretty much. And would be a change in LG design.

        • Jam17

          How about headphone jack on the bottom of the right side, where everybody who’s right-handed holds their phone

          • Crazy how no one can fully figure out this headphone jack thing.

          • TriguyRN

            Apple is just going to remove it! No arguing now problem solved 😉

          • Josh Matthews

            bluetooth headphones. best invention in a while.

          • Harys Viewty

            They sell it after all

        • Iz3man

          Get rid of it, package a damned pair of Bluetooth buds.. Hell eBay has pretty decent sets for $15, lg could drop some in the box.

    • TopXKiller

      Why can’t we get behind middle bottom of phone.. its the most practical place

  • Manor

    Why is it so ugly? Guess I won’t be upgrading my G4…

    • TypoCorrecto

      What’s so ugly about it?

      • Looks like every other phone that gets design cues from Apple.

        • TypoCorrecto

          You must have x-ray vision.

          • Harys Viewty

            Look at those cut out from volume button and bottom, it looks so bezel less (especially with newer lg phone with 2.5d glass), it looks so thin (take USB 3 as scale, which is used at lg new screen at ces), the finger print sensor on the back is not clickable from the look of it, maybe it’s on top with audio jack, that 2 hole at the back must be magnetic for extended hardware. Maybe magic slot is on top in audio jack and connect to the top front? Or is that the second screen? The sides look curved like lg v10. The blue hole at the back is for nfc and wireless charger. The screen panel looks so dark and not reflective like oled, while IPS has silver dark grey coloured panel. It’s side slot seems so wide only for dual sim, microsd is still possible. There is magnetic around the camera lens. Just my 3 cents.

        • ThomasMoneyhon

          Actually HTC ‘donated’ [had the design copied by apple] those designs to Johnny Ive who’s out of design chops. the M7 and m8 came before the iPhone 6 in 2014. But yeah because apple sells more stuff and is a more popular brand its everyone else who copies despite the facts.

      • JMG

        1.Looks like an iphone
        2.huge bezels
        3. No back bottons
        Those are what made LG.I loved how LG disigne looked kinda squary,with thin bezels..all what i liked about LG is Gone.The only thing that will make me buy this phone is of it has great battery life.if not then im upgrading my g4 to the V10 or just skip this year..I will stay loyal to them thou and see what next year has to bring or the V10 sucessor.

        • TypoCorrecto

          1. You must have X-ray vision
          2. The dummy case is very thick
          3. To each, their own.

        • Big EZ

          The design of the G2/G3/G4 were all great. They really just needed to upgrade the specs and make minor tweaks. I think they might be trying to get the Samsung/iPhone users, but they won’t and will just alienate their current followers.

          • JMG

            That true..and ot was LG who grew the most in the US samsung share didint up much as before and apple user declined.The means that little by little LG is gaining fans for who they realy are for being original not copying samsung and apple which i think theor products are inferior to LG.All they have is brand power because people are just afraid of trying something else which is not samsung or apple.I was a samsung user but i could say LG is much better.The removal of the rear bottons and those huge iphone bezels threw me off from the G5.

    • Ian Dunbar

      How do you know it’s ugly? You can’t see much of the actual phone with that case on it.

      • WAldenIV

        I’m not a fan of side power and volume rocker buttons. I hope LG doesn’t cave to the standard design. Buttons on the back are way better.