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Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P are the Next Project Fi Phones

Thanks to their stellar network interoperability, the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, unsurprisingly, are the next phones to be compatible with Google’s Project Fi. That means you can give even more to Google by not only buying their new phones, but by making them your wireless carrier too. 

As a recap, Project Fi is Google’s pay-as-you-use wireless service. It uses both T-Mobile and Sprint networks, only charges you for exactly the data you use, starts at $30 per month, and is all controlled through a simple Project Fi app. Fi tries to always find you the best connection possible, so it will jump from T-Mobile to Sprint to WiFi without you even noticing, for the most part.

With the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P joining Fi, that also means you can purchase each through Fi with a payment plan. The exact payment amounts are below.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 2.16.41 PM

You still need to request an invite to be a part of Project Fi, so if having Google as a carrier interests you, as do their most recent Nexus phones, hit up the link below.

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  • Mickey A Valentine

    So can I have 2 Nexii on my project fi account for $20 plus the $10 for each gig or will it be $40 plus the $10 for each gig?

  • Matt Lang

    I can’t wait for Google to begin officially supporting the MXPE

  • Cary Zuber

    Here’s some math for you. I currently have 2 devices on ATT, i owe about $1100 for both of them still. I decided to pay both of those off and get the 5x and 6p through Project Fi. Over the course of 2 years this saves me about $240, if i can get $500 by reselling my phones (current Swappa prices suggest i can) i will save $740. That being said, anyone want to buy a 1st Gen Nexus 6 and 2nd Gen Moto X?

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    • Democrat+Republican=Oligarchy

      You take it in the a$$ a bunch to make that kind of money?

  • Democrat+Republican=Oligarchy

    I was between the Moto Pure and the 6P, but I went with the 6P because its a nexus phone, has AMOLED screen, bigger battery and some other specs are a little better over the Moto X. I really didn’t want a large 5.7″ screen, but the 5X didn’t seem like the quality of phone I would want. I wish the 6P was 5.2″ but I guess I will make the adjustments and get used to a larger phone. One thing I did like about the MOTO X was your ability to customize your phones looks and colors. There is nothing else really coming out that I want. I don’t really want another samsung phone as I had several Galaxy phones before. I don’t want the G4. I needed to get a new phone and I really like the specs on the 6P and that it wont be skinned over with sense or touchwiz or something. I have never seen much benefit of having sense or any other stuff. Just seems like its mostly bloat and useless addons. I will miss not having a SD card, but I couldnt justify shelling out another 100 bux to get the 128GB version. I have been fine with a 32gb phone before, so 64gb should be plenty if I use my ipod for music more than my phone and just use my phone for streaming music. I got unlimited data still so its all good 🙂

  • psynpo

    Ok so I got my invite. If I get the 6p and dont use the Fi sim and stick my verizon one in what will happen? Will I be able to use the phone still?

    • No_Ledge

      As long as you didn’t transfer your phone number to Fi and are still paying verizon for service it should work.

      • psynpo

        That’s so cool

        Nexus 6p here I come

  • TimXer

    right on Q, received my invite today….coincidence? I think not…..REALLY want to give this a go but TMo/Sprint in my area is suspect

  • John Wenner

    Just curious, can I order the phone via Fi (I have an invite), but never activate the device and use it on AT&T? Not sure I’m ready to make the Fi switch yet since I have a Family Plan still on AT&T

  • Kharl Martin

    I got an instant invitation and signed up with project fi. Can you still go with tmobile and not use fi or will you be billed for both?


    Is there confirmation of when the new nexi will work with Project Fi? Immediately?

    • Corey

      They will work as long as you aren’t trying to use the SIM card from your Project FI Nexus 6.

  • Mike

    Any deals for us that bought Moto Nexus 6 two or three months ago for $500?

    • Jprime

      you knew a new phone was coming, why didnt you wait?

  • GigaCode

    I just signed up and they give me instant approval, so signed up. I have to wait a month to get the sim, which I don’t mind since I won’t be getting the nexus 6p till nov 1st week lol. I am on t-mobile unlimited plan.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I have an invite waiting in my inbox. Looking forward to checking our Google’s service when I have a new nexus in hand.

    • Go ahead and use that invite. Google won’t charge you until the item ships and also won’t bill you or port your number until you activate the phone. Also, you can finance the phone so that’s a plus. Went ahead and jumped the gun.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        It won’t expire, so no rush. Buying is still a month away for me. You already had Fi service?

        • The only reason I would recommend ordering now is so that the device you want doesn’t get backordered. But no, I have T-Mobile at the moment, and as soon as I saw the Nexus 6P, I signed up for an invite on Project Fi. Luckily, I live in Savannah and I got an automatic invite lol

          • I was denied and my credit is nice now. sad face sad face sad face.

          • I was surprised I was accepted since Credit Karma shows me at a 633 after I bought my house lol

          • Its wild how these things work lol. When I got out of the service i was denied trying to get an apartment but got approved for a big town house in a much better area. smh!!!

          • Brandon Shaw

            You got an automatic invite? First I’ve heard of that. My wife has been waiting for almost 2 months and we’re in the dallas area. Lucky you! Congrats.

    • Andrés Mata

      same here. However, I am still trying to decide which Nexus I want… I really wish the Moto X Pure Edition was Fi enabled, but I guess Google won’t allow that to happen anytime soon…

  • Carroll Roberts

    Ordered a 6P thru Project Fi six hours after ordering the SAME phone from Google Store and the Project Fi one shows getting here a week earlier. Guess they put some aside for project Fi users.

    • Corey

      Mine was moved up after purchasing through Fi too.

  • Ned S Anders

    The more data google can get their hands on the better.

    • Cowboydroid

      And the more users benefit.

  • Stephen DeMinco

    Any idea what the average wait time is for an invite to go thru? Or has it been all over the place?

    • Lee McLaurin

      Is it possible to give an invite away? I have one that I won’t be using.

      • Stephen DeMinco

        I was hoping so but I was just reading on their website that it is not allowed :/ … how long did it take you to get your invite?

        • Lee McLaurin

          I’ve had mine for weeks. I applied on June 24 and got it Aug 27.

        • Andrés Mata

          Mine took about 2 months (applied July 4th and received the invited on Aug 31st). Then again, I live in Silicon Valley, so I guess there are a lot more people in this area that want to try the service

  • markwebb

    You fail to mention the N6 card does not work and one needs to order aa brand Fi Sim card: Google is kinda indicating it will be included for present users.

  • Lucas Rains

    Assuming that means T-Mobile WiFi calling will be supported then?

    • Nick

      Fi supports wifi calling on their service, but I don’t think these will support T-Mo’s specific wifi calling. As in, if you use these phones on a T-Mo account you won’t be able to use wifi calling. Some people said in forums that they were able to get their Google play store bought Nexus 6 to connect to T-Mo’s wifi calling service, but I’ve never seen documented success. Historically the only phones that work with T-Mo’s wifi calling are those bought directly through them, something to do with not having the IMEIs registered from phones that are bought from places other than T-Mo.

  • Under the bridge downtown

    How is the Fi service? I was going through the order process on the Fi site and am not sure. I have great Verizon service. Is this any good?

    • Carroll Roberts

      It’s okay. I have Verizon as well and it is WAYYYY better. But in Costa Rica it worked GREAT!!!

    • Nick

      It’ll be similar to the level of service of that T-Mo and Sprint have in your area (which Fi uses as it’s backbone). However, Fi prioritizes WiFi and will try to connect to open networks first. The added benefit of that being that Fi can (supposedly, I don’t have Fi to test) send SMS/MMS over wifi in addition to handling calls.

      So if you have reliable wifi where you use the phone most, you’ll be all set, and if T-Mo and/or Sprint are strong outside of those areas you’ll be happy with your coverage overall. However, my guess is that compared to Verizon, you’ll have enough dead/weak zones that may make switching to much of a compromise.

      • Under the bridge downtown

        Thx. FYI: I can text using Wifi with Verizon Messaging App.

    • Lee McLaurin

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vD4XreP1iFQ Remember. This is 3 months ago for this review.

    • Fi

      If your area is like mine, stick with Verizon. I used it for 30 days and couldn’t wait to get off. No data in lots of places, dropped and muddled calls in lots of places.

  • Ken Bosse

    I’m excited to swap my FI sim from my Broken Moto Nexus 6 to the 6P

    • markwebb

      You can’t; you have to order a new sim if Google remembers to include it if you ordered from Google Play store.

  • Preordered a Nexus 6P right away. Google knows how to do wireless carrier service right.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      How has your service been?