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Here is the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in Hand

galaxy note 5

Samsung will show us the brand new Galaxy Note 5 at a press event in New York City, next week. As we inch closer to that unveiling, we continue to see the phone via leak here or there, and even in what we are assuming are official press renders. Thanks to sources of ours, here’s another to add to the list. 

What you are seeing here is the Galaxy Note 5 in the flesh, in hand. It looks a lot like a bigger Galaxy S6 with its metal frame and glass panels, but it differs in that the back has an Edge-like curve to it, likely to make it easier to hold. We are seeing the S Pen slot on the bottom (which we are told is spring loaded), regular USB port (not USB Type-C), single bottom speaker and headphone jack, and some crazy thin bezels surrounding the display.

In terms of specs, we are being told that the phone has 4GB RAM, no SD slot, 32/64/128GB storage options, and a 3000mAh non-removable battery.

galaxy note 5-2

Finally, in the top image, we are seeing a new menu for Air Command that includes options for Action memo, Smart select, Screen write, S Note, Settings, and Instagram. That Instagram icon is interesting in that this could be Samsung allowing you to customize an Air Command shortcut or maybe it’s simply showing a previously used app (Edit:  It is customizable). Either way, we’re all for Air Command growing its feature list.

What do you think? Is this your next phone?

  • DK

    Hell no, it won’t be my next phone. I NEED to be able to exchange my battery because I use heavily draining apps for extended periods without charger access. I NEED an SD card because I needed one for my current Note on day one, and no, the memory options for the Note 5 are 32/64. They stated that there currently is no 128 option.

    Oh, and then there’s the zero water resistance in this new model. . . . I’m done.

  • Winfred

    I don’t want a phone without a removable battery…if Samsung continues this foolishness more consumers will move to the iPhone club 🙁

  • Chavis

    I wonder if Samsung is going to work on adapting all users to the edge series and if that is where they will maintain SD cards and removable batteries. Just a theory

  • Jam Master Jim

    Samsung is making it easy to switch to the Nexus line… #LongTimeSamsungConsumer

  • Brad

    No removable micro sd card?? Come on Samsung.. Definitely not getting this phone now! This was my next phone until I just read that

  • Elena

    I think it is worth switching to LG G4 and buy a wireless receiver quick circle case instead of buying another piece of crap from Samsung.

  • tjshire

    No SD card is a minor irritant, but a non-replaceable battery is a deal killer. Without the ability to swap batteries, users can be left dead in the water. That’s not a good situation considering how people depend on their smartphones for so many things nowadays.

  • EVHappy

    I wanted – replaceable battery, SD slot, water resistant (it is more of a work computer, by the way) and the new standard – USB C – all new phones and devices will sport this new port along with all the new charging systems that will be the norm for the next five years.

    So, It looks like they failed on my top four things I wanted. I hope at least the VR headset is super amazing and more powerful.

    I guess I have to cross this off my hot list and figure out what is best. What a pity because I wanted the VR experience. Have to just wait for the Rift. The the heck, Samsung! How could you kill just a great idea?!

  • Proioxix

    Disappointing Samsung, quite disappointing.

  • Lion Girrl

    Sadly, NOT MY NEXT PHONE. Yet a few years ago i was sure i had found the phone model of my dreams. I WOULD have bought the Notes ,4, and now 5 (bought 1 + 2 and loved them) , but Samsung you are screwing up big-time with your locked bootloaders for verizon, the only viable provider for many of us. Who the heck do you think buys your super expensive phones, noobs who will put up with your preloaded crap apps that waste space, memory and bandwidth without our desire and permission? Sure, but only after the good word is spread by those in the know… now the word will be thumbs down .
    And so now you are forcing not just me but my 11 person IT company to go find another another brand of phone, because you want lucrative deals with ESPN or other useless apps we cannot uninstall? Trust me, we will be blasting this phone for your stupid mishandling of a great product line. Only one of us bought the note 4 – although we were all going to- but then we were horrified that there has never been a root for it after almost a year and a huge bounty! That was $7k you lost just from us last year- now none of us will buy the Note 5 ( despite the fact that YES WE LOVE THE S PEN ) so now you will lose what ,$8000 this year, just from our little company? Plus of course now we have to recommend AGAINST Samsung for all our biz clients, despite our serious cheerleading for you for Notes 1 n 2! What kind of idiots are you that you dont know your key customer base…please cease the stupidity and realize that this was and is a developers phone that spread to the masses through word of mouth, and you have hamstrung the potential of this phone to your own financial ( soon to be ever decreasing) detriment. We are stuck with verizon- but now you have made us hate you for forcing us to give up something we love.

  • Gremlins

    I stuck with Samsung because of two things, removable battery, and removable memory card. WHY would they get rid of that? Lol, I’ll be keeping my Note 4 until something better rolls around.

  • muryeaman

    Junk phone. No SD and no removable battery. I buy Samsung because I don’t want an iPhone. Don’t try to sell me an iphone.

  • Jokey Runde

    Wtf no more microsd slots humm… definately not upgrading.

  • Citizen Trudge

    Samsung: I want my SD slot! Not paying for internal memory at 3x-4x price of SD. I demand a replaceable battery.

  • Mensa Musa

    If the Note 5 does not come with a removable battery is it worth switching to the LG G4?