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Here is the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in Hand

Samsung will show us the brand new Galaxy Note 5 at a press event in New York City, next week. As we inch closer to that unveiling, we continue to see the phone via leak here or there, and even in what we are assuming are official press renders. Thanks to sources of ours, here’s another to add to the list. 

What you are seeing here is the Galaxy Note 5 in the flesh, in hand. It looks a lot like a bigger Galaxy S6 with its metal frame and glass panels, but it differs in that the back has an Edge-like curve to it, likely to make it easier to hold. We are seeing the S Pen slot on the bottom (which we are told is spring loaded), regular USB port (not USB Type-C), single bottom speaker and headphone jack, and some crazy thin bezels surrounding the display.

In terms of specs, we are being told that the phone has 4GB RAM, no SD slot, 32/64/128GB storage options, and a 3000mAh non-removable battery.

galaxy note 5-2

Finally, in the top image, we are seeing a new menu for Air Command that includes options for Action memo, Smart select, Screen write, S Note, Settings, and Instagram. That Instagram icon is interesting in that this could be Samsung allowing you to customize an Air Command shortcut or maybe it’s simply showing a previously used app (Edit:  It is customizable). Either way, we’re all for Air Command growing its feature list.

What do you think? Is this your next phone?

  • DK

    Hell no, it won’t be my next phone. I NEED to be able to exchange my battery because I use heavily draining apps for extended periods without charger access. I NEED an SD card because I needed one for my current Note on day one, and no, the memory options for the Note 5 are 32/64. They stated that there currently is no 128 option.

    Oh, and then there’s the zero water resistance in this new model. . . . I’m done.

  • Winfred

    I don’t want a phone without a removable battery…if Samsung continues this foolishness more consumers will move to the iPhone club 🙁

  • Chavis

    I wonder if Samsung is going to work on adapting all users to the edge series and if that is where they will maintain SD cards and removable batteries. Just a theory

  • Jam Master Jim

    Samsung is making it easy to switch to the Nexus line… #LongTimeSamsungConsumer

  • Brad

    No removable micro sd card?? Come on Samsung.. Definitely not getting this phone now! This was my next phone until I just read that

  • Elena

    I think it is worth switching to LG G4 and buy a wireless receiver quick circle case instead of buying another piece of crap from Samsung.

  • tjshire

    No SD card is a minor irritant, but a non-replaceable battery is a deal killer. Without the ability to swap batteries, users can be left dead in the water. That’s not a good situation considering how people depend on their smartphones for so many things nowadays.

  • EVHappy

    I wanted – replaceable battery, SD slot, water resistant (it is more of a work computer, by the way) and the new standard – USB C – all new phones and devices will sport this new port along with all the new charging systems that will be the norm for the next five years.

    So, It looks like they failed on my top four things I wanted. I hope at least the VR headset is super amazing and more powerful.

    I guess I have to cross this off my hot list and figure out what is best. What a pity because I wanted the VR experience. Have to just wait for the Rift. The the heck, Samsung! How could you kill just a great idea?!

  • Proioxix

    Disappointing Samsung, quite disappointing.

  • Lion Girrl

    Sadly, NOT MY NEXT PHONE. Yet a few years ago i was sure i had found the phone model of my dreams. I WOULD have bought the Notes ,4, and now 5 (bought 1 + 2 and loved them) , but Samsung you are screwing up big-time with your locked bootloaders for verizon, the only viable provider for many of us. Who the heck do you think buys your super expensive phones, noobs who will put up with your preloaded crap apps that waste space, memory and bandwidth without our desire and permission? Sure, but only after the good word is spread by those in the know… now the word will be thumbs down .
    And so now you are forcing not just me but my 11 person IT company to go find another another brand of phone, because you want lucrative deals with ESPN or other useless apps we cannot uninstall? Trust me, we will be blasting this phone for your stupid mishandling of a great product line. Only one of us bought the note 4 – although we were all going to- but then we were horrified that there has never been a root for it after almost a year and a huge bounty! That was $7k you lost just from us last year- now none of us will buy the Note 5 ( despite the fact that YES WE LOVE THE S PEN ) so now you will lose what ,$8000 this year, just from our little company? Plus of course now we have to recommend AGAINST Samsung for all our biz clients, despite our serious cheerleading for you for Notes 1 n 2! What kind of idiots are you that you dont know your key customer base…please cease the stupidity and realize that this was and is a developers phone that spread to the masses through word of mouth, and you have hamstrung the potential of this phone to your own financial ( soon to be ever decreasing) detriment. We are stuck with verizon- but now you have made us hate you for forcing us to give up something we love.

  • Gremlins

    I stuck with Samsung because of two things, removable battery, and removable memory card. WHY would they get rid of that? Lol, I’ll be keeping my Note 4 until something better rolls around.

  • muryeaman

    Junk phone. No SD and no removable battery. I buy Samsung because I don’t want an iPhone. Don’t try to sell me an iphone.

  • Jokey Runde

    Wtf no more microsd slots humm… definately not upgrading.

  • Citizen Trudge

    Samsung: I want my SD slot! Not paying for internal memory at 3x-4x price of SD. I demand a replaceable battery.

  • Mensa Musa

    If the Note 5 does not come with a removable battery is it worth switching to the LG G4?

  • Shweebz

    I use nova launcher and get decent battery life for my galaxy s6. Like a day usually before I have to charge it. That’s with WiFi, data, and auto sync turned on with occasional Bluetooth use. I usually leave the brightness on auto. I use nova launcher and I DO notice a significant difference in battery life compared to stock launcher. I also get AT LEAST 5 to 6 hours screen on time . usually more depending what I’m doing. Using Firefox SOT is exactly 5 hours. No I’m not a Samsung troll lol. I posted two different screen shots, the first one is from right now and the second one is from last week after one day on battery and I had just plugged it in to charge it. USE NOVA LAUNCHER for better battery life you won’t regret it !!

  • Shweebz

    I use nova launcher and get decent battery life for my galaxy s6. Like a day usually before I have to charge it. That’s with WiFi, data, and auto sync turned on with occasional Bluetooth use. I usually leave the brightness on auto. I use nova launcher and I DO notice a significant difference in battery life compared to stock launcher. I also get AT LEAST 5 to 6 hours screen on time . usually more depending what I’m doing. No I’m not a Samsung troll lol. I posted two different screen shots from last week and right now. USE NOVA LAUNCHER for better battery life you won’t regret it!

  • Joseph Brown

    Samsung’s aiming to make their high end devices more appealing to potential Apple fans. Hopefully they know what they’re doing because I for one went from Iphones to Galaxy’s partly because of the replaceable battery and upgradeable storage. When on a road trip, keeping a spare battery in my pocket for my Note 4 is a no brainer and is very convenient. I’ve also had to replace several bad batteries over the years. What’s nice about the Note 4 and previous Galaxy’s is that when the battery goes bad, swells up, etc. I can inspect and replace it with the spare and order another one. I don’t have to send the phone off to Samsung or search for a competent local service center. At least with Apple there are plenty of local stores that I can take an Iphone to and get the battery replaced within an hour or two.

  • C B

    Just plug the thing in occasionally and stop crying. 50% charge in 30 minutes. With power saving mode and ultra saving mode you can go 2+ days without a charge. Stop hiking the Himalayas where there are no power outlets or car chargers, in the rest of the modern world some way to charge is always an arms length away. I’d rather see thinner any day of the week as long as it gets me through a day.

  • I waited for Note 5 more than you know. It’s been a long time since I got a new smartphone, although a man of Technology, a geek (before geeks were cool). So long, that my old (also Samsung) smartphone, with custom ROMs and THIRD replaced battery (the two first, original), crawls painfully (with just like 15 vital 3rd party apps, as I use my tablet for most software).
    I waited for Note 5 as my first “64bit geek/pro phone”, since S6 disappointed me (which I expected), since it went premium and they forgot… features. But S series has the excuse of being “high-end fashion” series (so it plays with iPhone).
    I liked Note 4 and also take it as premium, since with it there is a metal frame, premium glass in front and plastic just in the back cover, for which there are 3rd party replacements and of course cases. If Note 4 had a 64bit CPU (waiting for Lollipop back then) I would have bought it. So I waited for Note 5.

    BUT NOTE 5 IN THE FORM THEY PLAN TO RELEASE, thank you very much but no! I posted this comment first in an article about the expected very high antutu scores, since antutu scores say nothing to me, ESPECIALLY for Samsung (with all the crap in their firmware – which at least they limited the last year).

    Let see what we waited for (or hoped for) and they cut (I start from the less important to me)…

    – FM radio. Well I didn’t wait for that, it was cut already, since their chipsets don’t support it. Personally I don’t miss it. I was happy to have it, but in practice the last 5 years I may have used it 3-4 times. Thousands more I use FM radio of my bluetooth (and the same suggest for you), since it is way more convenient and doesn’t drain phone battery. I have FM on my “normal” bluetooth (fantastic Sony SBH52 with its own display and open speaker – you don’t need to take out your phone at all) and my helmet bluetooth (also fantastic Sena 20S which is the ultimate for this job at this time).

    – IR blaster (or IRDA as we used to say) or simply “infrared” that can play the role of programmable controller for consumer electronics. With this little thing I had plenty of fun and have given solution to problems (like public TV in a transport ship). Some years ago they cut this feature (because they said “hey you don’t need that”), then 2-3 years ago they remembered it and now again they cut it. Why guys?

    – CPU. Good choice to put in their own CPU, not a Snapdragon and risking with an 810. I know they weighted 808 as a choice (see LG) but thankfully, they left this option behind. BUT the rumors where for 7422. A CPU that beneath the 0002 difference to 7420 of S6, it does have major design differences. But, they stopped short again, so for Note 5 again 7420, just in a bit more GHz. Pity.

    – Waterproofing. I loved this feature. HUGE feature that most people didn’t realize how fantastic it is. NO it is not (only) for diving and taking photos under water. But in the next major rainfall you need to use your phone or next time a glass of water drops on the coffee table, you’ll remember me. Major. It was introduced “properly” (not used in an “tough action” model) to us by Sony which went fine with sales, so 1-2 others followed. Including Samsung (with S5). But then Sony stopped being a major player (stupid Sony, you really could be), defiantly REMOVED this feature!

    – Removable battery. There is a painful story here. I said what happened with my Note. THREE batteries. Not that they couldn’t perform well (which indeed they couldn’t – a battery takes me to early noon), but also they were crap batteries that SWELLED! Tell me now, if they were NOT removable, what would happen? They would ruin the back of the phone, I would need to take it to service to replace and two or three times the money to fix. TWO times. HA! Sony also doesn’t have removable batteries, but they know how to make them (since the time of Infolithium etc.). But Samsung you don’t convince me. Then you say. OK, maybe since back then, they have improved, at least they plan to put one that has a huge capacity (they said 4000mAh or more!)… HA! You lose. Now they say 3000mAh (mostly because of the choice of 7420 instead of 7422 that would leave more space in the board), So you are just looking for victims.

    – MicroSD. Once we had major battles over which removable storage will reign. Sony was funny (like many times in their history – remember minidisk or even betamax) insisting to use their own expensive (sometimes mediocre) formats. But even they accepted that SD was to rule. Now this guys try to cut this. MOSTLY BECAUSE Apple doesn’t have it and instead they sell ultra expensive non-removable storage. This is what Samsung wants now. You want space? Pay for it. Either using expensive internal storage, or cloud (over some expensive data plan). I’ll tell you where you can shove your 64GB microSD. Once excuse was the non removable back. Really? So those that put the microSD under a cover on the side are what, stupid? Or another excuse is the new ultra fast storage subsystem, that couldn’t fit along microSD. As a professional in technology I tell you this is crap. They could use USB bus or other means. In the end, they should include the feature and whoever wants to use it (and suffer the slowness) so be it. I wanted to have it. I want my files there, I want some huge apps there (since Lollipop re-allowed move to SD), I want my backup there (they LIVES even if the device dies) etc. But NO. Apple doesn’t have it, so let’s cut it too. So cut it.

    – …even type C USB connector they didn’t manage to include (the new connector that fits both ways)… So what DID they manage to include?

    For S6+ I won’t talk at all. What is to say. Let some LA celebrity get it.

    Seeing that Samsung cuts vital features even from mid-range models (like auto brightness and proximity sensor!), I think they are losing the game. Which is bad mostly because I don’t see anybody else making a splash.

    LG is doing ok but makes some rather shy steps (I mean come on 808 in G4? Are you serious?). I still have hope in them.

    HTC is in some limbo. After the burst bubble of “Ultrapixels”, they are back to nice robust devices. But nothing really special. Where is the splash HTC?

    Sony (officially) said they are more or less dumping the smartphone war. Stupidly enough, since they were REALLY STRONG competitors. Especially after generalizing waterproofing in their premium models. It was also a surprise by Sony (we were not used to that by them) when they supported models more than 2 years old with the Lollipop update (yes just Z line, but makes sense). Let’s not forget that Google suggests “support your models for 18 months”. But Sony didn’t make the sales they expected in the market, so they put it on the autopilot behind their strong player, the Playstation industry (like Apple has desktops far behind IOS devices, but don’t say it to Apple fans they will kill you for saying the truth). But in any case we hear about a Z5 etc. So let’s wait and see.

    Motorola is… traditionally “off the radar”.

    OnePlus Two, is nowhere near high-end killer they promised to be.

    In the market two far east giants move in. The giant Huawai (which if consumers realized what else they build their jaws would drop) and Xiaomi. But even by them we still have to see the splash. Mostly they are in “above average with good price” territory.

    But for Note 5, as things seem to be (except if Samsung really has something in store for us), sorry, no.
    So there goes the famous geek/pro Note series. The series that STARTED the phablet market, so that now if you see an original Note (N7000) it is actually “small”. I still remember the comments “where are you going with this racket?”… Well now it seems that even Apple makes such rackets.

    So now Samsung wants to play in the market of the fashionable bearded guys with cool haircuts, shaved bodies and tattoos. The market of the duckface silicon built photocopied (and live photoshop) “babes”. Let them do it. That most of those people don’t know that the phone does, beside instagram, facebook and the latest cool game, is ok. It is actually good, since for S7 and Note 6 they can cut more things and those people won’t notice. As long as they put in a good selfie cam.

  • Julius

    I hope the battery it’s more than 3500 and most important size must be min 5.9 or i am staying with my note 4.

  • mclarenfan1968

    Well well so no 4100mAh battery huh? Shame this is shaping up to be a turd. I am going to get the Note 4 for a much reduced price after this launches.

  • Exploited

    Samsung: “Let’s make an iPhone 6S Plus without iOS…That will obviously beat Apple as long as we release slightly earlier, right? RIGHT?”

  • CALiiGeDDon

    Seriously no USB 3.1? I guess I am keeping my Nexus 5 for a while longer.

  • Leo Martinez

    No removable battery? I’m going to keep my Note 4, buy a new battery, and wait for Note 6. If that one doesn’t have removable battery or 7000mah battery, then goodbye Samsung. Its been a happy 4 years (Note 1 – 4) with you but it’s time to move on.


  • Meir

    F.Y SAMSUNG !!!
    sent from my Note 4

  • Josiah

    whats with the apple style speaker at the bottom? and the stupid line like the iphone, for them tryna say their designs are original it sure looks like a crappy iphone… i think i’ll stick with the sony xperia z5, expandable storage/waterproofing/better battery life…

  • Ashot

    What is extremely disappointing is the removal of the SD card slot and removable battery. That combination made this a media machine that could last days just by popping out a dead battery and putting in a fresh one. But it seems they went full iPhone on this one.

  • Tawse

    This will be a sales disaster IMPO. I suspect that Samsung have simply committed themselves to the Note 5 being like a bigger S6 long before all the negative user reports about the S6’s lack of removable battery, lack of SD card, etc, became apparent. Either that or the Samsung management truly do not understand what their customers seemingly want. Already the price of the S6 is dropping rapidly… but then so are other phones such as the LG G4… as I think people are simply fed up of paying for their ugely expensive phones that offer very little over previous models.

    If Android users wanted an expensive phone with a non-removable battery and no SD card slot then they would buy… an iphone.

  • CaptainTurk

    No SD? And I assume no exchangable battery too. I am not interested. Seems that Sammy is lowering its standard to the iCrap so my current Note 3 will have to last another year until Sammy comes to its senses.

  • vee

    Removing the options to upgrade my own sd card is the deal breaker for me. To bad I loved the note

  • Del

    That battery… No, just no…

  • Gremlins

    You take away my memory card, AND take away the removable battery. The two main things that people hate about iPhones, you bring that to the Note 5? Lol, I’ll be holding onto my Note 4 until Samsung decides to go back to being android and not iPhone like. Guess I’ll be looking at other options. I actually use my memory card and removable battery. You want me to sit with the Isheep next to the wall socket waiting to charge my phone? I’m good.

  • AJA0

    What a disappointment. I guess I’ll be holding onto my Note 2 for another year.

  • Jah Son

    No expandable storage, no sale for me.

  • Jason Shwagner

    Officially done with samsung then. It sucks too because I loved all 4 previous Notes as I have had them all. But I am an adult business user and need to be able to have removable, hideable storage as corporate spying is an issue for many of us. I also need to be able to throw in another battery, and even 15 minutes tied to a cord or an induction pad is an eternity in my world. It sucks but I simply cant make do with that so I will have to go with a smaller screen offering from lg or other that still offers removable batteries and storage. CONGRATS SAMSUNG ON DITCHING THE VERY THINGS THAT MADE YOU BETTER THAN APPLE. Not just from an OS standpoint but it gave us adult options and we werent being treated like children told what we can and cant do with our phones. Now samsung is making yet another locked down, proprietary gadget that has to be sent in for any battery issues as well. No thanks. No way.

  • moly

    Im not sure from those photos here but from photo global samsung, its sure that the camera is no more protruding!! just look.

  • Gerd

    The end of Samsung for me.

  • Luis Eusebio Jr

    I thought the note 5 was going to be for power nerds and all in one use. Apparently I’m gravely mistaken no expandable memory and no changeable battery AkA bigger 6s. Expand memory or changeable battery one or the other at least. But at least they could have put USB C to humorous us.
    Wow every year the looking more like iPhone 😑😓

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Using an LG G4 a friend has kindly lent me till this or the new windows phones come out. My old Samsung note 2 got too slow for my needs. I am tempted to buy it but A) battery not removable, no SD (OK I can get a 128gb one) and the fact that Android is a very intrusive platform is really keeping me from getting one. Additionally, all the non removable bloatware and slow updating add up. Last but not least, carrying an additional swappable battery is more practical than carrying a cumbersome extra accumulator to reload the internal battery, which drains very quick due to Google services and bloatware. Maybe I’ll go for a BlackBerry passport or will wait for Windows Phone.

  • Zachary Vincent Manning

    Anyone else lagh their ass off when they saw people complaining about the battery size then actually read the article to find out the battery was only reduced by like 200mah LOLOL people seriously don’t understand phones or technology. No phone is meant to be sat on for straight consecutive hours. If you watch videos maybe… I watch entire hour long episodes of arrow and even movies and that will take me to like 50%. Right now I’m at 5hrs on screen time lasts the entire day on my S6. If you think Samsung did bad with batteries then you are not in the right of mind. That or you got a defective phone

    • Svengalis

      You can try and downplay this all you want but if they can make a 4000mah battery and put it in a phone and give the phone longer battery life then I want one. There is no excuse for us getting a smaller battery on a newer phone that is suppose to be an upgrade over last years model.

  • Ben

    I love my Note 4 and was pretty sure I was going to get the Note 5 but this is terrible, it’s actually a downgrade. I’m gonna get something else.

  • Alpha Female

    i don’t like the fact that theres no SD card slot

  • John Kitchen

    The spring loaded stylus is money. You can eject it, write on the screen, and slide the stylus back in to save all while leaving your screen off. And the screen is absolutely absurd. I was told it’s higher than 1440p, just stupid crisp.

    • EnglishRose

      That is the most important thing to me. I use the pen around 50 times a day. I can use 32gb. No removable battery etc. I’m looking forward to see what the pen had to offer.

  • Carolann Waggner

    No removable battery or SD slot? No sale….

  • darrick gates


    • darrick gates

      can you here me now?

  • darrick gates

    I remember when EVERYONE complained about Sammy’s plastic phones and even said if they would get metal or glass design they would deal with a non-removable battery . Well the time is here and guess what everybody is complaining about? lol!! The new design is beautiful and I’m for sure giving the note 5 a chance, it’s going to be a beast!

    • EnglishRose

      You hit the nail on the head.

  • clh850

    Jumping from an iPhone 6 Plus to Android and was thinking about getting the Note 5. I see that a lot of people are bashing Samsung so what’s the best android phone out there? Any info is appreciated. Please don’t thrash this post with hate comments for Apple. Just need guidance since I’m new to Andriod. Thanks in advance!

  • Craig Leverenz

    Has anyone considered that the battery size could be a typo considering everywhere else is listing it as 4000 mah?

  • Matthew

    Why would I downgrade from a note 4 to a note 5?

  • Oleg Vorkunov

    Samsung lost a lot of users with their S6 model. Now they are going to lose power users with their Note 5. There is going to be nobody left using Samsung devices. I am on my Note 3 and if Note 5 is going to be a flop like this, I will stay on Note 3 or get Note 4. My Note 3 does everything I need with great speed. I am on my third battery because other 2 lost their power below 70% and were discharging faster. That is why removable battery for me is a MUST. SD card is a MUST.

  • euragone

    With no SD or removable battery.. The Note 5 is off my list for a replacement of my Note 3!

  • Patrick Sean Abraham

    Whelp, the Note 5 will be a pass for me. How sad, they have just crushed my love of the Note line. Looks like I’m moving to the G4 this term.

  • Tomer

    When is the ir on the top i thing this is not the device .. On 8/13 all be ok
    I think this note be the ultimate phone
    If the s6 look good and work very very good the note 5 be super ultimate phone
    More 1gb ram? The multitasking on s6 already the best 🙂

    I wait for it

    • Tomer

      About the battery cability you know this is high technologic of samsung so see the battery of s6 and more 400mah be super great

  • jhage1638

    This is the problem with them rushing to beat Apple to the punch. These specs are ridiculous, they took 3 steps back with this, instead of jumping forward as the previous versions were. I highly doubt I will be buying it. It is a major shame, I have always been a Samsung fan. I say let Apple be Apple, I will never buy an iPhone, but this has almost become the Android version of an iPhone.

  • RWJ

    I have purchased every Note series to date but I’m not going to buy it. No battery replacement available or expandable SD card, I will pass.

  • rb

    what are samsung up to man… after the biggest complaints about the battery and SD card they do the same thing to the Note 5, well now they’ve ruined the note series. The note 5 looks exactly like the s6 and then they’ve gone and released a bigger s6 edge. They basically just did a s6 edge and a s6 plus… along with the s6 active. To many unnecessary phones are being released without proper planning being done, I’m not suprised the sales were crap, theres just to much… should’ve just created the S6 Edge and the Note 5 this year. Nothing else.

  • Will

    I switched from my Note 4 to an S6 and I am deeply disappointed!! Wish I wouldn’t kept my Note 4. The Note 5 does not seem appealing to me after reading there is no sd slot, non-removable battery, no IR sensor, and probably no more mhl adapter either… gonna try another android phone or dare i say.. switch to an iPhone since Samsung WAS the biggest rival for apple… sad days

  • BLee

    No SD Card slot? BWAHAHAHAHA! Customer lost.

  • I started of with the Note 2 and it works fine still after all these years. I’ve never dropped it or anything, so still in perfect condition. I have been waiting for them to increase screen size of the Note Line to 6in, but Nope. Note 2, 3, and 4 works the same for what I do. I would have bought the Galaxy Mega 6.3in, but T-Mobile my carrier doesn’t carry it and I like T-Mobile, been with them for over 10 years. I could buy unlock, but doesn’t receive 4G LTE. These phablet need a bigger screen. 5.5-5.7 is standard too now. Sometime when my phone freeze, I could get it working again by just removing and reinstalling the battery. But what now??? Dammit! Guess I’ll have to use my Note 2 for another year or get a Galaxy Mega 6.3in and go 3G when my Note 2 breaks. The Note 5 design is beautiful though.

  • seeteedub

    Huh… So knowing this… How many if you would consider the Note 4 instead?

    Because I still have my S4, which I really still like, and was waiting for the Note 5 to come out before I made any decisions.

  • Wanderer

    It’s simple Samsung #NoSDcardNoSale

  • The Doctor

    If the battery is only 3000 mAh, I will not be switching my S6 active for this phone. Why would they make the battery smaller, even after all the complaints on the S6’s battery life?


  • David Katz

    Overall pleased with my last two samsung devices,but NOT a note 5. No battery access or sd card of my own are non negotiable if alternatives are available.

  • Cass Bennett

    Nope. Just bought a G4. got the free battery deal with leather case. put a 200gig sd card in it along with my 32 gigs of music. and 40 gigs of pictures :]. Taking all pictures in the raw data mode. Great camera.Better than the S6 in the raw mode.

    • Cass Bennett

      Had a note 3. great tool but long in the tooth. Until next time Sammy, if there is a next time. Might be with the sale of the Note 5 will be very low indeed i predict

  • Larry Bigforty Kimmons

    Glad i went got a note 4 now

  • Fox Sage

    Fail. I would divest stocks in Samsung and invest in LG now. That’s where the Note buyers are headed. G4Pro.

    • C. Watson

      i love my g4 , i jumped from the note4 with jump on demand thinking i would go to the note 5, not anymore

  • IndigoMX9

    None removable battery, no SD slot, no USB-C, I’m disappointed, I’m going to pass.

  • DaManFitty

    The only thing that disappoints me, right now, is the battery size. If what is rumored is true about the battery I will skip the Note 5. However, if it’s the 4100mAh then I’m on board…..I know people on Droid-Life love stock android but Samsung is still TOP DOG in the Android Universe…

  • Kenneth Vice

    This is crap! I might as well stick with my old Note 3. Very disappointed in Samsung! VERY! No SD card, non-removable battery (which is the same size as mine), and same micro-usb, instead of the new usb-c. WTF??

  • Frank Fritz

    I noticed that the Ringke Fusion case on Amazon for the Note 5 shows a view of the side with the power button. In that photo you can clearly see a slot below it. Also it shows the case clearly on a Note 5 with the curved rear edges. Why don’t any of these leaks show the power button side of the phone? So I am seeing a case manufacturer photo that shows a slot below the power button and none of the leaks have shown this side of the phone. I know the S6 has the slot below the power button, but why would they mix product photos to just show the front? If I am wrong, someone post a picture of the power button side of the Note 5 that was leaked, if not…I might be onto something. Someone prove me wrong please.

    • Svengalis

      That’s probably just the slot for the sim card.

  • Richard Wolff

    as a note 4 owner, there is zero chance i would buy the note 5 if this leak is accurate.

  • Malcolm Poe

    If this continues to be their trend with no sd, removable battery b.s. they will lose my business forever . The only reason I left apple was for these features . Idiots!

  • Godbody

    I’ve been due for an upgrade since April but I love my HTC One M8. The thing with my plan is I can upgrade every year, and by not having upgraded yet its like I have this plan for no reason. waited all this time for the Note 5 and was considering the Note 4 if the Note 5 didnt deliver. looks like the Note 5 didnt deliver.

  • Joe

    No SDCard slot, no new phone for me!

  • Lexster

    Well, that cements it for me. I’ll be skipping the Note 5. Had both 3 and 4, but I refuse, REFUSE to have a phone with no SD card slot. I can live with a non-removable battery if the rest of the pros outweigh that con, but an SD card slot is not something I will ever compromise on.

    • C. Watson

      pretty sure its done forever for samsung

  • Lyndon Kenneth Timbol

    This is very dissapointing :/

  • AndroidFan

    Been a fan of Samsung for years. Love my Note 4, but based on the leaks I’m seeing I’m not really seeing the point in upgrading if the battery is smaller and the processor is the same as the S6. My wife has and S6 and my Note 4 still runs circle around it. So can someone explain the point in upgrading. I ok living without the SD and the removeable if the battery was 4100 instead of 3000. If true not sure if I will be upgrade to another Note may look at the next Nexus.

  • Shaiju Bhaskar

    But why are we forgetting about the non inclusion of usb type-c connector in both the flagships. Two smaller companies have included the tech in their phones. So I assume micro usb would become history sooner than we think, and even our newer phones with usb 2.0 would be slower in cable data transfers compared to other newer phones released in, say 6 months time.

    • C. Watson

      left over stock? its all about $ . Apple consistently waits on technology too. Its strange cause many said apple copied samsung but not samsung is almost trying to mimmic apples marketing and sales strategy, Its odd, I am happy with my g4

  • This looks like a downgrade overall. What are they smoking over at Samsung?

  • Chris Winkley

    Surly the battery is 4000mAh?

  • Goran

    Samsung is now apple of android as someone said.. O god, only htc now can save the day:) hope they will make it.

  • TerryC

    The Note is off my list. What is Samsung thinking? Didn’t the S6 debacle teach them anything? No SD slot? No replaceable battery? Too small a battery and no way to get a larger one?
    Been waiting upgrade. I guess is an LG G4 for me.

  • Daikenkini

    LGG5 Hype train. It starts here.

  • Nandoicurn Davila

    not my next phone.. there is no expandable sd card or removable battery

  • ethakr

    3000mAh? no thanks

  • The auto system éjection is assured on the Galaxy Note 5 un seeing the photos.

    • I was sure in my article that the S Pen get out by pressing it. You could see the push button on the S Pen leak pictures.

  • Mohannad Kattan

    Gear vr and Gear s saved Galaxy without them many people would switch to iPhone.

  • Jak Crow

    There’s no excuse for the 32GB version. It’s too little storage for modern devices.

    • C. Watson

      it is for the naive person going in wanting the cheapest option

      • Jak Crow

        Unfortunately the providers have often not offered the larger capacities. If the 128GB version doesn’t get released, I’m going to be looking at different brands the next time ’round.

  • Frank Arcati

    I will not be buying this long awaited phone. this will be the first year in 10 yrs that I will not be upgrading yearly I will keep my note 4 with removable battery expandable card I have 128 gigs plus 32 internal! plus I have a IR blaster for remote control features which I use. seems like this note 5 is more aof a downgrade lol. who cares 1 more gig of ram. same size display same res.oh and a better fingerprint scanner which I never use anyways. I’ll stick with my note 4.this is a bummer

    • C. Watson

      the note4 fingerprint scanner was unusable when i had it, so i too turned it off. The wifes s6 works 10000000x better, so you would prob use it on the note 5 but its def not needed. I would def take an ir blaster over the fingerprint scanner.

      I use my phone as my remote every single day, that alone would make me not want this phone, then everything else just seals it

      • Frank Arcati

        I’m really upset that this year I won’t be upgrading. all year I was waiting for this phone I was hoping a killer 4k display would be onboard. but instead they made it more like a apple product. who cares what the phone is made of. for the amount of money people pay for these phones we throw them. right into a case!! most people do I mean $700 dollars for a phone. you wanna tske. care of. it. espicially if your a techie. the battery cover for the note 4is scratch proof. a glass background is not. why did they take away the great ir blaster for!!! that was one thing that set these devices apart from others!! I really hope Samsung does not sell many of. these phones. maybe they will learn to stay with what was best

  • Rico

    My friends and I have purchased every Note on the release day. If these renderings and description is true, no one I know will ever buy this phone and it will most likely go down as the biggest flop that Samsung has released. Being able to remove the cover and replace the memory/battery as needed was one of the best features of this line. If they are going the iPhone route, then we will probably just buy an iPhone.

  • curious

    What are those two slots on the left side of the phone for?

    • curious

      Or are those the volume buttons?

      • Svengalis

        Those are the volume buttons.

  • ダレン い

    I loled so hard at the Battery , even my note 2 has 100mah more then the note 5 .What makes Samsung so sure it can last the user the whole day , on my note 2 with a custom rom and a 720p screen can barely can last me a full day , now with a QHD screen , i dont even think it can last me 1/4 of the day. Come on at least give a bigger battery if u are going to make it non removable .

  • Jorge Calvo

    I’m getting a note 4 but keeping my note 3, it’s a beast if you remove the stock android and replace it with the latest AOSP has to offer. Custom kernels, hotplugs, I/O schedulers and governors(simply mind boggling heavy optimizations)and flashable modems plus that zerolemon battery is worth it.

  • .Of course they got to be pushing for the best and I’m sure in the not so distant future ( just like dvds and your rom drives in your laptop ) All phones will have got rid of the micro card !. And why not start now ? My guess is this is the start. Bateries? , I’m sure the are working on that as we speak, . Who will be first to make one last a week ? Because you know one of them will .

  • NO!

  • Geert Alexander Moes III

    I dont understand why people are having a panic attack over Samsung’s changes. First of all Samsung moved to eMMc 5.1 (only) because its faster and sd cards cause too much complication. They make your phone lag. eMMc is almost 10 times faster than any SD that you can buy, not to mention that half the people who own SD cards buy the cheapest piece of crap that they can find and then wonder why their phone is lagging. Second, the battery was not made removable mainly because the demand for Samsung to leave behind the cheap plastic design, in order to do that they had to make the phone uni-body to avoid user complication. The battery is smaller due to Samsung using better power control on the new board. Samsung is a company full of some of the worlds greatest electronics engineers, do you think that they simply don’t know what they are doing and are just out to piss in your beer?

    • Alan Tegel

      If that was truly the case why not make it 4000mAh which is slightly greater then the Droid Turbo …. and why not offer 256GB….. This is their big flagship device and they downgraded everything … If you truly use your device you will know that their Power optimizations don’t help that much since screen brightness will eat it alive …. This device is literally no different then the S6 … so why bother …. BTW .. I have the Note 4 … a Note Pro 12 and a Droid Turbo … so I feel I can judge appropriately …. and the Note has a 200GB SD card in it with only 25GB left ….. If speed only matters when you are doing heavy work …. and most people don’the … and if they do they will be using the on board storage …

      • Geert Alexander Moes III

        BTW.. I work in the cellular industry and use multiple devices for weeks, which include but are not limited to Samsung, HTC, LG, Apple, and Motorola. For Android users, the new LG G4 and the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are my highlight devices. And why sling the name “Droid Turbo” around knowing it has no removable battery or SD option? The Galaxy S or Note lineups shouldnt even be compared to the Droid Turbo. Bottom line is, Samsung developed you guys a sports car, and wanting an SD card slot is like asking it to include a trailer hitch so it can cart all of your crap around, which completely defeats the performance of the device that Samsung worked so hard to engineer. If you want something slow and clunky that can carry all your stuff with the risk of lower performance and battery drain then I suggest you leave Samsung and go with an SUV. eMMc 5.1 and cloud are taking over from here. I can store all of my photos on google and most of my music google play music (except for the “must have” song s that I keep on my device storage), all documents on the 15GB of free space that Google Drive allots me, and my entire movie and show collection on my Plex Media Server. So why? Why compromise performance just to have all your crap native on the phone? If you cant live without it then go with the G4 is my suggestion. It wont be as fast and will lag for the same reasons, but at least you get what you want.

        • C. Watson

          Tmobile has no service on almost the entire east coast highways to North Carolina from NY . I wouldnt be able to listen to music lol… only if service was good every single place in america

        • Alan Tegel

          You do understand how storage works in Android correct? If you have .nomedia on the mount, and only use it for offline storage, then you will not be impacted by the performance issue you allude to. Droid Turbo is the equivalent to your preferred devices so … it is relevant, and the reason for the choice is because the radio quality in dealing with hard/soft handoffs which LG and Samsung only work well in a faraday and lab environment, while motorola’s RF guys actually handle it well. What are you doing that requires that kind of I/O performance running a database instance? If that is the case guess what … you still have adequate performance … 15GB? Is that all you have (I have 2.115TB), and when I have cached google play music and the substandard 320bit MP3 (I play ALAC) via poweramp and use a cheapy Creative E5 with Shure SE846’s …. I still use 90GB on google play … I don’t compromise performance with my devices, in such that I use the unix like mounts of android to supplement the high performance local storage for prime time use, and leave the mass storage for longer term and enmasse storage of movies and music as I need … there is no compromise it is called effective management. FYI … I have worked on the mobile internet since 1999 and worked on very early implementations of WAP gateways and TCP based gateways for Japanese carriers back in 2000 … and I am also a performance architect who has nearly 25 years in unix and kernel work … so I do understand what performance is about …. The problem with LG is their quality control can be a bit buggy, and their overlay can be a problem child …. plus as I stated earlier … go try and bounce the device from 4G to 3G to 1x on a CDMA network and feel the heat/burn of the device. I will give the LG G4 some credit it is a nice device; however, I found when punching juiceSSH with a media stream, and having heavy mail usage the interface gets clunky and slow …. the Note 4 handles it well and the droid turbo is even faster … the key thing for the devices I refer to (and even yours) is that you need to watch what apps you drop and after every system update do a hard factory reset to ensure that the kernel has been patched properly … if you don’t … the lags you refer to on my side … and … from what I have seen with your preferred toys will show up …

    • C. Watson

      the s6 battery is by no means good. explain… when i use my wifes phone i can see the battery draining 1 , 2, 3 percent etc its nuts

    • Oleg Vorkunov

      Looks like you have no clue how SD card is used. Leave plastic design – there are more ways to make it better and still have replaceable battery. One of them is snap on case battery, where back cover has battery build in and snappes into a phone body. The same as notebooks had before. I have 15 GB a month data plan and cloud storage for me is not an option to store hundreds of thousands songs and pictures and video clips. That is SD card for me is a MUST.

  • The Samsung & apple battle ! They are just trying to churn out quantity in the war of the mods ! and it will not stop for some time yet! So be prepared for some ramped up failings from both sides. What’s next ? The note 6 GT. In 7 months time , with no memory as all your apps & files are stored on the cloud and your new Samsung is just a portal ?? YOU CAN’T KEEP UP WITH TECHNOLOGY ! I Will be keeping the note 4 for quite some time .Sit back and watch !

  • Alan Tegel

    Epic Fail …. Looks like 2nd Gen Droid Turbo or Sony Z5 …. If they wonder why profits are down …. here is the reason ….


    I have the s5 active, I might just sell it and buy a brand new note 4 since the price will be dropping… i was excited for the note 5 but the non removable battery and no sd card might be a deal breaker for me

  • Samsung Sucks

    Disappointment doesn’t even come close to describing my feelings towards Samsun right now. Though, they clearly did some sort of market research to come up with this idea and go through with it: It wasn’t off a whim. Though, I truly feel that it was, and still, am incredibly disappointed.

  • Frank Arcati

    where’s is the ir for the remote control. they took that away too! I’ll stay with my note 4 they took to many things away

  • Wil S Sipla

    No sd slot. I definitely wont waste my money. Taking three steps backwards again.

  • Ditto ,Still enjoying the note four . Endless messing around with Adobe via the phone and my laptop and Dropbox .

    Mudge out !

  • KK

    I am not usually comment on online article. This is my first time.

    GUY. My n4 still rocking hard….

    I JUST BOUGHT NEW BATTERY FOR MY NOTE 4 and its cost around 37usd (Galaxy Note 4 Extra Battery Kit)

    I thinks i will stayed with my note 4 for a whiles until something good as n4 or lg g4 show up….

    Bye Sammy.

  • Let’s agree one thing. Note series have all been good. But the amount of effort teasing us with new sepcs snapdragon etc, etc blah blah chip this armourled that ! My note 2 is still running faster on kit kat than my note 4 on lollypop. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE!

  • Daisuke Niwa

    I could list all my disappointments here but most of them have been mentioned by others already. But I can’t help but comment on that stock wallpaper, it’s hideous!!

  • Eisenhorn1976

    Does anyone have a shot of the back? There seem to be many shots of the front and sides that have leaked but not the rear of the device.

    • Warren Morris

      I found these pics a couple days ago

      • Eisenhorn1976

        Thanks! Those look good.

  • Jeremy Malzard

    Samsung what have you done! If I wanted a iphone I would of bought one years ago fools!
    This phone is not going to make iphone users jump ship to samsung…I have owned S1 , S3 , S4 , bought 3x N1 , N2 and N3 that I currently have. …was waiting for N5.
    NOT now!!!! LG G4 pro you can have my custom….

  • Charles

    Note 5 is not a upgrade, it’s a slap in the face. Samsung, you think your disappointed with the S6 sales? You’ve already lost a lot of customers, but now your going to lose even more. Personally, I’ll be looking at the iPhone 6S Plus when it launches.

  • Phil Grayeb

    Nope. As a loyal supportive Original Galaxy S and Galaxy note owner all through Galaxy S5 and Note 4 (edge) owner, I was excited to hear the S6 edge and Note 5 were in works and the specs were amazing too. But im sad to say I will NEVER buy any Galaxy or Samsung phone again if the S6 and Note 5 models forshadow where Samsung is headed. Why all of a sudden did they take a giant leap BACKWARDS and start emulating Crapple designs?? I can accept and even respect the metal bezeled glass design instead of plastic, although as a laborer id be afraid to work with it. The biggest dealbreaker for me is NO SD SLOT AND NO SWAPPABLE BATTERY??? The reason I see for that is to make sure they make as much $$ as they can off us the consumers. Now they will have everyone think twice about the 32 or even 64 gig versions knowing they are stuck w that memory. (much less usable after all the bloatware too) and instead opt for the 128 gig version for alot more, and the unfoutunate people who buy the 32 gig will be suckered into upgrading much sooner than normal when they see how little space that really is in todays world. “ching ching” $$ for Samsung and $$ for carrier. And the battery is a whole other can of worms ill only briefly get into by saying it will last for about a year possibly yr and a half before its gotta be charged 4 or 5 times a day which in turn “ching ching” more cash for sammy and Verizon, tmobile, and att. Its ALL a marketing ploy to get as much money as possible from each individual. No matter how many people disagree with me on this I guarantee Theres as many or more that will agree. And until we show them we wont be made apple fools with vaccums in our wallets and wont conform they will continue with theyre greedy ways. Shame on you Samsung. You sacraficed your loyal longtime customers for a few fairwether elderly folk your trying to grab from Apple.

  • Raphael Noble

    No! Why would you take away the micro SD card slot? Make us spend money on online storage service? That’s why I’m still using my Galaxy S5 because of the sd card feature.

  • Timothy Oliver

    I feel that if you own the Note 4 then the Note 5 is not necessarily for you. You’d be better off waiting for the Note 6 if you want the big differential from the Note 4. The Note 5 is for buyers upgrading from the Note 3 and prior or the S5 and prior in my opinion.

    • roberthenderson

      I have a n3 and not a chance in hell I’ll buy the n5. I wanted sammy to add a bigger battery, front facing speakers, water resistance, and upgrade the camera on the n4. They have failed miserably. I’ll be picking up the Moto X Pure that will still be a big upgrade for me and I’ll get the SD card and front facing speakers, water resistance and save 3 or 4 hundred dollars buy not buying the n5. KMA samdung.

  • Anton Iliev

    I’m disappointed with that absence of a micro SD slot. Who is the brain behind this decision? If they were to do a sociological research they would find what makes their fans happy. Removable battery and SD slot. Crack the glass and you can replace it for $5. When the life of the battery deplete, just change it. Simple as that. Now I have to buy another brand as this one has nothing to offer with their new Apple approach…. Screw you SAMSUNG !

  • KQRaccoon

    I wish I waited on getting my S6. This thing looks so sleak. I love how nice and flush the pen is with the rest of the aluminum design. If I had more money I’d sell and upgrade now, because honestly the S6’s screen is too small for my hands.

  • Anton Iliev

    I don’t understand what is all the fuzz about ? The Note 5 looks like a bigger S6 with S pen. Nothing to see here.

  • Larry r

    I’m out…..sealed battery….no sd slot….I’m out

    LG here I come

  • Dana Alan

    Looks like my Galaxy S4 will be my last Samsung phone. No removable battery and SD card slot are deal killers for me.

  • Brandon Zobisch ヅ

    With the power draw of the SAMSUNG CPU I think this battery will work out well. Finding that balance between size and performance is tough so we won’t know till it’s in our hands. I want an EDGE version though

  • elizabeth crosby

    You lost me. . I have been the proud owner of every Note as they were introduced. . .initially jeered by others for its size. .now every other phone has gotten on board with that. . But the dismissal of the sd card and removable battery… .deal breakers. . I have been pointing out these two features to every iPhone user who has tried to steer me their way. .now Samsung has let me down. .I will be keeping my Note 4 until I find something better.

  • Tomtwr3

    They are going to loose me. No removable storage and battery…. I it is time pick another brand after many Samsung phones and years.The limited storage and battery life is the deal breaker. In my work I need both to be expandible and replacible on a moments notice.

  • Andrew

    Why do the icons look hideous

  • Michael Lewis

    Current device- Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Developer Edition, Rooted, No bloatware, Verizon unlimited data (grandfathered), 128GB MicroSD, 3 Batteries (total).
    For all of you that say “You only need one battery….fast charger…” —–STFU!!
    For all you that say, “Who needs microSD?……new technology….cloud…..” STFU!!!
    I’m sorry, but I read too many of these post and I had to let it out. If you don’t care about the EXTRA features of the phone, then it won’t kill you if its there or not.
    Everyone talking about Premium Look…..STFU also!!! The phone is for usage, not to sit on the table to look at. Take a picture and post it on you wall if you want to look at it. You are most likely gonna put a case on it anyway.

    I USE my phone instead of looking at it. I run through the batteries on heavy days. I have lots of pictures and movies on my large SD card. I use cloud backup in-case my SD card and external backup HD happens to both die at the same time.

    So, yes, Samsung messed up. For now, I will continue to enjoy my beautiful Note 4. I see no need to upgrade to anything else right now.
    If you don’t agree with me…STFU because I don’t care.

    • renegadedroid

      Exactly. Galaxy A5, A7, E-something – perfect phones for most people and cheaper to boot. But charge nearly 1K? Give me a true pocket computer .

  • mcdonsco

    Not interested…I’ll get to play with it when my mom upgrades (gets the new note every year, she loves it, but she NEVER uses the pen, go figure).

    So far out of all current offerings the only phone thats holding my interest is the almost year old 2014 Moto X…of course, I just got it, so, there’s that.

    May actually be able to make it to the end of the year without switching phones again!

  • roberthenderson

    Such a sad situation. I had the S3, the Note 3 and was eagerly awaiting the Note 5 because I was sure Samsung was going to take the Note 4 and upgrade the camera and add a bigger battery and slap on some front facing speakers. I thought I might even get lucky and see water resistance. It’s obvious I’ll be let down on pretty much every front. I’ll be dumping my Note 3 for the Moto X Pure. It’s an upgrade for me in almost every area (save removable battery) and I’ll be saving $300 – $400 AND getting front facing speakers. You had your chance samdung, I’m out.

  • HHwM

    Seriously disappointed Samsung. Held onto my Note 3, expecting the Note 5 to be revolutionary. No SD and no swappable battery, deal killer. After 5 Samsung phones, it’ll end with my 3.

  • Oren E

    Too bad… S5 and Note 4 are the last interesting devices I’ll consider from #Samsung. Let’s see what #LG has to offer

  • Leo M.

    I guess no more zerolemon!!!??? Always loved the idea of puting gigantic battery in my phone to outstand it from anybody else. Sd card is no big deal for me since there are other options available like cloud storage, pc storage and theres a case with sd card for sgs6 so i think someone will come up with the same case for note 5 later on but what about the battery???

  • Corey Simmons

    Does the moto x pure edition have an removable battery or an IR blaster? I see some are complaining about Samsung lacking these two features and going for the moto x and yet it lack the same I think..and it’s up in the air on the (moto x)camera. The only thing I wish it have is expandable external memory which I see is what everyone upset about the most. I can deal with the non removable battery. Mind you…this is just my opinion.

  • John

    Are the people who are designing phones at Samsung stupid or just clueless? I don’t know why they think consumers would want a thinner phone at the expense of not only a smaller battery but also a non-removable one. No one hates Apple more than I do, but now I’m starting to hate Samsung even more.

  • gp8221

    Who said they gonnna remove the IR remote, i dont hear samsung talking about that.

  • Stephen Shaw

    Can anyone with a 4 say it’s sluggish and they need a faster, more powerful processor? Seems like the least of the problems. I don’t care about games.

  • Heartless12

    No sd card slot and a weaker battery? Nah I’ll pass ….sticking to my note 4 😒

  • Victor Cedeno

    I Always liked the Note 4 Over the Iphone 6 Plus. The one thing i hate about samsungs products is all the bloatwares they add to their end products, then come at&t and add even more, also it takes forever for an android update to get to the end user. This time i was debating between the upcoming iPhone 6s Plus or the Note 5, if these leaks are accurate ( Smaller Battery) (no USB C) I’m really making the switch to iPhone. Heck they are taking away most of the things that differentiated the Note from an iPhone. The phone comes with a bootloader locked you cant even customize it anymore.

    • Heartless12

      My thoughts exactly ….if they don’t fix this nonsense by the time the note 6 comes out I will get me an iPhone 7 plus real talk

  • Winston Purnomo

    Wait, 3000?! Wasn’t the leak 4100?!

  • Gussy2000

    No SD slot would worry me less if I knew the OS and bloatware weren’t going to eat up a large chunk of the internal memory. I could probably get used to a non removable battery but if you are soldering the thing in, take advantage of being able to shape it and make it BIGGER!

  • Ben

    I personally have had a hands on with the note 5 and edge + today from a source I know . The S pen is spring loaded and there’s a cool new feature called blackboard for the s pen but other than that it’s basically a big s6. And the edge is just a big edge. Oh and you can add app shortcuts with the s pen air command button.

  • Jeff “BIG RED”

    Holy crap I really wanted this phone. I’ve had the note 2,3 and 4. I have a zerolemon battery in my note 4 now so the smaller battery wouldn’t bother me if and only if zerolemon made an extended battery for this device. 128gb internal hard drive would be fantastic! Really dislike the idea of no sd card but wouldn’t be a deal breaker. Think Samsung needs to pull there head out and look at what most people want. Be the first to make innovations. Not try to follow apples model to make more $$$ off internal hard drives. Hell just make one model with 128gb internal!!!

  • Loghorn

    In terms of specs, we are being told that the phone has 4GB RAM, no SD slot, 32/64/128GB storage options, and a 3000mAh non-removable battery.”

    Well, that settles it. Note 4 for me.

  • Kevinik

    Samsung don’t care about their customers opinion anymore nor do they care to be a top contender for long. Moronic spec phones with pretty to look designs. They want to be dumber than Apple. I’ll keep using my Note 3 until it breaks. But I am done with Samsung.

  • kreemer

    What. Is. Going. On.
    I just don’t know what to say. The Note anyway, is supposed to hint at what IS COMING, not be a bigger S6.

    There’s trouble brewing here. You can go premium without shutting out the battery, certainly it has nothing to do with loosing the sdCard!

    It’s inconceivable that Samsung is doing this. Who’s going to buy? Not the Note people. I don’t get it. There’s the s6+….so what exactly is the Note 5 now?

    What is going on in those boardrooms?!

  • SuperStarMAUI.com

    Unbelievable, I waited & waited for the s6, just to be disappointed. So I waited for the note 5 and now – no removable battery, no micro sd card and no water resistance.
    I will NEVER trust Samsung to give us customers what we want.
    The funny thing is that they have ridiculous prices for something nobody wants.


  • Chris

    no effin way.. overpriced crap. the note 4 I typed this on is being replaced with a Motorola pure.

  • Me

    Holy crappy UI Batman!

  • Matthew

    Am i the only one happy with my LG G4? Tbh for me the screen is perfect the RAM is great and it runs fast without the horrible toucheiz thing samsung has going on

    • Duffman

      No way. I enjoy my G4 very much! I hope to keep it for at least 2 years. Heck, I wouldn’t even have upgraded from my M7 except that the battery was starting to go and it’s a sealed phone. I personally don’t think I’ll ever own another sealed phone again. Unless the M10 looks like the M9 leaks 😉 Damn I wanted that phone! lol

      • Matthew

        Ive aways thought HTC phones looked nice but i never really researched into them but i ahve the G4 and I wouldnt swap it with anything no matter if its better i just love how it works and the quickcircle case works and the fact i can add an sd card or use another and replace it it makes it better than all the phones with sealed backs

  • TF Shaw

    I had 100% planned on buying the Note 5 as soon as it was available to replace my aging GS4, but I’m gonna wait to see what the Nexus devices offer this year. I’ll either get the Moto X Pure or the Nexus. I’m also interested in the LG G4 pro I believe it’s called that will be out soon. I’m just done with Samsung, Touchwiz, bloatware, and slow Android updates. This will be my first non Samsung phone and I believe I will be happier. Goodbye Samsung!

    • LilSweetLin


  • Lex

    I’m all about the Galaxy line. I’m using the Note 4 right now but this is a hard sale… I don’t see any reason for me to upgrade to the 5. There better be some pretty fancy tricks in that bag!

  • ast00

    Does it look good? Yes.
    Does it look good considering it’s a Note? Hell no!

  • manuel soto

    3000mAh non removable battery? WTF!!! I was waiting a bigger battery for the N5

  • Daniel Walsh

    LOL at 3000 mAh battery

  • xperia

    what a disappointment

  • TrendSetter

    Wow, whoever would have thunk that Microsoft’s next flagship 950 XL would beat the Note 5 if rumored specs are true.
    950 -> 3300mah Bat, Removable Battery, microSD card and USB type C with Pen support.
    Only thing Note 5 has over it is 1GB more of Ram.

    • Larry Davis

      and the ram is not needed on the windows phone. My family, wife and kids and I have purchased 6 notes but it may be my last, Windows is looking better now.Sad day

      • flosserelli

        Have fun enjoying the barren desert they call an “app store”.

  • Silky Johnson
  • nazarenergy

    Yup I think I’m going to stick to my tried and true Note 4. I like the hard square edges on my 4. It make it feel more premium. The whole reason I didn’t get the edge. Plus non removable battery + no expandable memory = fail. IPhone like in more than one way not for me.

  • Silky Johnson
  • Silky Johnson

    Another Samsung device decreasing it’s battery size

  • namesib

    Trash. My Note 4 is probably going to be the last Samsung device I own. This has less hardware functionality with presumably the same price, and the 128GB version will probably approach £1000 and have limited availability. I’m not contributing to this BS trend by giving them by business.

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Thats a small battery

  • Ronald

    Well if I was in the market for a big screen premium flagship that has no battery access or expandable storage I would rather go with the iPhone6s Plus whenever that’s released. Samsung has lost its way company has a one track mind, they drop what made them unique and went the iPhone route. They can never win the high end smartphone battle with Apple, using the iPhone formula is the only way Samsung can be successful? Android phones are plenty out there Chinese manufactures offering fast high quality Android phones for cheap, Samsung is going to lose its entire market share in the next few years. IPhone is a unique product and stands alone.

  • Stephen Shaw

    Unbelievable. Rumors are killing this company, not a single reported rumor will be in this phone, no single new chip, no usb c. If they actually reduce the size of the battery I give up. The note is not for regular consumers, I was thinking of it to use as a phablet, more than a phone. I thought that was the market, not just people who want a bigger screen for games. Whoever is in charge of product development should be fired. Maybe when they see the disappointing sales continue they’ll get a clue. I’m thinking I should just get a Note 4 or look elsewhere. A pretty metal and glass case? Who cares if you have to power to turn the thing on.

  • Ronald

    I don’t get why Samsung commands premium prices for their Flagships…I mean they are not a premium brand

    • PoisonApple31

      Just cause you can’t afford it doesn’t mean you have to knock it.

      • Ronald

        Its not all bad news.. luckily for me your mother is within my income bracket

        • PoisonApple31

          Yeah, how else would you get a Samsung device? She’d have to buy it for you.

          • Ronald

            she would be using my money either way

  • shelderman

    DroidLife not happy til they get a phone this thick


  • Kurama91

    I have note 4, although Note 4 is better in terms of having ir blaster, expandable storage options, and removable battery, but I would love to have either Note 5 or S6 Edge Plus

  • ddd

    I like this picture of note 5, but I think note 5 specs are wrong. Note 5 should be 6 inch with uhd and highest ppi. Processor is faster than s6 and camera should be 20 mega pixels back and 8 mega pixels on front. Battery should be around 5000 mah. If they say note 5 specs like this, I am pre order the phone because it is trillion times better than piece of garbage products like g4 and iphone, htc. I don’t care what people say because they aren’t expert so they don’t have any knowledge on smart phone specs.
    Iphone camera and display, processor made from other companies because apple doesn’t make nothing. Apple copy android lollipop features for ios 8. This is 100% true facts so Apple is laziest company like isheep.
    Samsung will be best company in the world market.

  • Guy

    Ive had a Note 3 for a year, everything about this phone checks out GREAT!! However I have a feeling no sd card slot and non removable battery is a kill factor for many, myself inculded. I love the note series and even when this is out, I have a feeling I’ll only be upgrading to a Note 4 for this reason. sadly I need my sd card and I love it that much. 🙁

  • ClikFire _


    Now bring on the Huawei Nexus leaks!!

  • uptown

    No IR blaster?

  • Brent

    No replacement battery option is major shortfall given it’s considered a power user device. There are instances when I’m in a smaller market or on weaker signal that pounds battery and I’m not toting power packs. Need to be able to swap a battery on the fly. This fails along with expandable SD option. I’m done with Samsung until either technology vastly improves or they offer these options. It’s not as if the overall Note series design has vastly changed. Just a power play to force folks into more money for more memory and more frequent upgrades due to tapped out fused batteries. Welcome to Samsapple!

  • Jaymus Lonestar

    No. Just not expecting to see enough to warrant replacing my Note 4 with this. Withholding final judgment until after the official release/reviews. Hopefully Samsung Pay will come to the Note 4 as well.

    Otherwise I’ll check out the new Moto X after it gets some reviews. Curious as to how its screen will compare to the Nexus 6. I might have to trade in the bigger fella for his little cousin.

  • PersonaBLAH


    • PoisonApple31

      Whatever keeps you from typing in all caps.

  • Trysta


    I personally was totally fine with the lack of sd card and nonremovable battery. But 3000mah battery sounds like samsung is repeating their biggest mistake with the S6.

    On the other hand if Samsung thinks 3000mah is enough for a 5.7 inch phablet maybe motorola will be ok using the same for the moto x style.

    At this point the only reason i would get the note 5 over the moto x pure is for the screen (if only i could get a note 4 quality amoled in another OEMs phone!) i’m not sure that is worth the ~$400 difference.

    • AcemanX AcemanX

      I agree, im torn with staying with the 4 because honestly no one out there can compete with the 1440p superamoled of the note4 and s6

  • Adrian Garza

    I think since there is no SD slot it should start with 64 gb

  • AcemanX AcemanX

    omfg they ruined the Note line…no micro sd, no battery swap, no ir, a 3000 mah battery? wtf we going backwards? what the hell are they thinking??? I guess ill keep my note4, wtf seriously

  • Jon Snow

    I think the information about the battery size may be wrong. Consider the following explanation. The Samsung galaxy A8 is similar to Samsung galaxy note 5 in terms of screen size( both have a 5.7 inch screen ) and dimensions- the A8 is 158 x 76.8 x 5.9 mm and the note 5 CAD drawings leak suggest that its dimensions are 153.3mm x 76.1mm x 7.9mm. Also the galaxy A8 has a 3050 mAH battery. So if the leak about the battery size were true(3000 mAH battry), the note 5’s thickness would have to be similar to that of the A8. But the leaks suggest that it is 2mm thicker the A8. . So it is definitely possible that the note 5 can accommodate a 4100 mAH battery.

    • Svengalis

      You are just making assumptions. I am pretty sure I read somewhere that the phone is around 6 mm tall.

  • swarley

    good bye sammy.

  • SilentPatriot

    Should we expect no Developer Edition for Verizon too? The next big-priced thing is coming…

  • Paul Craven

    Why would they remove the IR blaster?! The S6 has it! I loved that little feature 🙁

    • PoisonApple31

      They figured you already have an IR Blaster in your Tizen smartwatch of theirs, so why would you need it on your phone? 😉

      • Ronald

        because nobody owns a Tizen Samsung Smart Watch

        • PoisonApple31

          Several people do, you could probably get one used right in your low income bracket! 🙂

          • Ronald

            Looking at Samsung sales figures, looks like I am not the only one in the low income bracket 😉 btw yourself doesn’t count as serveral 😉

  • josh

    I completely understand the complaints about the s6 but I for one haven’t experienced many issues aside from my first device having that nasty screen rotation issue. I still get more than 15 hours of stand by time and I consider myself a moderate to heavy user. As far as storage goes, the 64gig modal is more than sufficient when using Google photos cloud service. Hell, my note 3 was 32gigs with a 32gig micro SD card and that thing was filled with junk. As long as samsung was wise enough to include a 64gig modal I’ll be fine. And fyi, all the leaks aren’t from Sammy themselves. Until theyz release the device there’s no real way of knowing if there’s not and SD card. It could be right there with the nano sim. Notice how you’ve yet to see that slot. Just saying, you never know until you do.

  • James Green

    Why does touchwiz look like it had a baby with iOS 7. The gaussian blur, and watercolors remind me what I don’t like about iOS. Also those Icons suck, hopefully they are customizable at the OS level.

  • noodsquared

    It’s the new law. If you make a 5.5″+ QHD screen, you have to put a 3000mah battery. Look at Moto X Pure 2015 3rd Gen edition style mess and now this as well. I would have kept the G4 if the heavy UI didn’t stutter and lag all over the place. Never had to charge it. Just swap battery whenever you’re around 30% after using it all day long.

  • Melissa

    Looks a lot like another samsung apple reproduction. No SD card slot and no removable battery makes me not want to buy it this time around. I’ll stick with my S5, or a note 4. Those are better samsung products. But, it looks like I might be jumping ship over to LG’s products. They still have removable batteries and SD card slots. Samsung, is really starting to pissed me off with this apple look a like bullcrap. I’m not saying apples products don’t look nice but dude really?? Why in the heck do you need to copy them? Be original. Make your own design. And, be different!

  • LilSweetLin

    Only a 3,000 mAh battery, seriously? Was it not supposedly a 4,100 mAh that I’ve been reading about for the last few months? Ffs, talk about a true NO sale, if that’s the case. I’d rather get a Moto X Pure Edition if we’re going to be relegated to no more than a 3,000 mAh battery in these flagships. A small 3,000 mAh battery, non-removable, and no SD card? NEXT. At least I won’t have to deal with TouchShiz, smh. The Moto X Pure Edition or the Huawei Nexus phablet are now my main choices.

  • DC_Guy

    For all of you considering the purchase of a Samsung phone, but upset about the lack of SD card and removable battery there is a silver lining here. The Note 4 should receive a nice discount once the Note 5 is made official. So you can have your SD card, removable battery and save some money too.

    • Sporttster

      I’m eithering doing this, getting the Note 4 at discount or waiting for the new Moto X….no sd is a deal breaker for me…

    • AcemanX AcemanX

      damn right, my prediction is this, the note 5 sales will not be as strong as they hoped, and we will a see rise in note 4 sales/ pre owned sales, maybe even things like note 4 glass repairs go up in prices due to the demand (owners sticking with 4 rather than upgrading, like me lol)

  • watkins

    This is a huge disappointment. Waiting to see what lg does with the g4 pro.

  • AndrewScottRox

    So maybe a dumb question: I assume the Note has some cool features with the S Pen. Can you still use those features if you use Nova Launcher?

    • PoisonApple31

      I would still assume so, I had a Note 3 and all the S Pen features worked while using Nova Launcher.

    • AcemanX AcemanX

      unfortunately no, the action moves and all that is touchwiz from samsung

    • Larry Davis


  • Frankiie

    New Nexiii for me brah. 😎

  • Seth Boman

    The Note 5 will be in my hand launch day! Thank you SAMSUNG!

  • Rayther Vella

    Samsung is dead for me i will never buy a device from them again .R.I.P

    • Steve DeBellis

      Thanks for elaborating on how you came to this decision.

      • Rayther Vella

        ok lets start updated my note 3 to 5.0 it destroyed my phone .the same for the s4 after upgrading to 5.0.1 starting acting like crazy my note 4 filled with bugs after the lollipop update and taking ages to update to 5.1.1 and my s6 still stucked with 5.0.2 and olso taking ages to recieve an update . how can i buy another samsung phone ? its thrown away money .Im from Malta and from europe

  • seattle tech

    3000mah sealed battery hurts my tech soul

  • flosserelli

    Ok, Samsung, you almost got me. But I know where this is going. In 3-4 months, there will be a Galaxy Note 5 Active with a 3800 mAh battery…right?

    • AcemanX AcemanX

      lol good one, maybe theres gonna be a Note 5 Plus? which will have all the things we thought we were getting? 7722, usb type c, sd card and 4100 mah battery? lol

  • MaxPower27

    It’s hard to imagine the typical Note crowd plunking down $800 on this thing if it doesn’t even have SD card support. Know your audience, Sammy.

  • Jedy617

    I hope the battery isn’t actually 3000mah, I was going to buy this thing before hearing that!

  • Nathan Bryant

    So why did they make the battery smaller? A Note 4, 3, and 2 have a bigger battery. Just saying. I don’t get deeply emotionally connected to these devices anymore. I mean I get geeked up about new things being announced but not too attached, so I won’t piss on what’s “wrong” with this phone or any other device. Just curious as to why they went with a smaller battery.

  • Aman arora
  • OF

    No need to upgrade the G2 this year it seems.

  • Ron_Swanson

    wtf on the battery? what a joke

    • flosserelli

      Ikr. Especially considering the S6 Active has 3500 mAh.


  • wargamer1969

    This announcement and the Note 5 are now dead to me. Looking at the G4 Pro now. With included micro sd support. Fail Samsung just fail.

  • galaxyNote4isBoss

    Definitely ready to add both the Galaxy Note 5 and S6Edge+ to my already robust Galaxy lime of products.

    At the end of the day nothing else matters the rest are insignificant and obsolete.

    • hfoster52

      lime? Haven’t seen Galaxy limes before.

      • Fred

        Limes are bitter, perhaps he is saying the product is bitter and will be added to the rest of Galaxy products that make people frown. AKA not a product he will purchase.

    • PoisonApple31

      Did you use your S Pen to draw that mustache on your face?

    • squiddy20

      1. You clearly don’t know what robust means. Try using that “boss” Galaxy Note 4 to do something other than leave ridiculous comments all over Android blogs like a plague.
      2. Protip: proofreading actually helps.

  • velocipedes

    Just a hideous, stupid looking device.

  • Eric

    I keep reading the lack of a removable battery and micro SD slot is a deal breaker. It is a reality that, like it or not, those two features are soon to be extinct. Isn’t the G4 the only remaining new phone model out there with both features? The average consumer likely doesn’t care if either exists. The market drives design. There are not enough power users who love those features buying enough phones to dictate the market.

    • hkklife

      Powers users can make do with a huge fixed battery (Droid Turbo) or even a gimped fixed battery and expandable storage (HTC /Sony/most everyone else). It’s just that the combination of the two is a double-whammy. I honestly was expecting the Note 5 to have no microSD slot but a massive fixed battery along the lines of the 4,100 mAh rumors we have been hearing for months.

      • Eric

        I agree with the need for a larger battery, but I think, again, they are responding to the consumer market which likes a slim and sleek device right now. They are competing with the Apple obsession.

    • TC Infantino

      Currently out, yes. But the recently announced Moto X will have a removable SD card. Sadly, no easily swappable battery.

  • jerbanumbi

    No my Next phone will be a Droid Turbo 2 🙂

  • Rennis Deynolds

    So is that an icon pack or are those the default icons?

    • Grayson

      If those are the default icons then Samsung has gone full retard.

      • Rennis Deynolds

        I mean I like them lol. But I’ve never switched icon packs/launchers really so i guess my opinion is moot

  • Svengalis

    i could deal with the no sd card, as i dont use mine anyway and the non removable battery but i just cant go back to a phone with a glass back. i dont like using cases because it takes away from the beauty of the phone. i mean whats the point of making this beautiful design if it means the phone has to be in some ugly case ? why didnt they go with a metal back on the phone ?

  • Oracle

    I’m so disappointed right and this is how it made me feel.


  • Jack

    I hope this phone flops HARD just like the S6. Then maybe Samsung will remove head from sphincter and get back to their core. SD cards, and large removable batteries. 3,000 mAh? LOL

    • deepen915

      but if it’s more efficient then why does mAH matter? My S6 edge gets far better battery life than my S5 ever did. Samsung is doing something right. I’m more mad that Samsung flagship devices aren’t water resistant, when phones like the Moto G are. Also lack of timely Android updates.

      • Jack

        For now. About 9 months after purchase you’ll only be getting 70% of the original battery life and it will only get worse from there. I’ve never been a daily battery changer but being able to replace an old worn out battery is key to maximizing the value of your smartphone.

      • therealtech

        I’m with you there, My S6 has good, very good battery life as well. In fact the screen usage is usually the third or fourth when it comes to battery usage. And the processor is sweet as well, fast.

    • PoisonApple31

      It’s 220mAh smaller than the Note 4 – big fricken deal.

      • Duffman

        It is a big deal… you just don’t seem to get it. You’re the type of people Samsung loves!

        • PoisonApple31

          Ha! Either size would get me well over a day with my usage it doesn’t matter to me.

          • Ronald

            Of course Samsung shortcoming do not matter to you

          • PoisonApple31

            Thanks for reiterating what I said, I appreciate it.

          • Ronald

            no problem just needed to confirm my suspicions

          • Duffman

            See, to you, it doesn’t, but to those of us who are power users, just getting through the day would be nice! I’m sure even people like you wouldn’t mind an extra half of a day of battery life over 2mm. We need to #Neversettle (hahaha. I had to do that after all the One+2 stuff)

        • renegadedroid

          Maybe he/she is not and it’s OK to be that kind of people – but Samsung are already making a ton of models for them – the Note targeted a different crowd – that bunch is now untargeted…Maybe it was a business decision – whether a good one – will see

      • Jack

        I know! It is a big deal. These idiot manufacturers are obsessed with making an already tiny, super skinny phone even tinier and skinnier when they really ought to be holding to the same size and using that space to INCREASE the battery size. Can you imagine a life where you only have to remember to charge your phone every couple days or so? Where you never have to worry about running out of juice while GPS’ing back to your hotel late at night in a new city? It’s not rocket science. I predict the first flagship phone manufacturer that bucks the trend, grows a brain and offers a phone with a 3 day battery life that’s still thinner than my wallet will dominate!

        • Gideon Waxfarb

          I agree with you, but really…. #firstworldproblems

        • Victoria Hope

          You’re right. I’d take a brick for a phone if it would just get me through more than one and a half days at light usage. The zerolemon case I got for my note 4 had the right idea but not having glass screen protector opened it up to screen shifting while walking and causing volume to change at random.

      • ダレン い

        lol my note 2 has 100mah with a 720p screen and cant last the whole day , the now what not 5 with Qhd screen with 3k mah , i dont even think it can last me half a day

      • renegadedroid

        True that and given a more efficient SOC it would probably last a bit longer than the N4 initially – but after 200 charges it will get worse and then – instead of a quick scorch of eBay and $12 – you need to go to a shop and spend 80 – further once heated with the blower and opened and then closed – your phone will not be the same. Screw that.

  • Disqus_deez

    Question is why didn’t he show the right side of the phone.

  • Err0xx

    I don’t care about lack of SD card and lack of removable battery but a 3000mah battery isn’t doing it for me. Was hoping the 4000+ mah rumors were true. I’m afraid this Note may suck. Been with the Note line from original to my current Note 4. Seems like Samsung is dead-set on self destruction.

    • Lewis Thomas

      I don’t care about those either. They lost me at glass back. It’s supposed to be a digital notebook. Why didn’t they do a leather back? I hate Motorola bc of customer service but that moto x pe is looking pretty good right now.

    • Andrew Kim

      confirmed 3000 mah?

  • chris_johns

    i mean…its nice looking…but that thinness has a price…this isnt ios this is android we need big batteries…so meh…i love the edge if it had good bat life id cop it….looks like ima try out the new moto x and see if i can deal with the hugeness

  • flosserelli

    I guess the Note 4 was indeed the last “power user’s” phone. Maybe I should get one before prices jump….

    • jak_341

      You know that phone has probably received it’s last major update. Support by Samsung will fall off with the Note 5 being out.

      • jboogie1289

        Sprint just updated it’s Note 4 to 5.1 recently and “supposedly” the other variants will be getting 5.1 sometime in August. That remains to be seen but if one carrier does it, I’m sure the others will follow suit (just not in a timely manner).

        • hkklife

          I read somewhere that a tipster who seemed to be in the know said, around the time of the last Kies/OTA VZW update a month ago, said that 5.1.1 for the Note 4 was in testing and was looking to be approved by end of July. So I would imagine a late Aug or early Sept rollout is pretty likely for VZW.

          My main beef with Samsung is that they almost never trickle any new features down to their older models or give older handsets the latest TW. The Note 3 was a phenomenal piece of hardware when it was launched yet it’s gotten zero attention software-wise. Same for the GS4 and the Note 4 so far. The Note 1 and GS3 were the last times I recall Samsung making any significant UI or features improvements via software. And let’s not even get into the abandoned Galaxy Tab models, especially the Tab/Note Pro and Note 10.1 2014.

      • flosserelli

        Yeah that’s the thing. T-Mobile & Sprint variants will continue to get CM updates for awhile, but say goodbye to official updates.

      • well

        No. It’s probably even getting Android M later. Normally the support holds for about 2 years.

    • well

      The prices will only decrease (unless inflation raises them).

      • flosserelli

        Of course Note 4 prices will gradually decrease over time, but I bet we will see a small bump in value right after Note 5 comes out.

  • Markelous

    LG needs to wow with the G Pro.

    • Tom Hancock

      No they don’t. To the contrary, all they have to do is provide the same features as the note 4, like a removable battery, SD card support, and an IR blaster, then couple that with an updated processor, four gigs of RAM, and LG’s software which isn’t great but is better than Samsung.

      they don’t need to wow, they just need to follow the formula and include updated hardware, and the LG note will become the new power user phone of choice.

      • flosserelli

        Agreed. It’s pretty much a no-brainer. Just include everything Samsung abandoned and you have a competitive product.

        • hkklife

          The G Pro (OG model) was IMO a huge sleeper hit in 2013. Ridiculous that LG skipped the US market entirely for the followup in favor of the G-Flex junk. LG needs to get out a new Pro on ALL carriers (or do a Moto carrier-agnostic version) and put in ALL of the features the power users want. I personally prefer LG’s UX 4.0 more than the latest TW. I just wish LG was speedier and more thorough on the software update front.

  • Grits n Gravy

    iPhone 4 says hello

  • Skyline Tech Review

    3000mah!? Lmaooooooo see ya Samsung. Last few years were good. Not great, but good

    • flosserelli

      Kinda like that batshit crazy girlfriend whose BS was infuriating to deal with, but she did the important things like no other 😛

  • drcaveman

    I wonder if someone at Samsung thought when choosing the battery size, uh I guess we’ll make the battery life as good as the previous model by optimizing the software.

    • Svengalis

      probably, these mfs are cutting corners and trying to increase profits by taking away

      • drcaveman


      • hkklife

        Yup. Front page story on Sammobile today about Samsung removing little niceties like ambient light sensors, LED indicators etc.

        It’s one thing if a $199 LED HDTV has worse speakers, a flimsier stand and 1 fewer HDMI input compared to a $999 model of a few years ago.

        But for a $700 smartphone to lack the features its $700 predecessor had a year ago is just ridiculous.

        • budmon44

          Jeezuuz…..you make a very good point

  • hfoster52

    So… No SD. Battery is smaller than Note 3 (3200mah)/4 (3220mah). I also bet this will be a $699/799/899 phone.

  • disastrousrainbow

    I think this gif perfectly encapsulates my feelings over this news. At the same time, my love for the Moto X Pure has gone even higher than before.

    • ChrisI

      no image =/

      • disastrousrainbow

        Weird. I see it. = x 2 + ?

        • ChrisI

          Now I see it. A gif of a tranny?

          • disastrousrainbow

            Drag queen. A very unimpressed drag queen.

          • flosserelli

            I don’t even want to know where you lurk for gifs.

          • disastrousrainbow

            Bro, it’s no harder than finding a Crossfit class or a Kardashian picture. See, brosef, there’s a thing called Google and a popular show called Rupaul’s Drag Race. All us bro’s watch it after we get done crushing it at the Sports Bar Gym. It’s totally cool you didn’t know about it tho’, what with all that Fantasy Football you must be following.

          • flosserelli

            Actually neither tyranny shows nor fantasy football are my thing, but I am genuinely glad you found a tv show you can relate to. Cheers 🙂

          • TC Infantino


  • The Bilderbergers

    This is very underwhelming. Glad I picked up the Note 4. This thing is still a beast of a phone!!!

    • hkklife

      Samsung will do their best to neuter the Note 4 by releasing as few updates as possible and making them as slow and as buggy as possible to rollout. Just like they have done with the Note 3, the Note 2 and their tablet line.

    • budmon44

      Just got one myself….absolutely LOVE it. So all this bad news about the Note 5 actually makes me happy lol

    • Michael Opheim

      Now you can get the Montblanc cover and the starwalker pen also at alower price.

  • Choda Boy

    So it is a Note, minus everything but the S-Pen?

    • hfoster52

      The s-pen is on the picture showing the bottom of the phone. Rumor as it will be a push in spring load. Looks like this confirms its.

      • MattBoan

        Obviously you do not understand what “minus everything BUT the S-Pen” means.

      • Choda Boy

        “minus everything but the S-Pen”

  • hunkoman

    After owning two previous note phones this one is a huge let down. Switched to Droid Turbo for battery life. Was really hoping the note 5 would be and improvement as I hate nonremovable battery and no slot! At the same time working 2 full time jobs I need the battery life!

  • Masri87

    Samsung has become an Apple.

    Standardized options for standardized customers, which clearly we on droid-life are not.

    LG G4 Pro or next Nexus for me gents.

    • tansuperman

      S6 looks exactly like the iPhone 6. Look at them side by side.

      • PoisonApple31

        From the bottom sure

  • Teejay Card

    I had the Note 2, 3, and 4, but now it looks like I will be moving back over to Motorola.

    • hkklife

      Same here. Moto or LG for me after my Note 4 is done.

  • Turb0wned


  • Oracle

    Nope! Waiting for next Nexus phone. Sorry Samsung, you lost me.


    • Samsung could care less

      • Oracle

        And so do I apparently.

      • Dingus

        Someday you will learn what you said means the exact opposite of what you meant. Hopefully that day is today.

        • Gideon Waxfarb

          Someday you will learn that nobody likes a grammar nazi. Hopefully that day is today.

          • TC Infantino

            Ah, but if we don’t correct those who use the language incorrectly, then eventually everyone will sound like an uneducated idiot. If I misuse a word, or misspell something, I actually appreciate if I am corrected. That way my argument is taken seriously instead of being dismissed because I failed to use language properly. I pity those who embrace ignorance and stupidity as cool or hip.

        • Don’t care I’m not being paid to be right here

      • Inside_Insight

        couldn’t care less is the right way to use that expression. If they COULD care less, that means they do care a bit now.

      • Tim P

        Only Samsheep love that sambloat & touchcrap..

        • Cameron Davidson

          Or, we could find it useful, and aren’t closed-minded enough that we automatically hate something just because it’s there.

    • Mase

      Right!! I can’t believe Samsung is ruining the Note. If I wanted the S6 I would have gotten it. Tiny battery, no SD – I’M DONE!!!

    • TF Shaw


    • boss103

      Nexus phone? No SD Card or Removable battery, worse specs and screen, Storage options not as high or as fast as the current storage Samsung is using, and not as good a build quality. Great Choice, Great Choice!

      • Oracle

        I’m not understanding your comment. Are you saying you already know what the next Nexus phone looks like and whats under its hood in the specs department? I’m confused. Please elaborate.

        • boss103

          All you have to do is go look at the past 3 or 4 Nexus devices and compare them to the flagships that released that same year. Not up to par. Plus Google has been trying to kill MicroSD cards anyways. Also LG is really like the only company left with removable batteries.

          And the rumors are also saying 1080p screen, non removable battery, no sd card, internal storage up to 64 gb, metal frame with plastic back.

          • Oracle

            So rumors of next Nexus phone but no actual evidence? All speculation at this point. Either way, I am done with the Note phones and probably Samsung all together. New Nexus phone or Moto X Style

          • boss103

            Speculation and History give us what to expect from the Nexus…Moto X Style is going to be a great phone though.

  • Peanut

    Damn, Samsung should really leave their logo off of the front.

  • reyalP

    This guy definitely bites his thumb nail a lot. On a side note, it looks better without the Samsung name on it. Until Samsung learns to optimize touchwiz they need bigger batteries especially in a device that size.

  • Tim P

    Moto X Pure edition trumps this Sambloat Touchcrap phone with the SD card & $399 price, Note 5 will be a flop.

  • Cael

    So much butthurt in these comments.

  • Vantius

    Can we take a moment to point out how terrible that theme is. If you want to leak a device, at least show the default launcher.

    • Grayson

      I don’t think that’s a theme. I’m fairly sure that’s the new default TouchWiz launcher because it matches up with a previous leak.

      • Vantius

        Then that is ugly.

  • Augusto Leme

    I think the phone looks really good, but for twice the price of the Moto X Style, I don’t think so.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    WHERE TF is the IR Blaster? . . .Samsung what are you doing!?!

  • Tim P

    Samsucks as usual

    • Jaymus Lonestar

      Samsung as usual what?

  • Xavier_NYC

    Looks great IMO but really bro, a smaller 3000 mAh battery?

  • JSo

    Way too big. What a whale. /s

  • DJyoSNOW


  • txrepublik

    It looks thick enough to have 6000mAh battery. Must be hardware bloat.

  • Wahed Mn Elnas


  • AvalancheRyder

    What a gut wrenching decision to have to make. This or the Moto X Pure Edition? Only reason I’d go with the Note 5 is the fingerprint scanner, and maybe if the screen is significantly better than the Moto X. Not sure it’s worth giving up stock Android and front facing speakers on the Moto X to go with Note 5. I’d personally prefer 128gb internal storage to 64gb with MicroSD.

  • hkklife

    Same screen size as before, same screen resolution, IR removed, microSD removed, smaller capacity fixed battery, no Type-C, same old TW lag, slow updates & bloat. After the triumverate of turds in the GS6, Note 4 and Tab S2 this year, I am done with Samsung after my Note 4 and Tab S 10.5. What a string of disappointments from Samsung. LG and Moto really have an opportunity here but I am actually worried this is a greater malaise affecting the entire smartphone/mobile industry (not just Samsung or even the Android ecosystem)

    The Note 4 is clearly the better device for a power user in every category other than SoC performance, camera performance, and RAM. And, 64/128GB internal storage if you need it. At the very least Samsung should have crammed a 4,100 mAh battery in this one and made 64GB storage standard for the US market.

    • ChrisI

      I would agree. I was chatting about just that with another peep recently. Feel like an apex is upon us right now. Somewhat “releasing/announcing” new products but not actually coming up with anything that should push a consumer to buy it. Here’s hoping the Z5 and 2015 Nexus are worthy….

      • Mech_Engr_09

        I think the lg nexus is gonna disappoint people in the battery life department and the other nexus is gonna disappoint people in the size department. Looks like I’ll finally be keeping a phone for more than a year with the n6.

        • drcaveman

          I think you are right battery wise. I think my Nexus 5 had slightly excessive battery drain for being a pure device. Now that being said my S6edge has given new meaning to the phrase excessive battery drain. One day it’s great 18 Hours 5 Hours SOT, and the next day doing the exact same stuff, 8 hours with 1.5 hours SOT

          • Mech_Engr_09

            I’d have to get rid of it. I consistently get about 5.5 hours sot with the n6.

        • ChrisI

          Just really want that Moto X Pure to have 4gb RAM and a 3800-ish battery.

          • Mech_Engr_09

            Yeah if they would have slapped that bigger battery in it, I might have switched (still thing battery cap. should be a moto maker option). We will just have to wait and see how the reviews on it. I’ve heard good things about the camera and honestly 4gb ram isn’t a deal breaker for me.

          • ChrisI

            Yes. At 11mm thick, too….there’s zero reasons……..zero……..why Moto doesn’t have a larger batt in the X pure. I mean, I’d gladly pay, what, $449….$499…..to increase the RAM and battery size to have something new for the next 2-3yrs.

          • MaxPower27

            That’s just it – they don’t want you keeping the same phone for 3 years. They want you to buy the next one, and the next one, and etc.

            Personally, I think that 3gb of RAM is going to be plenty for a long time. 4 is probably nice but it’s definitely not needed in any conceivable way.

          • Sanity

            You will need that much RAM very soon in a 64-bit phone. 32GB storage experience in a 64-bit phone is not the same as it is in a 32-bit phone. Those new 64-bit apps will eat up RAM and storage rapidly. If you feel 32GB is not enough for a Note 4, it will be uglier in a Note 5.

          • Adil Tajgeer

            it’s 11mm at the thickest point, it’s a curve that tapers down to something around 6.2mm iirc so it’s not an 11mm brick they could easily cram a large battery into. do i wish they did? sure, but 3000 is probably okay, especially for the price points they’re hitting

        • T_Dizzle

          Nooooo!!! The Huawei is going be around 6″ and have decent battery life. Don’t you dare ruin it.

          • Mech_Engr_09

            It will have good battery life like the n6 but people are gonna complain that its too big. I love the n6 so I’ll be fine with it. Just not so set on buying a huawei device.

          • T_Dizzle

            People always complain about size but I’m a man with manly hands so I’m not worried about them. The not buying from Huawei I can understand but it’s not a problem for me as I’m not a top secret gov’t official.

      • dcline

        Yup, I’ve been on a two year cycle for a while… currently have the Note 3, and had the Note 1 before that (and something HTC before that). I’ve been waiting for this phone to come out for my next upgrade, but now I’m realizing I just don’t need to. There are too many items that are downgrades relative to what I have now. I was originally drawn to Samsung for the removable batteries and SD slots. Gone. I’m able to deal with pocketing a large phone because the grippy back allows me to use it w/o a case. Gone. I don’t use the IR blaster a lot, but I do use it occasionally. Gone. Sure, it’s always nice to have something faster, but I’m realizing there’s nothing wrong with what I have. I guess I should thank Samsung for saving me $600. LG still has some of the features that are important to me, maybe they’ll have something interesting next year. But if not, that’s fine, thanks to the replaceable battery, my Note3 can last quite a bit longer.

        • CalvesSlayer

          I literally have the same exact things to say regarding my Note 3 and thoughts on upgrading. The Note 3 has been a tank, I could see mine lasting yet another year. The Snapdragon 800 and 3GB ram still hold up with the best of em.

          • fonseca898

            Same. I am on contract and was going to use my upgrade for the Note 5. I have zero interest in it unfortunately. I’m still hopeful that Samsung will release an “active” version of the Note 5 with classic features if sales are disappointing. Otherwise I can move to the 4 at a steep discount.

            Things I do with my Note 3 regularly:
            -Editing spreadsheets on the go and taking notes, easy with stylus and active digitizer.
            -Swapping batteries daily in the field. The worn stock battery lasts 2/3 as long as its newer replacements, so without that feature I would already have been forced to buy a new phone.
            -128Gb SD card is great for documenting job assignments, sharing multimedia away from home. Or I can pop in my quadrcopter’s card to review and share video.
            -I have multiple custom IR remotes to control many appliances. Macros eliminate repetitive tasks.

          • dcline

            I also considered the Note 4 as an option, but honestly I don’t feel it’s a big enough upgrade over the Note 3 to bother. I’d take it over what the Note 5 is appearing to be, but I don’t see the need to pay to get it over a perfectly fine Note 3. My partner had an S2 or S3, then got an S4, and was set to get an S6 until it came out without a removable battery or SD slot. So he ended up getting an Note 4 instead. He really likes it, but I just don’t see it being that much better than my Note 3. That’s why I like to stay on a 2 year cycle, you see more progress between two generations. At least until the 5, now the progress has reversed.

        • ChrisI

          Here’s hoping that a great quality extended battery will be available for the G4 soon. Replaceable and still has the SD slot. I’m also still waiting for a flagship high-end phone in a ~5″ size.

    • jak_341

      You nailed it on the head! 6 months ago, I was waiting for this phone. Between then and now, I wouldn’t touch a Samsung. Too slow updates, lag, too many security exploits [that haven’t been patched].

      I think you are correct about malaise about the smartphone industry (except Apple…they are still making insane profits and selling phones like hotcakes]. There isn’t much revolution happening. On the other hand, what else to we expect a phone to do?

      • R_Brizzle02

        Security Exploits? I think you are mistaking iCloud. Also Samsung has taken off most to all of the bloatwear in Touchwiz and everyone is saying that it is not laggy and that it runs smooth. Also the slow updates are to fix things that is in the current update from Samsung and also Nexus devices HAVE to get the update first so maybe they have to wait until the Nexus users get settled in with the new update. (Here we go Apple fans and people who I offended!)

        • Phteven Frodsham

          I’m an android user and you are mistaken. Samsung is notorious for slow updates and neglecting flagships due to issues implementing touchwiz over stock android as they like to add their own tweaks which ruin the system experience. I’ve had Samsung from S3 up to Note 4 and have recently traded that on for a Nexus 5 and I can tell you that although memory is low (16gb model) there is more initial memory available due to stock vwimf lightweight compared to touchwiz and the overall experience of a pure android phone is far superior. Not to mention that I’m running the developer preview of M which is incredible. The changes made are take the OS in the right direction and everyone knows full well that on a touchwiz based UI you won’t get to fully appreciate Android in all its beauty and prowess. Unfortunately Samsung has sold its soul to the devil and gone down the route of IPhone. The issue is that they don’t have a Stable UI built over Android to combat the iPhone. In all honesty. Samsung’s ship has sailed. I would have been Samsung till the end but they’ve screwed not just ms but all of us for the last time. Do not fall for their shoddy promises and go with a true Android experience.

          • Victor Cedeno

            You are right. Also lets not forget that after Samsung is done loading your phone with bloatware that you will never use, Samsung also allows the carriers (at&t, verizon) to add their own. By the time the phone gets to you is loaded with crap that you cant remove. Not to mention that an update released by google will take about 8-10months to get to your phone. I’m not an iPhone fan ( my last 3 phones as been S4, Note 3, Note4) but I do envy that iphone user gets their updates as soon as they are release and their phones does not come loaded with carrier specific bloatware (because apple does not allows the carriers to do so, and I admire them for that, Samsung should do the same).

          • Phteven Frodsham

            Agreed. I envy the whole iOS eco system at times, heck even windows phone seems to do s better job and that platform is nearly dead. I miss the symbian days where the only reason for software updates were to fix minor bugs that hardly occurred. Its quote upsetting in a way as they’ve truly “sold out” to the wrong crowd.

          • Jesus

            As someone with a Nexus on Project Fi…

            Join us, the air is beautiful up here.

          • Phteven Frodsham

            Unfortunately Google discriminates anyone who lives outside of the US so I won’t be on joining you up there for quite a while I would imagine. UK sucks for stuff like that on top of having carriers that (for the most part also suck). I’ve been reading up Project Fi sounds like the future

          • thelad

            Carriers suck in the UK? We’ve got more choice & better overall deals than the US.

          • Phteven Frodsham

            Naturally that’s my opinion on the overall scheme of things. Data is limited to 20 / 25GB at the most and having done my own tests to check that would barely cover 2 hours streaming of music per day via most music apps. Limits updating on the go and hinders video streaming and YouTube browsing which for most people who commute to work is essential. Myself I have unlimited data with my plan so its not a problem but, in my opinion and mine alone, UK carriers suck for plans and coverage and overall are quite expensive for what’s offered. Especially for Samsung phones who’s production and material costs are increasing year on year and are now declining on product offering for this cost. This is my opinion and you’re free to disagree. I just look at the numbers and read a true reflection of what’s being offered

          • Dennis Fisher

            20/25GB?!?!? My entire family has to share 10…And we are the lucky ones!!

          • Phteven Frodsham

            To get that amount you have to pay through the nose as they say. It’s not cheap by any means. Average data with any network is 5GB for a per month cost deemed reasonable. But with that you either take a mid to low range handset or fork out a fair bit for top range phone

          • thelad

            20/25GB is massive, it’s half the size of a Blu-ray film. Near no one is going to use that amount per month right now unless your a tweenager permanently welded to your phone or a business. All of the problems you list have a work around known as an SD card and broadband. Your wishes are at this moment unrealistic for the majority of people, it will get cheaper in the future but you’ll just have to suffice on what is available.

            On normal use here is a mention from someone from the US who agrees that deals are better here: http://www.cnet.com/uk/news/us-geek-takes-on-the-weirdness-of-british-technology/.
            I will agree that in parts of the country the coverage can be almost non existent which is a common complaint for a lot of people, until they are told that in order to cure that, a wacking great mast is going to have to placed in their garden/kids school/street and then all of a sudden no one wants it. Can’t win all the time.

          • Phteven Frodsham

            I have unlimited data so for me its not a problem but for the average consumer not versed in the flow of these things they end up paying anything up to £55/£60 a month for half the 20/25GB quoted. Then use it up and pay through the nose per MB as carriers don’t like to sell people plans appropriate to their usage. I agree though in time it will get cheaper but as it stands the current system is moving further and further into cloud storage, which unless you have unlimited data is not an option. Phones are only just starting to increase base storage but on the back of that OS install size and app size is increasing too so you see the problem here with SD cards being taken away. A la new gen Samsung phone’s

          • thelad

            Fair points all.

          • renegadedroid

            If you stream for two hours on your comute every day you belong to an extremely limited subset of mobile networks’ customers in the UK. Upwards of 85% of 4G customers do not exceed half of their 2GB allowance and only 3% exceed 3GB – this is all n9n business data customers – for businesses they have different plans.

            Price-wise and consumer rights wise American market is just ridiculous – search the Internet for “mobile operator revenue per customer in different countries ”

            Inam sure someone could offer you an unlimited data plan for around 100 quid a month – which will be what they are paying with our taxes on. You can’t get a desent amount of mins and a 2gb 4G plan (what most people need) on a 1yr contact for $12 a month- which would be what I am paying here but with their taxes on.

            Further the two GSM operators’ coverage in the US is just dismal – worse than even 3UK – you’ve got to be on Version who use proprietary standards and are THE biggest jerks.

          • ColdHardFacts

            You do have to keep in mind though that the US has about 5 times as many people as the UK and the UK is the size of one of the US’ states. It’s going to be a lot easier to cater better service and rate plans to a much smaller population and land mass. Granted US carriers shouldn’t be this bad for the revenue they churn in but the point still stands.

          • R_Brizzle02

            I actually have the Nexus 9 and Samsung Galaxy Nexus and I love those two phones but stock android doesn’t sail my boat so I use custom roms on both of them I even have Android Lollipop on the Galaxy Nexus and it runs smooth. But Samsung phones aren’t terrible they get wonderful reviews and also it has fast charging and wireless charging. Also would you rather have fast buggy updates of slower stable updates? I would prefer the second one. But Samsung has been going in the right direction with Touchwiz and it has been proven to be faster than the previous gens of Touchwiz so the Note 5 version should be even faster. By the way it’s called storage not memory and if you are tech savvy enough you can root your device and get rid of all the bloatware on your phone and when you’re not using the phone cut it off or put it in battery saving mode so that the battery won’t drain.

          • Phteven Frodsham

            I wouldn’t mind but Stock Android flows better than a Touchwiz bogged device (obviously down to experience) and Samsung are slow withwith updates and they’re buggy with even slower updates to fix those bugs. On top of that they are also extremely slow releasing patches for security issues / flaws. Its like a newborn trying to code with them sometimes

          • JessRedd

            @phteven I have been trying to decide what my new phone will be. I am not a tech person and reading through all the comments I have been turned off the Galaxy s6 edge. What do you suggest. It appears you know your stuff, please point me in the right direction. Is there a phone I should wait for or something out now that is fantastic? Thanks!

          • Phteven Frodsham

            Hi @jess, I could suggest a phone as everyone has their own wants and needs. Depends more on what you’re looking for a phone to do as to what I would suggest. What kind of things do you use your current phone for an what would you be looking to use in the future?

          • Phteven Frodsham

            Hi @JessRedd. I did try to reply earlier but it doesn’t seem to have posted. The phone I’d recommend would depend on your needs. There is literally a phone to suit everyone’s usage and requirements and that’s key. Myself for instance rely heavily on Google’s eco system and less restricted app store. I write documents on the go both on phone, tablet and laptop and use Google docs for this due to the ease of sync and document availability. I also tend to do my downloading on music / film etc on the go as I have unlimited data with my phone plan and, again, google offers the best apps to cover this need. What kind of usage are you looking to get? Or a better question what features so you currently use and will be looking to use in the future?

        • Shinah Lovett

          I think the s pen should change with a pop out button or a setting where you can go where it say use s pen and you click on it and it pop out with a voice command option and the phone needs a more I candy look to it for the attraction because as of now I would stay with my Note4 it looks basic

        • Shweebz

          I have a galaxy s6 and the stock touchwiz ui is still laggy so I have to use nova launcher which gives me virtually no lag. If you have an s6 download nova launcher and you’ll see what I’m talking about…
          It’s night and day

    • Ron_Swanson

      yep….nailed it.

    • Sanity

      I rather to have dedicated buttons as it is. NO on-screen soft buttons for me. I agree Note 5 should have been an evolutionary refinement based on Note 4 which is close to be a perfect form factor. Just put in a better processor, bigger and faster RAM, better fingerprint scanner, and a bigger battery. It’s golden.

      • Cameron Davidson

        “Just put in a better processor, bigger and faster RAM, better fingerprint scanner, and a bigger battery.”

        But that is exactly what we got with the Note 5. Except for the battery, which isn’t even much of a head scratcher, because the all-in-one chip is much more efficient in power consumption anyway.

        With that refinement alone, I’m likely switching, but the bigger RAM and better processor are a bonus.

        I’m going to buying the Note 5 while I can still trade in my Note 4 for $200.

        • Jason

          The note 5 will not have the all in one chip, it will be identical to the s6 only with an extra GB of ram

          • Victor Cedeno

            Trading a Note 4 for $200 is a very dumb decision. Last year I sold my Note 3 on Amazon for $375 when I upgraded to a Note 4. I also got a $200 Bestbuy gift card for pre-ordering the Note 5.

          • Hakim Leveille

            You mean for preordering the Note 4 , I did the same thing with the gift card (I traded in an iPhone 3gs worth $5 trade in value) but got $400 for my note 3 last year

          • Victor Cedeno

            Yes I meant to said when I pre-ordered the Note 4. I traded in an old Galaxy s2 i bought on craigslist for $30 (since it was bad imei#) when i went to pick up my Note 4 at BestBuy I so many idiots trading in their note 3 for the note 4.

          • Ov Nunez

            Any word if they are doing this for the Note 5?

          • Victor Cedeno

            If these rumors are true they will surely need a very good incentives to have people upgrade their note 4. But i havent heard or seen anything yet

          • Jeff McLean

            If we are to believe the rumors up to this point, it WILL have the all-in-one chip. Exynos 7422. But again, who knows until the 13th….

        • Hakim Leveille

          I sold my note edge to a buddy in mid July for a cool $500,,…yes I did 😎

          • Cameron Davidson

            Yikes. Awesome.

        • Jesse Waldron

          Lol trading your note 4 in for 200$, phone companies must LOVE you

        • EnglishRose

          $200 lol. Here in the UK note 4 is still going second hand for around £360 roughly $450. I would sell it a broad.

          • renegadedroid

            I see quite a few Note4s (no scratches on the display, minor wear otherwise ok, 99+ % feedback, no spelling mistakes in the description ) going for just under £300. Actually for around £380 one can fetch the Note Edge in mint condition – it’s just that one has only one custom ROM available. We have 20% VAT on all our electronics here from the get go – that is, of course, being passed along in the secondary/tertiary market. If you get an American GSM phone shipped over – you lose 4G (their bands are different ) and you get slammed with the same VAT at customs + a 25-30 pound processing fee, which makes the whole endeavour not worthwhile – unless, that is, it is not an US-only model that you totally need to have.

        • You’re an idiot, for many reasons you just typed out.

      • Cloud

        Totally agree with you

    • Jaymus Lonestar

      So are you including the Note 4 in your “triumverate of turds” statement? Just asking because it reads as if you do only you seem to sing its praises later.

      • hkklife

        Triumverate of turds, as I clearly stated, are Samsung’s 2015 releases: GS6, Note 5, Tab S2. You can lump the Galaxy Tab A with its 2010-era 1024×768 screen resolution in there as well.

        The Note 4 was released in 2014 and was the pinnacle (so far) of Samsung’s smartphone design prowess.

        • Jaymus Lonestar

          “After the triumverate of turds in the GS6, Note 4 and Tab S2 this year, I am done with Samsung after my Note 4 and Tab S 10.5.”

          You did not “clearly” state that the first time around. Maybe you meant to type the Note 5 instead of the Note 4 in the first line of your quoted text above.

          That is why I was asking for clarification on your original statement because I basically agree with what you’ve said now regarding Samsung’s recent track record.

        • Blaed

          Jaymus is right. You might wanna make a slight edit there…

      • renegadedroid

        I think it was the S6 and edge in the turd group and then the S2 tablet (decreased resolution – though still ok) and worse screen to body ratio on an S model …

    • kmarx80

      Are you sure the IR is removed. Havent seen anything on the IR being removed

    • ABerry5

      I see an IR blaster

      • Paravoz

        That is probably the hole to take out the sim slot

    • Mensa Musa

      I really wasn’t jumping out of my seat to buy the Note 4 vs the 3. Had I not broken my Note 3 screen I would have not bit the bullet to buy the 4. But I love the note and what it stands for. It is my work horse and I laugh in people’s faces when I change my battery and flash through app for work.. It’s a beast. And here again, I care even less to buy the Note 5. What a joke.

      • renegadedroid

        Just cracked my Note 3 screen a couple of weeks ago and now facing the same dilemma – sell cracked N3 “as is” for about £90 net of eBay fees and get another N3 in as new condition for under £200 (that’s ~ $320 for US readers) and say “screw OIS, disfunctional finger print scanner and worse reception” or spend £100 ($160ish) more for a Note4 – I do fancy the OIS… £700 for a Note 5 is not a part of this dilemma, though and it won’t be even after 2-3 months when it gets to a still unreasonable £500. At this point I have 4 spare batteries (£20 shipped + a standalone charger ) – one each in car, living room, fridge… the last one I haven’t seen in a while – might have forgotten it at a camping site..While I only need to swap batteries about once a month or so, I do too feel smug about having this option.

    • Bob Marley

      4100 mAH battery? Samsung will make whatever the market demands and unfortunately, your demands don’t match the market. No phone comes with 64 GB standard and Samsung has no incentive to do that. You have no idea about the performance of TouchWiz so don’t pretend like you do. Bloat continually gets reduced. Samsung updates TouchWi faster and for far longer than other OEMs such as LG, OnePlus and HTC. Fixed batteries are the future and it’s unlikely any of your complaining will change that; most people don’t care. The screen will likely be the best on the market once again and a larger size would approach the size of too big – just ask Google with the Nexus 6.

    • Sam Waters

      Well I hope Samsung get their arse into gear with graphene silicon batteries :p then I’ll be interested.

      • renegadedroid

        2018 at the earliest and more likely 2020

    • seeteedub

      This is what I was wondering… the more I read about the note 5 vs the note 4, the more I hear people are holding on to the older phone because it retains what they were looking for in a power user experience.

    • Elizabeth Schultz

      I’m with you. I’ve wanted a bigger screen since the note3. I do love my note 4. I absolutely need my sd card. Seriously no better resolution? They decided to down grade I don’t understand it if I wanted Apple products I’d buy apple not samsung. I’ll stick with my note 4 then maybe lg. I’ll miss my s-pen though

    • vee

      Agree and agree

  • Arjit Mehra

    Only 3000 mAh battery? :S

  • drcaveman

    I really don’t know if I could ever buy another non Nexus Samsung device again. The hardware is great on my s6edge, the design is awesome, the screen amazing, but holy Hannah does the software let this phone down big time.

    • tansuperman

      Then go custom rom or cm. Cm on an s6 will do wonders

      • drcaveman

        I hear ya and respect ya, but I’m not the tinkering type. What I’d really love is the return of GPE devices

        • tansuperman

          Agreed. Not sure why Gpe never took off. What’s not to love about it. Samsung makes great phones and has the best screens, but I don’t get em cause of the os. But an s6 Gpe would be insane.

  • rutgersjaffo

    No SD support and no removable battery means I am finally moving on from the Note and from Samsung. You blew it, guys. Congratulations, you are now suckier Apple. Time to check out a G4. . . or an iPhone, I guess.

    • Shawn Spring

      Moving on to an iPhone wouldn’t get you SD support or a removable battery….just sayin

      • Tyler Durden

        but it’ll get you an optimized OS that caters to amazing battery life regardless of size. oops this is DL – can’t say that here.

        • Tim P

          you can do same, why are you using N6?

          • Tyler Durden

            I like switching it up. Staying somewhere too long get’s boring.

          • MaxPower27

            So does using apostrophes correctly, apparently.

            Wait, this isn’t Grammar Life? Dammit.

        • Daniel Beehn

          IMO, one of the problems with buying Apple is that Apple is the problem–in trying to “compete” with Apple, Android manufacturers are increasingly turning to thinner devices, non-removable batteries, and a whole mantra of “form over function.” I personally believe that if you’re wanting some of these things to become somewhat standard again, that you buy phones that has those features. Simply moving to Apple will accomplish nothing–if that makes any sense. 🙂

          • laray thomas

            Every be dy doing all this crying about some numbers on a battery but nobody on here has played with the phone. The s6 and edge are some well built phones. Way better than Iphone. I have had all notes and the best to me is note3. Note 4 i took back because it wasn’t nothing. The note 5 will put all other phones to shame. At least I hope. I will be there the it hits the market. If it’s wack then it’s going back. Nexus to plain. Nothing to it. If I want a plain phone I would go back to Analog days

        • chris_johns

          get off this site if you wanna suck the apple d….please and thanks

        • jak_341

          Not to mention consistent updates to their products. No guesswork about which phones will and won’t get it.

        • Shawn Spring

          You can say it all you want…that doesn’t appear to be the point however. The OP mentioned only “no SD card support and no removable battery” – then mentioned switching to a device has hasn’t ever had either of those things. This seems a little….odd. The optimization of the OS for battery life (and its more about hardware optimization for battery life, as Apple underclocks their CPUs generally to achieve the most battery life savings) wasn’t anywhere in the original comment.

          • Loghorn

            The LG G4 has both a removable battery & a SD card slot, unless you’re talking about Apple, of course (in which they have neither of them).

        • Bobb

          6+ great battery, 6, no so much

        • tansuperman

          Ios is only optmised for the latest iPhone. Ever have a generation or two old iPhone with the latest os? More lags than touchwiz

        • Jaymus Lonestar

          Sure you can bud. It should be obvious by now people can say d*mn near anything out here. Right or WRONG.


      • jboogie1289

        True! I don’t know why people always complain about these thing and then say I’m going to Apple. Don’t they know it’s absolutely the same thing that they swear they’re missing??? Wow!!!

        • editorinchimp

          Because why have a poor man’s Apple when you can have the real thing? Those were the only two selling points Samsung had, and now they’re gone.

          • Gideon Waxfarb

            Exactly. These OEMs are slowly but surely removing hardware features that made Android phones better than iPhones. So if they’re just going to release an iPhone wannabe, might as well just go and buy a damn iPhone.

        • Me

          Because Apple is more stable and has better apps.

      • Sanity

        Not even a stylus or multitasking.

    • steve

      Might wait for Microsoft 50 or 50X

    • Chris

      Check out the New Moto X it’s 5.7″ with an SD card slot

      • JLV90

        And works on every network. The bad side, not available directly from carriers so no contract or payment plan availability. Motorola offers purchase plan, but they have to run a hard credit inquiry to do so.

        • hkklife

          If you need a new phone TODAY and/or need a subsidy or carrier involvement: Note 4 or LG G4.

          If you can afford to wait a month or two and pay cash: Moto X Style

          If you can wait longer than a month or two: See what LG & HTC have in store for Q4

          • JLV90

            HTC probably nothing, LG might have an answer to the note and pretty sure an updated Nexus 5

      • Sanity

        Just buy a Note 4.

        • Larry Davis

          I think that is what I will do. I been waiting for a year for the 5 but the no ir blaster did it for me on top of all the rest.

    • LatarionMilton

      “No SD support and no removable battery” “or an iPhone” ?????????????

    • Jaymus Lonestar

      “Congratulations, you are now suckier Apple. — Time to check out an iphone I guess.”

      Iphone = Apple

      I giggled.

    • PoisonApple31

      Don’t let the door kick you…

  • jagema

    Take a look at the volume rockers, perfectly placed far and away at the sides. 3Amph battery. Moto X Style looking better and better…

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Looks absolutely GORGEOUS…. BUT…………………WTF BRO “and a 3000mAh non-removable battery.”

  • TheRunner024

    Needs a bigger battery…

  • Tyler Durden
  • I’m torn, I want the 6 Edge+ so bad but I love having the stylus

    • guest

      are you loosing your sleep also..

      • jimt

        He wants to love the new Samsung device but can’t decide on which one is the least sucky. Should just stick with his Note 4.

      • Nah!

  • MichaelFranz

    im curious what the function of that back panel is. it looks like they dont have a squared off backing like the normal S6 does but yet an edge like metal frame, but the part that remindes of the edge its the back, not the front….curious

  • RoboCop

    Really feels like they didn’t even try to be unique. “hey so lets just do a S6+ it works for Apple and we can all go on vacation”,
    “yup works for me”,
    “sure, we’ll think of something next year”,
    “nah, lets leave that to the S7 guys hahahaha”, “hahaha”
    “Ya, let those nerds think of something”
    “Hahaha ya…nerrrrrrddddssss”
    “Wait…guys did we wanna at least do an memory card slot?”
    “Shut up nerd.”
    “Ya nerd its like you work for Motorola or something”
    “Ya loser go work for Motorola…rrr Lenovo”
    “Lenoooovooo…hahaha what a nerd name”
    “Ya Lennoooovvvoooo”
    “Lenoooovooo hehehe”
    “Hey nerd want some peanuts?”
    “Sure! (Opens can and spring loaded snake pops out) Aaaahhh!!!”
    “Hahaha got you nerd…got you so bad.”
    “Hey we should do this with our S Pen…hahaha that would be awesome!!”
    “Totally! Hahaha”
    “So awesome..dude you’re like SO cool”
    “Thanks bro”

    • Tony Spencer

      Apple already tried a spring loaded stylus, only they called it “Pen iS”!

    • michael arazan

      Samsung, in total frat douche territory now. Thinking their sh$t don’t stink, ignoring and laughing at others, and not giving a crap if others like them or not.

  • Eric

    So just like they did from the S5 to S6, Samsung has decided to decrease the size of the battery from the Note 4 to Note 5


    • Tyler Durden

      even after the biggest complaint on the S6 is battery life.

      • Mike Aurin

        This was probably in the pipeline before those complaints came out. Still, no excuse for that battery.

        • Laura

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      • galaxyNote4isBoss

        Your battery sucks user error isn’t the 📱 fault dummy. I get 23 to 32hrs uptime daily with 5hrs Screen on time daily.

        • Vanquishgc

          And the Droid Turbo gets more SoT, as does most Sony phones. Poor product planning isn’t the result of user error. But hey if you like Samsung screwing up their lineup by contesting the hell out of it, more power to you. Ignorance truly is bliss it seems…

          • noodsquared

            I forgot the Z2 and Z3 man since I moved to Verizon. I had those phones and they lasted forever!!

          • Bob Marley

            The Turbo’s battery life isn’t very impressive. The S6 active has a smaller battery than the Turbo but gets better battery life.

          • Phteven Frodsham

            Who do you work for Bob. If that even is your name. You seem to be trying to counter argue people here with nonsensical information that everyone knows is the opposite of the statements you provide. How much is Samsung paying you?

          • Vanquishgc

            Really? I know the Active has great battery life. It’s probably what the regular S6 should have had, or at least closer (BIG mistake being an AT&T exclusive though). But from everything I’ve heard about the Turbo, including testimony from my sister in law, the battery is beast. Perhaps updates screwed it up, or there’s too much bloat in the background. Oh wait, it’s Verizon, of course that’s an issue. Still, Sony still has an impressive track record when it comes to battery. I’ll say that my former M8 was amazing in that department too, especially considering it was only 2600 mAh. And while the G3 is less than stellar because of the size and resolution of the display, the G2 is still pretty damn great in that department as well. And I fully expect the Moto X 2015 Style to be very good too, despite the move to LCD. Going back to Samsung, now that I think of it, their rep for battery life kinda sucks. The Charge was the worst phone ever, and it was lucky I wanted to sell it more than smash it with a hammer. The S3 was meh, which is partly why I ditched it after a month. The S4 and 5 are unremarkable as well, and we all know about the 6. The Note series are the only ones that are decent. The Note 2 I had for a good while was outstanding for battery life. Almost made up for the grainy display. Almost. 3 and 4, good too. But now because they’re more concerned with form over function, the 5 may well disappoint. For a line designed for power users, a large QHD display, with a cell that is non removable, and should be 500-1000 mAh greater in size (gotta keep it stupid thin guys!!!!), it doesn’t exactly cater to that same audience as much anymore. Don’t get me started on the stupidity that is the S6 plus, and how that’s gonna likely cannibalize sales, despite the probable extreme cost. I want what those guys are smoking. But to that blind fanboy, yeah, Samsung is totally the best in everything they do, and everyone else blows donkey….. *facepalm*

          • Gasaraki

            Do you mean LG and not Sony? G2 and G3 are LG phones.

          • Vanquishgc

            Yes I did, sorry. My transition between the two companies wasn’t written as clearly as it could have been. My rant got in the way of proper wording lol. I did mean to point out Sony’s rep for battery life, but went right into the G2 and 3 rather poorly

          • Zachary Vincent Manning

            LG was the first company to have one of the best battery life phones sir. LG g3 wasn’t even bad either. People need to stop drinking the haterade and speak from experience, not what other people spout about it without knowing

          • ki11ak3nn

            Yeah my G2 got better battery life than my G4 is getting. And I’ve done everything on my G4 to help it out, it’s just not working. I made it a full day with my G4. 4 hours of bluetooth music streaming. 18 hours on battery……but only 2 hours and 45 mins of SoT. While my G2 was doing the same with 4 1/2 hours SoT.

          • Greyhame

            I was not impressed with the G4’s battery life while I had it.

          • ki11ak3nn

            Yeah I’m not super impressed either……but free battery. I can always make it through a day with 2 batteries. Good on LG for giving them away.

        • Tyler Durden
          • noodsquared

            This guy is the biggest troll ever. All he does is praise Samsung on every forum, everywhere he posts. I try to ignore his *#& smile and his *$&&$ comments!

          • MH

            Maybe if he’s on WiFi all day and in an area where signal is always super strong, and if he’s got it in power saving mode with the screen turned all the way down.

          • Vanquishgc

            You’d have to have a combination of power saving mode on, wifi only with mobile data turned off, and the display somewhere around 20%. Even then, that’s a stretch and a half for an S6. Dude’s extremely blind devotion, hell delusion even, is facepalm inducing. By all means though, blame the battery on the users on a site where the vast majority of us know what we’re doing, and are quite educated when it comes to this stuff. Damn…..

          • Oracle
      • Zachary Vincent Manning

        Speak for yourself I get 5 hours on screen time with my s6 and the small battery. Everyone else is doing it wrong

        • ki11ak3nn

          Do you have proof?? Most of the time people talk big talk, but can’t back it up. All I need is a screenshot and what apps you were using.

          • Shweebz

            I use nova launcher and get decent battery life for my galaxy s6. Like a day usually before I have to charge it. That’s with WiFi, data, and auto sync turned on with occasional Bluetooth use. I usually leave the brightness on auto. I use nova launcher and I DO notice a significant difference in battery life compared to stock launcher. I also get AT LEAST 5 to 6 hours screen on time . usually more depending what I’m doing. No I’m not a Samsung troll lol. I posted two different screen shots from last week and right now. USE NOVA LAUNCHER for better battery life you won’t regret it! 🙂

          • ki11ak3nn

            Well that doesn’t show me your Screen on Time. But still impressive. I used to have a Note 3, and was going to get the Note 4, but I got a Z3 instead. That phone is the King of Battery Life. I always use Nova Launcher. That has nothing to do with my battery. From what I found it’s app accessing my GPS and not letting my phone go to deep sleep. Something is always keeping it awake. I gotta find it and delete it.

          • Shweebz

            Make sure to go and uninstall or disable any app you don’t need or use. I disabled Facebook and lots of others, use nova, and use cleanmaster and get a full day of normal use. Download this app called clean master. It will warn you when an app is restarting frequently or hogging background resources etc. It’s great for speeding up your phone and has more tools than other apps. Also if you look at the graphs when you see the sharp steep declined on the graph those are the screen on times using nonstop Firefox browsing etc. That’s how I can calculate how much sot I get usually. But disabling apps you dont use/need will really help you. Btw my dad has an LG g3 and I erased everything and disabled all the stuff he doesn’t need and he gets like at least 72 hours between charges since he doesn’t use it for sot as much but that’s still with data and auto sync on and using the LG easy home instead of the regular home screen lol crazy

          • Shweebz

            Until all of the phone makers completely change the lithium batterys they use to some of the newer technologies that have been invented recently then we won’t get any significant difference in battery especially with phones getting thinner etc. At least the phones charge quickly now lol

      • They are likely doing it on purpose. Have it last just long enough for people to still buy it, but want the next generation of smartphones as by then the battery life will be even worse. if they release a fantastic battery life phone, then most wont see a reason to upgrade next year.

    • Major_Tom

      But wait. There’s more!
      Not only is it smaller but you also can’t remove it!

    • Schmo

      Yeah… I was a little shocked about that too…

  • Tyler Durden

    ewww they made touchwiz worse?!

    • You do realize that’s most likely a theme

      • Tyler Durden

        looks like a horrible way to leak a phone regardless

        • It’s not Samsung leaking the phone it’s a tester that’s using it, regardless anyone that has been paying attention to Samsung in the last 6 months knows about themes and icon packs

          • Tyler Durden

            then this leaker got no taste – he should be banned just for picking something so ugly

  • Dale

    Nope. I’m not paying $800+ for 128gb of space. I’d use up the base 32gb in about a month.

    • ChrisI

      Totally. My porn collection requires multiple SD cards that I can swap.

  • Daniel Garcia

    BUT DOES IT HAVE NFC!?!?!?!?!?

  • SplashMTN

    The note 4 seems like the better device for me. My small and less powerful G2 has a 3000 mAh battery that’s non replaceable. I won’t make that mistake again. It was was great for a while, but now I can kill the battery pretty quickly.

    • Tyler Durden
      • SplashMTN

        That’s ugly as hell, but I’d love that battery life.

        • hoosiercub88

          As a preview Note II owner/user with a Zero Lemon extended battery, you get over the ‘ugly’ real quick. Trust me.

          • Victoria Hope

            You’re right! The zerolemon lasts me easily 3_4 days of borderline heavy use. Bigger battery cases are a godsend aren’t they?

      • jimt

        Wish they made something like that for the Nexus 6.

        • ChrisI

          OMG….you’re joking? Do you have any idea how huge that phone would be? A 6″ phablet with a ZL 10000mah pack on the outside. Talk about a brick…..

          • jimt

            I have no problem with the size without a case. I would probably not have a problem with it much thicker than it is now. A Note 4 is a pretty big whale of a phone anyways. So why not a Nexus 6?

          • ChrisI

            That be a seriously massive device. Would bet $100 it wouldn’t fit in a pocket. Those 10000mah packs with the zeroshock cases are enormous, nearly an inch thick.

          • jimt

            I don’t put the Nexus 6 in my pocket now. I use a holster on a belt. I agree it would be pretty thick and maybe what I use at the moment is the best combination. Still choice is good.

    • daJudge805

      I have replaced the battery on two G2s now. It is not that difficult. It is not “user replaceable” but it’s certainly not that hard. There are a lot of Youtube videos showing you step-by-step how to do it. The toughest part is that the battery is held in with some glue, but it can be strong-armed off.
      Give it a try. The phone is like new once you’re done, and is still a solid device.

      • jimt

        I think the point was a fast replacement of the battery were it takes maybe 5 seconds and no tools. Almost any battery is replaceable if you want to spend enough time at it. On a Note 4 it is a battery that is made to be replaceable quick and easy.

      • SplashMTN

        I’ve had to factory reset mine 3 or 4 times now because it becomes so slow it’s almost unusable. Between the OG Droid, Droid Razr and the G2 I’ve yet to have an android phone that’s performed well throughout a 2 year contract. I’m not a fan of iOS, but their hardware (at least in my experience) lasts much longer than android devices (tablets and phones). I really don’t want to go with an iPhone, but I also don’t want a phone that only performs well for a year. I’ve yet to own a samsung – apart from a brief but pleasant stint with a Galaxy Nexus, but I’ve heard good things about their longevity.

        • OldYellerKing

          SplashMTN, my Gal Note 2 has worked great since I bought it in 2012.
          I replaced it with a Note 4 last month because of the rebate Samsung was offering.
          Aside from the Lollipop update, I’ve only read good things about the Note 4.

      • Disqo Stu

        True, on some they are not difficult, however you’re rolling the dice with random 3rd party battery sellers on eBay. I changed the battery on my N5 and it was worse. At least when it’s officially removable, you can buy the OEM battery from the source.

        • Jaymus Lonestar

          Anker replacement batteries from Amazon FTW!

  • HollowLog

    That dude seems unsure of his thumbnail. In the picture on the far right he’s chosen to blur it, in the picture to the far left you can actually see why.

    • ChrisI

      I didn’t know…..the Wacchutu……were BITERS!!!

      • JMonkeYJ

        Bumblebee tuna.

        • TC Infantino

          Pssst, your balls are showing…. Bumblebee tuna.

    • JSo

      Maybe he didn’t want to be identified by his jacked up thumbnail for leaking the images and forgot to edit one. I guess, for him, it’s hard to take photos with his other hand. lol

      • Kevin

        haha when i noticed the blur, that was my thought – is this guy identifiable by his thumbnails??

    • Destroythanet
      • Kevin

        i mean, there had to be something imperfect about her.

        • Pootis Man

          I would call it different not imperfect.

      • Tyler Durden

        I’d just cut off her thumb in her sleep and she’d never know.

        • Frog Smurf

          Why not just put on a thumb extender on her thumb?

          • Edward Smith

            For some odd reason I assume that vibrates.

          • rutgersjaffo

            My God, what is going on with her arm?!?!?!

    • Kelly OBrien

      Aren’t those Kellens fingers

    • Bop it_Twis it_Pull it

      TouchWiz makes Samsung phones look like coloring books bruh

  • BostonBoy37

    Touchwiz looks horrible! I would have got this phone if Touchwiz wasn’t so bad and bloated.

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    3000 mah? What happened to 4100? Pass Sammy, pass..

    • ChrisI

      No kidding. My Note 3 has 3220….and the phone they release two yrs later drops almost 10%? Silly.

  • Cory S

    I’m hoping they put the IR blaster on the back of the phone. It would make sense…it was always awkward to point the phone forward while trying to hit a virtual button.

    • Zach Cline

      Why would they put it on the back? Lol….That makes no sense

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    No SD. No sell. Maybe. Why did you remove expandable storage when you finally made your phones jaw-dropping gorgeous?

    • Zach Cline

      And no IR blaster either . Looks like a no go for me .Seems like the note 4 is the better device

      • Jaymus Lonestar

        I’d tend to agree. Maybe not spec-wise on paper. But at least regarding everyday usage.

        That is, as long as you keep deferring those OTA software updates and stick with KK. Jk, Lol!

  • Guest

    Stupid question
    where is Samsung Pay

    • It may/should launch with the Note 5

    • Tim P

      Samsuck bait and switch to S6 buyers

    • Jaymus Lonestar

      Waiting to be announced at the official press launch I’d imagine.

  • GPier

    It’s really quite nice! Battery could be bigger, but It’ll be nicer after a custom ROM gets loaded on it!

  • Matthew Morrison

    I’ll speak for Tyler. Meh

  • stacky

    Such a big ass screen size with 3000 mAh battery?

    • Sanity

      Battery life might be the same as Note 4 assume the new SoC is more power efficient. The one in Note 4 is 3220 mAh. Not much difference.

      • Duffman

        But it should be getting better, not the same. Make it 2mm thicker and give us 4000mAh. Why can’t companies realize this? Ohh… because then they can charge you to change the battery or have you get so frustrated that you upgrade your phone. They know these phones will last 2 years+, that’s why they give us crap batteries.

  • Eric Butler


  • Ryan savini


  • Inspector Butters

    donde esta la IR blaster, pedro?

    • Eric

      Parece que no ay, Señor Butters

      • Inspector Butters

        no me gusta

        • jamdev12

          Ay caramba!!! Ya se jodio.

    • alberteezy


    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Pedro to ManU!?!?!