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Zero Punctuation: Hatfall Will Make You Rage, But It’s Fun

Over on Google Play, Defy Media published Zero Punctuation: Hatfall, a fast-paced game about a single thing — putting on hats. Now, it’s not as simple as putting on a hat, as the game is made up of a bunch of mini games, each getting harder as you progress through the stages. 

In the mini games, you move your character from left right, placing him under the shadow of a hat as it falls to you. Although, be careful, as it’s not always a hat falling. It could be a fridge or spear, which kills you, forcing you to start over. Like other games of this nature, it takes a bit to learn the steps to complete each mini game, but with time, you can master it. And, with the more hats you collect, the more fun stuff you can purchase in the hat store.

Hatfall costs just $2 on Google Play, and if you go look at the reviews, it is mostly loved by all who play it.

Go snatch some hats.

Play Link ($1.99)

  • Scott Sechrest

    No clue about his game but I used to love his game reviews.

  • Daeshaun

    it was fun for the first 20 hats, fast pace, made me smile. Can’t see myself playing next week. The first ten mins i played only tapping the left side of the screen, i thought i can only move in one direction.

  • triumphtriple

    God I hate that game. Not worth anyones time.

  • floridaa

    15 Year Old. d r o i d work . Check Real Story </b

  • Trevor

    That video taught me nothing.

    • Ryan Phelos

      Seriously, wtf was that.

      • Cogito

        It makes a lot more sense if you’ve ever watched the video game reviews that guy has been doing for years over at escapistmagazine.com. The quick talking/no pause style and self deprecating humor are part of his schtick, and like Tim said it’s a collection of mini games so there’s not much more to say about it beyond it’s a good “hat putting on simulator.”

  • Bop it_Twis it_Pull it