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Now Live: You Can Now Control Your Nest With Google (Updated)

On Friday, we broke word that you were one step away from being able to control your Nest Thermostat using your voice in the Google Search app. As of this morning, the feature is live (pictured above). That’s right, the opt-in authorization pages that were 404-ing on Friday are now letting you move through to give “Works with Nest” the approval it needs in order to work with Google. 

In order to set it up, make sure you own a Nest (sorry, had to). From there, go into Google Search, tap on the microphone, and then say “set temperature” to whatever temperature you want on your Nest. It should prompt you with a failure notice, which is fine. All you need to do then is tap the “Works with Nest” button below the failure message to be directed to the opt-in page. From there, you will be taken through a number of steps to give Google the permission it needs to work with Nest. If that doesn’t seem to be working, feel free to set it up from a computer at this page.

As we mentioned on Friday, there are two options. One allows you to do simple things like set the temperature or change your Nest to “away.” The other, involves a much more automated system that tries to intelligently set your Nest to preferred temperature should Google notice that you are on your way home.

I should point out that temperature control is currently working, but setting to “away” does not seem to be. Also, the authorization pages are pretty hit or miss at this particular moment. Give them some time – Google will likely iron out all of the kinks before long.

Update:  Google has made this all official through Twitter by linking to a setup page that talks you through the entire “Works with Nest” integration. To read more, head over to this post.

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  • David Hyman

    It would be awesome if this also worked from my Moto 360. Sadly it only does a web search

  • needa

    i have had a nest sitting in a box for a month now. this news just might get me off my butt to install it.

  • Derek Jones

    I have one home with one NEST. Setting the temperature seems to work. However, setting the thermostat to “away” results in an error that says “Failed To Control Nest – No Thermostat Found

  • Indianajonze

    no dropcam love with this yet? i see nothing

  • Shawn Spring

    My god man…turn the heat on in your home! Setting the temp to 69 degrees in Portland?

    • yellowdgg

      LOL, I am in Salem, Oregon and my house is at 69, 65 most of the time

      • Shawn Spring

        You have chosen the way of….pain? Side note, my moms lives in Salem (I grew up in OR too) and now live in southern CA and wouldn’t dream of setting the stat to anything lower than 70 or my wife would kill me, then die herself of frostbite. 🙂

  • My apartment is ready.

  • boisvert00

    When you can control multiple units with this, I will start using it. The feature for warming up your house when leaving work is pretty great though.

  • Higher_Ground

    Man, I don’t own a nest, but I also don’t really change the temperature on my thermostat all that often. I usually leave it at 65, and then just turn it to 68 before I get in the shower so the bathroom doesn’t fog up. After that it’s back to 65. Come summer time it just switches to AC and 68 at night, 78 during the day.
    I get the feeling that people who end up buying these change the temperature a whole lot more often, if not just because they can do it through an app.

    • Mike

      That’s sort of been my experience with the whole Nest environment. Once set I just forget it’s there and let it do it’s thing. Messing with it isn’t required.

  • WCM3

    worked for me! Thanks guys!

  • GuidZilla

    Has anybody tried this with multiple users? Meaning can it be tied to more than one account like a spouse? I like the idea of it setting the temp based on me coming home, however I would like it to do the same for my wife if possible.

    • Scott H

      I just have the Nest app installed on my wife’s phone and logged in as me. I hadn’t thought about multiple accounts. That would make more sense with these new features. I’m interested in the answer to your question! 🙂

  • shelooga

    its times like this when i really want central ac. yea, i could turn the heat on with nest ONLY, but whos going to flip my ac on come Spring? they should offer a service for non-central air people like me where an employee goes to your house and flips on the window units when you say in Arnolds voice: ‘OK, Google/Everybody: Chilllll! Chillll!’

  • markp99

    “OK Google, set Nest to 72” – works as expected.
    “OK Google, set Nest to Away” – returns “failed to control Nest” – maybe because my phone is already inside the geofence?
    There is no indication the diameter of the geofence…

    • Spinkick

      I’m having the same exact issue

  • BestSourse
  • cwillen

    I think we all saw this coming…

  • Sean

    Doesn’t allow me to log in right. I go through all of the steps and it says it is enabled and “All set”, but when I search “set temperature,” it still shows up as “Failed to control Nest.” Is this common? I don’t know if there is a need for this, as there is already an app, but having it streamlined is nice. It says it will recognize when I am driving to/away from home and adjust the temperature appropriately.

    • Seems to be hit or miss with giving it authorization. I had more success doing it from a computer at this page:


      Some things work, some don’t.

      • Sean

        It has since worked. Do you know how to log out of it? I tried to, but it just logs out of the Nest site in chrome, not Google Now. If I type in/say “set temperature,” it starts heating my house instantly. Do you know if this will automatically happen when I start driving now? I don’t want this service, since it isn’t good, but can’t figure out how to disable it.

    • Sean

      Disregard. It just started working, however it set my home’s temperature to 72 degrees for some reason. It also opens a web interface and the controls aren’t great. It adjusts in 2 degree increments. Not ideal. The app is better at this point.

      • markp99

        Did not open a web interface on my Nexus 5. Brought up a Google Now type card showing me the result of my voice command.

  • epps720

    sweet! I’m assuming it’ll work with my 360 too

    • Not yet, just tried

    • maethorechannen

      It sort of works on my LG G Watch. When I say something like “set the nest to 20”, then I get search results, not nest control. However, if I have to scroll down through the search results to the bottom there’s an “Open on phone” button which opens it on the phone and it works there. Hopefully they’ll get it working properly soon.

  • Suicide_Note

    Even though I have no use for one yet, I want to order a Nest so I can play with this.

  • nest4life

    Still not working. When I try to enable it, I get the following:

    “An error has occured

    The requested service has not been authorized. Please authorize the service and try again.”

    • Suicide_Note

      Check that last paragraph again. : )

    • Steve

      I had the same in Internet Explorer (because I don’t think you stay logged in). I was able to successfully complete setup in Chrome.

    • Brandon Shaw

      Same thing for me. Guess we’ll just have to keep trying.
      UPDATE – Keep trying, I got mine to go through.

    • nest4life

      Finally got it to work. Though the experience is not smooth if you have nest in more than one location (I have a handful in two buildings). It will prompt you for the location to set the temperature but doesn’t seem to let you voice that location, instead it will prompt you to manually select it. It should let you say something like “Set temperature to 68 degrees, home, first floor”. I’ll keep trying some variations to see if I can speak out a specific phrase.

      • Sean

        I logged out of it already. Any time I open it, it puts my house to 72. The app is much better. This is redundant and actually more work than it should be. Surprised by Google.

      • nest4life

        So it works, if you have a single thermostat in one location. If you have it in multiple locations or multiple floors, it won’t be a true hands free experience. Might save you some time from opening the Nest application directly, but not much. Hopefully they add additional options to keep voice active so you can select the prompts as well or just voice out a complete location to start.

        • boisvert00

          Yea I am getting the errors and have multiple units so this really isn’t going to be all that helpful. Ah well, it will get better someday.

          • i do use the Nest on Pebble ap all the time which does easily allow you to change each Nest individually.

        • I was wondering this exact thing…i have two nests in the house….and it was not working after i enabled this new connection….

    • rals

      Yeah same here

    • boisvert00

      Same here but I was able to enable it on the computer but my phone still isn’t working.