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Android 5.0.1 Pushed to AOSP as Build LRX22C (Updated: Factory Images Too)

Don’t be surprised if an update to Android 5.0.1 shows up on your Nexus device in the near future. Google seems to have just pushed it to AOSP as Android 5.0.1_r1, which is also known as build LRX22C. 

Before updates, we would imagine that factory images will become available.

We will try to update this post as we know more about it.

Update:  And just like that, Android 5.0.1 factory images have gone live for a handful of devices, including the Nexus 9, Nexus 7 (2013) WiFi, and Nexus 10. Basically, we are looking at the WiFi devices.  You can grab individual image files here.

Via:  Google Source
  • Snap_Crackle_Pop

    HORRIBLE… Google’s forced upgrade to Android 5.0.1 has left me unable to watch video/s in/on Facebook, they just won’t play.
    And I won’t go into all the additional non working issues….. The look, the colors, the forced way I have to get email now = disgusting. Nexus 2013 (2nd gen) was a pleasure to use… Now it’s a pain in the a**!! Especially with my browser of choice: Dolphin. Please God, fix it!!!

  • Dong Pham

    Why my n7 2013 has trouble on update to LRC22C? Error cache? It says that mine is JSS16Q but the actual one is KTU84P. So I install this update many times. All is not succeeded. What is the solution?

  • Bruce Lambert

    Have OTA 5.0.1 on my 2013 N7 32gig and wifi is horrible as well as overall performance is slowed way down. For now I am back to using my laptop as the N& is all but worthless!

  • CoolSilver

    F U Verizon for Nexus 7 LTE

  • JM B

    Trust me you don’t want this POS Lolipoop! My KitKat served me so perfectly and I foolishly accepted the update. You Lose so much from KK because Google is forcing everyone to accept this garbage. I seriously am done with these geeks as soon as I can. Apple here I come Lol.

  • Quint

    Just curious… why are the LTE/HSPA versions of the Nexus 7 being treated like a red headed stepchild? Is there some sort of hardware limitation that prevents timely updates?

    • redbar0n11

      Just like with any other piece of hardware that touches the coveted airwaves of carriers, they must sign off on the new system image and it’s correct functionality on their network. Especially with VZW/CDMA, since those networks use (something that I can’t remember off the top of my head – someone else can help out here – has to do with the radio/frequencies/closed source/way it connects to network, and how it differs from the open global GSM networks). So, yes, that’s why. WiFi only models can be updated almost immediately once Google deems the update ready for the masses, since there aren’t any other variables in the picture.

  • SHunter

    Change log link?

  • Alan Marchman

    Did anyone get 5.0 for the N7 2013 via OTA? I had to resort to using the image.

    • Syrio35

      Not available as yet. Waiting for it anyway, don’t feel like wiping my perfectly functional slate.

  • Ted Ockels

    I am confused… does this relate to Android Wear as well? Seems to be some misinformation floating around…

  • sirmeili

    I only have 5.0 on my 2012 Nexus, but here are some things that bother me (just coming from 4.4.4) (they are all about the new notification/toggle bar)

    1) I hate that I have to do the “double pull down” to get to the toggles. For a tablet, I really liked pulling down the separate menus from either side. It was just easier to get to the toggles.
    2) I HATE that I have to swipe all the way to the bottom of the notifications to get to the “clear all” button. I preferred it up top.
    3) I hate that the toggles are now just “toggles”. I really preferred being able to get to the toggles and short press to go to the settings screen and long press to toggle. I would have even accepted them swapping the behaviors.

    I have it on my 2012 N7, so it’s slow as crap (not much time to mess with it). I hope that eventually they fix it. I have yet to try a factory reset.

    • jimt

      Try a factory reset it made mine work like brand new, maybe better. Do it. Backup pictures and data you might want first, however.

      • sirmeili

        I am doing it now. I just don’t think you should have to do that on an update. I hate having to sign back into all my crap. LOL

    • For #3, the icons are the toggles and the labels are the direct settings. This works for wifi and bluetooth.

      • sirmeili

        Well crap..that is so not INTUITIVE! but knowing it at least alleviates that concern. The only 2 I really used were BT and Wifi anyways. Still, it would be nice if it was consistent.

        Thanks for that!

      • ZachGalifianakis’sBeard

        Wow, I just learned something new too! Thanks

    • redbar0n11

      For #1 you can use the 2 finger swipe down to get to the toggles. One finger takes two separate swipes down, whereas if you use two fingers to swipe down once, it goes straight into the toggles.

      I assume #2 is kinda like why with new EULAs they make you scroll all the way to the bottom before you can “accept” the terms: better chance of you seeing everything/not missing something. True, if the list is long, does suck to go to the bottom, but I assume that’s the logic. They probably assume it’s best to glance all the way thru the list to the bottom to double check you need nothing, before you kill them all.

      • sirmeili

        #1. It was always just “nicer” for me that with my left thumb I could see notifications and with my right settings. I got used to it. Especially since most of my use is in landscape mode.

        If felt the same way when they move the 3 buttons to the center. On a 10″ tablet, and even to some degree my N7, it is a reach to get to the buttons in the middle. It was always better when they were on the left and easily accessible.

        But Hey! Lets just make everything look the same instead of optimizing the experience based on the device. Seems like Google wants to do that with Wearables and Cars, but could care less about optimized experiences on tablets. They seem to be going the direction of Apple and treating it like a big Phone screen.

        #2 is just moving something so it’s “different” I don’t want to always look at all my notifications. I get them on all 3 of my devices and because not all devices have sync’d notifications, I get a ton on my tablets. Especially the one I use as a bed side clock. IT always has a ton of unread notifications and it was just easier to swipe down on the right, then click the “clear all” button.

  • Cole Walter Tague

    Gotta love that this just came out and I’ve already got it on my lg g3 running cm12

  • Edwin M

    My Nexus 7 2012 got 5.0.2 a few weeks ago. It made it much smoother and a lot more useable.

    • redbar0n11

      5.0.2? Is that right, or typo? Who are you sucking off at the big G to get in the soaks? LOL

      • Edwin M

        Typo, no sucking going on here. lol

        • redbar0n11

          Carry on.

  • shelooga

    according to the setting menu on my nexus 6, my system is up to date
    man it feels good just saying that

    • redbar0n11

      Tell that to most N7 users who are still on 4.4.4 and theirs says “up to date” as well… clearly that’s not correct. Your system is pretty much always as much “up to date” as Google/your carrier deems or allows. Doesn’t mean you have the latest software for your device, just the most up-to-date software that they have released to your specific model.

  • Sean

    My 2012 Nexus 7 will no longer turn on. I picked it up a couple of weeks ago when I got home (it was on in the morning) and I can’t get it to turn on. I’ve tried all of the common suggestions (plug in, remove 10 seconds, re-plug; hold power; hold power and volume down; removed the battery; etc.). Any suggestions?

    • Nw_adventure

      Mine did the same thing – then after two days of being plugged in it finally turned on.

      • Sean

        I had it plugged in for a few days and nothing changed. Did it turn on by itself? Did you do any special button-holding or combination thereof? Did you try periodically while it charged up? Thanks!

        • Nw_adventure

          I tried the hard re-set option of holding both pwr/volume buttons down and then I finally saw the black/white charging icon and then it started the boot sequence which took forever but finally came back online.

          • redbar0n11

            After my 5.0 OTA, I wiped cache to try to improve performance, and I needed to do the same. Try this OP. Hold all 3.

  • yummy

    Devices will sometimes run best on the code that was written for them, not always the latest version.

  • NexusMan

    Can I just say that I HATE that you have to enter your password to get the phone to even boot up. So annoying.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      So, you hate a really nice security feature?

      • NexusMan

        I already said I hate it. I already have a password lock that I have to enter when the phone boots up. I also have various security features in place including Android Device Manager and Lookout. In my entire smartphone carrying life, I lost my phone once, a password lock was in place, I located it and it was returned within an hour. Other than that, my phone has NEVER been in the wrong hands. A bootup lock screen is not personally providing me with any more security that I actually need. What it is providing me, however, is an unwanted extra step to turn on my phone, and an added annoyance, when I boot up my phone, go off and do something else, so I don’t have to sit there and wait for the phone to boot, and return expecting my phone to be ready to go, and remembering/realizing that Android now has this stupid password to boot lock screen, then I have to enter my password and sit there and wait anyway for it to boot up, and then, enter my password again, to gain access to the phone.

        So again, for the 3rd time, yes I HATE it.

  • Renan Rennó

    Is there any official changelog?

    • ZachGalifianakis’sBeard

      Seriously.. Or anyone who has flashed a WiFi versioned 5.0.1 and can tell us any differences?

  • Rod

    All I ask is a fix for the memory leak.

  • Jonathan Ly

    Okay people , I get that Nexus devices are for the most part the only way to get a pure android experience, but don’t complain about not getting the OTA because you don’t know how to sideload it is don’t want to flash factory images, jesus.

    • derp hurr-durr

      Can we complain because factory images don’t even exist?

      …for any 5.0 version?

      On either of the Nexus 7 mobile versions?

      Or is that forbidden, too?

      • redbar0n11

        Yes, forbidden! Stop being a baller by buying higher priced hardware and paying for extra data each month rather than using free wifi hotspots and/or tethering. Go snort some high end coke off a strippers ass with a rolled up benjamin!

  • B Brad

    Boo hiss. My n7 2012 and 2013 (both wifi) have yet to get 5.0.

    • hfoster52

      There is always the adb way.

      • Jprime

        that’s what i eventually did

  • NyReynolds

    Wonder if this will give the nexus 6 the option to un encrypt natively.

  • Scott Haskell

    Hope they fix the encryption with this update so it can be turned off or it looks like I will be unlocking this nexus 6 I just got.

    • jbdan

      I ran stock locked for a week before unlocking and de-crypting. It flies. But I’m with you, Google should give the user the option of encryption

      • Stephen D

        Was it worth it? I’ve had mine since Friday, no root or anything. I don’t have any speed issues, other than slow booting. I just don’t know if I would notice if I disable encryption.

        • jbdan

          It’s a Nexus, it’s worth it to me because I like to tinker. But everyone is different, you might not even notice. For me it is more fluid and responsive, but I’m a “no jank” freak. I rarely boot my phone so that is a non-issue.

          • Carlton Crasher

            +1 Perfect Comment and Description of my reason for doing it. I have friends that do not notice Touchwiz Jank. I die from disbelief 😛

  • Gautham Sivakumar




    Sharing the OnePlus One love. Enjoy.

  • jbdan

    I love my Nexii! 5, 6, & 7 bring it

    • Mech_Engr_09

      Waiting for my nexus 6 to get here on Friday. Bought a 64 gb on swappa for 800. Not too bad when you consider the taxes and shipping when buying from play store. then I sold my 7 with case for 150 yesterday. So pumped.

  • droidrazredge

    I’m hoping I get the 5.0.1 OTA update because I downloaded the 5.0 OTA when Google pushed it on the 12th of November. I did not know Google pulled the OTA on the 18th but as I started getting issues that I thought were caused because some of the apps were not updated to lollipop I did not worry about it much; however, after hearing how a lot of N7 users have not received it and seeing this post from Droid Life I see now why Google pulled the OTA update as my N7 2013 has been having issues ever since the 12th of November. Some were fixed by clearing the cache but the others still affect the device. I might just try a factory reset and see if that helps.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      Even if you have the 5.0.0 you will still get the 5.0.1 update OTA, or you could flash the 5.0.1 update once the OTA files become available

  • Peter Blanco

    I feel like I’m in the minority, but I’m excited to feel what it’s like to get updates first! I’m a long time ROM flasher but Verizon has prevented me from ever having a Nexus until now :).

    • AlexGalifianakis’sBeard

      You’re not the only one. Same here

  • Matthew Fura

    Thinking this might be an update related to Wear 2.0…


    • Cool

      Oh, really? Where did you find that?

      I’m really interested in lollipop for my Android Wear Devices. Two LG G Watches.

  • StankyChikin

    .0.1? Can’t be that much changed.

    • Candido

      It is if Wear is currently at 4.4W2

      • StankyChikin

        Do say what? What does wear being at 4.4W2 have to do with what I said?

  • Junaid Ansari

    There are wayy to many bugs with my Nexus 5 with Lolipop. I’m gonna wait until most of those bugs are resolved (hopefully soon).

    • ClikFire _

      really? I’m having little to no issues. Did you do an advance wipe after updating?

      • Junaid Ansari

        Wifi issues, battery drain are the main ones.

  • Tony Byatt

    Here we go…

  • JeremyRoenickDanceParty

    I got Lollipop pushed to my GPe G Pad 8.3 today.

  • Grant Gregory

    Does this fix the forced encryption on the Nexus 6 and 9?

    • StankyChikin

      Is it broken?

      • Keith

        Many reports of I/O lag.

        • StankyChikin

          You mean many reports of people relying on benchmarks instead of real world performance? I see no difference between being encrypted and non encrypted. All placebo…

          • Mech_Engr_09

            A lot of people are saying they get much better battery life after doing this.

          • StankyChikin

            Say what? lol

          • Keith

            Yes, I would like no lag at the molecular level as well.

  • Just checked. Nothing yet on my nexus 9….which is amazing, by the way. I truly feel for everyone waiting on it for nexus 7s. Flash it! 5.0 is the nicest evolution of android thus far, and I’ve used them all since the excited days of being the first on eclair on my Verizon OG DROID.

    • Jecht315

      The only reason I haven’t is the bugs with YouTube not working and battery problems. I basically replaced my laptop with my Nexus 7 so if it is messed up I’m screwed. I was on the edge of doing it before the reports starting coming in. Now I’m waiting for it to happen on its own. I trust Google in releasing quality.

      • Jprime

        the youtube thing was killing me, flashed cyanogenmod 4.4.4 instead

  • what?

    I’m still waiting for 5.0 to hit for my nexus 7 2013 lte

  • wtd2009

    nice, so like 5 people will get this? i’m still waiting for the OTA for both my N7 2012 and 2013 version. what gives, google?

  • Brandal Wagener

    Hmm so should I hold off on rooting my Nexus 6? I can’t really customize anything until I do because it’ll wipe it

    • Indianajonze

      no, why? the ota shouldn’t be inhibited by rooting, and if it does, lollipop has this VERY nifty feature that will replicate exactly your setup after you flash the image. no pain whatsoever

      • Brandal Wagener

        You do lose root with OTA’s though. And I didn’t want to wipe it when I root, get the OTA, and then have to wipe again. I just went ahead and did it though, took like 5 minutes

        • Mech_Engr_09

          why would you have to wipe everytime you get root?

        • Menger40

          After you take the OTA you should be able to CF-auto-root without the need for a wipe.

          • Brandal Wagener

            Awesome! Sorry for the ignorance, first nexus 😛

  • Orion

    Ahhhhh yes.

  • Ken Bosse

    here’s to hoping that the volume bug is fixed.

    • Guest

      You mean the bug known as priority notifications? /s

      • Ken Bosse

        Lol no not that one.
        I’m referring to the one when I play music out of my speakers it starts out loud, and then pretty quickly decreases volume. Volume slider stays up 100%, but audio definitely does not. I’ve only noticed it in play music right now though.

        • gambit07

          Interesting, I noticed a similar bug on a speakerphone call yesterday, the call was loud and went quiet. When I disabled and re-enabled speakerphone the problem went away. I thought it was a problem with the port to the DNA

  • Lunkman

    Hope it fixes the Wi-Fi issues on my 2014 Moto X…

  • RoboCop

    This better make my Nexus 6 smoother before the 15th, aka the day I decide if I wanna use my Moto X code, save half my money, and snag a mini Nexus

  • joakin

    Stock android needs more customization…And google now launcher… Lollipop feels like a demo… In my opinion.

    • Henry Green

      That’s what roms, kernels and launchers are for you know. It just depends how involved you are.

      • Greyhame

        I respectfully disagree. For some reason (Sundar Pichai’s vision?) they keep dumbing down everything. They could certainly go with a little more customizable approach.

        Things they’ve removed:
        – flash capable web browser
        – long-press power menu options
        – separate system volume control
        – separate notification volume control
        – volume adjustment settings shortcut
        – lock screen widgets
        – lock screen swipe navigation shortcuts
        – micro sd card support (thankfully re-added)
        – reasonably placed navigation buttons on tablets
        – separate pull down shades on tablets
        – some manual camera controls
        – silent mode (!!??!!#!?)

        Things other OEMs/apps implement that would be great:
        – reboot option
        – customizable quick settings/toggles
        – customizable camera shortcuts
        – battery percentage indication
        – multi-window operation
        – knock-on on all supported hardware

        And why did it take them so long to introduce a do not disturb mode, or direct access to notifications from the lock screen?

        I love Android. I enjoy stock Android. But it could definitely use more customization options!

        • Mike

          Using Lollipop right now and have no idea what you’re talking about on most of those points.

          • Greyhame

            Have you used Android long? Those first points were all useful features that Android used to have, but has no longer. Still, I’m loving Lollipop on my nexus devices. Looking forward to 5.0.1 to clear up some of the bugs, tho.

          • Mike

            Since version 2.0!
            -Adobe killed Flash, not Google
            -Long press power menu: depreciated with volume changes. Had no use anymore. Airplane mode easier accessible from quick toggles.
            -Volume controls: Really don’t know what you’re talking about, IMO the new volume setup is miles ahead of what it used to be.
            -Lock screen widgets: Never used them.
            -Lock screen shortcuts: How do you figure? Phone and camera easily accessible, just not from the ring, which was removed.
            -MicroSD: Never noticed it missing.
            -Navigation buttons: what’s the problem with them? work fine for me.
            -Separate pull down shades: i just ended up pulling down the wrong one half the time..
            -Manual camera controls: Lollipop didn’t change anything in the camera settings for me.
            -Silent mode: like i said before, what? volume -> none. job done. Works great.

          • Greyhame

            Nice, me too! Mostly good points. Volume controls used to have access to change notifications and system volumes separately, they don’t now. Silent mode is no longer there on phones (hopefully a bug). Tablet navigation buttons: doesn’t really make sense to have them as far away from your thumbs as possible (but it does make it more consistent throughout Android). A center swipe down is also the furthest reach for your hands on a tablet. Lots of these points are certainly only a matter of opinion. Always look forward to what Google has in store for us next, but I wish they’d stop removing little useful features.

          • Justen DeBowles

            This! I miss the old tablet navigation with the NAV buttons in the bottom left and the notifications in the bottom right. 🙁

          • MacNificent

            The phone or tablet reboots when you hold the power button down until you see Google. So that’s probably why they didn’t make an actual menu for it. And I believe that a lot of people don’t know this

          • Greyhame

            This isn’t really something that should be done on a regular basis. You should shut down the phone properly to avoid data corruption. Ideally the power menu would have a reboot option.

          • DanielMena9

            I know every point he refers to. Excellent list.

        • hkklife

          If i could upvote this post 1000x i would!

        • Henry Green

          I do agree with you on some points but I personally don’t feel that ‘Stock’ Android is meant to include every feature possible (can’t please everyone). My feeling is that It’s a base layer to add and innovate on rather than have everything from the start. Yes it’s sad when features get debunked (especially the power menu and silent mode which are hopefully just bugs or oversights) but that’s what drives OEM’s or developers to fix these issues and build on them. PIE mode wouldn’t be a thing without Android having it in the browser (then dropping support for it completely) and other awesome things that are made for other solutions.

          If it really does bother you in general that a certain feature is missing then buy (or plan to buy) a device that is well supported by the dev community so that you can choose what features you want. Android is not a platform to suit all but at least it can be made to. 😀

          • Greyhame

            Agreed! Just stating some points on features they had (and are fully capable of having), but have removed for some reason. Thank god for the devs!

        • Dustin

          Flash web browser wasn’t androids idea?

          • Greyhame

            Never said it was. Just that they don’t support it anymore.

          • Higher_Ground

            it’s weird.. they stopped supporting it back when, ICS? But my asus tab running JB still has flash. I’m wondering if it was some sort of OEM decision as well when it came to issuing the updates.

        • ClikFire _

          I have spent the last 3 or 4 years constantly rooting, flashing roms, themes, using launchers you name it. But ever since Kitkat and Lollipop I have come to love the Google Experience Launcher, stock Android and the simplicity of it. I just like the way it works and functions I think I am burned out of doing all those customizations. There are nice but at the end of the day you live inside your apps not your homescreen.

          By the way Silent mode does exist its called something else(look it up) and Battery % is there when you pull down the toggles.

          • Greyhame

            Agreed! Both of my nexus devices run stock. Silent mode now silences everything, including alarms, so it’s not really the same thing. Good point on the battery percentage.

        • Adrynalyne

          Micro sd support as never removed…how can it be re-added?

          • Greyhame

            Good point. They just removed some of its usefulness (write ability through the system).

          • Adrynalyne

            It could never write to /system.

          • Greyhame

            Not to /system, through the OS I mean.

          • Adrynalyne

            Its just as well. It was a security risk otherwise. Explorer apps could write where they wanted, too.

        • Rick Maloney

          Silent mode wasn’t removed. If anything, it was improved. If you hit the volume key, you have options to have all notification sounds, set priority for events and reminders, calls, and messages, and any combination of those. You can even set to only have audible notifications when getting calls and messages from certain people. Or you can set it to none and you will literally get no audible notifications whatsoever, including alarms. And you can even set these for a certain amount of time or indefinitely. I personally love these new “silent mode” options.

          • Greyhame

            My comment was referring to the ability to use the volume down key to enter a state where the phone will silence all calls, notifications and vibrations, yet keep alarms audible. True, silent mode hasn’t left, but they made it less functional for me and many others.

          • Rick Maloney

            Use the priority option. You can set it to silence everything, but alarms will always be a priority notification. It even says this under the settings for priority notifications.

          • Greyhame

            I understand how it works. And sure, that’s an option (albeit not how I’d typically want or like to use Priority Mode). But it’s not as convenient. That’s the whole point of my post!

    • Adrynalyne

      Play Store.

  • ApplesNAndroids

    Aaanndddd my Nexus 7s still dont even have lollipop

    • cadtek91

      The 2012 and 2013 WiFi versions have images available.

      • ApplesNAndroids

        Thanks! I’ve sesm that. However I haven’t played around with Android since jellybean as I’ve mostly been happy. The most I’ll do is root to get tethering apps. I’ll continue to tough it out lol.

        • MReprogle

          If you change your mind, it’s pretty easy to backup your current image and flash the new one with Nexus Root Tool for PC. Literally just a few clicks and you’re loading your new image onto your tablet.

    • aamd11

      Yeah my N4 got it almost immediately, yet my 2013 N7 is still waiting…

    • hike15

      I haven’t gotten it either, but I’ve heard bad things about it on the 2012 N7. I’m hoping 5.0.1 fixes some issues and allows it to actually be usable on the 2012.

    • Shadowstare

      i gave up waiting and flashed the factory image last night. I might flash 5.0.1 tonight.

      • James Briano


      • mrjackson

        No reason not to, edit the flashall script and remove the -w option from fastboot and it doesn’t wipe anything.

        • Liquidretro

          What would the full command then, sorry kind of a noob but I do have ADB setup and working which is kind of a feat.

          • mrjackson

            edit the flash-all.bat file once you extract the archive. You should see a line near the end like “fastboot -w update image-razor-lrx22c.zip”. remove the -w part and save it. when you run the script (double click) it will prompt you through flashing the update.

      • tu3218

        I didn’t see 5.0.1 available yet for the 2012 N7.

    • envoy510

      I think it’s pretty clear they slowed or stopped the updates to make fixes. 5.0.1 are likely those fixes. Be glad you don’t have it yet.

      • michael arazan

        Hoping 5.0.1 is the Security bug fix

  • Brian Walker

    Maybe this will make my 2012 N7 not run like absolute garbage?

    Nah, of course not.

    • Henry Green

      Blame that on the crap NAND storage. Can’t (generally) fix what’s already broken.

    • Omar Al Matar

      If you’re technical enough then just convert it to F2FS, There are ways to get that tab back to speed and it worked, Just look it up! 🙂

      • Aaron

        Can you change to f2fs and use the stock ROM?

      • Henry Green

        I’ve found F2FS to work for a while but it still goes to crap after a month or so of use. N7 2012 is majorly hardware crippled.

    • Robzw

      Been hearing about that a lot my Nexus 7 2012 stool has not updated to 5.0

      • Brian Walker

        I did it manually the day the image was available.

    • droidrazredge

      I have the same issues on my 2013 N7 along with the broken youtube videos from time to time. Sometimes my N7 does not even wake from sleep and has a battery drain bug.

    • Fly_Dog

      If you have Kindle app installed, try removing it. Did wonders on my 16 GB WiFi 2012 N7.


        Thanks for the Tip.I removed the Amazon Appstore & Youtube playback working againon my Nexus 7 (2013 ) running Lollipop.

    • sc0rch3d

      my N7 2013 still hasn’t received the 5.0 OTA…lol

      • Carlton Crasher

        lol screw that. my buddy’s did the same thing so i whipped out adb/fastboot and flashed that sucker!

        • duvato

          Hey, I have a question. I’m new to android and flashing factory images. I currently have the latest android 5.0.0 build flashed onto my nexus 5. Will I still get updates, or do I have to flash each of them from now on?

          Thanks for any help!

          • solidsnake

            You should be getting the OTA normally -if you don’t and can’t wait you can always flash it.

          • Carlton Crasher

            You will get the OTA normally. However, sometimes it is best to not use OTA’s and flash manually because an OTA will pile an update on top of the software you have. Whereas Flashing the Factory Images will wipe your phone completely and make it a blank slate for the new OS Version which can alleviate bugs and issues far better than just taking an OTA update. If you root or change certain things it may not take the OTA which is one more reason to just flash them anyways.

          • zakowz

            Any difference in flashing lollipop vs OTA update with a factory reset?

          • Carlton Crasher

            I’m not sure on that but flashing through fastboot means I can leave out simple stuff like recovery so it doesn’t overwrite TWRP but some people have better luck resolving issues with factory images although I’m not sure how much difference there is.

          • UndergroundWire

            As long as you are flashing official software and not installing custom ROMs, you will not have any issues of getting future updates.

          • JRomeo

            if you would have waited, you would have got the android 5.0 update automatically OTA. However, if you flashed the correct pure stock android factory image, then you’ll continue to get updates OTA…. notice the word IF at the beginning of my sentence.

          • Kyleinstyle

            I have LPX13D. Where does one find the “correct” image? Thanks

          • Kyleinstyle

            I am in the same boat and have been wondering as well.

        • MReprogle

          Yeah, I got tired of waiting as well, and just flashed it. Loving it so far, but I’ll just wait for this one to come OTA. It’s probably just unnoticable stability updates anyway.

          • Carlton Crasher

            I have this adspd drain that a couple of us on XDA have been trying to troubleshoot on various Roms including stock image. Nevertheless I’m going to flash as soon as it drops for the nexus 6. My Nexus 5 isn’t suffering from it though. Doesn’t seem to actually have a huge impact on battery. But it does stay active 100% of the time.

      • sand

        My N7 2013 too. Then i used to upgrade with OTA image

        • Raj Bhatt

          I have the LTE version. Still stuck on 4.4.4. I have a feeling Verizon is to blame.

          • Harry

            Just btw I didnt get the ota either, so I factory reset my phone and tablet like 10 times in one night, which apparently the enters you yonbe randomly selected. Sure enough I got it on both devices that night! n5 and n7’13

          • Wouter van Vliet

            No, it’s Google. Nofa factory images available either. I’ve heard rumours that it’ll come in December.

        • David Solnok

          I also have not yet received my 5.0 on the N7 2013 Wi-Fi. Before a ton of people try to tell me just to flash the Google images, do not bother. I have devices that I tinker with, my Nexus is not one of them. I will wait for the update from Google. I am not complaining, I know I will get the OTA eventually… Hopefully by the time I get it I will go from 5.0 straight to 5.0.1

      • sirmeili

        Mine had the option a few weeks ago. It was downloading (rather slowly), but the next day it was gone. My assumption is that Google pulled the update and perhaps this new version has some fixes in it.

      • scastro87

        Same. Maybe it’ll just skip 5.0 and get 5.0.1?

      • Mickey A Valentine

        Me either. I wanna wait OTA, but then I want to use the image right now… Bah

      • Miguel

        Side loading is the way to go after two days of waiting.

    • Mike Ennamorato

      I have no problems on my 2012 N7 running Lollipop, in fact, performance has improved…

      • Cool

        Same here. It’s actually been great on my 32GB version.

        I wonder if most of the people that are complaining own the 16 Gigabyte version of the 2012 Nexus 7. It had the slowest NAND memory.

        • sirmeili

          Nope..Both mine and my Sister-in-law’s are both the 32GB version and both run slow as hell. Basically useless. Neither of us have tried a full factory refresh, but I have tried clearing the cache and it is still slow.

        • Brian Walker

          I have the 16GB, yeah. It’s unfortunate.

        • Egnimatic_Foolishness

          That’s what I used to think (I have no issues on my 32gb) and I always assumed it was the people with the 8 GB and 16GB having issues, but turns out that you and I are just lucky as there are numerous people with the 32Gb having issues with the slowdowns.

        • alex

          Sadly, no. I have the 32gb version and it became unbearably slow. Even tried factory reset to see if that would work. No dice. Had to flash back to KitKat. Buttery smooth again.

        • It’s almost 2015. Might be time to upgrade rather than complaining about 2012 technology.

    • Daniel Maginnis

      I turned off all is animations in Dev options. That helped a lot but still agonizingly slow some times.

    • Primey_

      They can’t fix that via software.

    • mustbepbs

      Screw that, what about the N9? Will this update make it not run like garbage? I had that thing for a day and returned it from disgust. $400, way overpriced for that piece of trash.

    • ozo012

      Using a F2FS custom ROM is the way to go, my 2012 Nexus 7 runs better than when it was brand new

    • Scott Hamilton

      From what I’ve heard, it’s not lollipop itself causing the n7 to run bad, it’s cache files that don’t clear in installation. Boot to recovery and wipe cache and you should be good to go!

      • Brian Walker

        I did a full data wipe when I installed it the first time, and I also factory reset it a few days ago. Pretty sure cache isn’t my problem, but I’ll do it anyway.

  • Skipp Thompson

    Still waiting for my any Lollipop update on my Nexus 7 (2013 WiFi). Is there any reason for this or anything I can do?

    • cadtek91

      The Nexus 7 2013 Wifi Lollipop image is available. Flash it.

    • Jack Bauer

      Yup, no root needed, just a computer and about 10-15 minutes.

      • Greyhame

        Assuming you can find the correct drivers to install. The Nexus 7 is a bear in that regard. I had to manually edit a dll file before I could adb sideload it. Wugs solution is quicker, but there you need to root/unlock if I’m not mistaken.

    • Suicide_Note

      Google was probably holding off on pushing the update so they could push 5.0.1to your device and others instead.

  • James Murphy

    Hope they fixed the memory management issues.

    • Rod

      That’s all I ask

    • Suicide_Note

      Same here, because my N5 runs like crap since updating to Lollipop.

      • Menger40

        My battery life is not better like they promised, but mine is running smooth. I’m curious, are you getting reboots or just general slowness?

        • Suicide_Note

          My battery life is no better, either. I haven’t had any reboots, but I have slowness throughout the OS, lots of app crashes. My phone was perfect on KK, but L has been a disappointment thus far.

  • jonzey231


  • TechTinker11

    Dark Theme? It is coming, but I guess it may be too soon.

    • Not a chance.

      • TechTinker11

        Not a chance that its coming? Someone from the inside did say so. So we’ll see.

        • Richard Gao

          Source please?

          • TechTinker11

            Only heard it from someone. So yes, its not guaranteed, but it might be possible. More open/customization in stock android isn’t a bad thing.

          • Richard Gao

            Certainly isn’t. I’d love to try out a dark theme.

    • landon

      Liquidsmooth has a dark theme you can use

      • TechTinker11

        Not into roms, especially with awesome Moto features. I’m fine with the white for the most part, but some people do want one.

    • Menger40

      This dark theme works on Nexus 5. Other device owners can try at their own risk.


  • realfoxm

    So glad I decided to unroot my nexus 5. I’ll let the updates come to me instead of the other way around.

  • NF

    I imagine this is why my N7-13 hasn’t gotten it yet. Google has to fix more bugs before the OTA.

    • rcrow490

      Thanks. I came to the comments to ask if anyone with a N7-12 was still waiting, like me, and here is your post. Mission accomplished.

      • cadtek91

        If it’s the WiFi version you could just flash the system image.

        • Mike

          We know…

  • cadtek91

    I wonder what changed.

    • Henry Green

      Bug fixes mainly