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Amazon Outs Moto 360 in Champagne Metal, Leather Cognac Band, Promptly Pulls It All

When Motorola first introduced the Moto 360, they told us to expect new leather bands that could be swapped onto current models, along with metal options, some time later in the Fall. We knew that new leather bands would run an extra $29.99, metal bands $79.99, or a combination of the watch and metal band for $299, which is $50 higher than the leather strapped model. If a whole bunch of listings that went live on Amazon last night are any indication, those new options may be here fairly soon, along with some semi-unexpected colors.

I should point out that all of the Amazon listings I just mentioned have since been pulled, but there are cached pages of them that are still visible. Here is what we know.Β 

Motorola has three metal colors on the horizon, one of which is new: Β Dark Metal, Natural Metal, and Champagne Metal. The Dark and Natural colors are not new, but Champagne most certainly is. Also, the Champagne will come in two options – traditional 23MM watch strap or a much daintier 18MM band. All of the metal options will run $299.

moto 360 colors-4moto 360 colors-9moto 360 colors-13moto 360 colors-18

The next leather strap will be Cognac, a color that if I’m being honest, is the color I wanted out of the gate. It looks beautiful. If you order a Moto 360 with Cognac Leather, you are looking at the same $249 price as the other leather models.

moto 360 colors-2 moto 360 colors-14 moto 360 colors-15

Unfortunately, as I just mentioned, Amazon pulled all of these listings almost as quickly as they were live. Clearly, they weren’t meant to go live. It’s probably also worth mentioning that you could buy most of the products, but they all showed a “1-2 months” shipping estimate. Tough to tell if that was a place-holder time frame or if they really aren’t arriving for another month or two.

Interested in any of the new colors?

Cached Amazon links: Β Champagne Metal (23MM) | Champagne Metal (18MM) | Cognac Leather

  • Champloo

    I might actually buy the black or silver models(dark or natural metal I guess). Not a fan of the gold personally, but that’s why they make different models.

  • san q

    Makes me want to get this with henny on the side

  • I love that dark metal one, I’m glad I waited to buy a Moto 360.

  • RGiskard

    Thank you for pulling the images, I wasn’t able to view them before the listing was pulled. I’m really glad about how the stainless steel band turned out, though that cognac band is also pretty sweet!

  • Anyone notice that the Gold Moto 360 on the right sayd Friday the 31st?

  • mcdonsco

    Digging the champagne version…already have silver though πŸ™

  • Teejay Card

    I want this one please!!!!!!!!!

    • NexusMan

      I did too. But I’m over it.

  • JetRanger

    If only they didn’t have that black space down there …

    • Andrew Ellis

      No problem. Just expect a smaller screen/bigger overall bezel like on the LG Watch R.

    • tdurden64111

      Yeah, dude. Totes ruins it, 100%…UNWEARABLE!

      • NexusMan

        Totes doesn’t. Totes loving it. 100% FANTASTIC!

  • Teejay Card

    I’d really like to see the rounded band that they had in the earlier promos. That was a beautiful band.

  • Dustin Allen

    It let me add it to the cart. I’m half tempted to try and order it. I know it would only end up with me getting screwed and pissed of . Lol.

    • NexusMan

      When they appeared last night, you could order them, but it said “Usually Ships in 1 to 2 months.”

  • The fact that you can’t get custom leather bands made without possibly breaking the back really spoils it for me

  • ceejw

    My wife just told me she wants to sell her iPhone 5s and switch to Android after I showed her the champagne moto 360.

    • iChao

      You wife is just out of mine wait for Apple watch that’s it

      • ceejw

        I’ve showed her the Apple Watch but she thinks it’s ugly.

  • needa

    too bad the cognac will look nothing like the render.

    • Andrew Ellis

      No reason for it not to. Why would you assume it’ll be different?

      • needa

        because the render shows one solid piece of leather. and that is not how the bands are. the bands are one ‘half way decent’ piece of leather with an extremly thin layer glued to the other. then they put plasticy sealer on the sides of it to try and hide the fact that they went the cheap route.
        don’t get me wrong.. i think it looks great from a distance, cept for the purple band that came with mine.

  • Me

    Dat coanyac band is gawjus

  • BeejRich

    I wish the metal bands were the ones shown off during the announcement earlier this year.

  • Joel

    Wow, that black metal looks very tempting.

  • Pierito

    All i want them to do is make it thinner.

  • Nw_adventure

    How does one get one of the gray not “stone” leather bands released at launch ?

    • Bootleg Zani


  • RicoDelicioso

    I have the black one with the pebble black metal band and it looks great. That Champagne version is sweet, too.

    • Raven

      Same here. I almost think I like the Pebble Steel band better than those photos above. Notice how their metal band doesn’t appear to have the sides going into the watch giving it the appearance of “shoulders”. The Pebble band fits in quite nicely and only costs $19.99. They seriously need to rethink that $79.99 price tag.

      • cocci852

        the pebble steel bands are folded metal sheets, while these moto ones are more likely the solid kind. I had the pebble band and had to ditch it because it kept grabbing my arm hairs.

  • guest

    Dat Flat Tire Doh!

  • TSY87

    Cognac should have been a release color. It is exactly what I wanted from the get go.

  • Blue Sun

    That 1-2 month delivery wait is holding me back from pulling the trigger on these when they are released.

  • Cael

    I want the silver Moto 360 and a black metal band…

    • Raven

      Buy a silver Moto 360 and a black Pebble Steel band. You can have it today and save yourself $60. The black Pebble Steel band looks great on my black Moto 360.

      • People need to stop recommending this. The non-OEM bands crack the current 360.

  • Jack Bauer


  • Suicide_Note

    The champagne colored watch with matching band and face makes me think of C3PO.

    The cognac leather band with the silver watch looks fantastic, though. Nicely done, Moto!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    DAT COGNAC! But these all look great! (though I’m still not buying until second gen)

  • stang68

    The 360’s face just looks wrong with a band that small. Motorola needs to make the face smaller too if they want to make a “female size” band.

    I definitely want that silver metal band version. Been holding off so I can get one of those. I do want to know what Android Wear 2.0 looks like, though. Seems like all reviewers (including Droid Life) aren’t big fans of the current Android Wear.

  • Andrew

    I still can’t get over the cutout. Waiting for the Moto 361.

    • Mike Aurin

      After a full week of use its unnoticeable. The only people who notice it are people looking for it. I’ve showed it to a bunch of people and they’ve never mentioned it as a negative.

      • AZ

        For the most part I agree. I stay away from everything but black watchfaces though as the only time it bothers me is on the watchface.

        • Mike Aurin

          Considering that’s where the flat tire is, I’m not surprised that’s the only time it bothers you πŸ˜€

  • MotoRulz

    Motorola is really on a roll. The Cognac is HOT!!! and that Champagne WHOA!!! I Think I’m going to have a couple drinks after work tonight..

  • Jay Ward

    Why does the one with leather band seem as if the 6 oclock dial is longer and that the hidden portion is not even there?
    It’s the one thing I don’t like about the 360… You don’t get to use the whole round face.

    • BeejRich

      Honestly, after owning one I don’t even notice it anymore and no one asks about it.

    • burtinboy

      agreed – thats the way it looks in all the press shots. false advert…

  • I like the way mines looks already. πŸ˜€ http://youtu.be/_C4VnoQxbWw

    • TSY87

      I’m gonna need a source. I ordered the silver version specifically with the plan to purchase a brown leather band when they were available, or a suitable 3rd party variant was available. That looks amazing! Edit* checked your youtube description and found it… thanks!

      • Colin Huber
        • epps720

          Brown leather looks real good but contemplating what to do. Not sure which I like more, the classic leather strap look with stitching and tapered end or the squared off one that Moto has here. Doesn’t seem like it’s too bad to configure the band to fit.

        • TSY87

          Seems to be a different brand, however the one you posted is cheaper! thanks!

          • Colin Huber

            It’s been working for me, lots of compliments. You bet!

  • MistaButters

    Ohhhh baby. That cognac band.

    • Mmmhmmm.

    • Ruben Martinez Jr.

      Looks amazing. But my criticism of the Moto 360 remains the same: the body feels too light πŸ™ Makes the whole thing feel cheap. It’s kinda backwards, since we always want tech to be light. But the Moto 360 is supposed to be a watch, and watches with heft feel nicer.

  • jerflash

    Totally getting the champagne metal with the 18mm band for my girl

    • tdurden64111

      *thinks to himself* “now, just to get a girl…”

      • jerflash

        Well my hot little red head is in China for work so i guess technically she is not here right now lol

  • xFrozenMANGO