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Here is the DROID TURBO in Its Retail Packaging, Turbo Charger Included

droid turbo box1

The DROID Turbo should be here next, at least according to a countdown currently running on Verizon’s DroidDoes.com site for all things DROID. To show you additional proof that the phone is days from an unveiling, we now have pictures of it in retail packaging, courtesy of MotoFirmware.com.

And yep, that looks like the DROID Turbo in classic “DROID” style packaging. Oh, and there is a Turbo Charger in the box, just like we said there would be in our “everything you need to know about the DROID Turbo” post.

As an added note, sources of ours have told us that the phone will like be priced at $199 with a 2-year contract or $599 at full retail.

Not much else to say other than, next week should be fun. 

droid turbo box2

Via:  @motofirmware
  • Jim Bob Duggars

    If the price stays at $199, my next new phone.

  • apjans

    Beautiful on the inside, ugly on the outside.

  • arokia annai

    Motorola apps gets Android L design update http://www.gadgetgossip.info/Google-Motorola-Apps-material-design

  • chris_johns

    what bothers me is android lollipops navigation buttons look different…so this phones gonna look outdated with android l release…silly verizon making moto put those ugly things on

    • Tony Spencer

      The new navigation buttons look like something from Playskool or Fisher-Price! The ones on this may be old, but look more stylish IMO.

  • feztheforeigner

    Would be crazy excited if it weren’t for the combination of capacitive buttons and an upcoming Nexus 6…you almost had me DROID Turbo…

  • ssl0408

    What an ugly phone. Is it 2010?

  • Jeremy Gross

    crossing fingers for 64+ internal memory

  • Bryan Williams

    Can we get some size specs now that people have it in hand?

  • Leon

    Hopefully a Dev Edition will be in the works…

    • Josh Matthews

      unfortunately even if it is, XDA support is low on those devices because of lack of users. Although, it isn’t that hard to build CM on stock AOSP.

      • Leon

        Honestly though, compared to a few years ago, what the Moto’s are getting now is way closer to stock Android that what we had say on the Droid X. I find the need to root and put a ROM on my current Droid Maxx kinda pointless lately. I would do it mainly for bloat removal. I just disable as much bloat as possible in settings and that has been getting me by.

        • Josh Matthews

          That’s exactly what’s tempting me towards the Turbo. I might just go with the Turbo and then mess around on a Nexus 7 or something

          • Leon

            Haha that is EXACTLY what I do. Mess with my Nexus 7 2013 and keep my Maxx stock. Gonna get the Turbo, I’ll have Android 5.0 on my Nexus 7 in no time.


    Tmobile! Tmobile! Tmobile! PLEASE!

  • Anonymous

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    • Josh Matthews

      so we should get out loans?

  • jscheffer85

    Thanks for the weekend post instead of waiting till Monday, I check out your site daily and this is why…. Current news.

    Thanks again.

  • If the camera is par to G3, then the trade off of physical buttons to something this high end is, in my opinion, perfectly acceptable.

  • Steven Johnson

    if this pricing and spec’s are right then their literally is no reason to buy any other phone if you are a Verizon customer

    • Josh Matthews

      LOL unless you like to take full potential of your phones by rooting and ROMing. The Turbo’s bootloader will be locked tight.

      • Steven Johnson

        like I said…no reason on to get it. With the current state of android I don’t feel the need to do all that stuff anymore. Don’t get me wrong back in the day it was the first thing I did, but I think that android has matured to a nice place… plus most consumers don’t root their phones.

    • hushdrops

      Unless you require a removeable battery and / or SD card slot.

  • Moto

    Any word on if the DroIid Turbo is coming to Tmobile and AT&T? If the price is true it’s cheaper than Iphone6 and Nexus 6? Good Deal just now with Verizon.

    • Josh Matthews

      yeah probably as ‘moto x play’

  • synplex

    Goodbye Sony Z3v, Hello DROID TURBO!!!!! =-D

  • Raynal Jones

    Note 4 or the Turbo? Beauty or the Beast? Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

    • tdizzel

      Why are you calling the Note 4 a beast?

      • Raynal Jones

        Droid is a beast

        • tdizzel

          So the Turbo is beauty and the beast. Why did you even mention the Note 4?

          • Raynal Jones

            I’m stuck in between the two. The Note 4 for is a beautiful device and it’s the perfect size. The specs on the Turbo make it a beast. I’ve been a Droid user from day one tho.

          • hkklife

            Note 4 will likely have a superior camera and it has expandable storage. The bigger screen is definitely a plus for QHD. But there is no disputing the superior Moto software, RF performance, battery life, and updates/support.

          • Raynal Jones

            So you think the Note 4 camera will be superior to the Turbo?