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Google Chrome Beta for Desktops Introduces Easier Multi-user Switching

For desktop users, Chrome Beta is receiving an update this week, one which will allow users to switch between accounts signed into Chrome more easily. There is a new button labeled You in top right hand corner, and through that, you can add accounts while also switching to a Guest account. 

With Guest accounts, all activity done through Chrome is deleted once the session is ended, meaning you won’t have to manually wipe your browser data after your friends are done browsing the web.

The Beta is available for most desktop users at this moment, so go give it a try.

Chrome Beta

Via: Google Chrome Blog
  • coolsilver

    I’ve had this on beta for the last couple weeks since I been running the 64-bit beta. It’s terrible. Pops up extra window and extra click. What was the problem with Icon in corner? Google Materially Broken

    Only benefit is a guest mode. But still for being at home I have different users for ease of use.

  • zwrose

    Works for ChromeOS (Beta, at least) as well.

  • sam

    Must be a slow droid-newsday – Chrome has supported different logins (“personas”) and easy switching between them for a while now.

  • NeilGeorge

    Nice Chrome Font.. 🙂

  • HD

    Browsing history straight to NSA databases.

  • jonny6pak

    They also released a 64-bit version for Windows users. https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/?platform=win64

  • r0l

    It works pretty well. It’s been in beta for a little while now but hidden under chrome://flags/. Also a good option to lock up Chrome on a work PC. If IT decides to reset your password to get access to your computer they still can’t get at your personal data in Chrome.

  • YEAP