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Chrome Beta for Android Update Finally Brings Back Number Count for Tabs

Remember when Google introduced a Material Design make-over to Chrome Beta back in July? The update was pretty awesome for the most part. But for the purists (or detail obsessive types), a certain minor-yet-critical feature was missing – a tab count on the tab shortcut button. You know, the little button next to the top menu that tells you how many tabs you currently have open? For whatever reason, in the July update, the button became an empty box without that ever-so-useful tab count. 

Well, as of last night’s update, it’s back!

The rest of the update addresses various stability and performance issues, according to Google.

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  • Robzw

    I didn’t even know the beta version had a material design update.

    • Suicide_Note

      It occurred one or two updates back, I believe. There was a post on here about it when it happened.

  • Lucky Armpit

    I’ve always had the tab counter, and I’ve always installed every update to Chrome. Am I missing something?

    • Chris Franzen

      I’m the same. No idea what this is about.

      Edit- Okay, I think the missing counter never left beta. That’s why I haven’t gotten it at least.

  • LB

    How do you guys get the three dots next to the tab counter box?

    • MBS

      You’re using a Samsung phone, aren’t you?

      • LB

        Yes. Is that bad news?

        • Chris Hannan

          You don’t have it because you have a menu key. It only shows up on devices without one.

  • Levi

    Hahahah “tab counter” not for me

  • Levi

    Ha “tab counter”

  • RaiDei

    Maybe they can move to a not-crappy bookmark system? I hate how the bookmarks work in Chrome, with having to go to the menu, click bookmarks, which takes you to another window, etc. I love the simplicity in Dolphin of swiping from the left and just selecting the bookmark. Much simpler and the whole reason I use Dolphin over Chrome.

    • yopete525

      I used to feel the same way, but honestly the speed of the address bar with autofill ended up winning me over. For example, I just hit ‘d’ then enter, and I end up at Droid Life.

  • As much as I want to like Chrome for Android, it pales in comparison to its desktop counterpart… Been really enjoying Dolphin as of late, though.

  • Dave

    Can somebody please tell me why there is a Chrome app and a Chrome Beta?

    • Suicide_Note

      Beta is where new features get tested and bugs worked out before those features are made a part of the ‘regular’, stable Chrome app.

  • Troy Haskett

    Now if only they would take reload page out of the menu, and put it back on the main bar.

    • Kevin

      I hope they leave as it is. It’s still there.

    • Jpx

      I would love for them to have a pull down for refresh, or two finger swipe down gesture to have it refresh

  • tyguy829

    Over 100 tabs still gives you the smiley face. confirmed

  • j

    Benefits to Chrome beta over regular Chrome? Just using regular chrome and my tab count never left.

    • TabMcGee

      New features + material design.

  • TabMcGee

    This is why I need a counter. I had no idea :/

    • Suicide_Note

      A buddy of mine had the same issue. Had 68 open tabs without even realizing it.

    • JSo

      Do you NEVER close your tabs? I’m OCD about that kind of stuff. lol

      • TabMcGee

        I do, but I leave tabs open in case I want to come back to them. It’s really bad on my desktop, hundreds.

        I weep when my computer crashes.

    • Voltism

      … I thought leaving 6 open was a lot. Damn man

    • Guest

      Ha only 44? That’s nothing

  • Matt Isaacs

    Finally, I can use it. The missing tab count was a deal breaker

  • garbagedick

    I wish they’d add the numbers back in gmail (android app) when you are selecting mutiple messages, that came in handy