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This is Swing Copters, Dong Nguyen’s Follow-up Creation to Flappy Bird

We know many folks may be completely over the Flappy Bird saga, but thankfully, the newest game from its developer, Dong Nguyen, goes under a completely new name, which grants us permission to talk about it.

The game, which has been previewed by Touch Arcade, is titled Swing Copters. To explain it, imagine Flappy Bird has been placed on its side, facing upwards. Now, instead of a bird, you are a helicopter. You goal is to get your chopper through the swinging saws using your finger as a controller. 

For more details on gameplay, you can watch the video below which details how the game works.

As for when Android folks can install it, it is scheduled for release on August 21 through iTunes, but we are looking for exact confirmation for when it will pop up on Google Play. If we get those details, we will update this post. Upon release, it will be free, but will feature a $1 IAP to remove the ads.

It’s okay if you are not excited about this release, or even a little ticked off. Tell us how you feel down below in the comments.

Via: Touch Arcade
  • Brandon

    I wonder how it it takes for people to start going insane over this game and start sending him death threats.

  • Chippah


  • HarvesterX

    It’s it half as good as Flappy Birds, then it’ll basically be just a title screen. Flappy Birds is a college project that shouldn’t take more then parr a day to complete….

    I’m pretty sure his programing skills haven’t improved that much since then. Was like a one hit wonder of a horrible song..

    First person to say “well can you do better if not then no room to talk”…

    For my Distributed Objects with C++ final I created a fully featured opengl 3d rendering app.

    Sorry. Flappy Birds just proved that A) dude is a master at advertising or B) the mass population enjoys pressing one button in game with always the same static background.

    If that sells hell I’m gonna jump on the bandwagon. So many clones as well…Even cleverly disguised ones like Freaky Math.

    I’ll pass and listen to what y’all think of it.

  • ethelcmcphe

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    • PoisonApple31

      Wife left you and took the kids?

  • alberteezy

    No creativity what’s so ever! Smh

  • Jason Purp

    He was upset that nobody cares about Flappy Birds anymore so he decided to cook this up. In 10 minutes.

    • michael arazan

      But, but, we’ll all become addicted mindless drone, and society will collapse if we play his games. He said so himself.

  • John Clausen

    Blood pressure rising….

  • Deez

    Seriously, does anyone even care anymore about this dude or his games? I don’t understand it… it’s beyond dumb.

  • Menger40

    Dong be trollin’


    I hope they were doing this as a demo and not trying to show off their skills …or lack there of

  • cjohn4043

    I wonder how long it’ll take before he removes the app.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Probably when he makes his first hundred thousand through advertisements.

  • Moto720

    Anyway, I’m pretty excited for the Moto 360.

    • Bryan Mills

      The next version is the Moto One. Not 720.

      • GPier

        No the 1080!

      • tdurden64111

        You do know why they call it a Moto 360, right? Because when you see it, you turn 360° and walk away.

        • Bryan Mills

          I’m assuming you know that you’re facing it again when you turn 360°

        • ClickFire_

          Epic Fail…

          • kamkid279

            Epic fail doesn’t quite justify this, I hope this troll was joking..

    • EvanTheGamer

      Yes, Dong Nguyen’s reign is over. Who cares anymore. Moving on…

      But yeah, the price for the Moto 360 is almost clear now($250 I HOPE), the feature list is set, so now all we need is a release date. Anyone know? lol

      • Bryan Mills

        Waiting for the system to update and tell me. Damn you Best Buy!

        • EvanTheGamer

          You work at Best Buy? So uhh…Mr. Best Buy Guy, when can we pre-order the Moto 360? Or will we be able to? 🙂

          • Bryan Mills

            In Best Buy, but i get access to the RSS. I’m waiting for it to update and show a release date. Got shipment info already

          • EvanTheGamer

            y u no tell the truth, sir? Telling lies, especially where the Moto 360 is concerned will make Motorola very unhappy. They may even rig your Moto 360 to explode when you receive a text message from Tyler Durden.

          • Bryan Mills

            I plead the fifth

  • Bryan Mills

    It will be taken down shortly after even though he’s making $50k a day

    Make sure to keep it and sell your phone on Ebay when it happens.

    • ªAS|YOUTH|IA

      I think he learned his lesson the first time with all of the backlash he received. AdThief is going to love this on jailbroken iOS devices

  • Ben Murphy

    OK, now this guy is trolling us.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Flappy Bird was fun for the first few minutes, but then after that, it just sucked. And so will Swing Copters. Same game, same graphics, different name. He needs to quit while he’s ahead.

      Sooner or later, he’s going to end up being the Uwe Boll of this industry, and that film director is hated throughout Hollywood.

      • regkilla

        It was never fun.

        • EvanTheGamer

          Apparently not.

          But wtf though? How the hell was he making $50k/an f’n day? Who the hell clicks on advertisements anyways? I would never purposely click an advertisement. If it’s a free app with advertisements attached, I don’t give a sh*t if clicking ads helps out the dev who gave us a free app. It’s still bs to include advertisements in games/apps, which I know has been going on for years now, but still. I’d much rather pay $1-5 for an app then deal with bs advertisements.

          • Well I don’t purposely click it either, but if the dev was clever enough to place it well u might accidentally click it…. I’ve done that several times or we have a lot of idiots in the human population… which tbh isn’t surprising.

  • Jaxon Wright

    int he comments?