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Moto 360 Shows Up at Best Buy for $249, Outs List of Features

moto 360

We are expecting to get official Moto 360 launch details when Motorola hosts press at a September 4 event in Chicago, but Best Buy may have gone ahead and let us in on all sorts of details early. According to a listing on Best Buy’s site for the Moto 360, we could end up paying $249.

The device is also listed as having a 1.5-inch backlit LCD touch screen, with a 320×290 resolution, 205ppi, and Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3. Matching up to what we learned from a leak a week ago, we are also seeing mentions of a heart rate monitor, water resistance (up to 3.3 feet for up to 30 minutes), and an ambient light sensor. On a specs tab, the listing suggests that there is 512MB of RAM, Wireless N connectivity, and a Texas Instruments processor inside. 

The size of the watch is 1.8×1.8×0.4-inches and it weighs 2.1oz. The device itself is a combination of stainless steel and plastic, just like we thought.

The listing only mentions that the device is “coming soon.” It falls under SKU 8307143 and model number 00419NARTL.

Here are the listed features:

  • Compatible with most devices with an Android 4.3 or later operating system
    For wide-ranging use.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 technology
    Enables wireless syncing to select devices for hassle-free connectivity.
  • Voice activated
    Allows you to use spoken commands to operate the smart watch via the built-in microphone.
  • Vibration alert
    Discreetly notifies you of important events.
  • 1.5″ backlit LCD touch screen
    With 320 x 290 resolution and 205 ppi makes it easy to navigate features and provides easy-to-read visuals. Corning Gorilla Glass 3 construction offers durability, and the adjustable brightness allows custom use.
  • Built-in optical heart rate monitor (PPG)
    Helps you achieve or stay within your ideal heart rate range.
  • Built-in pedometer
    Measures the number of steps taken, so you can easily monitor your fitness progress throughout the day.
  • Digital watch interface
    Provides crisp, clear readouts of the time and date. Built-in alarm and calendar features help you stay on schedule.
  • Waterproof up to 3.3′ for up to 30 minutes
    So you can safely wear the watch while swimming or engaging in other aquatic activities.
  • Stainless-steel case and plastic case back
    Offer durability. The adjustable-length Horween leather band and metal buckle closure deliver a secure, comfortable fit.
  • Built-in lithium-ion battery pack
    Provides long-lasting operation. The battery-strength indicator lets you know when the battery needs to be powered via the included dock and charger.
  • Texas Instruments processor
    Helps ensure fast, efficient performance.

How does $250 sound? Be sure to vote in our poll and tell us if you are buying at that price.

Best Buy Link

Update:  Best Buy pulled the page, but thankfully, we saved it for you below.

moto 360 bestbuy3

Cheers Richard!
  • hope this live blog is also in english http://andwear.de/moto-360-kaufen

  • Jeremiah Payne

    Honestly best buy has expensive prices so maybe 200? But 250 matches other rumors

  • Kram

    ok so i have a sony xperia m running android 4.3.. will this work with it cuz it says its compatible with MOST phones running android 4.3….and i thought that it was all phones running 4.3….heeeelllp!! lol

  • “Wireless N connectivity” is the most interesting piece of information here to me, as neither the LG G Watch nor the Samsung Gear Live have WiFi built in, they both connect only through Bluetooth. In theory that’s all you really need as the watch is meant to be an extension of your phone, it really doesn’t need WiFi. But I’ve had a few situations where having a more direct access to the net might be nice.

  • droidrazredge

    Moto360 brings all the #motomoney to the yard!!!!

  • Kasim101

    I’m Ready too!

  • Luke Woolley

    Still no details on estimated battery life? 🙁

    • Matt7262

      2.5 Days or more.

  • RiceCake

    In other news…Shamou is actually the Moto S (android silver?) and has been confirmed for Verizon! (And no this isnt a joke)

    250 seems steep but maybe bestbuy is jacking up the price….like the nexus 5.

  • Gasaraki

    Are they offering one with a stainless steel band?

    • JRomeo

      you’ll probably have to buy the stainless steel band from elsewhere, and then replace the rubber band it comes with. or maybe they’ll sell the stainless steel band as an upgrade or as an additional accessory.

      • sirmeili

        Just a note, the band you are seeing in the pictures above is Leather, not rubber.

  • htowngtr

    Definitely looking forward to it. I imagine that the steel band version will cost over $300 though.

  • Chris Stuart

    Do we know if it uses proprietary bands or standard 22mm?

  • RGiskard

    I’m hoping this is a bit off. The description of the screen, for example. LCD is a bit of a surprise given the battery life requirements and Moto’s success with AMOLED on the X. Does LCD save any power by displaying black images? If not, why are all the Moto 360 watch faces that we’ve seen black? If there was no power advantage, I imagine we would have seen white, blue, pink, etc. faces, simply to attract more buyers who shop primarily based on face color (look at most watch catalogs, they make the same watch in a handful of colors to attract different buyers). Also, who would really write “adjustable brightness allows custom use.” That sounds like a bad translation.

    Maybe I’m just holding out hope for an error because I really wanted a sapphire crystal. My current sapphire watch faces survive without scratches, and I would love to have that peace of mind with the 360.

    • ZxyLady

      I read an article or 2 and have seen a bit on this and heard specifically that they were using AMOLED, (my understanding for this was implied due to the success of it used in the Moto cellphones) and that the watch bands are indeed interchangeable with a 22mm watch band. And as for the black faces all the time I think it is because AMOLED ONLY uses power when lighting individual pixels and black pixels use NO power. I honestly think that Best buy was just making up a test page so they only have to edit the facts surrounding the watch and presto, add page to website. At least that’s what I am guessing since some of the info on here is off from what was shown and talked about at GOOGLE I/O by Motorola’s people. .

  • akazerotime

    My only concern is it doesn’t say the bands are interchangeable. Love to get this for the $249.99 but if the metal band is going to push this to $299.99 I might just need to wait for the holidays.

  • chris_johns

    lil concerned about the lcd…wish it was amoled or oled so the pixels could be turned off giving a blacker face and better bat life…they did this with the X why not the 360?…still this is aweome and im buying asap

  • ckeegan

    Only .2 inches larger in diameter, and actually slightly thinner than my Citizen Calibre 2100. I knew people were whining for nothing.

  • Is this the first we’ve heard Gorilla Glass, not Sapphire? This is the first thing that worries me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m buying the hell out of it… I’d love to hear speculation K.

  • Nick A

    I’m not buying one of these until they make some with oversized screens. I want a giant rectangular screen, circular no thanks. Not really impressed by anything Motorola TBH. Look up Rufus Cuff only useful watch.

  • sski66

    Last in one of your last polls, I anything over $275 is a no go, so I guess I’m gonna give this a try.

  • Blue Sun

    TI processor? I really hope this isn’t GNrx 2.0…

    • kashtrey

      I’m hoping the TI processor is wrong, though I’m sure if Motorola customized the chipset, they could be taking responsibilities for updates. I have to assume that Moto being under Google, they wouldn’t have picked a SoC that would be unsupported by Wear. It has to already be running Kit Kat which the Gnex didn’t get “supposedly” because of the TI processor in it.

  • Bj

    I give up! After reading the above Kellex write-up on this $250 smartwatch, what does this watch do with an interface with a smartphone or what does a smartphone do with the interface from the smart watch… for $250 USD? I’ve re-read carefully and this information is not apparent to me. Please provide the missing info. Thanks

  • EvanTheGamer

    Yes. $250 sounds about right, much better than what I had originally thought the Moto 360 would cost, which was $300. This is great. And so, the Moto 360 will absolutely be my next watch. Can’t wait!

    Let’s just hope Motorola releases it in the next few weeks(or maybe RIGHT after their big press event on Sept. 4.)! Hopefully!

  • 1n50mniac

    They took the page down. ..

  • 213ninja

    @everyone that said this watch would be 300-350+ or better……..i told you so.


  • NexusMan

    What about the stainless steel band?

  • Kevin Guinn

    It looks like best buy pulled the page. It’s nowhere on their site now 🙁

  • Tony Spencer

    Now the Best Buy page shows This item is no longer available.
    Someone jumped the gun!

    • Duane Westerhaus

      That’s because the employees snagged them up!

  • Jason B

    LCD is a good call. While I love AMOLED’s perfect blacks, the risk of burn-in with a watch face displayed more often than not, would be too high. Warranty claims would’ve been through the roof.

    • atg284

      Yeah the more and more I think about it if it does come with LCD I wont be bummed.

  • socalrailroader

    Will you be able to place and receive calls on it? It doesn’t say. Oh, and Best Buy has taken the link down already.

    • Tower72

      if its like the Gear Live and the G Watch…nope, and im perfectly ok with that!

    • kashtrey

      Yup and you can also buy your children toys that are covered in lead paint. JK

      It’s based on Wear which doesn’t allow calls. I wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere down the road some app developer creates an app that does something similar with the Mics.

  • bboyairwreck

    I’m not complaining cuz I’m definitely gonna buy this but 3.3′ waterproof isn’t exactly “while swimming” safe in my opinion. Still impressive nonetheless.

    • atg284

      Information on pre-launch products through Best Buy’s website is unreliable..

    • kashtrey

      If you’re doing laps you’re typically not going to be that deep, however I would not take this in the ocean. That salt water ain’t going to be great with the stainless.

  • CapnShiner

    Does anyone else thing the fact that they list lithium-ion battery pack as an included item could indicate that the battery is actually removable? How great would that be?

    • atg284

      Information on pre-launch products through Best Buy’s website is unreliable.

      • CapnShiner

        Of course it is. I’m speaking in hypothetical terms. If one assumes that this leak from Best Buy is accurate and true, couldn’t it possibly indicate a removable battery? I looked at Best Buy listings for other smartwatches and they don’t use the term “battery pack.”

        • atg284

          I would highly doubt a removable battery due to the wireless charging and the waterproofing of the device. It just doesn’t make any sense.

          • CapnShiner

            Traditional watches have removable batteries and are waterproof. Some smartphones have both removable batteries and wireless charging capability. I agree that it is unlikely but not as unlikely as you seem to think.

          • atg284

            This is far from a traditional watch. Those watches that have a removable battery due to them not being rechargeable. They last a very long time on one battery. There is also nothing in leaked photos showing the ability to remove the back with traditional or non-traditional tools. I know it is possible to create a device like this with a removable battery but it is very unlikely.

            Edit: Also they probably want you to buy a new one in 2 years anyway.

          • CapnShiner

            Can you share a link to these photos? All the photos I’ve seen show only the front and maybe the side of the device. I haven’t seen any photos of the back.

          • atg284
          • CapnShiner

            OK, so I don’t see any screws or other ways to remove the back, but Motorola could surprise us. I am curious about how the band is attached and how it is still waterproof with a design like that.

          • Anfronie

            Don’t get me wrong I would prefer it to be water proof(ish) AND removable back but I see and have read nothing to indicate that. I too am curious as to how one would switch out the bands. I will prob get the leather band at first them buy the metal one. Motorola just needs to release it! 😮

          • atg284
  • Alex Cotman

    I must own this. I will be there day one cash in hand.

  • patt

    it does not look bad.. however I wouldn’t buy it for 250$.. maybe 100$ max

    • Diablo81588

      Go buy a fitbit then.

      • patt

        I did buy a fitbit long time ago.

        What else can you suggest me ? 😀 I mean I never touch Moto products so anything but moto.

  • Daniel Walsh

    That’s an amazing price. Still not buying one because I love my watch

  • humidity

    Any news on the stainless steel band?

  • Sean Bello

    Where do I swipe my card?…

  • yummy

    My poodle is gonna look grest in one of these

  • Kevin Guinn

    I wonder how the android wear watch could benefit from having Wifi, other than another way of grabbing google now notifications. Any thoughts?

    • WeaponZero

      Wifi Direct? Bluetooth 4.0 has merged into the wifi standard to allow bluetooth to do basic handshake and wifi for file transfer.

      Wifi can also be used for location positioning and allow you to use public wifi for data.

      • Duane Westerhaus

        Maybe the Bluetooth earpieces hinted to accompany the September 4th unveiling will have something to do with this?

    • Dave

      Phone could be in another room (or another building?) and still get notifications on your watch.

  • enigmaco

    Yes!!! Getting this and the moto x 2 great bday present and gift to start my new job woohoo!!!

  • sean parmenter

    SOLD! Been hanging on to some extra cash and gift cards so now I know exactly where it’s going.

  • Rodeojones000

    Texas Instruments? Really? That’s incredibly disappointing.

  • M3D1T8R

    Don’t want a leather band.
    Display should be OLED.
    Face needs sapphire.
    Slightly concerned about processor.
    Still looks too thick. (Battery life better for excellent to justify it.)
    Want to be able to make calls through bluetooth – hopefully coming eventually.
    Otherwise, looks good, and the price is what I predicted. With the above flaws, I may still buy one when it drops to $200.

    • atg284

      I’m definitely still getting one but I would pay $50 more for sapphire and OLED. :/

    • Ajmcnicol

      -swap it out
      -cant make non square/rectangular displays with OLED as easily
      -and increase the cost by at least a 100
      -its a watch that displays Google Now cards..doesnt play games or do anything processor intensive
      -better battery and easier to make waterproof
      -has a mic for voice commands..doesnt have speaker so not possible. Not to mention it has no audio jack so ur gonna be a douche speaking into your wrist with only speakerphone mode.
      -its miles ahead of the LG or Samsung offerings for the same price

      • M3D1T8R

        Sapphire prices are dropping a lot now thanks to GTAT and their Apple deal. Could have included it and made it $300 – even $280 – easily.
        I don’t see how talking to your wrist makes you a douche. Of course it would be speakerphone all the time, would be very convenient in the car. Can talk with hands still on the wheel. They just need to add a small speaker.
        I agree it’s well ahead of LG or Samsung. I’m not even considering either of those. This I’m still excited about, just pointing out areas I’d like to see improvement.

        • Ajmcnicol

          -Its not dropping at all. It takes a whole brand new processing and manufacturing method/tools to work with saphire. Apple gave GTAT a ton of money to make expand their ability to make saphire displays and to ramp up production for their needs. THEIR needs. This doesnt help saphire availability or price for ANYONE else but apple.
          -if you have a the money to blow on this…or are tech enthusiast enough to get it…then you already have either a car with built in blue tooth ur phone syncs with soon as u get in..or have one of those bluetooth addons that plug into your audio jack.

      • WeaponZero

        I hope you are joking right? It is the opposite, it is hard to make a circle with LCD hence why even the moto 360 can’t do full circle. OLED can do ANY shape easily, the reason is because each individual pixel is its own. OLED also has better battery and easier to make water proof.

        Other than that I do agree on the other stuff.

  • VerizonMichaelSam

    I have connections to Verizon employees, and this thing is hitting stores soon! It will be only $39 for monthly access on the nations fastest LTE network and $15 one time fee for the special LTE sim card. I can’t wait, I’m getting one for each of my family members.

    • M3D1T8R

      “Fastest LTE network”. Yeah 2Mbps sure is fast! Take your ripoff ignorant BS propaganda elsewhere. Flagged.

  • EW Parris

    How much to add a few more rows of pixels on the bottom?

    • atg284

      One more year of development.