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Specs Comparison: Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs. Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Note 3, and Note 2

Samsung made the Galaxy Alpha official this morning, a device that looks and thinks that it is every bit as high-end as other flagships. Unfortunately for the Alpha, its list of specs tends to disagree with that idea, so we thought a comparison to the rest of Samsung’s line-up of phones from the last couple of years was in-store to show just that. 

The Galaxy Alpha is leading Samsung’s new design standards by incorporating metal in its casing, while continuing to use a variety of textures on its backside to bring a combination that could be quite delightful in hand. The frame (edges of the phone) is metal with chamfered edges that resemble other premium phones on the block, like the iPhone and HTC One (M8). The backside is still plastic, but has been given a matte finish to blend with the shine of the metal banding. By all means, this is Samsung’s prettiest phone to date.

But again, design isn’t everything. The Galaxy Alpha sports an HD (720p) display, small 1,860mAh battery, and no micro SD slot. The rest of its specs aren’t bad by any means, but when you compare the display, battery size, and flexibility of features to the Galaxy S5, it doesn’t quite stack up.

Still, would you be interested in the Galaxy Alpha?

galaxy alpha vs specs

  • Gasaraki

    Wow, that Alpha looks hot, too bad the specs suck.

  • chris_johns

    Sooo…sammy goes back to their roots of completely copying and ripping off the iphone to get sales bc they had a slow quarter huh….best part is they decide to finally make a sorta premium exterior but to compensate for the extra money they spent on it they went cheap on the internals…and all the sammy sheep gush over it…such suckers samsung plays consumers for fools(which they are) and thats why they sell so many devices

  • I have a Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F) and love it. If you are looking at processors, the SM-G900H uses the Exynos octa core processor. The octa core chipset actually contains two quad core processors in a big:LITTLE configuration. To conserve battery power, the slow (little) processor takes precedence over the fast processor. Consequently, the performance gain is minimal over the Snapdragon 801 is minimal. The Galaxy Alpha is the first Samsung device to use a Exynos chipset that supports LTE. As for 16GB vs 32GB, with no external SD, the Alpha would really suck at 16GB. The maximum external SD size for the S5 is 128GB. You need a class 10 external SD card to store Full HD, UHD, and burst shots directly to the external SD. It would really help if you listed the model number that you for comparison.

  • mcdonsco

    Love the color in the main pic.

  • cnlson

    Please tell me where I can get a 32gb s5? as far as I am aware, no us carrier has a 32gb. I would happily upgrade from my S3 but only if I can have 32gb

  • Trueblue711

    Not worth it. 90% of these are going to be in a case anyway. I’ll keep my plastic with the higher specs and battery life.

  • Not Violent J

    Samsung is not ready to solve their three-year-old problem dealing with faux metal trims on plastic that makes plastic look bad while feeling plastic because….faux metal! F*ck you Samsung.

    • 213ninja

      i think this is real metal tho.

  • Chris

    Not me. Too small. Hoping for a new Note size device with front facing speakers…

  • wreckem

    is this the iphone 6?!

  • Give me a price. Then I’ll comment

    • Diablo81588

      Too late.

  • jack nunez

    I do like that wallpaper on the alpha

  • Guest

    All the people and DL are not seeing what Samsung is doing here, this phone is clearly targetted to the IPhone 6 wannabees, Sammy carefully picked all the features either to match or exceed IP6, 4.7″ 720p screen, Metal frame, 32GB + No Micro SD, Very light & thin, moderate battery (with 720p still good battery life)..

  • Chris King

    Wait I thought the spec war was over? Well alright war on alpha will be the first shot and the note 4 will be the kill shot. that’s cool because they make a phone for every group of people. Their second closest competition holds 6% of the market. I’m not saying people should like them but they know what they are doing

  • zaiger

    It is meant for the same clientele as iPhone users, those who aren’t technologically savvy and just want a pretty phone that works well with minimal troubleshooting. This is a phone for your mom or your girlfriend.

    • Shawn Spring

      I thought that’s what the Galaxy S line was for? When someone wants to buy their first Android phone, I always tell them “buy the latest Galaxy S phone you can afford”

      • zaiger

        yeah that is true but some people don’t like the plastic.

  • Shawn Spring

    Does anyone else wonder why the Galaxy Alpha even exists?

    • 213ninja


  • Sporttster

    To look at that chart, the Note 3 is still king of the hill….

  • Daniel Lujan

    Samsung dominates the Android phone market WITH the garbage TouchWiz…. They’d probably sell even more phones if they focused on a more stock experience like the moto x.

    • Sean Lally

      Yup, I switched from a Galaxy 4 to the Moto X and much prefer it. I won’t be going back to Samsung any time soon.

  • Think the Note 4 will follow this design or stick to non-metal?

    • JackMeOffski

      N4 is metal. Just look at the leaks…

  • Just read 2 reviews of this phone. It’s basically Samsung’s Moto X. Mid range specs, but still benchmarks like today’s flagship. I think this phone looks good, has the S2 design language.

    • Sean Lally

      Like the motox, except for all the cruft…

      • Kinda agree, but this phone is keeping up with all the flagships. This new Exynos has finally caught up with the current Snapdragon 80Xs.

  • fuggyou

    so if these specs come from sammy it’s low end, but if moto does it it’s premium and amazing. you cockriding douche nozzles.

    • 213ninja

      yup. i can tell you been here before…

    • cizzlen

      That’s DL for you.

    • chris_johns

      moto did this a year ago and had new unique features and had an innovative cpu set up…samsung didnt do that, they just coppied the iphone design n went cheap on internals to make up money spent on design and expect to make money of stupid consumers

  • Alexander Munnerlyn

    This Phone is Poopoo

  • Matthew

    The screen size is perfect, but the non-removable battery and no micro SD slot are deal breakers for me. 🙁

  • Fan of Droid Life
  • Fan of Droid Life

    Kellex the pictures at that Russian website has back cover off and shows it has a removable battery.

  • Terrence Amir McKelvey

    Just because you can build something doesn’t mean you should…

  • grayson360

    6.7 mm thin? Mkay we can work with that.

  • Stephen D

    I like that silver. Hopefully the Note 4 is offered in a similar color. I’m bored of black and like the silver of my G3.

  • why would you release a phone with specs worse than the S4?

  • William_Morris

    I get the feeling this is the obligatory response to the Moto X. Granted Moto doesn’t register on the Samsung radar, but it’s appearance as a “high-quality, mid-range device” is probably the target audience they’re going for.

  • iamevie

    Alpha’s battery is NON-REMOVABLE?!?!!? Fail.

    • It’s removable.

      • iamevie

        If that’s the case, then that’s a relief. Someone at DL needs to update the spec chart.

  • jjredfish

    “Alpha” – “Apple”. Pathetic Samsung. Just go away.

  • r0l

    If it didn’t run TW the processor and battery might actually be fine.

    • Allen Byrd

      I still think the phone’s design looks horribly ugly, metal or not. Also, why is Samsung still using hardware buttons? Ugh.

      • middlehead

        Because hardware buttons are superior.

      • This is what I don’t get. Lots of people are saying its ugly, same samsung crap, blah blah. Yet this phone kinda looks like an iPhone, a phone that’s highly regarded as beautiful.

        • Allen Byrd

          It looks like an ugly knock-off version. Notice the lack of ugly logos with ugly font on the front of the iPhone, as well as the always-present and very inconsistent hardware buttons on the Galaxy. Not even starting with the software on the two.
          The iPhone is a much more understated and minimalistic device, and that’s what makes it so beautiful.

          • MicroNix

            Did you copy that slop from an apple insider comment section?

          • Allen Byrd

            Never said I liked iPhones or iOS. However, the iPhone hardware looks a thousand times better than anything Samsung’s ever made, IMO.

          • 213ninja

            really? you think one of those square black boxes above looks ONE THOUSAND times better than the other?????????????? they’re both square black boxes. one says samsung and has an oval button, the other says nothing and has a round button. what are you looking at?

          • K.

        • cizzlen

          It honestly lookd pretty damn sexy to me. People just like to complain and bitch.

        • chris_johns

          lol samsung going back to their roots…copying off better companies

        • Swankieltd

          The front of most smartphones are similar, it’s the overall package that makes a nice phone. Nonetheless, the Alpha is Samsung’s best looking phone yet.

  • Mudokon83

    no microsd and a 1.8ghz. wow sad.

    • 1.8ghz isn’t enough for smart phone functions? Explain to me what you can’t do with this phone.

      • stop the spec wars

        if my phone doesnt have a 3ghz processor its not good enough to read DL text and email smh

        • maroon1

          Cortex A15 @ 1.8GHz is faster than Cortex A7 @3GHz

          GHz is not only thing that make a CPU faster

    • maroon1

      Are you aware that GHz is not only thing that make the CPU faster.

      The CPU beats snapdragon 801 in some of the benchmarks

      THey made 32GB as base model for galaxy alpha. I don’t think many people need microsd when you have large storage. ANd phone is supposed to compete with iphone which also doesn’t have microsd

  • truth_cutz

    Note 3 for the win….

    • ^OldTimer^

      Note 4 in less than a month, get with it.

      • truth_cutz

        Sir!! the Note 4 was not an option…stick to the provided choices!

        • Joe Mama

          Note 4 it is!

          • note igga

            Im looking forward to the ntoe 5, get on my level

          • Tyrone_83

            Why not the Note 6 lol

          • TW sucks, like all Skins



          • GPier

            If it bothers you so much. Learn how to ROM a phone and get rid of it!

    • GPier

      G3 for the win!

  • trixnkix637

    The people who will want this phone, will do so mostly because of design. Just wait for the Note 4 or S6 which will inevitably incorporate these new design changes.

  • Note3User

    Non-Removable battery for me = fail.

    • I thought the last phones with a removable battery was the original Moto Droid. I haven’t seen a removable battery for years in a flagship phone. weird.

      • Oh wait, there was the HTC Rezound, too, which looked ridiculous with the extended battery.

        Iphone, Moto, HTC, Samsung Alpha = no removable batteries. These are professional, modern devices.

      • T4rd

        Pretty much all Samsung phones have removable batteries, plus the new G3.

      • kilbasar

        As others have pointed out, ALL of the flagships from Samsung are removable battery. And I agree with OP, many of us won’t buy a phone with a non-removable battery. Thankfully it seems LG heard us, they specifically made the G3 battery removable (G2 was not), and said they did it because they were targeting power users.

        • Ah ok, as an Android fan, it’s really hard for me to consider Samsung phones, but I guess it makes sense that if removable battery was a big concern, then they’d be an option. Thank you.

          • Swankieltd

            Call yourself an Android fan but you don’t know a thing about android flagship phones. LOL

    • It’s removable.

      • calculatorwatch

        That’s a relief, hopefully they’re hot swappable like the G3.

        I guess if you don’t mind carrying an extra battery around all day, this is actually a pretty nice high-end compact Android phone. It’s not like it has many competitors, just the Moto X and Z1 Compact.

    • Guest

      All the people and DL are not seeing what Samsung is doing here, this phone is clearly targetted to the IPhone 6 wannabees, Sammy carefully picked all the features either to match or exceed IP6, 4.7″ 720p screen, Metal frame, 32GB + No Micro SD, Very light & thin, moderate non removable battery (with 720p still good battery life)..

  • richkoos

    That is one light phone

    • JD_26

      and super thinn .. is that right 6.7mm omfg

  • DanielMena9

    This phone should have really came in at the 4.3″ size and watch it sell FAST for folks like me that enjoy their Sony Xperia Z1 Compact.

  • W. Paul Schenck

    The first time I saw the render I thought Samsung was introducing a copy of the iPhone 4.

    • W. Paul Schenck

      What a disappointment in the screen, battery and no micro-SD slot. Besides, I am not a fan of the physical home button.

      • Cael

        iPhone users don’t care about those.

  • MistaButters

    Non-removable battery and no-micro SD. It will be fun to see if Samsung takes that approach to any other phones.

    • Cael

      This is clearly being used to entice Apple users. If this does not work out how they think it will then I doubt they will go the same exact route.

      • jimt

        All Samsung phones are to entice Apple users, hence the apple button.

      • Stone Cold

        No the no SD slot is what Google wants.

    • What do you keep on your micro SD? curious.

      • nexus

        I used to cache a chunk of my google music account, set it to download only and use and xposed mod to change the track with the volume rocker with the screen off. I have a 15k+ collection so its nice to have a few thousand for the car and add more as i go

      • MistaButters

        None. I have a Nexus 5.

        The reason I said it will be fun to see is because those two features seem to be hugely important to Samsung buyers.

    • rawr

      It has a removable battery, haterlife just won’t do the reading into the specs.

  • ImmaDroid

    Crazy how they give the Alpha 32GB but the S5 16gb. (off the bat atleast)

    • Why is it crazy? one is several months old.

      • JD_26

        and it doesnt have micro SD

      • ImmaDroid

        The S5 is 4 months older then the Alpha, and the Alpha has specs of a year or two ago. The galaxy S5 is supposed to be their best highend smartphone of the year and not some semi-midrange device. After bloatware on 16GB you get crap. So you would think 32GB would have been the standard on the S5 and not the Alpha.

        • The S5 is garbage bruh.

          • ImmaDroid

            Ok, well I don’t have the S5 so I can care less about your opinion of it.. Bruh

          • I think the Alpha is a much better device. Look at the design!

  • Bryan Mills

    Laughable that they’d try and troll Apple with such a crap device. C’mon now. Fueling the iPhone fanboys, Samsung.

    • Mryan Bills

      You fueled up hater?

      • Bryan Mills

        Yep, glad Samsung will be dethroned soon.

        • Keep dreaming, wishing, praying, hating, but STOP COMMENTING…. Not going to happen!

        • Dave

          I could care less, but you do realize they represent over 70% of all current Android activations. A couple joke device releases giant going to put a halt to that.

        • WitnessG

          Dethroned? By who, I don’t see them getting dethroned any time soon, they are dominating the Android market.

        • 213ninja

          dethroned at what? providing the most bloat? i heard the G3 is creeping in that category…

    • Mario

      it is just business not personal.

    • MrOrange645

      Pot, meet kettle. Kettle, meet pot

    • your lameness makes me sleepy


  • FortitudineVincimus

    Form factor & materials… cool. Specs.. not so cool. Pass.

  • RIP S series.

  • itsacardigan

    I really hope the Note 4 comes in these colors too.

  • Wow, it’s like they hired a competent designer at Samsung! Great phone. Anyone that cares about specs has a small _____.

  • Bryan Mills

    So it’s basically a Galaxy S3? But worse?

    • T4rd

      Yeah, I’m sure the dual-core S4 will be directly comparable to this octa-core Exynos SoC and the display won’t be any better despite it being over 2 generations newer since resolution is the only spec that matters in displays. /s

      • Bryan Mills

        720p, non removable (terrible) battery, no SD slot, smaller screen, exynos isn’t special.

        • T4rd

          Why I expected you to comprehend anything, I don’t know. Nevermind.

          • Bryan Mills

            Yeah you were trolling. I get it. I missed your sarcasm. Boo hooo

          • T4rd

            You’re trying too hard now.

          • Bryan Mills

            I don’t have to try anything. Simple to touch a few buttons and press reply.

          • T4rd

            Yeah, that’s trying too hard.. you should not do that sometimes. 😉

          • Bryan Mills

            Sorry i offended your precious Samsung. It’s clearly going to fail so might as put it out there.

          • T4rd

            Not defending Samsung, I don’t own any Samsung devices. I agree it will probably fail.. esp. since it probably won’t even make it to the US.

            You should brush up on your debate/trolling skills other than assuming everyone is a Samsung fanboy when they say anything that opposes you.

          • Bryan Mills

            Anybody who defends Samsung isn’t mentally competent.

          • T4rd

            Anybody who deals in absolutes isn’t mentally competent.

          • Bryan Mills

            I wonder why we lose Robin Williams but still have others around. Something is up.

          • T4rd

            Nice derail. (not)

          • 213ninja


          • j

            Samsung’s actions are pretty defensible. Not that you have to defend a position of selling nearly 30% of all smartphones worldwide. You know, they’re a business, and their products sell like hotcakes.

          • Dave

            And account for over 70% of Android activations.

        • maroon1

          1- Galaxy Alpha uses new 20nm exynos which is more efficient. It even beats galaxy S5 in most bechmarks

          2- Resolution is not everthing when it comes to screen. Newer AMOLED screen has far better brightness and color accuracy than older ones. Galaxy Alpha screen have even better color accuracy than even galaxy S5

          3- It has 32GB storage for base model. Lack of SD slot is not going to be a problem for most people

          4- Galaxy alpha have a removable battery

    • Jon D.

      how do you figure… the performance of the octa core vs the dual core…..

      • Bryan Mills

        Not talking about performance.

    • NO.

      • Bryan Mills

        Whoa buddy. Don’t cry now.

    • MistaButters

      Surely screen tech has come a long way in the past two years, and I’m sure the processor is better. Plus you drop the terrible glossy plastic and clean up the lines a bit.

      What will matter is price. This clearly wasn’t meant to compete with the S5, but their ricing will determine if it’s a worthwhile phone or not.

      • Bryan Mills

        Don’t expect them to price it right. And regardless of screen tech, it’s still 720p.

        • MistaButters

          312 PPI is plenty, especially for the market segment this is obviously tailored to.

          I don’t expect Samsung to price it right though, so there’s that. -__-

        • Diablo81588

          720p for this screen size is plenty. If you say you could tell a difference with 1080 I’ll call you a liar.

    • ImmaDroid

      How is it worse? Its atleast got a better camera and processor