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Samsung’s Gear VR Headset Pictured Ahead of September 3 Unveiling

According to the newest leak from The Verge, Samsung is all set to announce and finally unveil its own VR headset, tentatively titled Gear VR, codenamed Project Moonlight, at this year’s IFA event in Berlin, Germany. The Gear VR won’t be the only product Samsung unveils on September 3, as that is also the day the company will show off the latest phone in the Note lineup, the Galaxy Note 4

The Gear VR, much like Google’s Cardboard contraption, will allow users to attach their phones to the headset, enabling an immersive experience, just as we have seen on Oculus. From what sources claim, Oculus might be involved with this project, but at what capacity is currently unknown.

As for the hardware pictured, what we can see is that there appears to be a focus dial on the frontside, allowing for users to adjust the display’s focus. It is also currently unknown whether the headset will need a hardwired connection via microUSB or simply attaching the unit to your phone will be enough for the effect to work. All these details, and much more, will undoubtedly come on September 3.

With Gear VR, mobile gamers should be in for a treat, as Samsung could also pair its existing gaming controller alongside the headset. That means, with the help of developers, buyers can strap on their headset and be thrown into a completely different world, one which should allow for new forms of interaction and entertainment. As a mobile gamer, I’m psyched.

What is your take on Samsung’s entry into the VR ecosystem? Excited to try one out for yourself once they are made available? And if in fact it does come to market after announcement, what kind of price do you think we could see? $199? Cheaper? Let’s hear your opinion.

Via: The Verge
  • Daistaar


  • Higher_Ground

    These VR devices seem like they belong in an arcade, not someobody’s living room (though I guess there’s more than a few people with arcade games in their homes). They are fun for a little while but I can imagine you’d get tired of it a lot faster than a normal console.

  • Finire

    All I see here is an overpriced. really bulky, add on, for a phone I never wanted to start with. I believe it’s easy to say this will only be compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S6.

  • chris_johns

    or you can get google cardboard for 20 bucks that will have basically the same function lol…another pointless samsung product…let me pay 200 so i can have angry birds in my face! or w.e other meh mobile game…just stop…why would anyone buy into this when occulous is around the corner for computers and morpheous for the ps guys and whatever microsoft is doing for the xbox guys…u know for gaming systems where this tech, u know, makes sense…u gonna sit on the train and use this with ur phone? youll get smacked for looking stupid and robbed for being dumb

  • DanThompson87

    How could you predict $199 for a device like this but think $499 or more for the moto 360 D:

  • s.m.


  • Emmanuel

    Give how pleased people were with the oculus rift dev kit 2 which apparently uses a galaxy note 3 display and given how interested and fascinated people were with Google Cardboard, Samsung could be on to something here…..

    • chris_johns

      people like google cardboard bc its 20 bucks and well…cardboard…if it was 200 nobody would care

  • JackMeOffski

    I was already going to buy note 4 but I now will buy the VR headset too. It will be get for HD Porn and my flesh-light and great for reading books!

    • Daistaar

      That’s gross and hilarious Zordon!

    • Damn, Zordon, you nasty lol

      • JackMeOffski


  • Furnaceboy

    I dont get it U_u.. I had an OG note and an S3 and they were both reasons to never have another samsung phone :p… why do you guys like them so much?

    • Finire

      I’m right with you there. I have never, and will never, be a fan of Touchwiz.

      • To be honest, not a fan of TouchWiz either. Nor am I a fan of what used to be Moto’s BLUR, or of Asus’ ZenUI. I like things that add to the ecosystem, but don’t completely replace portions. If there is a system skin, I want it to be optional (without voiding my warranty).

    • Mike

      I’ll never own another Samsung phone with TW after this crappy GS3, can’t wait for the Moto X 2 to come out so I can replace it.

    • Calvin Williams

      I have a GS3 and I’m completely in love with it. I have zero problems with it. The only reason I want a new phone is because I want an upgraded camera.

  • Looks like something I may be purchasing along with the Note 4.

  • Alex B

    Dammnnn that is ugly as hell! The morpheus looks pretty good though

  • Frettfreak

    I would be super excited if this weren’t being made by Samsung. Will wait to see details before I pass judgment but it will get an automatic no go from me if it only pairs with Samsung devices. F that

    • Big EZ

      Not only will it only pair with Samsung phones, but only the newest released phone at the time ( Note 4,or S6). Then a year later it will finally work with most other recently released Samsung phones.

  • antinorm

    Looks like a Virtual Boy. (Those didn’t do so well.)

    • Mech_Engr_09

      Your comment deserves a fart noise

    • chris_johns

      haha u win

  • scastro87

    All for it. More competition is better for consumers.

  • Colin Huber

    I often wonder if the Droid-Life staffers place bets to see how fast B-Mills comments on a post that includes the word “Samsung” in the headline.

    • Bryans Mom

      Or “Douchebag” in the response.

      That was our nickname for him at home.

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    • pyro74boy .

      Is Bryan Mills the Narrator? LOL I would not be surprised if he is because he has like a million different fake accounts on D.L this guy is a total joke. LOL

      • PoisonApple31

        Yes he is.

        • Bryan Mills

          Fake accounts? Guy must be smoking something.

          • pyro74boy .

            Yeah we all know you smoke crack. LOL

      • Bryan Mills

        The Narrator was banned so i had to make a new account.

        • pyro74boy .

          LOL LOL LOL LOL Ha HA HA

        • Tyler Durden

          Well, LoL @sshole

    • Bryan Mills

      Pretty fast because it’s my freedom of an American that let’s me do so.

      • pyro74boy .

        Yeah It’s your freedom to act like a total and complete IDIOT on D.L and now you bragging about it. LOL

  • Cael

    That controller is so Sega Genesis.

  • Bryan Mills

    Back to making stuff just to make it, i guess.

    • Bryans Mom

      Have you made anything productive in your life? Just kidding, we already know the answer.

    • JackMeOffski

      I bet you make dildos out of of your moms panties and shove them up your butt.

      • Bryans Mom

        My little Bry let you in on our secret. Shame on him and you!

        • JackMeOffski

          When Bryan was 12 his got banned from the local Pet store because he would lick all the puppies butt-holes and finger the cats pussies.

          • Bryans Mom

            We wondered why Spot and Fluffy ran away from home.

      • Christian Trevor Clauss

        Oh god Zordon. Lmao

    • I think you done made the Samsung fans upset lol

      • Bryans Mom

        What did Sam sing? And what does that have to do will my little boy?

      • Back 2 Engadget I Guess

        Childish comment from a hack.

      • ToTimNKellex

        I don’t really understand what it takes to get someone banned from this site, even if you guys of DL are even keeping track on whats going on. I’m sure most of us DL reader agree that Bryan Mills is just commenting nonsense things just to get under people skins which is very wrong. Most of us here will be very happy if you guys at lest give him a warning to not get off and if that is too much to ask then i’m sorry to say that DL has so much bias then any other tech site!

        • Bryan Mills

          Awwwwww opinions hurt your feelings?

        • Daistaar

          That should really read “Knock it off”. I would hope that Tim and Kellen do NOT warn anyone on here to “Not get off”. No cock blocking. LOL

      • Bryan Mills

        When the truth is spoken, fanboys will be mad. VR has no place in the mobile world. I don’t care who makes it.

        • Yeah, I don’t mind if you don’t like Samsung at all. That’s your business. Lets try to stay civilized though, like human beings 🙂

    • chris_johns

      lol basically…ima have to agree with you here