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Galaxy Note 4 Reportedly Photographed, Reveals 5.7″ QHD Display and Chamfered Edges

Galaxy Note 4

We could have our first look at the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 from Samsung thanks to a leak out of GSM Arena. The timing makes sense, as the device is scheduled to be announced only a few weeks from now on September 3 in Berlin, Germany during Samsung’s IFA event. Until now, we have only had a handful of hardware specifications, but now, we might have the whole picture.

From what we can see in the photos, the device looks rather large, said to sport a 5.7″ display. While that is the same display size as last year’s Galaxy Note 3, the Galaxy Note 4 is reported (backed up by this leak) to feature a QHD display (2560 x 1440). 

The photos confirm a heart rate monitor on the phone’s backside, a stylus, home button on its frontside, a leather backplate, removable back, USB 3.0 port, and a bottom-facing speaker.

Much like the rumored Galaxy Alpha, the Note 4 features chamfered edges wrapping the device. This could be a way for Samsung to cut down on the overall size-in-hand issue many might have with such a large device, but we won’t know until we have our hands on it at Samsung’s New York event on Sept. 3.

Note cult members, what are you thinking? Digging this style? Hoping something different leaks?

Galaxy Note 4

Via: GSM Arena
  • kb15

    If I were to move up to this upgrade from any other phone, it’d be the best idea, but I’m not going to move off of the note 3 since they seem nearly identical to one another. Lol. I mean sure, QHD and a heart rate monitor, but from the people I’ve spoke with, since working at Best Buy, about the Galaxy S5, the heart rate monitor isn’t used much if any at all. On top of that, the QHD, that’s just something that is too relevant to televisions, which gets to the point, can people pick up the difference in 4K (QHD) and standard HD and is it worth the upgrade, time and money?

  • cizzlen

    I might be getting this phone for the battery life alone. The G3 sucks if you want to do anything just barely intensive.

  • The Motto

    Somebody fucked up the button location.. WTF samsung!?! at least place your hardware buttons correctly…

  • JaredCarlson

    So sexy. I need it now

  • Foosa Noble

    At least its not a bigger S5 like we were expecting. Not that its a bad thing. I would rather of liked a gold one.or bronze g note 4 one like a smaller new tabS.

  • Doakie

    I love the Note series. I like the Note 4s looks. I hate aluminum. Stupid metal on phones….

  • Sarfraz Ahmed

    Great looking phone, water proof , edge to edge qhd display, better camera, looks very slim compare to galaxy note3 , looking forward to galaxy note4 , salutes to samsung for making great devices and I always believe it is becsuse of samsung that we can buy iphones same price like other top android smart phones , I still remember when I paid 250 pounds upfront and 70 pounds a month on 24 months contract from o2 for iphone 3gs which was completely ripoff.

  • jboogie1289

    Come Get This Money Now !!!!!!!!

  • SG

    why does it have to be one big ugly square mofo .. way to go samscum designers !

  • Alexander Munnerlyn

    To me, its looks like a big ass iPhone from the front

  • Jay Ward

    I wished for a bigger screen. 6.5 to 7″would have been ideal with waterproofing, and dual speakers on the front

    • 213ninja

      if you’re serious i agree.

  • Justin

    I’m getting the Note 4! Love my note 3, but Note 4 take my money!

  • jeremy

    Wish Samsung would give up that awful and ugly home button already.

  • Giovonni Fareed

    BOY that’s one ugly ass phone compared to the g3…love my note 3 but its time for a new design.

  • mcdonsco

    Decisions decisions…mid-september either the g3, n4, x+1 or iPhone 6. Though there’s a notch against the iPhone 6 already called the moto 360.

  • Natty Bee

    I’m definitely excited for it. Very disappointed they’re going ahead with the HR monitor though…let’s see if they manage to put decent antenas in it.

  • equestrian_colt

    I think it would be better if it had the fingerprint scanner rather then the heart rate monitor or have both

  • mcdonsco

    Looks like it could be smaller than the note 3 and that the edging might actually be real metal this time?

    Looks good to me…hopefully they made some improvements with touchwiz (stripping it down that is).

  • s0uth

    take my money!

  • paul_cus

    Still not big on Samsung phones, but I kinda like the design of this one.

  • roberthenderson

    I’m sorry, where exactly do you see a bottom speaker? My Note 3 has 3 major cutouts on the bottom for charging, speaker and S Pen. This picture shows 2. I hope you’re wrong because a bottom or back facing speaker is my one absolute deal breaker. I’m not doing the “hold the phone a certain way” to hear for games, video, and speakerphone calls. I guess I’ll find out soon enough if Sammy engineers are still stupid enough to have bad placement once again instead of an all in one earpiece/speaker in front.

  • WantaDroid

    I’m going to wait to see what the Note 5 will bring next year. Pass.

  • chris_johns

    for the first time in a long time i can actually say for a samsung device its not bad looking…then again the only samsung phone i liked was the gnex…and that i liked only bc it was a nexus with curved screen and no buttons…i dont like oversized “phones” but if i did n were to get one id def consider this guy

  • NorCalGuy

    That plastic leather back is BAD

  • John Friend

    I’m gonna laugh my ass off if verizon offers this phone on pre-order before the 24th. That way it can force it’s throttled miserable customers onto a more expensive less valuable share plan.

    I’m waiting until November. I’ll see how the throttling is. If it’s not bad at all I’ll be upgrading a feature phone to a smartphone with data plan which we’ve been debating doing anyway. We’ll pay the same price as a share plan, and still be able to upgrade and keep our unlimited.

    Looking forward to comparing the x+1,moto maxx, droid refresh, and the note 4.

    Until then I’ll be enjoying my droid maxx 32gb.

  • Kevna

    Why is everyone saying the note 4 will have metal edges different from the note 3? Doesn’t the note 3 have a metal edges? It could just be the same as the note 3 it looks the same to me

    • miri

      Note 3 is all plastic

  • Phillies3429

    Shame my Note 3 battery went to hell after the Kit Kat Update on Verizon. Used to easily get 3.5-4 hours on screen time with only data on. Now it is practically cut in half. Anyone else having this issue? Did factory reset and issue still there.

    • jim

      my battery on Verizon is great, what in the world are you doing to not get more than 4 hours ? id be pissed if I didn’t get 10 hours

      • Phillies3429

        I know. It was incredible before the kit kat update…now it is terrible.

        • jim

          I can stream music 8 hours easy and Bluetooth it to my big jam box while on the beach with no problem

          • Phillies3429

            Yeah I’ll have to call again and just ask for a new phone.

          • jim

            if im not streaming, I have had mine up for 35 hours and still have 20 % or better , many times

        • hkklife

          Same here

      • mcdonsco

        SCREEN ON TIME, not time per charge entirely.

  • scotch1337

    If Verizon gets a nexus 6 then I will go that route. If not will go with the note 4 unless the 5.5 iPhone comes out at that time

    • Bruce

      Dream on~ ^_^

      • scotch1337

        You mean the nexus 6? I can dream can’t I?

  • Kurt Weber

    Is that a plug over the charging port? Looks like it might very well be water resistant

  • doesn’t matter, ill slap on a diztronic tpu case anyway!

    also doesnt matter because im still rocking the g2 on vzw with unlimited data!

    • hkklife

      If Samsung doesn’t start shipping wireless Qi charging battery doors as STANDARD, at least in some markets, I am gonna really be PO’d! I bought a Note 3 wireless charging door and 99% of the cases on the market cannot handle the increased thickness, really limiting my case selections. So annoying.

      • 213ninja


  • jim

    have no idea why the kids on here bitch about the home button, does not bother me one bit .

    • Bruce

      When it comes to Samsung phones, there is a group of people always bitch about the TW, then there’s another group bitch about the home button.

      • jim

        my note 3 has been the best phone ive ever had, love it, to many kids on here

    • j

      Because it’s 100% unnecessary (especially when other buttons are capacitive) and they still see it as ripping off the iPhone.

  • shamatuu

    Its number 3 on my list.

  • jim

    looks good to me

  • RoboCop

    Back looks like the one+1

  • Paul Craven

    I love the Note series! I hope the Note 4 has some more surprises in store for us.

    Also, I don’t understand why people dislike hardware buttons. I can’t stand having screen real-estate taken up by on-screen buttons, regardless of the situation…the only time it makes sense to me is on budget devices to cut some costs.

    • John Friend

      Amen. I hate on screen buttons too. My YouTube plays in full screen with no annoying black bars like my Nexus 7 2013.

      • MrC1122

        u guys do kno that those on screen buttons that u say take up sooooo much real estate can be hidden…right?

        • John Friend

          I have an unlocked bootloader. I know a thing or two about phones.

          When your phone has on screen buttons, the screen dimension changes.

          YouTube fills my droid maxx perfectly in 16:9 aspect ratio. On my Nexus 7 2013 it doesn’t.

          It’s just preference.

          • MrC1122

            that’s odd because on my N7 2012 it fills my screen perfectly…because my buttons automatically hide

    • taz89

      Thank you, that’s why I prefer Samsung devices because it doesn’t use on screen buttons that take up screen estate. Also the physical home button just makes it easy to wake the phone up especially on a large device. To those who says Android has immersive mode, well please tell developers to effing use it then. I have a nexus 7 and barley any apps use it. Even Google themselves don’t use it on all there apps. Out of my 100+ apps I think only 5 apps actually use it.

  • Joshua Rossi

    Looks sleek

  • MichaelFranz

    Hopefully the metal boarder doesnt crap out signal. I bought a aliuminum bumper case for my S5. Bets case iver ever bought, until the singal and GPS issue started happening. The case wads useless. maybe samsung fixes the software on the modems but i dont think it’ll help. In the case of the Note 4 i hope it doesnt have similar issues.

    Still to this day nothing beats the cell signal i had with my droid maxx. god bless moto and their radios/hardware

    • hkklife

      Samsung’s radios and RF performance is already so poor it doesn’t really matter. I spend more time in 3G than in LTE on my VZW Note 3. I sure wish Moto would come STRONG with a flagship phone that’s up to par with LG and Sammy’s offerings from 6 months ago!

  • Chris Przybyla

    Love my Note 3, but HATE the hardware button and how locked down Samsung phones are becoming. The hardware button alone is discouraging me from getting the Note 4. Samsung needs to get rid of it. Love the size and the spec’s of the Note series but after seeing the LG G3, Samsung needs to step up.

    • MrC1122

      very well said!

  • Jordan


  • Eric Sorensen

    It looks very nice – I hope they keep the same size SIM card as the Note 3, so I can swap those out and keep my Unlimited with Verizon. Too bad they didn’t add stereo speakers.

  • imlip

    Is everyone ignoring that Samsung ripped Apple’s “chamfered edges”? LOL

    • Higher_Ground

      kinda like they ripped off the “rounded eges” from before?

  • rutgersjaffo

    Love me some Note. Can’t wait. You either own one of these and realize this is the best phone line on the planet or you are just spewing hot air, man…

    • 213ninja

      word’em up!

  • JackMeOffski

    It looks pretty sexy. I’ll be upgrading from my note 2.

    Little hand people have little Wee wee’s

  • Jordan Dewey

    Why cant Samsung get off apples nip, first thing i thought of was the ipad air i just bought for my wife (she cant handle android, we tried haha). LG all the way, they can actually think and design for themselves…

    • Qwerty

      I think Samsung purposely makes their phones resemble the iPhone only because its an appealing device to many, but they seem to have absolutely no shame when doing so. I mean, home button, flat UI, fingerprint reader? They don’t even try do hide the fact that they’re copying. Samsung doesn’t have any ideas unless Apple comes up with some. I sincerely hope LG usurps Samsung soon because they’re truly making some nice strides in advancing Android.

  • The Doctor

    What an ugly phone. I think I’ll keep my G3 if this turns out to be the Note 4.