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Duet is a Minimal Game With Touching Story of Two Dots

A new game is available through Google Play, titled Duet, which is free to download for anyone who might fancy themselves a touching story of two dots.

In the game, you control two dots on a rotating circle. You must rotate them with your thumb at the right moment, dodging blocks that fall from the top of the display. Interestingly, there is a woman’s voice in the game, guiding you through a fictional tale as you move along through various levels in the game. 

The animation and gameplay is surprisingly awesome, and better yet, the balls will explode with color when they hit a block. It’s actually quite pretty when this happens, considering the game is quite bland in terms of scenery.

The game is free to download, but feature IAPs to unlock a “full” mode, priced at $2.99.

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  • james

    You can get this game now with the humble bundle

  • Arie Hoogendoorn

    I feel like Tim hates us when he posts soul sucking games like this, but thanks I wasn’t planning on doing anything for the rest of the day anyway.

    • Reed Kerr

      lol. I was planning on doing things, but not anymore. Thanks alot Droid-Life. 😉

  • Guest

    50 megabytes for two freaking dots? What the hell?!?

    • MrSmiley1

      It’s the music and voice files that make it that large.

    • Kevin

      Two HD dots.

    • Cael

      The matrix is very big.

  • j

    Anything to replace my timberman obsession. my thumb hurts.

    • Kelvin Rodriguez

      This wont help your thumbs at all

  • MrSmiley1

    Got this with the Humble Bundle. It is the devil.

  • Kelvin Rodriguez

    It is also available on the current humble bundle, and is definitely worth paying for. The ads in the free version seem very annoying.

  • Love this game. So fun and addictive and frustrating.