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Dropbox Receives Update, Brings Doc Previews and Improved Search Function

A new update is available for Dropbox users, one which brings additional functionality for file-storing professionals who are taking advantage of cloud storage. In the update, users can now preview documents before downloading/sharing, which will save you from pointless downloads of files which you may not need to store on your device. 

In addition, Dropbox has improved the in-app search feature, including recent search tracking, typehead suggestions, and the highlighting of search terms.

For a comprehensive look at the changelog, look below.

What’s New

  • Document Previews: Users can instantly view, scroll through, and zoom in on any Word document, PowerPoint or PDF, straight from an Android device, making it easier to find what you’re looking for. (Of note, this is the NYC engineering team’s first major project.)
  • Improved Search: New functionality includes scoping of searches, recent search tracking, typeahead suggestions, and highlighting of search terms.
  • View-Only Permissions: Users in the Dropbox for Business early access program can now set view-only permissions on shared folders directly from their Android device, bringing even more control to collaboration.

The update is now live on Google Play. Go grab it.

Play Link

  • Jack

    Hey Dropbox! How about testing your apps before you release them? You just destroyed the sync function with your preview function. Now I can’t save the edits that I make to my files.

  • Benjamin Davis

    I want to be able to “Favorite” an entire folder.

  • Desi

    Does dropbox encrypt data on local device before transmission where only user has key?

  • Mark P

    Am I the only who finds Dropbox extremely frustrating? I get sent files by clients all the time and if it exceeds 2gigs the only way I can DL them is by signing up for a pro account. Forces me to go back to the client and say “Umm. do you mind re-uploading those huge files again because I don’t have a pro account?” which makes me look cheap and unprofessional. The *receiver* of the file shouldn’t have to pay to DL big files!!! Each time I’m tempted to just pay for an account but I can’t justify it because I’m already paying for two other cloud services. I also find file management on DropBox to be annoying.

    Totally just wanted to rant and this is totally wrong place to do it, but still. c’mon!

    • K Yoo

      Just tell them Dropbox is not completely secure and that you do not want to open their data up to potential theft. Then recommend a secure encrypted solution.

  • WHY

    Is the Android L compatibility issue fixed yet?

    • Carlos Rodríguez


    • NeilGeorge

      Is android L fully released yet? If I am correct it is still in beta..

    • For Reals!

  • Scott

    Hey Dropbox! How about some competitive pricing?

    • reyalP

      Love Dropbox but had to leave them because of price.