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Google Releases New Android L Images as Build LPV81C

Alongside the announcement that the Google Fit preview SDK is now available, Google snuck out new images for the Android L developer preview. The new images weigh in as build LPV81C and are still only available to the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (2013) WiFi.

Google has yet to add these to the Android L preview site as I write this post, so you will have to go through the Google Fit SDK page to grab them.

Go download ’em! If you need instructions on how to flash factory images, hit up this post.

Developer Preview Link

android l lpv81c

  • mybollsareonfire

    Can you flash this with flashify

  • mybollsareonfire

    Can we flash this in flashify???

  • Narayana sharma

    What’s new in this build

  • John Lee

    Kinda hoping they change the navigation bar, the shapes just don’t cut it :/

  • Alix8821

    Thought Wifi Nexus 7 (2013) was codenamed “Flo”…. ???

    • For the Nexus 7 the product name is Razor and the device name is Flo.

      • Alix8821

        Gotcha… Thanks!

  • tyguy829

    Wait this build is only 2 days newer than the first one…why did they wait until now to release it?

  • Maxim∑

    Had a lot of Android wear bugs, so I reverted back to stock but this might have fixed some issues

  • Richard Giordano

    Oh how I wonder if google will ever give the nexus 7 2012 some android L love….

    • F*ck no, that thing’s a piece of sh*t.

      • Richard Giordano

        Not rlly the tablet has held up well for me for its age doesn’t seem to lag for me all tht much.

  • Fabricio Tomasini

    Am I the only one that thinks that they will replace that navigation bar in the final version?

    • Maxim∑

      it better not look like that

    • Michael

      I’ve grown to love it actually. If they do change it I hope it doesn’t look like that.

  • Franklin Ramsey

    I’m sure someone has already tried, but since I don’t have a device that can take it, is there any Easter Egg when clicking on the build version multiple times that would indicate what name they are leaning toward?

    • Taylor Abrahamson


    • NorCalGuy

      Not what they are leaning towards for a name but yes there is an easter egg…just flashes different sizes and shapes in differnet spots

      • Guest


      • Trevor

        Here’s the explanation. It’s a little long, but it’s pretty hilarious.

  • Nayners

    Do you think they may release this as an OTA to the original L build? That would be interesting. We’re in uncharted waters here, folks. I love it.

    • Nicholas Smith

      no, they won’t

  • nosedive94

    I already flashed my N7 back to stock… Might have to go back to L now.

  • schex13

    Stupid question: what’s the easiest way to get back to a Kit Kat custom ROM if you go ahead and flash this?

    • Greg Morgan

      Make a backup of the current rom. Flash the preview. Once your done with the preview, you’ll need to reflash the kit kat images. Root and flash custom recovery the restore the back up you made.

    • Greg Morgan

      Make sure though, after you make the back up to move it off your device. Because when you flash these images, it wipes your storage.

    • Taylor Abrahamson

      Just wait at XDA for someone to post a recovery flashable version of this new preview L build

    • NorCalGuy

      If you are on a n5 and have multi ROM you can flash as a new ROM and then when ever you are ready simply reboot and select a 4.4.4 ROM that’s is backed up. I currently have 3-4 different Roms installed 2 4.4.4 the old preview and my stock ROM will be trying the new preview tonight as my 5th ROM installed.

  • just flashed on Verizon s4, so smooth

    haha hahahah hahaha hahahah haha hahahah


    I wish..

    • Peter Blanco

      The funniest part was when you said Verizon.


      dammit I have Verizon.

    • I just spit out half my sandwich when I read this.

      You sir, win the internets today.

  • Huzef Shaikh

    i too want L version for my mmx…

  • Raj Bhatt

    This is my first time using MultiROM… is this flashable as my secondary ROM or do I have to wait for someone to make a flashable zip?

    • ainen

      You need to wait for someone to make a flashable zip. This has to be flashevd via adb.

      • Raj Bhatt

        And I can do that, but I’d lose my MultiROM setup. Oh well, if people report that it is stable and has no MMS issues, I’ll gladly make it my daily driver.

  • jaredgreenwald

    I knew there was a reason I should’ve gotten the WiFi N7 instead of the VZW one…

  • Dulan C. Swagwagon

    If it’s good enough to use as a daily driver I may give this one a try.

    • Carlos Lopez

      I was thinking the same thing

    • brkshr

      Why wasn’t the first preview build daily driver worthy? It’s been stable for me.

      • It was amazingly stable, but it had compatibility issues. Netflix would crash every time I’d try to cast, for instance.

      • Raj Bhatt

        The MMS issues couldn’t be resolved for some people.

        • brkshr

          Forgot about about that. I installed Chomp SMS to get around that.

          • Raj Bhatt

            I thought the bug was across all SMS apps. If that’s all it takes to fix it, I might go back to L.

          • brkshr

            Works for me on mobile data. For some reason, when I’m connected to wifi, Chomp SMS will say it couldn’t download the MMS. So I switch off wifi, it downloads, switch wifi back on. I get how that could not work for some people. I use hangouts for most people. So the 2 people that do send MMS’s, don’t send them very often and it doesn’t bug me.

          • Raj Bhatt

            Yeah, it works on mobile data. My office building is RF shielded so I don’t get service at work. I have to rely on wifi.

        • NorCalGuy

          Dont know if i am just lucky but both sent and revieved sms and mms work for me using lvp81c

          • Guest

            I think the issue is that MMS doesn’t work when on Wifi data. It works fine on mobile data.

      • mizkitty

        Goes along with release of Google Fit preview SDK

      • Nic

        I had battery life problems it was very rangy from day to day, i will give another shot now.

        • Cory S

          Me too. Except, I also got the best battery life I have ever experienced on a phone sometimes too. One day I got over 5 1/2 hours of screen time on my nexus 5. On kitkat I had never gotten better than 2.5.

          • Nic

            yeah the first day the battery life was amazing after that though it just kept falling.

      • Bigsl0ppy

        MMS is broken on last build with AT&T

        • brkshr

          Install Chomp SMS.

      • Cory S

        Mine had a lot of bluetooth headset issues. I had to reboot the phone to get audio to work through the headset after taking a phonecall.

      • Richard S.

        My N5 would overheat, and the screen went black, other than that, everything was fine!

  • jstew182

    The Android L preview is the only thing that has made me quasi regret buying a Moto X and Nexus 7 LTE…Should’ve kept my Nexus 5 and 7 wifi…

    • Nate

      Do what I did–get a MotoX and a Nexus 7 (’13). You’ll have the best of both worlds!

      • jstew182

        Yeah I had the N7 2013 wifi but then sold it to get the LTE model…and it gets no love!

    • James Briano

      Why did you swap N5 for a Moto X?

  • brkshr

    Anyone tried a dirty flash yet?

    If not, I’m about to…

    • Bartek Juszczak

      Please tell me if you have any luck

      • brkshr

        Almost worked. Everything seems fine, but the home button won’t work for some reason.

        Ryan Witwam from Android Police says everything works fine for him. He just deletes the “-w” from the flash-all.bat file. For some reason, I can’t use that method. On both Previews I get an error stating that system.img is missing. So I have to install each file individually, with the exception of the userdata.img, which would format my user data. Not sure why it didn’t work for me. Looks like a full wipe/flash it is.

        • Boblank84

          if you are trying to dirty flash, i would just flash the system.img and the boot.img that normallly works on builds w/ minor changes.

    • Guest

      do it!

      • brkshr

        So far so good. It’s optimizing apps now. I’ll post on Bartek’s reply below once everything boots up all the way.

    • Nicholas Smith

      good luck…

  • Zoloft_User

    Build LPV81C

    LP…Lollipop? Or maybe Google is getting away from sweets and sticking with letters…

    • skitchbeatz

      L PreView

      • Zoloft_User

        The lightbulb just lit above my head.

      • Paul Hansen

        Or is it L Preview Version. Hmm? What now? /boggle

    • nerd

      It is going to be lollipop because if one looks carefully in settings to toggle the WiFi, Bluetooth etc it is lollipop shaped

    • Thomas Wolfe

      Lucky Charms 🙂

  • ziPRR

    Is there a changelog? I can’t seem to find it.

  • Motherf*cker! Seriously? Wish I still had my Nexus 5. Oh well, looks like my Nexus 7 is getting some L love tonight.

    • Sam Del Valle

      Or would you rather say….(L)ove HA HA. HAHAHA. HAHAHAHA.




  • What’s new?

    • anonymous

      Obviously, bug fixes.

  • Suicide_Note

    We’re that much closer to the real thing.

  • Octopus

    I did flash right now!
    Waiting start!

    • Raj Bhatt

      How is it so far?

      • Octopus

        So, I didnt see nothing new….
        Waiting for the devs show us what is new on it…

        • Joshua Rewerts

          Did they put in an auto-brightness toggle?

          • Octopus

            Nops! The toggles still the sames…

        • Raj Bhatt

          Do you mind giving MMS a shot? That was what made me go back to 4.4.4.

          • Octopus

            So, I dont use MMS (or even SMS) a long, long time…
            I´ll try..