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Huge Moto 360 Leak Outs Wireless Charger, IP67 Rating, 2.5 Day Battery Life, and More

Moto 360 - 10

Notice the circular stickers attached to the Moto 360 in the picture at the top of this post? Those were included on the device that we photographed at Google I/O, which were measures taken by Motorola to hide certain aspects of the device that they weren’t quite ready to talk about. Now, take a look at the image below from Mr. Gadget, who spent enough time with the device without those stickers on to give us a mini review while also outing all sorts of specs that had yet to see confirmation. It should be instantly clear why Motorola had those stickers in place. 

As is seen on the Moto 360 below (without those stickers), the device is water resistant at an IP67 rating, does indeed come in stainless steel (316L), has an optical heart rate sensor, pedometer, and of course, wireless charging. All of that info, was hidden by Motorola under a couple of stickers used at I/O.

moto 360 leak-3

As for other goodies, Mr. Gadget claims that the battery lasts at least 2.5x longer than the LG G Watch, which if we look at our time with it, could mean 2.5 days without having to charge it. That would be, simply put, remarkable. He mentions that the device doesn’t seem too big for his wrist, especially when compared to other watches. Edit:  He also talked about the quality of the display, which one of our readers translated as “The display is legible in ‘extreme’ sunlight but, above all else, it has unequal (meaning better) color than the products from Samsung and LG (Gear and G Watch).”

Finally, check out this hot wireless charging action.

moto 360 leak-1

We may not have a release date after all these months, but our excitement over Motorola’s round smartwatch just increased, again.

If you want to see a massive gallery of the Moto 360 from this leak, hit up this link.

Via:  Mr Gadget | Android World
Cheers Nicolas, Chuck, Ryan, Milton, and Garrett!
  • bcat

    so summer is almost over where is my release date.

  • Foosa Noble

    What’s the Fracking price? Why is moto so scared to release it? Tease tease tease and blam that will be 450$ that’s my guess. Its like a girlfriend that teases you but won’t go all the way..

  • EvanTheGamer

    Can’t wait! The Moto 360 will absolutely, definitely, positively be my next watch!

    And I bet it’ll be at least, hopefully not more, $400. But here’s hoping it’ll be a hundy less!

  • RaptorOO7

    Looks good, now when can we get one.

  • bhans

    Dumb question but is this a Google Moto or Lenovo Moto??

    • Google. Lenovo deal is barely complete… this has been in the works for a while

  • Guest

    My reaction

  • Guest
  • andrewcweaver

    Aargh, I want one so badly. Please hurry, Motorola.

  • droidrazredge

    Motorola Stop Teasing us with the Moto 360 and….

    • droidrazredge

      Motorola this is how we all felt about your watch since we heard about its debut….

  • ImmaDroid

    I hope they make this with the Sliver bezel. Looks so much better than the black

  • Hadi Bakhtiyarvand
  • mcdonsco


  • mcdonsco

    Please be $249 for leather and $299 or less for metal, please!

    If so day one owner here…if not, I’ll have a hard time justifying more and may have to wait and get an eBay deal on it or something.

  • chris_johns

    my only worry about this watch is how well itll work in the sun…if i cant see the time in the sun itll be a tad annoying

  • chris_johns

    you are so bought already its not even funny

  • Gr8Ray
    • cns2007

      He admits to having thin wrists. Go to the source link to see comparison shots with the LG.

  • Just not sure even with 2.5days, if I would be bothered to charge vs. traditional where you just wear and go, The added features of smart watch vs. convenience of not having to charge or worry about battery life for 5 years

    • Also when you travel now you another charger to carry with you

      • Taylor Abrahamson

        It’s a QI charger.. you can use any QI charger, just bring one QI charger for your phone and your watch, problem solved.

  • Paul Hansen

    Can I buy it yet? No? Fffffffuuuuuuuu…..

  • PhxJay

    Why is there a “dead-space” at the 6 o’clock position of the display? Has moto said anything about why the display is not fully circular? To me this is a huge detractor from the overall awesome design of this device. It just looks like pixels in that part of the display died. Very distracting.

    • chris_johns

      need to put the tech that powers the display somewhere…this is why its almost impossible to have a bezelless display

  • Chris Bailey

    I don’t know if I can wait anymore – guess it’s time to get some of my other watches up for sale to prepare.. 🙂

  • yummy

    I was gonna say I was happier giving them money when they were usa co, but then I remembered, google isnt an american co, they are an irish co. Lucky stars

  • Orion

    moto please release now!

  • Higher_Ground

    lol if you never noticed the gap in the circular screen before, you’ll notice it now 🙂
    This is good/bad news. Good news is the 360 looks like a killer device. The bad news is that it looks so awesome I’m worried they didn’t put as much effort in the X+1

  • duke69111

    I would like to see the optical heart rate sensor on the moto 360 put through a similar test.


  • Shagnscooby

    I would assume IP67 means it would be safe to shower with? It would be nice to control music and check messages. The band might be more of an issue if you’d want to get the leather/metal links wet I guess.

    • jbdan

      Showering is never good for a watch. Even if it’s a diving watch rated to 200 meters. It’s not the water per se that is the issue. It’s the sudden temperature extremes (hot water then cold think expansion then shrink) & also soap/shampoo/chemicals that corrode and dry out rubber/silicone gaskets to later fail from exposure. That said, tons of people do it…

  • crazed_z06

    My body is ready.

  • New_Guy

    They need to get this going before the iWatch becomes a thing. There is all sorts of ground this beauty can snatch if they can manage to get it to market sooner than later.

    In all in on the 360!

  • s0nic69

    enough said!

  • Me

    $300-350. Hopefully they have some kind of bundle w/ the X+1 for $700 or under.

  • Arty McBert

    I was hoping there was some sort of wireless charging that involved you not having to remove the watch from your wrist.

  • imronburgundy

    This may be a dumb question, but is this going to be iOS compatible as well?

    • JSo

      You’re silly….

      Kidding aside, It might since iOS has Hangouts and Google now.

    • M3D1T8R

      It’s called “Android wear” for a reason.

    • miri

      Unlikely. As the systems that handle Android Wear apps/notifications are built into Android itself.

    • chris_johns

      honestly wish it was bc if it was moto would crush the entire market with this badboy

    • Greg

      Not a silly question. It would be nice. My guess is iOS is so restricted it would be more difficult to do and be have limited functionality. The fitness tacker Fitbit Force worked with both and could handle some very basic notifications. required and app though and dont know if that full feature was ever released for android. so maybe, hopefully.

  • DanThompson87

    why is there a black bar on the bottom? #htc

    • tomn1ce

      That’s where the sensors are located.

  • Brian Wolfman

    ip67!!!!!!!!!!!!! woooo hoooo!

  • NexusMan

    Yet people went on for weeks about how the specs would be exactly the same as the G Watch save for the round face.